Jammin Kids Music for Little Mozart by jamminkids


									Music for Little Mozart

This can be a wonderful summary of music for small children. It's also an excellent summary of
the class setting when youngsters need to learn how to follow directions from a teacher in
addition to communicate with fellow students. Participants also learn piano, percussion, and
singing following together with the Compact disc needed for that class. They find out about
high notes from "Mozart Mouse" and low notes from "Mozart Bear"! The packet includes plush
toys of those figures. They meet weekly for any 10 week session. Our Fall class starts a few days
after Labor Day on Wednesdays at noon and Sundays at 11, if we are closed towards the public.
The audience class is just $10 per class, along with a $10 registration fee (per family) and also
the $60 packet of needed materials (a $70 value reduced for class participants).

Graduates within our group class frequently look at the non-public training although some
simply take the non-public training. The primary focus in the Little Mozart private training might
be the piano. These training are often offered once weekly for half an hour scheduled in the
simplicity of the customer. (We are open 7 days per week.) The Music for Little Mozart
curriculum has 3 levels of books. Once completed, students will be prepared for the
conventional piano curriculum by age 7. Students taking private training are often pre-school to
age 6. Private training offer student’s greater attention while focusing making progress faster.
Our affordable private classes start just $25 for half an hour once weekly, together with a $25
registration fee (per family). There's furthermore a far more compact optional Little Mozart
packet which is wonderful for the non-public classes and merely costs $30. Private classes are
offered in periodic periods but clients can register anytime through the session. Register let us
concentrate on our Fall session!

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