Youth Ideas - The Mummy by sappken


Use this game about a mummy as part of Halloween Alternative or as an introduction to the story of Lazarus.

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     Youth Ideas:
     The Mummy

   Use this game about a
      mummy as part of
 Halloween Alternative or as
 an introduction to the story
         of Lazarus.

  Game Materials
  Several Rolls of Toilet
  (One or more for each

 Game Preparation
 1. Divide the youth into teams.
 2. Each team selects one person on
    their team to be the mummy.
    you could also randomly appoint
    a member as the mummy by
    drawing straws or some other
    unbiased method.
 3. The objective is to wrap the
    team member up like a mummy
    using the rolls of toilet paper.
 4. You can choose the winner as (1)
    the team that uses up their rolls
    of toilet paper the quickest, (2)
    the best wrapped mummy, (3)
    the best covered mummy, (4)
    the neatest (5) the scariest, (6)
    most creative, etc

 Game Rules

 You may want to make game
    rules such as:
 1. Do NOT wrap the head or
 2. Do not throw the rolls of
    toilet paper.
 3. Everyone on the team must
    be involved.
 4. ETC

   Game Variations
   • Have the teams wrap up
      youth leaders instead of one
      of their own team members.
   • Instead of teams, split the
      group into pairs. You can also
      make the partners wrap each
      other before they can win so
      EVERYONE ends up as a
   • Set a timer and award the
      group that has the best
      mummy at the end of the

When many people think about
mummies, they think about Halloween
costumes, scary movies, and Egypt. But
the Bible also has a story about
someone who was wrapped up like a
mummy. His name was Lazarus and his
story can be found in John 11: 1-46.
When Lazarus died, Jesus brought him
back to life. But his sisters were not
SCARED, they were very happy. Jesus
had brought their brother back and he
was the same person he was as before.
Jesus did it so that he could show how
powerful God is and also so we could
know for sure that he will also bring us
back to life in heaven if we believe in
him and trust him.

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