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					College of Business & Economics

            Graduate Student Handbook

This Graduate Student Handbook is prepared and issued by the Graduate Programs’ Dean’s Office of
the College of Business and Economics. It is intended to serve as a reference for graduate students
and faculty in the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University. The original source for
some of the procedures and policies detailed herein is the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty issued
by Lehigh University. The Office of Financial Aid provides information pertinent to financing
graduate education. The University reserves the right to change at any time, the rules governing
admission, tuition and fees, the granting of degrees and other regulations affecting graduate students.
Academic rules and regulations for each program may be more stringent than the minimum
University standards.

                                   Table of Contents
University and College Procedures
   Admissions                                                   3
   Graduate Student Orientation                                 6
   Registration                                                 6
   Tuition                                                      8
   Graduation                                                  10

Financial Aid                                                  11

Code of Conduct                                                15

Degree Programs and Requirements
   Degrees Offered                                             16
   Academic Standards and Grades                               16
   Master’s Degree Requirements                                17
   Doctor of Philosophy Degree Requirements                    19
   Masters of Science in Accounting and Information Analysis   23

Graduate Student Contacts
Graduate and Research Committee                                24
The Graduate Student Council                                   24
Student Organizations                                          25

International Students and Scholars
   Office of International Students and Scholars               26
   English as a Second Language                                26

Academic Services
   Library and Technology Services                             27
   Computing Services                                          28
   Media Center                                                28
   International Multimedia Resource Center                    29

Student Services
   Career Services                                             30
   Health Services                                             31
   University Counseling                                       32

Living and Safety Services
   Living Accommodations                                       33
   Religious Activities                                        34
   Student Identification Cards                                34
   Motor Vehicle Registration                                  34
   University Police                                           35

                         University and College Procedures

                Admissions                                4) A minimum of two (2) years of full-
                                                             time professional work experience is
    Students must have earned a bachelor’s                   required for the MBA Program;
degree from an accredited college or                      5) two (2) letters of recommendation
university. International students must have at              from employers or faculty members;
least four (4) years of university level                  6) personal essay;
education.                                                7) resume; and,
                                                          8) $65 application fee.
    To be considered for admission as a
graduate student in the College of Business           Under no circumstances will the
and Economics, the candidate must apply for a         application fee be waived. Prospective
degree program through the Graduate                   students whose native language is not English
Programs Office in the College. The decision          are required to submit Test of English as a
to admit a student rests with a faculty               Foreign    Language      (TOEFL)       scores.
admissions committee and the associate dean           Minimum required scores for the TOEFL are:
or program director. An offer for admission
stands for one year following the semester for               Paper based test – 600
which the offer was made. If more than one                   Computer-based test – 250
year elapses, the College reserves the right to              Internet-based test – 94
reconsider the offer.
                                                      Individual programs may have higher
    Applicants may be admitted as regular,            standards. Only complete applications will
associate, or non-degree students.                    be processed.

Regular Graduate Students                                 In order to be considered for admission as
                                                      a regular graduate student, an applicant must
   Only regular graduate students are                 satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
candidates for advanced degrees.         The
materials required for admission as a regular             1) have an undergraduate grade point
graduate student include the following:                      average (GPA) of at least 2.75 out of
   1) completed application form;                         2) have an average of at least 3.0 for the
   2) official transcripts for all post-                     last two semesters of undergraduate
      secondary education;                                   study;
   3) official test scores (GMAT for all                  3) have scores above the 75th percentile
      MBA and MS in Accounting and                           on the GMAT or GRE;
      Information Analysis students -                     4) have a graduate GPA of at least 3.0
      GMAT or GRE for all other                              on a minimum of twelve credit hours
      programs);                                             of graduate work at other

   5) have successfully completed the                  Graduate Admissions committee.              All
      probationary conditions as an                    associate students must maintain a 3.0 grade
      associate graduate student as                    point average to continue registering for
      described below.                                 courses. The number of credits that a student
                                                       is permitted to take is set by the Committee
Satisfying one of these five conditions is             but may not exceed nine (9) credit hours or
necessary but not sufficient for admission as a        one semester for full-time students. Associate
regular graduate student.                              students must complete their probationary
                                                       period with at most one grade of "C", "C+" or
Associate Graduate Students                            "B-". All other grades must be "B" or better to
                                                       continue registering for courses. A grade of
    Prospective graduate students who do not           "C-" or below is a failing grade and will result
qualify for regular student status may be              in the student being dropped from the
offered associate graduate student status.             program.     More        stringent   academic
Applications for admission which are                   requirements may be imposed at the discretion
considered in the late admission period can            of the Graduate Admissions Committee.
only be granted associate student status.              MBA students must attain a 3.0 grade point
Applicants for associate student status may            average to successfully complete the
submit unofficial transcripts, and GMAT/GRE            requirements for regular student status.
scores are not required at the time of
application. If a student is unable to furnish              After the probationary period is
GMAT scores, the committee will require an             completed, an associate student must petition
outstanding undergraduate record, preferably           for regular student status in order to continue
from an AACSB International - The                      in their program. Official GMAT or GRE
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of           scores must be submitted at this time if they
Business accredited school, in order to                have not been previously submitted. Courses
consider admission under associate student             completed during a successful probationary
status. All other application documents are            period may count toward a graduate program
required.                                              if they are a part of an approved program.

    Official transcripts are required before the       Associate graduate students are not
end of the first semester or grades earned             eligible for any college-based financial aid.
during the semester will not be released to the
student and further registration will be

         Individuals submitting a complete
application including test scores during the
late admission period and, who are admitted
as associate students but who are qualified for
regular student status, may petition for the
latter after the start of classes.

   Associate graduate students must meet the
academic standards for grades that are set by
the College of Business and Economics

Non-Degree Students
   Students wishing to complete a certificate
program or who want to pursue individual                 A student who has not been registered in a
courses may apply as non-degree students.            Lehigh graduate program for a continuous
                                                     period of two (2) years must petition for
    Non-degree students must meet all of the         readmission. Petitions must be approved by
requirements of the course and will receive          the program advisor and the associate dean. A
official grades. Non-degree students are only        new      application     and      appropriate
permitted one grade of "C", "C+", or "B-". All       documentation may be required if the records
other grades must be "B" or better to continue       are no longer available.
registering for courses. A grade of "C-" or
below is considered a failing grade and will         Lehigh University Undergraduates
result in the student being dropped from the
program.                                                 Students of Lehigh University, who are
                                                     within a few hours of meeting the
    If a student applies and is accepted to a        requirements for a baccalaureate degree may,
degree program at a later date, courses taken        with the special approval of the associate dean
as a non-degree student may be eligible to use       and the instructor, enroll for a limited amount
as part of the degree program. Courses must          of work for graduate credit. However, since
meet the degree and time requirements as             the MBA Program requires professional work
determined by the University and degree              experience, only Graduate Economics and
program regulations.                                 Accounting courses may be taken in the
                                                     College of Business and Economics. Lehigh
    Academic standards set forth by the              undergraduates may apply course credits taken
Lehigh University Code of Conduct apply to           as an undergraduate toward a graduate degree
students admitted as non-degree status in the        under the following conditions:
College of Business and Economics.
                                                        1) the course credits may not have been
                                                           submitted as part of the requirements
                                                           for a previous degree;

                                                        2) courses must be at the 400 level. A
                                                           grade of "B" or better must be

                                                       3)   a maximum of six credit hours of 400
                                                            level coursework taken while an
                                                            undergraduate may be used in a
                                                            Master’s degree program.

            Graduate Student                          Graduate students under contract to devote not
               Orientation                            more than one-third of their time to university
                                                      employment may take a maximum of twelve
    The College provides the opportunity for          (12) credit hours in any one semester. The
students to meet the faculty, administrative          maximum registration in a summer session is
personnel, and other new students during a            six (6) credit hours.
Graduate Student Orientation.
                                                      Full-time Status
    In addition, Graduate Student Life offers a
general student orientation and mandatory                 Full-time status is indicated for graduate
Teaching Assistants’ (TA) training during the         students who register for a minimum of nine
week prior to the start of classes in August.         (9) credit hours each semester and three (3)
Information      can    be     obtained      at       credit hours each summer session. After or by calling                fulfillment of degree credit hour requirements
610/758-4722.                                         and in some other circumstances, full-time
                                                      status may be maintained when the student is
    The Office of International Students &            registered for fewer than nine (9) credit hours.
Scholars conducts its own orientation program          In such cases, the status must be certified by
for graduate students and international               the Associate Dean. Full-time status may be
scholars on non-immigrant visas. This                 maintained for students who have completed
orientation covers topics pertinent to students       all degree credit hour requirements, even
and scholars from other countries that may            when not registered for courses, while
require additional assistance and includes            continuing a program of full-time research.
sessions designed to aid in the acclimation           Again, full-time status must be certified by the
process. It is held the week before classes           Associate Dean.
begin in August. For additional information
visit and/or            Full time status for a graduate student is
Email:                              important for at least three reasons:

               Registration                              1) international students may require full-
                                                            time status for compliance with visa
Schedule Limitations

     All graduate students using Lehigh                  2) to be eligible to defer student loans or
University resources and facilities must be                 for student insurance;
registered. A full-time graduate student (no
employment) may register for a maximum of                3) such information is used as input to
fifteen (15) credit hours each semester.                    university and national surveys on
Graduate students who are full-time                         graduate programs.
employees of the university may not take more
than six (6) credit hours of graduate work in
any one semester. Half-time graduate student
employees of the university (teaching
assistants and research assistants) may not
take more than ten (10) credit hours of
graduate work in any one semester.

                                                       Auditing a Course
    Registration for graduate students is held
for two weeks during the previous term at a                With the consent of the Associate Dean
time designated by the College. All graduate           and the course instructor, a graduate student
students are strongly encouraged to register           may audit one or more courses which shall be
online as courses which have small pre-                outside the approved program of studies for
enrollment figures may be canceled. Students           the intended degree.
should review their program requirements and
consult their advisor if necessary to choose the           A student who has attended a course as an
appropriate courses and complete their                 auditor shall not be given an anticipatory
registration online. Graduate students who             examination for credit in that course and
register during the registration period will           may not register for the course for credit in
receive an invoice in the mail for their tuition       the future.
and must pay the invoice before the first day
of the semester.                                           A graduate student who chooses to audit a
                                                       graduate course without credit, should register
    Students who do not register during the            for the course at zero (0) credit hours. If a
registration period may register online before         graduate student wishes to attend selected
the start of classes. Class schedules and              portions of graduate courses, he or she may do
registration information are available in the          so with the prior approval of the course
Graduate Programs Office. Several classes              instructor.
have limited class sizes. Students are
registered on a first-come, first-served basis.           The fee for an audit is the same as for
                                                       taking the course for credit. Audit of a three
    Full-time graduate students who fail to            (3) credit class would be $1890 or $630 per
register on-line by the closing date for web           credit during the 2007-2008 academic year.
registration as set by the Registrar’s Office
will be assessed a late fee. Advance notice of         Pass-Fail Grading
the closing date is communicated by the
Graduate Programs Office in registration                  Graduate students are not permitted to take
materials sent to all current students. Dates          any courses with pass-fail grading.
are also available on the Registrar’s website at       Late Registration Penalties

Students receiving financial aid from the                  A $100 late registration fee will be
College of Business and Economics must have            assessed of students who register between the
their awards entered on their payment                  second and tenth day of class during the fall
worksheets and signed by the Associate Dean.           and spring semesters and the second and fifth
Students for whom tuition is a Lehigh                  day of class during the summer sessions.
employee benefit should go to the Office of            Students who have not completed the
Human Resources for a signature. Graduate              registration process by the tenth day of the
students must pay their tuition bills either in        regular academic semester or the fifth day
person or by mail at the Bursar’s Office by            of a summer session will not be permitted
the announced payment date or be assessed a            to attend class.
$200 late fee. Receipts given upon request.

Tuition                                                   5) Visual Studio Pro 6.0 –Visual Basic,
                                                             Visual C++, Visual ProFox, etc.
Tuition and Fees for 2007-2008
                                                          Part-time students may take advantage of
   Tuition and Fees for 2007-2008                     these benefits by electing to pay the
                                                      technology fee. Students will need to check if
      MBA,       MS       Economics,      MS         FastNet is an available ISP without long
       Accounting and Information Analysis,           distance charges in their area before they elect
       MS Health and Biopharmaceutical                to pay the technology fee.
       Economics and Ph.D programs -
       $630/credit hour                               Tuition Payment
      MBA & Engineering, MS Analytical
       Finance – $760/credit hour                         Tuition must be paid in full by the first day
      MBA & Educational Leadership –                 of the academic semester or summer session
       $580/credit hour                               unless you have made prior arrangements
      Audit -$1890                                   with the Bursar’s Office for a deferred
      Online course access fee –                     payment plan.
      Students who choose to register for an             Graduate Students may use a charge card
       on-line course and are currently               to pay the balance on their account for any
       receiving financial aid in the form of         of the three semesters. Lehigh accepts
       tuition remission, employee/spouse             Master Card, Visa and American Express.
       tuition remission or scholarship from          The Bursar’s office will accept credit card
       Lehigh University must pay a $600              information over the phone. Credit card
       additional fee for 3 credit hour on-line       payments may also be made through the
       courses.                                       Banner secure area.

    Tuition may increase at the discretion of
the Lehigh Board of Trustees.                         Tuition Refunds

Technology Fee                                            Full tuition refunds will be granted for
                                                      registration cancellations or reductions only
    There is a $150 per semester technology           when written notice is presented to the
fee assessed to full-time students (nine [9]          Registrar prior to the fifth day of class. For
credits or more or certified as full-time             classes that are scheduled for a full semester, a
students). The technology fee supports many           student suspended or expelled from the
software and computer services across the             University will not be granted a tuition refund.
university. The technology fee includes:              A student who withdraws from a course or
    1) Free internet service through FastNet;         courses during the semester is eligible for a
    2) MS Office Professional software suite          partial tuition refund. The refund schedules
        worth more than $500 (Word, Excel,            are available from the Bursar’s Office at 610-
        Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher,               758-3160 or visit their website at
    3) Office for Mac;
    4) Front Page – Internet Explorer, Image          Tuition refunds for courses that do not run
        Composer, Gif Animator, Web server;           traditional semester lengths are based on the

elapsed time (in percentage terms) between            immediately reported to the Registrar. A
the start date of a course and the date on            student will be held responsible for any
which the Registrar’s Office receives a               communication from a university office sent
formal request for withdraw. For the tuition          to the address last given to the registrar and
refund rates for these courses, please contact        may not claim indulgence on the plea of
the Registrar’s office directly at                    having moved and, therefore, of not having
610-758-3200.                                         received the communication.

Additional Services Provided by the                   Name Change
                                                      A currently enrolled student may change a
    In addition to maintaining student                full, legal name on his or her permanent
academic files, the Registrar also handles            academic record by presenting the
requests for transcripts. Written and walk-in         appropriate documentation to the Registrar.
requests to have transcripts mailed to schools        To correct the spelling or the proper
and prospective employers are honored. Final          sequence (not caused by data entry errors) of
grades are mailed to students approximately           the name, the student must present a copy of
two weeks after the end of the final exam             his or her birth certificate or passport. To
period, provided all student credentials are in       change a legal name to a new legal name,
order and all charges with the Bursar have            the student must present a request and a
been cleared.                                         copy of the signed court order showing the
                                                      authorized new legal name.

Other Fees                                            For name changes following marriage, a
                                                      student must present a request in writing and
    A schedule of fees relevant to graduate           be accompanied by a copy for the marriage
students is as follows:                               certificate. A student who wishes to
                                                      discontinue the use of a married name and
 Application Fee                         $65          resume use of a maiden name or another
 Late Registration                      $100          name, must present a copy of the divorce
                                                      decree, or signed court order, showing court
 Late Payment                           $200          restoration of the maiden or other name.
 Late Application for Degree             $40
 Returned Check Fee                      $35
 ID Card Replacement                     $15
 Thesis Microfilming                     $35
 Dissertation Microfilming/Binding       $60
 MBAPlus (3 Credit Course)              $630

Change of Personal Record Information
Each student is expected to have current
permanent and local addresses and telephone
numbers on file in the Registrar’s office.
Changes to that information should be

                Graduation                             Clearance

Degree Registration                                        Prior to the awarding of a degree, graduate
                                                       students must receive clearance from the
        A student must be registered in the            University. In particular, the following
semester in which the degree is conferred.             obligations must be satisfied:
A Fall and Spring registration will satisfy
the registration requirement for the                      1) Students must be certain that they
following September graduation. Students                     have completed all coursework for any
must be registered in Spring for May                         incomplete grades that they have
graduation and Fall for January graduation.                  received. Grades must be received in
If students are not currently registered in the              the Registrar’s Office no later than
term in which they graduate, they must pay a                 the Tuesday before graduation;
maintenance of candidacy fee in the amount
of a one credit hour course at the students               2) Theses and dissertations must be
current tuition rate.                                        cleared by the appropriate authority.
                                                             Theses are cleared by the Registrar’s
Application for Degree                                       Office while dissertations are cleared
                                                             by the Associate Dean’s Office;
    Applications for degrees must be received
by the Registrar’s Office according to the                3) Financial obligations must have been
following schedule:                                          met. Tuition, fees, bookstore charges,
                                                             library fines, and motor vehicle fines
 September              Application for                      must all be paid prior to graduation;
 graduation             degree due July 1st
                                                          4) All library books and keys must be
 January graduation     Application for                      returned;
                        degree due
                        November 1st                      5) The interdepartmental clearance sheet
 May graduation         Application for                      must be completed.         This form
                        degree due March                     requires the signatures of the
                        1st                                  Associate Dean, the Bursar and
                                                             Facilities Services before it is
    Should any of these dates fall on a                      submitted to the Registrar at least
weekend, the following Monday is considered                  three days prior to graduation.
the deadline. Degree applications filed late
will incur a fee of $40.

                                         Financial Aid

    Financial aid is available to both full-time        Summer/fall on-line courses will be $600 for a
and part-time graduate students. Full-time              3 credit course and will need to be paid upon
graduate students are eligible for Teaching             registration to the Distance Education Office
Assistantships (TAs), Research Assistantships           at 436 Brodhead Avenue Bethlehem, PA
(RAs), Small Business Development Center                18015. Students who do not pay the fee
(SBDC) Analysts and Graduate Assistantships             before the first day of class will be dropped
(GAs) which are academic awards made by a               from the course.
College committee and coordinated by the
Graduate Programs Office. In addition,                  MBA Scholarships may not be applied to
several graduate assistantships unrelated to the        Distance (satellite or online) courses.
College can be obtained by applying to
administrative offices on campus such as                    The Financial Aid Committee in the
athletics, development, conference services,            College of Business and Economics consists
the libraries etc. Loans and work study                 of both faculty and administrative
employment are distributed by the Office of             representatives.    The committee makes
Financial Aid.                                          recommendations for the recipients of these
                                                        awards based on merit and special skills.
    Fellowships are awarded for full-time               Students are not required to submit a financial
doctoral study only. Scholarships are awarded           statement.
to both full-time and part-time graduate
students.                                                   In addition to their stipends, graduate
                                                        students holding half-time TA appointments
Associate graduate students are not eligible            generally receive tuition remission.
for College awarded financial aid.
Academic Awards
                                                            These awards are made to doctoral
    New and continuing students, who                    students     who     demonstrate superior
request fellowships, scholarships, RAs, TAs,            qualifications and performance.
or GAs which will begin in the fall semester,
must file a Financial Aid Form with the                      The Warren-York Fellowship is awarded
Graduate Programs Office no later than                  to a doctoral student at the dissertation phase
January 15 for all programs. International              of their program. The award consists of
students applying for TA and GA positions               tuition remission of up to nine (9) credit hours
must have earned a satisfactory score on                per semester and an average stipend amount of
Lehigh University’s Speak test, or their                $6,000 per semester.
applications for financial aid will be
ineligible.                                                 University Fellowships are available for
                                                        new doctoral students. They are awarded
    Students receiving tuition remission must           based on merit. The fellowship includes up to
pay the additional costs associated with on-            nine (9) credit hours of tuition per semester
line courses. The cost per student for the              and a stipend of up to $15,000. Awards are

given for up to two academic years.                      from the supervising professor and academic
                                                         advisor as well as classroom evaluations will
Teaching Assistantships                                  be used to measure satisfactory performance.

    There are 13 teaching assistantships in the              Any TA not demonstrating satisfactory
College of Business and Economics. TAs                   academic performance and/or satisfactory
play a vital role in the College by assisting            performance of their TA duties will be
full-time faculty members in conducting basic            notified in writing that they are on probation
undergraduate courses. Duties may vary by                the following semester. If performance is still
assignment and may include, but are not                  not satisfactory after the probationary
limited to, classroom teaching of recitation             semester, the TA will be ineligible for
sections, grading, preparing exams, quizzes              reappointment.
and homework assignments and conducting
office hours.                                                All incoming international students and
                                                         new TA’s whose native language is other than
    TAs must be regular full-time students and           English are required to undergo an English
are required to work approximately 20 hours              testing process upon arrival to Lehigh. The
per week during the academic semester                    incoming proficiency test measures student’s
including exam periods.                                  ability to write, listen and speak at a level that
                                                         is necessary for success at Lehigh. In
     Compensation for TA duties include                  addition,     all     TAs must have a
tuition remission for up to nine (9) credit              comprehensibility score of 230 or higher on
hours of coursework each semester and a                  the SPEAK test. International students who
stipend of approximately $13,635 per year.               do not perform well on tests may need some
No TA may register for more than 10 credit               English training which would be taken
hours per semester. A student who is a TA                concurrently with their regular courses.
during the preceding academic year will
receive preference for, but not be entitled to, a            SPEAK tests are administered by the ESL
maximum of three credit hours of course                  Program in alternate weeks during the fall and
credit in the following summer depending on              spring and once per month during the summer.
budget limitations, satisfactory work and                Contact the ESL Program (32 Sayre Drive,
academic performance.                                    Coxe      Hall,     610/758-6099,       email
                                                for details and information
    TAs must make normal progress toward                 concerning the SPEAK and orientation test
their degree and as such must complete nine              schedules.    Visit    their    website      at
(9) credit hours of coursework each semester   
with satisfactory grades. MBA students must
maintain a 3.0 GPA at all times while working                Tuition remission for qualified TAs is
as a TA. If a student is not able to complete            authorized by the Associate Dean as part of
all coursework within the semester, a note               the registration process.
from the academic advisor or the course
instructor should be sent to the Associate                         Graduate Assistantships
Dean with an estimate of the completion date.
                                                             There are ten (10) Graduate Assistantships
    TAs must also demonstrate satisfactory               in the College of Business and Economics.
performance in their TA duties. Evaluations              GAs within the College assist full-time faculty

with grading, class preparation, individual               each year for scholarships. Some
student assistance, etc. Compensation                     scholarships are for one year only
dependent on assigned duties can be up to                     and will not be extended.
nine (9) credits of tuition per semester and a
stipend of up to $11,443 per academic year.
GAs are required to work 15 to 20                     Small Business Development Center
hours/week.                                           Business Analysts and Graduate Assistants

For GA positions throughout the University,               Business Analysts in the Small Business
please visit the website for the Financial Aid        Development Center (SBDC) provide
Office at http://www.Lehigh.EDU/~infao/.              management assistance and consulting to
                                                      SBDC clients from needs assessments and
                                                      diagnosis to market research, financial
Research Assistantships                               statements, and business plan development.
                                                      Business Analysts are required to work 20
    There are two (2) Research Assistantships         hours per week, and there are additional hours
for MBA students within the College of                available during non-class periods. Potential
Business and Economics. RAs assist faculty            Business Analysts must interview for the
with research projects.        Compensation           position and have U.S. work experience.
includes up to six (6) credit hours of tuition        International students are generally ineligible
per semester and a stipend of up to $8,585 per        for these positions.
academic year for up to 15 hours of work per
week.                                                     Business Analysts receive a stipend and
                                                      are awarded a nine (9) credit tuition waiver
                                                      per semester. Opportunities for summer
Scholarships                                          employment exist for these positions. Tuition
                                                      waivers for ten (10) credits per semester are
     Part-time students may apply for partial         also part of the package.
scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based
on a combination of need and merit. A copy                Graduate Assistants (GAs) in the Small
of the employer’s tuition reimbursement plan          Business Development Center work 10 hours
or a letter from the employer stating that no         a week and receive tuition remission for nine
tuition reimbursement is available must be            (9) credit hours per semester and a stipend.
submitted along with the College’s Financial
Aid Form. Forms can be requested from the                    Health Insurance Subsidy
Graduate Programs Office by either Email or
phone. An estimate of the number of courses               The Health Insurance subsidy program is
to be completed in the following academic             offered to graduate students who receive
year is also required. The completed Financial        assistantship or fellowship payments
Aid Form is due in the Graduate Programs              through the university payroll system. The
Office by January 15 to be considered for a           subsidy for the 2007-08 academic year can
scholarship in the following academic year.           be located by visiting The Provost Office
                                                      web site at
                                                      Students will receive a subsidy payment
   Scholarships are not automatically                 each semester minus the appropriate taxes
 renewed and all students must reapply                for each semester during which they meet

the three criteria listed below. The subsidy          graduate students are by definition not degree-
will be paid at the end of each semester              candidate graduate students and do not qualify
(with the December 15th and May 15th                  to borrow under the Federal Family of
paychecks) to those students who meet the             Educational Loans at the graduate student rate.
criteria at that time. The following criteria          An "associate" student’s loan will be prorated
must be met by students on the subsidy                and may be further affected by whether or not
payment date:                                         the student had a loan as a fifth year
    1. Full time or certified full time               undergraduate. Questions may be directed to
         graduate student.                            the loan coordinator.
    2. Receiving assistantship or fellowship
         payments through the university                  Literature on available loan programs as
         payroll system.                              well as all required forms are available from
    3. Have paid their Lehigh injury and              the Office of Financial Aid or on their
         sickness insurance premium in full           website: http://www.Lehigh.EDU/~infao/.
         or are signed up for payroll
         deduction of premiums.

Applications for the insurance plan can be
found at and
then click on Lehigh University link.
Brochures and applications are also
available in the Bursar’s Office.
Payroll deduction forms also may be found
on the Lehigh University Controller’s Office
web site under Payroll forms:

                MBA Loans

    "MBA Loans" is a specially designed
program to help graduate business students
finance their education. Information and
application packets are available in the
Graduate Programs Office. The loans are
administered by the Financial Aid Office.

Office of Financial Aid

    Loans and work-study employment are
administered by the Office of Financial Aid at
218 Packer Avenue, 610/758-3181.            A
student’s official classification with the
Registrar governs the way in which the loan
coordinator for the Office of Financial Aid
must certify the loan application. Associate

                                         Code of Conduct

Academic Disciplinary Procedures                        Categories of Offenses

    Graduate Students at Lehigh are expected                Offenses involving academic dishonesty
to comport themselves in a professional and             include the following:
responsible manner:                                              Cheating         on     quizzes      or
   “Intellectual honesty and mutual respect                      Collusion involving students
   are not accidental values in a university.                       giving or receiving unauthorized
   They are, for students and professors alike,                     or unacknowledged assistance;
   a presupposition of that pursuit of truth,                    Computer dishonesty;
   which brings universities into existence in                   Grade falsification;
   the first place. It is essential than an                      Plagiarism;
   academic community uphold these values                        Other forms including data
   through rules designed to protect the                            falsification, fabrication of data or
   freedom to teach and learn. The Office of                        deceitful alteration of collected
   Student Conduct and the student judicial                         data, unauthorized copy of or
   system are mechanisms by which the                               collaborating on homework
   university endeavors to develop in accord                        assignments.
   with the rules and regulations of the                All violations involving academic dishonesty
   community. When students fail to act in              shall always be referred to the Committee on
   accord with the rules and regulations of             Discipline (page 60 under the heading of
   the community, the university must hold              “University Committee on Discipline” in the
   them accountable for and accept their                Code of Conduct). Other categories of
   obligations as citizens of this academic             offenses covered include:
   Chris Mulvihill                                          Offenses against another person;
   Assistant Dean of Students                               Offenses against the peace;
   Director of Judicial Affairs                             Offenses involving property;
   Lehigh University                                        Offenses against Lehigh;
                                                            Offenses of possession; and,
When students fail to act in accord with the                Offenses of criminal conduct.
rules and regulations, the university must hold
them accountable for their actions. The                 A complete listing and description of
authority for administering student discipline          offenses is provided at
in accordance with the student judicial system
is vested by the university charter in the              k_4.html and should be reviewed by all
faculty and is described in the Code of                 students upon admission to the university.
Conduct                  found                at
4.html. It is the responsibility of all students
to familiarize themselves with this code.

                           Degree Programs and Requirements

             Degrees Offered                            Students who earn a GPA of less than 3.0
                                                        while on academic probation will be
College of Business and Economics                       dropped from the Program to which they
                                                        were admitted. A GPA of 3.0 is required
Master of Business Administration (MBA)                 for graduation.
MBA & Educational Leadership
MBA & Engineering                                       Dropping a Course
MS Accounting and Information Analysis
MS in Analytical Finance                                     A student dropping a course within the
MS in Bio Pharmaceutical Economics                      first ten days of the semester (five days for
MS Economics                                            summer sessions) will have no record of the
Ph.D. Economics                                         course on the transcript. A student dropping
                                                        all courses for which he or she is registered is
                                                        considered to be withdrawing from the
          Academic Standards                            University. The grading policy for students
             And Grades                                 withdrawing from the University is the same
                                                        as the withdrawal from individual courses.
                                                        Students wishing to continue their program
                                                        after withdrawing should notify the Associate
    Course grades and their weightings are as           Dean.
follows: A (4.0), A- (3.7), B+ (3.3), B (3.0),
B- (2.7), C+ (2.3), C (2.0), C- (1.7), D+ (1.3),            A student who drops a course after the
D (1.0), D- (0.7), F (0).                               tenth day of instruction and before the end of
                                                        the eleventh week of instruction will have a
                                                        grade of "W" assigned to the course. A
Minimum Academic Standards
                                                        student who drops a course after the eleventh
     Graduation requirements mandate that a             week of instruction and before the end of
student receive no more than 12 credits with            classes receives a "WP" or "WF" at the
                                                        discretion of the instructor. A "WF" is
grades less than B-. Grades below C will not
                                                        considered to be a failing grade. An
count towards graduation. Grades of C- or
                                                        Add/Drop form with the advisor’s signature
below are considered failing grades. Students
with more than 12 credit hours of grades                must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office
below B- in 400 level courses will not be               before the deadlines noted above to be
permitted to continue in their program. Pass-           official.
fail registration is not permitted for graduate
students. More stringent standards may be               Incompletes
applied by an individual program.
                                                            An "incomplete" grade, "N" is used to
   Students in the MBA and MS in                        indicate that one or more course requirements
Accounting & Information Analysis                       have not been completed. It is the obligation
programs must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or                  of the student to explain to the satisfaction of
they will be placed on academic probation.              the instructor that there are extenuating

circumstances which justify the use of the "N"            requirements. The instructor calculates the
grade. If the instructor feels that the use of the        parenthetical grade using an "F" for the final
"N" grade is justified, he or she assigns a               examination and an "F" or a substitute method
grade of "N" supplemented by a parenthetical              of calculation for the incomplete work. The
letter grade (e.g. N[B]). In such cases, the              "Z" grade may be removed by the procedures
instructor calculates the parenthetical grade by          described above for the removal of the "X"
assigning an "F" for any incomplete work                  grade. Graduate students have one calendar
unless he or she has informed the class in                year to complete all coursework unless an
writing at the beginning of the course of a               earlier completion deadline is specified by the
substitute method of determining the                      instructor. "Z" grades which are not removed
parenthetical grade.                                      remain on the records of the graduate students.
                                                           All petitions for exceptions are sent to the
    Graduate students have one (1)                        Graduate      and    Research      Committee.
calendar year to remove incomplete ("N")                  Parenthetical grades are not required for thesis
course grades unless an earlier deadline is               or research courses.
specified by the instructor. Graduate student
incomplete course grades which are not                    Degree Registration
removed by the instructor remain as "N"
grades on the student’s record. Parenthetical                 A student must be registered in the
grades are not required for thesis or research            semester in which the degree is conferred. A
courses. Thesis or research project "N" grades            summer or fall registration will satisfy the
may remain beyond one year until the work is              registration requirements for the following
completed.                                                September. Students must be registered in
                                                          Spring for May graduation and Fall for
Absent from the Final Exam                                January Graduation.       A "Maintenance of
                                                          Candidacy” of one credit hour ($630) will be
    The grade "X(grade)" is used to indicate              assessed to students who are not registered in
absence from the final examination when all               the term their degree is to be conferred.
other course requirements have been met. The
grade in parentheses is determined by                                  Master’s Degree
including an "F" in the grade calculation for                           Requirements
the missing final exam. The "X" grade may
be removed by a make-up examination if the
                                                          Time and Registration Requirements
absence was for good cause. To be eligible
for a make-up examination, a graduate student
                                                              The Master’s degree is granted to
must file a petition, and the petition must be
                                                          properly qualified students who complete
approved by the Graduate and Research
                                                          satisfactorily at least two full semesters (30
Committee. The instructor schedules and
                                                          credit hours) of advanced work. Candidates
administers the make-up exam. Parenthetical
                                                          for the Master’s degree have six (6) years
grades are not required for thesis or research
courses. If the "X" grade is not removed, it              in which to complete their programs. The
will remain "X(F)" forever.                               time in which to complete the degree begins
                                                          when the student first registers for courses.
    The "Z(grade)" is used to indicate both               Students should confer with their advisors to
absence from the final exam and an                        be certain that specific department and
incompletion of one or more other course                  program course requirements are met.

Program for Master’s Degree                               6) 300 level courses may not be used
                                                      toward the MBA requirements. All courses
    In meeting the requirements for the               credited towards an MBA degree must be
degree, the student complies with the                 numbered 400 or above.
following regulations:
                                                      Transfer Credits
1) Each candidate for the Master’s degree
must complete the form, "Program for                      A maximum of six (6) credit hours may be
Master’s Degree", setting forth the courses           transferred from an AACSB International
proposed to satisfy the degree requirements.          (The Association to Advance Collegiate
This program must have the approval of the            Schools of Business) accredited university to a
advisor and the Associate Dean by March 1             Lehigh University Master’s Program. A
for May graduation, July 1 for September              petition must be submitted to the Graduate
graduation, or November 1 for January                 Programs Office in the College of Business
graduation.                                           and Economics along with course
                                                      descriptions, an official transcript and the
  2) The "minimum" program for the                    recommendation of the advisor and/or
Master’s degree includes:                             Associate Dean. All courses must be assigned
       not less than 30 semester hours of            a grade of “B” or better to be eligible. The
          graduate work;                              credits may not have been submitted as part of
                                                      the requirements for any previous degree.
          not less than 18 credit hours of
           courses numbered 400 or above              Thesis and Comprehensive Exams
           (MBA students must take all
           courses at 400 level);                         Candidates for Master’s degrees other
                                                      than the MBA may be required to submit a
          not less than 18 hours in the major        thesis or report based on a research course of
           field of which 15 hours must be at         at least three (3) credit hours or to pass a
           the 400 level.                             comprehensive examination given by the
                                                      major department. The department will
    3) The Master’s degree is not granted             specify which of these requirements applies
unless the candidate has earned grades of "A"         and may specify both. If required, the thesis
or "B" in at least eighteen hours of the work         may not count for more than six credit hours,
on his or her program and in all 300 level            and thesis registration is limited to a
courses.                                              maximum of six credit hours. The credit to be
                                                      allowed is fixed by the chairperson of the
    4) No course in which the grade earned            major department.
is less than “C” is credited toward the
degree.                                                   University procedures must be followed if
                                                      the thesis or research project involves human
    5) MBA and MSAIA students are                     subjects (see Protection of Human Subjects
required to have a cumulative grade point             in Research) or animals (see Humane Care
average 3.0 in all courses earned towards             and Treatment of Laboratory Animals).
the MBA and MSAIA degrees in order to
qualify for graduation.                                  The thesis must be prepared according to

the rules outlined in Thesis and Dissertation          All post-baccalaureate work toward the
Guidelines which are available in the                  doctorate must be completed within ten
Graduate Programs Office. The thesis must              years.   A student beginning doctoral
be approved by the thesis advisor and the              coursework after an elapsed period of at
department chairperson. One unbound copy               least one semester after the Master’s
of the approved thesis containing an abstract          degree has been conferred is granted seven
not to exceed 350 words must be filed with             years in which to complete the doctoral
the Registrar at least three weeks before the          program.
degree is conferred. Check the deadlines
printed in the University Course Catalog for                Doctoral students whose graduate study is
the exact date. A binding and microfilming             carried out entirely at Lehigh University must
fee of $35 must be paid to the Bursar, and the         register for a minimum of 72 credits beyond
Bursar’s receipt must be presented with the            the Bachelor’s degree. Students who have
completed thesis at the Registrar’s Office.            earned a Master’s degree at another
    A non-thesis option exists in certain              institution must register for a minimum of 48
programs. Students should check with their             credits. However, resident students who
advisors regarding that option.                        during their entire doctoral program, including
                                                       the semester of graduation, have paid full
         Doctor of Philosophy                          tuition continuously (normally a minimum of
         Degree Requirements                           nine [9] credit hours per academic semester)
                                                       will have satisfied the tuition requirements for
    The degree of doctor of philosophy is              the doctoral degree upon completion of all
conferred on candidates who have                       other requirements. These requirements
demonstrated general proficiency and high              include registration for research or dissertation
attainment in a special field of knowledge and         credits.
the capacity to carry on independent
investigation in that field as evidenced by the            Full-time students working toward the
presentation of an acceptable dissertation             doctorate normally register for a minimum of
embodying the results of original research.            nine (9) credit hours per semester. If the
                                                       minimum degree registration requirement of
Time and Registration Requirements                     72 or 48 credits is attained prior to formal
                                                       admission to candidacy (see Admission to
    A candidate is ordinarily expected to              Candidacy below), continued registration of
devote three or more academic years to                 at least three credit hours per semester is
resident graduate study. In no case is the             necessary. Full-time student status must be
degree awarded to one who has spent less than          certified by the Associate Dean.
two full academic years of graduate work.
                                                           After admission to doctoral candidacy, a
    Graduate work done in residence in other           student must maintain candidacy by
institutions may be accepted in partial                registering in both the fall and spring
fulfillment of the time requirements, provided         semesters. After completion of the minimum
that such work is approved by the Graduate             registration requirement plus any additional
and Research Committee and by the                      requirements of the student’s department or
department concerned.                                  program, registration is permitted for
                                                       "Maintenance of Candidacy". The tuition
                                                       charge is for one (1) credit hour. Full-time

status must be certified by the Associate Dean.        preparedness with the examining faculty in the
                                                       chosen field of specialization.
Residence Requirement
                                                            The qualifying examination covering the
    Each Ph.D. candidate must satisfy                  economic-theory core material must be the
Lehigh’s residence requirement.            The         first examination passed. This exam will be
residence requirement is intended to ensure            administered in two parts: a two-hour
that doctoral students spend a period of               examination on microeconomics and a two-
concentrated study and intellectual association        hour examination in macroeconomics. The
with other scholars. Either two (2) semesters          macroeconomics exam is normally taken at
of full-time academic study or 18 credit hours         the end of the first year of full-time study,
of graduate study within a twelve month                while the microeconomics exam will be
period must be completed.            Individual        administered in January of the second year.
departments       may impose         additional        Examinations in the two fields of
stipulations, and candidates should check with         specialization should be completed by the end
their advisors to be certain that they have            of the third year of full-time study.
satisfied their residence requirements.                Comprehensive examinations in the fields are
                                                       generally three to four hours in length.
Language Requirements
                                                           The field examinations are scheduled for
    Language requirements for the Ph.D. are            the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.
the option of and in the jurisdiction of the           Students should notify the Doctoral Advisor
candidates departments. Since proficiency in           of their intention to sit for an examination at
a language is not a University requirement,            least 30 days prior to the next examination
each department decides which languages, if            period.
any, constitute part of the doctoral program.
                                                          After the end of the second year, all
Qualifying Exams                                       doctoral students face the following
                                                       requirements whether or not they have
    Doctoral students must pass written                completed the core requirements.
comprehensive examinations for the
economic-theory core material and the two                  Interim Advisor: By the end of the second
fields of specialization. In the event of a            year, students must obtain an interim advisor
failure, a single re-examination privilege will        who they shall retain until candidacy (when
be permitted per examination. The objective            the interim advisor either becomes, or is
of the comprehensive examinations is to                replaced by, the student’s dissertation
ascertain the student’s readiness to                   advisor). It is the responsibility of the student,
independently         pursue      professional         with the help of the graduate advisor, to find
development in the areas of specialization.            an interim advisor. Students are urged to
Since the comprehensive exams integrate the            approach faculty they are interested in
material covered in the field courses, they are        early as a faculty member with an already
broader in scope than a composite of                   heavy advising load is not expected to take
questions from the course finals. Before               on further students. Students may change
electing to sit for a comprehensive                    interim advisors at any time provided they
examination, it is therefore advisable for a           have found a replacement. However, change
student to discuss his or her degree of                of an advisor will not be an acceptable excuse

for failure to complete any of the following
requirements on time unless explicitly                        Third Year Original Presentation: each
approved by the graduate director.                        student must present a scheduled workshop
                                                          based on his or her third year original paper.
Third Year Paper Requirements                             Although this presentation may be made
                                                          before the paper is complete, it must consist of
    Third Year Original Paper: each student               an essentially complete discussion of the topic
must complete a paper consisting of original              and the results of the paper. Students are
research in a topic discussed with and                    responsible for scheduling their own
approved by the interim advisor. Previously               presentations and should sign up early in the
written original papers may be used as the                term for a scheduled time.
basis for this paper if approved. However,
since the standards will be high than, for                Doctoral Committee
example, second year empirical papers,
substantial improvement will be expected in                    With the help of an academic advisor, the
such cases. The paper may be in any area, and             student names the faculty members of the
the ideas explored in it will often be the                doctoral committee, a special committee
genesis of at least one paper in the thesis, but          formed to guide the student through the
may be a self-contained paper that is unrelated           doctoral program.         The committee is
to the dissertation.                                      responsible for assisting the student in
                                                          formulating a course of study, satisfying
The paper should be written in a professional             specific      departmental      requirements,
style and format. Students are advised to read            submitting a suitable dissertation proposal,
published articles on empirical topics, paying            overseeing progress in research, and
close attention to how articles are organized,            evaluating the completed dissertation. At
how data is described and how results are                 least four (4) faculty members are appointed
presented. The format of the paper should be              to the committee; one must be a member of an
consistent with standards commonly used in                outside department.
economics. Students will submit one copy to
their advisor and one copy to the Graduate                   A student’s doctoral committee chair
Programs Coordinator. The PhD director will               must be a Lehigh Economics faculty member
assign a faculty member to be the second                  approved by the student’s major department.
reader of the paper.                                      Committee members must be approved by the
                                                          University’s Graduate and Research
    If the paper is submitted by the due date             Committee.
and either reader feels that it is unsatisfactory,
the student will be able to revise the paper and          Oral Defense of the Dissertation Proposal
re-submit it for re-evaluation. If a paper is
submitted late and should the paper be judged                 Under the direction of the chairperson of
unsatisfactory, the department does not                   the doctoral committee, the student will
guarantee that the readers will evaluate and              prepare a dissertation proposal describing in
return comments to the student in time for the            detail the intended project for his or her
paper to be revised. A student failing to meet            dissertation. This proposal will be presented
these requirements will be placed on academic             in a workshop attended by the committee and
probation and required to submit a satisfactory           other interested faculty members and graduate
paper in the summer.                                      students. The purpose of the proposal defense

is to ensure that the student has the                    Refer to the University Course Catalog for the
preparation and resources necessary to                   exact date. The dissertation must be prepared
complete the proposed dissertation in a timely           following the rules outlined in the
manner, to encourage the student to think                "Dissertation Guidelines" (available in the
through the proposed research project at an              Graduate Programs Office). At the time the
early stage in the process, and to elicit helpful        student submits the dissertation draft to the
comments from others. Upon completion of                 Graduate Programs Office, the candidate will
the proposal workshop, the committee will                be given a set of forms that must be completed
determine whether the student has passed the             and returned with the final dissertation. Upon
proposal defense and will sign the necessary             return of the draft from the Associate Dean,
paperwork (forms are available in the                    the student should distribute copies of the
Graduate Programs Office).             One re-           draft to the members of the doctoral
examination will be permitted if the student             committee for review and suggestions for
fails to adequately defend the dissertation              revision. The candidate then schedules an oral
proposal.                                                dissertation defense.

Admission to Candidacy                                       Acceptance or rejection of the dissertation
                                                         is decided by a vote of the dissertation
    A doctoral student should apply for                  committee, following a formal defense of the
admission to candidacy immediately after the             dissertation by the candidate. The Dean’s
successful completion of the dissertation                Office must be notified in writing at least
proposal defense. The "Application for                   seven (7) days in advance of the final
Admission to Candidacy for the Ph.D." should             dissertation defense. The dissertation defense
be submitted during an interview with the                is open to all members of the University
Associate Dean to ensure that all requirements           community.
of candidacy have been met. Forms for
admission to candidacy and guidelines for                    Final approval of the dissertation must be
writing the dissertation are available in the            conferred by the Dean’s Office in the College
Graduate Programs Office.                                of Business and Economics. The College of
                                                         Business and Economics requires that the
Dissertation and Defense                                 dissertation be completed within five years
                                                         after passing the comprehensive examinations.
    Ph.D. candidates are required to write a
dissertation prepared under the direction of a               After the dissertation has been defended
Lehigh University professor. The dissertation            and revised accordingly, the student must
must treat a topic related to the candidate’s            submit two copies of the dissertation along
principal field of specialization, embody the            with the original signature sheet and a
results of original research, give evidence of           Bursar’s receipt for the microfilming fee to
high scholarship, and constitute a significant           the Graduate Programs Office at least two
contribution to knowledge in the field.                  weeks before the degree is to be conferred.
Furthermore, all or part of the dissertation
should be of publishable quality.

    The dissertation draft must be submitted to
the Associate Dean for inspection at least six
weeks before the degree is to be conferred.

Masters of Science in Accounting                         Financial Aid
and Information Analysis Program
                                                                   Research Assistantships
                                                             There are three Research Assistantships
    All MSAIA students are to schedule an
                                                         for MSAIA students within the College of
interview with the program director before
                                                         Business and Economics. RAs assist faculty
beginning their course of study. The purpose
                                                         with research projects.        Compensation
of this meeting is to plan the coursework that
                                                         includes up to six (6) credit hours of tuition
the student will take throughout the Program.
                                                         per semester and a stipend.

Regular Students
                                                         Graduation Audit
    Students desiring to use 300-level
                                                             Students must make arrangements for a
accounting courses (maximum of two) toward
                                                         graduation audit with the program director
satisfying the MSAIA degree requirements
                                                         prior to the start of their last semester of
must complete a petition specifying those
                                                         course work. The audit will be completed and
courses. The petition should be submitted to
                                                         the forms will be provided by the program
the Graduate Programs Office after being
                                                         director and academic advisor, Professor
signed by the program director. The petition
                                                         James        Largay     (610/758-3409,         or
must be presented at the BEGINNING of the
                                                along with instructions for
course of study, normally during the initial
                                                         return. Graduation audit forms must be
planning meeting with the director.
                                                         approved by the Associate Dean before they
                                                         are sent to the Registrar. A late fee is assessed
    Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. The
                                                         to students who do not apply for graduation
courses included in the calculation of the GPA
                                                         according to the dates specified by the
are those that will be used to satisfy the degree
                                                         Registrar’s Office.

Associate Students

    Associate Students must petition for
regular student status upon the completion of
nine (9) credit hours of courses used to satisfy
the requirements for the MSAIA degree. The
petition must specify each 300-level
accounting course (maximum of two) that will
be used to satisfy the degree requirements.
The petition is to be signed by the program
director and submitted to the Graduate
Programs Office. If more than nine (9) credit
hours were rostered, the petition will be
evaluated on all completed courses that will
be applied toward the MSAIA degree.

                                Graduate Student Contacts

         Graduate and Research                        comprised of representatives from each
              Committee                               academic department. The council represents
                                                      the academic student community on issues
                                                      relating to graduate programs and graduate
    The Graduate and Research Committee
                                                      student life at Lehigh. It provides a forum for
formulates policies and regulations on
                                                      discussion with University officials and
graduate education, and it recommends
                                                      committees, allowing graduate students to
policies and procedures for research-related
                                                      voice opinions directly in open meetings and
activities. The committee interprets and
                                                      through representatives at University
applies faculty rules governing graduate
                                                      Committee meetings.
students and degrees, including questions
concerning student petitions and appeals. In
                                                          Graduate students are selected by the
order to provide a forum for complaints
                                                      Graduate Student Council to serve as non-
regarding academic and non-academic
                                                      voting members of the Graduate and Research
matters, the Graduate and Research
                                                      Committee and the Educational Policy
Committee will schedule hearings for
                                                      Committee. Graduate students may also serve
individual graduate student grievances.
                                                      on other committees discussing graduate
Students may petition via the Associate Dean
                                                      student issues.
for extensions of time to complete degrees and
for reinstatement to programs. Students
                                                          The Council plans social events, trips, and
denied admission to graduate study, even
                                                      seminars and dissembles information to
though they are not members of the University
                                                      facilitate communication among graduate
community, may also present petitions to the
                                                      students. Each month the council publishes
Graduate and Research Committee.
                                                      the graduate student newsletter "The
    The Committee consists of sixteen
members representing the faculties of
                                                          Graduate students can easily access
Lehigh’s Colleges: four from the College of
                                                      information relating to Council-sponsored
Arts and Sciences; two from the College of
                                                      events and graduate student issues by
Business and Economics; four from the
                                                      checking the Council’s website at
College of Engineering and Applied Science;
                                             or by calling
and two from the College of Education, plus
                                                      the Graduate Student Center (610/758-4722),
the deans of the four colleges as four ex-
                                                      or by visiting the office in the Christmas
officio members and three non-voting student
                                                      Saucon Hall. The Graduate Student Council
members, two graduate students and one
                                                      maintains the Graduate Student Center which
                                                      is available for use by all graduate students.
                                                      The center’s hours of operation are published
                                                      each semester in the graduate student
         The Graduate Student                         newsletter and on the Graduate Student
               Council                                Council’s                             website,
                                             The center
   The    Graduate    Student    Council    is        has a lounge and a study room with

computers. Facilities may be reserved in                Office of Graduate Student Life and the
advance and used free of charge by                      Graduate Student Council.
departments, study groups, and campus
organizations for meetings and activities.                    Graduate Alumni Committee

    The Graduate Student Center also serves                 The    Lehigh      University Alumni
as a distribution center for information of             Association has established a Graduate
interest to graduate students. Students may             Alumni Committee.         The committee is
post notices about apartments for rent,                 composed of distinguished Lehigh graduate
roommates wanted, and items for sale. To                alumni. The committee provides leadership
reserve the facilities or request other                 for deepening the involvement of graduate
information, contact the Center at 610/758-             alumni in Lehigh affairs.
                                                                  Student Organizations
           Graduate Student Life
                                                                       MBA Association
14 East Packer Avenue                                   The MBA Association is open to all current
Christmas-Saucon Hall                                   Lehigh MBA students. Sponsoring of social
(610) 758-4722; Fax (610) 758-6971                      activities to generate networking and
                                                        community among the MBA students, hosting
        The Office of Graduate Student Life is          career networking opportunities, and
a division of Student Affairs. Its mission is to        presenting speaker events are some of the
make Lehigh a hospitable place that is                  activities in which this group engages.
engaging, inspiring, and supportive for
graduate students. The office is staffed by a           Officers for the 2007-2008 school year are:
fulltime director and offers resources for
graduate students including:                               President      Siddhartha Bhattacharya
      inexpensive photocopying;                           Vice-president Aditi Katdare
      three computers, including a CD                                    (
       burner and DVD reader;                              Treasurer      Rosa Fernandes
      computer scanner;
                                                           VP Membership Rajgopal Bodapati
      subsidized tickets for performances
                                                            Services       (
       and trips;
      free coffee, tea, and bottled water; and,
      student life information resources.

The Graduate Student Center houses the

                         International Students and Scholars
       Office of International                          and seminars and an annual bazaar. The
    Students and Scholars (OISS)                        Cultural    Exchange     Committee,     the
                                                        International Club, and Phi Beta Delta (the
The mission of the Lehigh University Office             International Honorary Society) are also
of International Students and Scholars is to:           sponsored by the Office of International
                                                        Students and Scholars.
     Provide     support    services    for
      international students and scholars to                The office publishes a Handbook for
      ensure maximum opportunities for                  International Students and Scholars with
      them to achieve their goals;                      information of particular relevance to
                                                        international students. It may be obtained in
     be a resource to the faculty, staff and           the office located in Coxe Hall, 32 Sayre
      administration on issues related to               Drive).           Check      the     website,
      international students and scholars,    ,      for   additional
      cross-cultural communication and                  information.
                                                           English as a Second Language
     support the University's efforts to
      internationalize the campus; and,                     The English as a Second Language
                                                        Program (ESL) offers academic semester and
     create an environment where the                   year long courses for enrolled undergraduate
      Lehigh community is exposed to a                  and graduate students and their families. In
      multitude of cultures, traditions and             addition, academic support is provided for
      viewpoints        by       presenting             ESL students through free individual and
      internationally-focused    academic,              small group tutoring and conversation groups;
      cultural and social programming.                  through an academic resource center housing
                                                        books, tapes, and computer programs, and in
    Personnel within the office are available to        low cost language enrichment courses. For
advise on immigration, visa, and personal               more information, contact: Tim Bonner,
matters. The office acts as a liaison with the          Director—Cox Hall, 32 Sayre Drive
Global Union, ESL Program and other offices             (610/758-6412).
and departments on campus, and with
international agencies.

    The OISS initiates a variety of cross-
cultural programs including an extensive
orientation    program,    student   hosts,
international students’ advisory committee,
electronic newsletters, programming for
spouse and families, valley-wide workshops

                                           Academic Services

                                                        Resources & Services
  Library and Technology Services
                                                            The "virtual electronic library" at Lehigh
    The exponential growth and increasing
                                                        is just as important as the print-based one.
sophistication of information technology offer
                                                        Lehigh has available a full range of electronic
new and exciting opportunities for enhanced
                                                        indexes, reference works, full text databases,
teaching, learning, and research. At Lehigh,
                                                        and image databases—all of which are
one merged organization called Library and
                                                        accessible to Lehigh students from any
Technology Services (LTS) delivers
                                                        computer on campus or off campus via
communications,       computing,     distance
                                                        modem. A single web-based interface allows
education administration, library and media
                                                        the student to move seamlessly from Lehigh’s
services to capitalize on these new
                                                        own online catalog (named ASA after Lehigh
opportunities. Additional information about
                                                        founder Asa Packer) to databases of citations,
Library and Technology Services can be found
                                                        abstracts, articles or book reviews to the full
                                                        text of many of these resources. The Lehigh
                                                        virtual library also identifies for students the
Facilities and Collections
                                                        most important scholarly and governmental
                                                        websites and connects them easily to these
     With the opening in 1985 of the E.W.
                                                        sites and to collections in other libraries
Fairchild-Martindale Library and Computing
                                                        throughout Pennsylvania and around the
Center, the combined information center
                                                        world. There are easy ways to borrow books
merged more than 500,000 volumes in the
                                                        from other academic libraries including direct
social sciences with a 200,000 volume
                                                        borrowing from other academic libraries in the
collection in the natural and physical sciences,
                                                        Lehigh Valley and interlibrary loan for use of
mathematics, and all branches of engineering.
                                                        collections throughout the world.
The facility also houses government
documents and business collections. The
historic Linderman Library, part of which was
                                                        Networking and Voice Communications
built in 1877, is dedicated to all branches of
the humanities. A collection of 400,000
                                                             Lehigh University is a "wired" campus in
volumes encompasses strengths in British
                                                        every sense of the word. A high-speed fiber
colonial history, and American and English
                                                        optic backbone network ties together all major
literature. The Bayer Galleria of Rare Books,
                                                        classroom and administrative buildings, the
which opened in 1985, embraces the
                                                        libraries and the computer center, the Zoellner
university libraries’ Special Collections
                                                        Center for the Performing Arts, and all student
Division, estimated to include about 24,000
                                                        residences. This same extensive wiring plant
                                                        and associated networking hardware and
                                                        software connect the university to the global
 The Chrysler Library on the Mountaintop
                                                        resources of the World Wide Web. Electronic
Campus serves as an electronic access point
                                                        communication is a way of life for students,
for the convenience of the academic
                                                        faculty, and staff at Lehigh. Lehigh is also
departments located there.
                                                        initiating new projects to incorporate wireless
                                                        connectivity in some library and classroom

settings. Library and Technology Services has          facilities for making transparencies).
recently implemented a new state-of-the-art            Resources include audio, video, and electronic
telephone system with voice-mail services to           media and the equipment and viewing spaces
the entire campus. Rauch Business Center is a          needed for their use. More than 3,000 videos
wireless facility. Wireless cards are available        are available for viewing or short-term loan.
through the Rauch Business Communication               The Center also coordinates the rental of films
Center.                                                for classroom use. A supply of laptops for
                                                       short-term use by students are housed there as
Computing                                              well.

     Library & Technology Services provides            Student Services
computing services to all university
departments and research centers, serving the              The libraries, computing center, and most
needs of students, faculty and administrative          distributed computing facilities are open seven
users.     More than 400 microcomputers                days per week and for extensive evening hours
(primarily IBM-compatible and some Apple               during the fall and spring semesters. For most
personal computers) are distributed across             of these hours, a help desk located at the
campus for convenient use by Lehigh students           Fairchild-Martindale Library provides general
at more than 20 computing sites. There are             help for students and faculty on-site and for
more than one hundred microcomputers in the            telephone inquiries relating to both library
libraries and computing center, and another            research and computing. Help desk staff refer
hundred in Rauch Business Center. A twenty-            difficult or more specialized questions to
four hour site at Grace Hall has 33 machines.          experts as needed. There are also help desks
There are also portable laptops equipped with          located at the Linderman Library, and the
wireless network cards available for short-            Computing Center.
term loan to students at both libraries and at
the Media Center. A variety of computing                   Students may also take advantage of
facilities are available on campus and are             virtual help desks where they enter the
listed        on       the       web        at         questions or problems relating to library                  research, computing hardware or software, or
     The Fairchild-Martindale Computing                telecommunications at any hour of the day or
Center houses a network of high-performance            night for response at a later time usually
computers, configured as a centralized                 within one working day. Most library and
network service cluster to support                     computing        services      are     available
communications services such as electronic             electronically; for example, requests for books
mail, campus-wide bulletin boards and the use          to be recalled, film rental requests, frequently
of the World Wide Web. The university                  asked questions (FAQ) files, and seminar
computing capacity and bandwidth are                   registrations.
constantly being increased to meet the
escalating demand.                                         Each semester Library and Technology
                                                       Services’ Client Services Group offers an
Media Center                                           extensive program of seminars and course-
                                                       based instructional sessions for students.
The Media Center in Fairchild-Martindale               Attendees learn to use software applications,
Library offers media resources and a basic             the extensive print and electronic library
production facility (scanners, color printers,         resources, and the World Wide Web.

Students learn how to create their own "home           The IMRC coordinates programming on
pages" as part of seminars on authoring                several Lehigh channels of the campus cable
documents for the Web.                                 network including one channel that features
                                                       SCOLA, a multi-university consortium that
    Library and Technology Services                    transmits foreign news broadcasts.
maintains a variety of facilities for printing,        PBS/ALS digital downlinks are offered, as
copying, and duplicating within the                    well as other international programs and
constraints of copyright legislation. In the           university programs relating to academic,
libraries, public photocopiers and microform           cultural and athletic life. For more
printers are maintained for convenience in             information, contact the IMRC in 535
copying print or microform resources.                  Maginnes Hall or call 610-758-6067 or 610-
International Multimedia Resource
Center (IMRC)                                                          Phone Numbers

The IMRC, which is located in Maginnes                 Linderman Library:
Hall, assists students in using multimedia
resources and producing Web-based and                  (Circulation)                   610/758-3030
multimedia projects. The IMRC includes
two multimedia computer/scanning labs,                 E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library:
two satellite dishes, and the World View
Room, a comfortable facility                           (HELP Desk):                    610/758-3075
accommodating up to 40 people, that can be             (Circulation)                   610/758-3070
used for the viewing satellite programming,            (Interlibrary loan):            610/758-3028
special cable programming, or video
presentations.                                         LTS HELP                        610/758-4357

                                          Student Services

              Career Services                            On-Campus Interviews

    Lehigh’s Office of Career Services,                      Lehigh maintains an active on-campus
located in the Rauch Business Center Suite               recruiting system with over 300 employers
484, is open Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m.             visiting to interview undergraduate as well as
to 4:45 p.m. Graduate students are welcome               graduate students. A schedule of interview
to use the office’s extensive Career Services            dates, employer presentations, and other
Information Center, on-campus recruiting                 Career Services programs is posted in Lehigh
system, workshops and seminars, and                      Listings, an on-line searchable job listing data
counseling to develop career options and                 base available on the Career Services web
cultivate job opportunities. Workshops are               page at
available throughout the year. In addition, an
aggressive programmatic effort occurs early in           Workshops, Seminars, Networking Events
the fall and spring semesters to promote                 and Individual Consultations
effective career planning skills and job search
strategies.                                                  The Career Services Office assists all                           students planning careers and seeking
                                                         employment. Workshops cover: creating a
Career Services Library                                  resume and employment profile; preparing for
                                                         traditional and behavioral interviews;
    Research is a necessary part of exploring            presenting oneself at a job fair; methods to
majors and careers. The Career Library                   mastering basic networking strategies; and
contains a wide collection of books and                  more. Staff members are also available by
publications on the subjects of career                   appointment for private consultation.
planning, career fields and employers,                   Students are encouraged to schedule an
graduate and professional schools, and                   appointment early in their programs and to
employer brochures. Information is also                  take advantage of the wide variety of
available on: internships, summer jobs,                  assistance offered by the office. Additionally,
opportunities for minorities, and national and           multiple networking events are held regularly
international opportunities. Students work               throughout the academic year ranging from
with counselors to determine which resources             formal functions to casual dinners.
may help them in developing a personalized
career plan. Visit the career librarian to access        International Students
career advisors through the LUCAN database
by job title, industry or location. The Career               All of the services available at Career
Services Library is located in the Rauch                 Services are also provided for international
Business Center and may be contacted at                  students. In addition, the staff works closely
610/758-3716.                                            with the Office of International Students and
                                                         Scholars to address special concerns of this
                                                         segment of the student body in a
                                                         comprehensive manner.

                                                        Information about this plan is available
   A mini-course consisting of a series of              through the Bursar's Office at 610-758-3160
workshops is held in the fall to orient students        or                  by                 visiting
who wish to acquire work experience in the    
United States or in other countries.                    Students who are already covered by health
                                                        insurance need not purchase the University
Health Services                                         sponsored plan. The Health and Wellness
                                                        Center does recommend that students and
    The Student Health Center, located in               parents check with their health insurance plan
Johnson Hall, offers health services to the             regarding (out of area) coverage benefits and
entire student population--undergraduate and            need for referrals.
graduate, full and part-time, resident and
commuting students. For complete schedule                   Information on a variety of health
information                             visit           insurance plans is also available on     A relatively
or call 610/758-3870.                                   low-cost, university-sponsored plan can be
                                                        purchased. Students participating in the
Services                                                University’s insurance program will be
                                                        insured from August 15 to August 15 of the
    The Health Center staff can treat most              following year. Information on the plan may
medical and minor surgical and orthopedic               be viewed at
problems. Allergy shots and immunizations
can be administered. Gynecological services             The enrollment deadline dates are September
are available by appointment. Evenings and              15 for the fall semester and February 11 for
weekends, there is a registered nurse in                the spring semester. Students who miss the
attendance with a physician available on call.          cutoff date must wait until the next academic
                                                        semester to purchase insurance through
Costs                                                   Lehigh.

    Most services provided by the Health                    Expenses covered include costs for several
Center, including inpatient and outpatient              services not available at the Health Center
care, are offered free of charge. Exceptions            such as x-rays, certain laboratory studies,
include referrals to physicians, hospitals, or          consultant fees, and medications not stocked
other medical facilities outside of the Health          by the Health Center. Hospital expenses are
Center, and medications not carried by the              also covered.
Health Center or which require prescriptions.
                                                            Graduate students are expected to carry
Insurance                                               some type of insurance and are urged to check
                                                        with their existing insurance plans. If their
     The Health and Wellness Center                     insurance needs are not covered, they may
recommends ALL students be covered by                   consider purchasing the university-sponsored
health insurance to cover services that may not         plan. The Health Center’s services, however,
be available at the Health Center. Lehigh               are available to all registered graduate
University sponsors a low cost insurance plan           students whether or not they participate in the
designed to complement the services offered             University’s insurance plan. TA’s and GA’s
at the University Health Center.                        are awarded a credit to help cover the cost of

health insurance (see page 13).                        students are generally seen for one or two
                                                       sessions lasting approximately one hour, to
    International graduate students are                assess needs, interests, or concerns. Questions
required to purchase health insurance. They            may be resolved in a few meetings, or a
may purchase Lehigh’s plan for international           mutual decision may be made to continue
graduate students or show proof of purchase            working on and exploring the issues in
of another plan equal to or more                       additional sessions. Whereas some concerns
comprehensive than Lehigh’s plan. They                 will be met best within a one-to-one
may not register without proof of the purchase         relationship, group psychotherapy is often the
of health insurance.                                   modality of choice. Referrals to outside
                                                       professionals or agencies are made when
    A health services brochure is available            appropriate.
through the Health Center Office.
                                                           Graduate students are encouraged to meet
                                                       with members of the UCPS staff to inquire
      University Counseling and                        about services available to students from the
       Psychological Services                          international and minority communities.
                                                       Graduate students with cross-cultural,
                                                       minority, and gender concerns or questions are
    The     University     Counseling      and
                                                       invited to seek assistance.
Psychological Services (UCPS), located on
the top floor of Johnson Hall, offers, free of
                                                            By invitation, UCPS psychologists are
charge, a wide range of services related to the
                                                       available to present lectures, workshops,
personal, interpersonal, and psychological
                                                       training sessions, or lead discussion groups
needs of all Lehigh students. Clinical and
                                                       on a wide variety of topics relevant to the
Counseling Psychologists are available during
                                                       life and experiences of graduate students.
the day, Monday through Friday, and
                                                       The staff also advertises programs which are
appointments may be made in person or by
                                                       directly sponsored by the service, and these
calling 610-758-3880. All contacts are
                                                       programs are generally available on an “as
confidential unless someone is in imminent
                                                       space permits” basis. The UCPS website
danger, and information is released only with
                                                       can be accessed at
informed consent.
   Following     initial   contact,   graduate

                            Living and Safety Services

          Residential Services                       semester or yearly lease basis. Information on
                                                     monthly rents is provided in the section on
Living Accommodations                                Tuition--Living Accommodations (Page 9).
                                                     In addition, the Saucon Village complex
    The University maintains a graduate              features a community room, located in
student housing complex in Saucon Valley             Building 8, for social functions.
that has 136 living units. This complex,
Saucon Village Apartments, provides units                The University’s bus service is available
generally on a yearly lease basis. For the           to all students and provides continuous
2007-2008 academic year, the monthly rents           transportation to and from the main campus.
exclusive of electric are as follows:                Residents receive bus schedules at the
                                                     beginning of each academic term.
Apartment Size                 Rental Rate
                                                        The office may be contacted by calling
Efficiency Apartment                   $470
1 Bedroom Apartment                    $550
Small 2 Bedroom Apartment              $585
                                                     Off-Campus Housing
2 Bedroom Without Air-
Conditioning                           $600
                                                         Lists of available houses and apartments in
2 Bedroom with Air-
                                                     the surrounding area are kept on file in the
Conditioning                           $615          Residential Services Office. An off-campus
3 Bedroom Apartment                    $625          housing brochure, ″Your Guide to Off-campus
Warren Square-D is a shared graduate house           Living″, supplied by the office, includes
maintained by the University. Off-campus             information on lessees rights and
housing options may be viewed at                     responsibilities. Computerized listings of          available off-campus housing are also
                                                     available through the Residential Services at
    Graduate students may apply to          or you
Residential Services in Rathbone Hall (63            may contact them by phone at 610-758-3500
University Drive – Balcony Level) for housing        to obtain one through US mail. Additional
in Lehigh’s graduate student complex,                information is available at the Graduate
Saucon Village, and Warren Square D (for             Student        Life      web        site     at
single graduate students only). The Saucon 
Village complex is composed of five (5)
buildings made up of 136 unfurnished units.
Warren Square D is adjacent to the Alumni
Memorial Building. There are nine single
furnished bedrooms. Residents share the
common areas of the house including a
kitchen and large lounge. Both Saucon
Village and Warren Square D are rented on a

Religious Activities                                    Student Identification Cards

    Religious activities at Lehigh are under the            University ID cards are issued to all
supervision of the University Chaplain. The             undergraduate and graduate students, upon
Chaplain's Office is located in Johnson Hall,           presentation of a Bursar’s receipt, at the ID
Room 110. The office is open from 8:00 a.m.             Office in the Ulrich Center (USC). ID cards
to 4:30 p.m. Appointments with the Chaplain             are updated each semester and a replacement
may be scheduled by calling 610/758-3877.               fee for lost or damaged cards is charged. Lost
                                                        cards may be replaced by paying a $10 lost
    The University Chaplain provides a                  card fee at the Bursar’s Office and presenting
ministry of service and hospitality to the              the receipt at the ID Card Office.
religiously diverse community at Lehigh
University, responding to a variety of needs                All graduate students, full or part-time
that arise in the university, working with              may receive an ID card. A validated ID card
students, faculty and staff to build up a               entitles a student to use of the libraries, free
positive sense of community. The Chaplain               admission to certain university-sponsored
provides a community resource for raising               activities, check cashing privileges at our
values issues and addressing moral concerns             campus bank, and use of athletic facilities.
in a variety of forums, both on and off
campus; and the Chaplain's Office provides a            Motor Vehicle Registration
focal point for religious activities on campus.
                                                             All motor vehicles operated on University
     The University Chaplain supports the               property (either regularly or temporarily) by
mission of the modern university and endorses           full or part-time students, faculty or staff must
a model of ministry that emphasizes teaching,           be registered with the Parking Services Office.
that encourages respectful engagement                   Graduate students who will be parking on
between religious traditions, that seeks to help        campus during the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 4:00
persons in the university extend hospitality to         p.m. may purchase a parking permit by paying
the stranger, and that urges people to develop          a $25 fee and presenting a copy of your motor
critical social awareness as a way to express           vehicle registration to the Parking Services
spiritual concern.                                      Office, located on the first floor of Johnson
                                                        Hall. Registration forms are available in the
    The University Chaplain participates in             Graduate Programs Office and the permit may
both the academic and co-curricular life of the         be obtained by mail.
University, being responsible for worship,
programming, and regular teaching. By                       Part-time students who only attend
encouraging and promoting an atmosphere                 evening classes must register their vehicle
where moral and spiritual issues can be                 with the Parking Services Office. They may
acknowledged as central to a meaningful,                obtain an evening permit at no charge that
balanced, and well-rounded education, the               allows for parking in Faculty/Staff lots after
University Chaplain seeks to enhance the                4:00 p.m. on weekdays and after 4:00 p.m.
educational experience of those working and             Friday to 7:00 a.m. on Mondays.
studying at Lehigh.
                                                        Ticketing of non-registered vehicles runs from
    The website for the University Chaplain is          7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Adverse Weather Policy

Please contact 610/758-NEWS (6397) or your
local radio stations if weather conditions
become hazardous, to learn if class schedules
have been affected

University Police

   The campus police maintain their
headquarters in Johnson Hall, Room 221 and
can be reached at 610/758-4200 twenty-four
hours a day.

Call Boxes

    Call boxes with blue lights are located
around the campus. Pushing the emergency
button will connect you directly to the campus
police. You may also use the dialing feature
to call any campus telephone number.


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