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                                                                                                               May 2012

                             ASEAN BANKER
                             To achieve higher growth through cooperation amongst ASEAN banks

                    DATE: 7 – 9 NOVEMBER 2012

 Kuala Lumpur, is the capital city and the most populous city in Malaysia. It covers an area of 243 km2 (94 sq mi) and has an estimated
 population of 1.6 million as of 2012. From humble beginnings as a tin-mining shanty town, KL has evolved into a 21st-century
 metropolis, dominated by the tallest skyscrapers in Southeast Asia. It is home to the world’s tallest twin tower, Petronas Twin Tower,
 which have become an iconic symbol of Malaysia’s futuristic developments.

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2        ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012

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                                                                                        Capital (and largest city)   Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                        Official language(s)         Bahasa Malayu
                                                                                        Official script              Latin alphabet
                                                                                        Ethnic groups                50.4% Malay
                                                                                                                     23.7% Chinese
                                                                                                                     11.0% Indigenous
                                                                                                                     7.1% Indian
                                                                                                                     7.8% Other
    The Sasana Kijang was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Y.A.B Datuk       Demonym                      Malaysian
    Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak on 14 September 2011. It was designed
    to be a nexus for thought leadership and collaboration in central banking,
    Sasana Kijang houses a learning centre with state-of-the-art training facilities.   - Total                      329,847 km2
                                                                                                                     127,355 sq mi
    The word ‘Sasana’ is derived from Sanskrit and describes a site, centre, building   - Water (%)                  0.3
    or arena where communities gather for meetings, while the Kijang is Bank            Population
    Negara Malaysia’s logo. The Sasana Kijang’s architectural concept is inspired       - 2011 census                28,334,135
    from the shape of the Cowrie shell, a popular form of money in the Malay
                                                                                        - Density                    86/km2
    Peninsula during the 3rd century with its building façade derived from the                                       216.45/sq mi
    geometric patterns of traditional Malaysian songket motifs, reflecting the
                                                                                        Currency                     Ringgit (RM) (MYR)
    hand woven fabric designs.
                                                                                        Internet TLD                 .my
    Source: and           Calling code                 +60
    my/press release/sasana kijang
                                                                                                                ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012   3

        1 – 2 MARCH , 2012 IN BANGKOK , THAILAND
ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA) was invited by the host, Bank                 Payment Network, SWIFT, My Clear and Electronic Transactions
of Thailand, to the 5th ASEAN Central Banks’ Working Committee                Development Agency.
on Payment and Settlement System (WC-PSS) to participate in
the meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 March 2012. ABA                    In connection with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
subsequently requested for the invitation to be extended to all               2015 which aims to support regional economic integration,
ABA members.                                                                  the ASEAN Central Banks’ Working Committee on Payment and
                                                                              Settlement Systems (WC-PSS) was formed with the objectives
At the meeting on 2 March 2012, ABA was represented by                        to improve the domestic payment infrastructure, promote more
representatives from The Association of Banks in Singapore, Mrs               efficient cross border payment services, and ultimately integrate
Ong Ai Boon and Ms Lum Yin Fong; The Association of Banks in                  payment systems in the region. This committee consists of the
Malaysia, Ms Chuah Mei Lin and The Thai Bankers Association,                  ten ASEAN central banks and is co-chaired by Bank Indonesia
Dr Twatchai Yongkittikul. Besides ABA, the other stakeholders                 and Bank of Thailand. The broad framework is depicted in the
who attended the working committee meeting were Asian                         diagram below:-

                    Strategic Framework
                                                                    AEC 2015
                           Free Flow of         Free Flow of          Free Flow of              Free Flow of              Free Flow of
                              Goods               Services           Skilled Labour             Investment                  Capital

                                                               ASEAN Payment Vision
                        “ASEAN Payments aim to foster integrated, safe, and efficient payment and settlement
                        systems in the region that enable businesses and individuals to make or receive cross
                        border electronic payments with greater covenience”

                                Efficient                            Consumer                                     Sound &
                                                                     Protection                                    Robust

                                                                                                               Payment service
                             Policy       Legal Framework      Instrument             Institution
                                                                                                               & infrastructure

                                      Retail Payment System                                         High Payment System

                  [Source: ASEAN Central Banks Working Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (WC-PSS)]

The roundtable discussion included a brief background, progress               beneficiaries accounts in their country of origin; and adoption of
of WC-PSS and the objectives/scope of work of each Task Force.                standards based on ISO20022.
This was followed by discussion on the work of WC-PSS and Task
Forces with the various stakeholders. Under the WC-PCC, there are             This invitation extended to ABA by one of the ASEAN One
5 Task Forces with the WC-PSS namely – Trade Settlement, Money                Central Bank Committee is first of its kind, where ABA has been
Remittance, Retail Payment System, Capital Market Settlement                  invited to be updated with the milestones and timelines of
and Standardisation. There were some pertinent issues raised, for             the working committee and providing the feedback where
example, achieving next-day turnaround time for fund receipt                  appropriate. ABA is looking forward to more future invitations
and minimising bank charges; the inclusion of AsianPay Network                from the Working Committee and will encourage ABA Members
(APN) on fund transfer to facilitate the transfer of funds for migrant        to participate actively in such working committee by sending their
workers between their account in their country of work and their              representatives to attend these events.
4    ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012

     Time really flies, we are almost halfway through 2012 and the ASEAN Banking Conference and Council Meeting, to be held from 7
     to 9 November 2012, is just 6 months away. This year’s event will be held at Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur,
     Malaysia. Just recently, ABA represented ASEAN Banking Community on an international level for the first time.

     I was privileged to have been invited to attend the Conference of International, Regional and Sub-Regional Industry Associations
     on the UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004), held in Wiesbaden, Germany, from 23 to 25 April 2012. The Conference was
     organized by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) in cooperation with the Government of Germany with
     funding from the Governments of Norway, the United States and the European Union. This is also the first industry conference
     on UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004).

     What is UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1540 and what is the relevance of UNSCR 1540 to ABA? UN Security Council
     Resolution 1540 is about the prevention and elimination of proliferation on the misused of nuclear, chemical and biological
     weapons as well as their means of delivery, constituting a threat to international peace and security. Its ultimate objective is to
     promote international stability. Consistent with the objectives of Security Council Resolutions 1540 (2004) and 1977 (2011), the
     Conference was aimed to enhance ways to work with industries on promoting progress in achieving the objectives of resolution
     1540 (2004) and to draw on relevant expertise from various industry associations and sectors.

     For a start, ABA can play a role by creating awareness among its members on this resolution to strengthen a coordinated global
     response to the serious challenge and threat to international peace and security posed by proliferation of weapons of mass
     destruction and their means of delivery. Once our members are made aware of this threat, this will hopefully lead to prevention
     of financing of proliferation-related activities, taking into considerations the guidance of the framework of the Financial Action
     Task Force (FATF).

     In our individual capacity as a global citizen as well as key management team member of our respective banks, we ought to
     increase our awareness of this very important UN resolution. We should all do our part in the protection of mankind, to cooperate
     with the 1540 committee members by assisting them, as appropriate, to facilitate their efforts in implementing the resolution.

     Mrs Teh-Kwok Chui Lian

    PROGRAMMES                             DATE                         VENUE                     HOST
    SME Lending                            24 - 25 May 2012,            Hi Chi Minh City          Vietnam Banks Association
                                           Thur - Fri
    Project Financing                      Jun 2012                     Hi Chi Minh City          Vietnam Banks Association
    COFIT Task Force Meeting               16 Jul 2012,                 Teleconference            Association of Banks in Singapore
                                           Mon 10.30am                  Meeting
    COFIT Workshop on Supply               26 Jul 2012,                 Singapore                 Association of Banks in Singapore
    Chain Financing                        Thur
    COFIT Workshop on Renminbi             27 Jul 2012,                 Singapore                 Association of Banks in Singapore
    Trade Settlement                       Fri
    Risk Management Course                 12 - 14 Sep 2012             Hilton Hotel              Risk Management Association (RMA)
    - Reinventing Retail Lending                                        Singapore                 and ASEAN Banker Association
    19th ASEAN                             7 Nov 2012,                  Kuala Lumpur,             The Association of Banks in Malaysia
    Banking Conference                     Wed                          Malaysia
    42nd ASEAN Banking                     8 - 9 Nov 2012,              Kuala Lumpur,             The Association of Banks in Malaysia
    Council Meeting                        Thur - Fri                   Malaysia
                                                                                             ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012         5


                                   On 30 March 2012, Mr Frankie
                                   Phua conducted a course on
                                   “Credit Risk Management in
                                   Corporate Banking” in Phnom
                                   Penh, Cambodia, on behalf
                                   of the Association of Banks
                                   in Cambodia and the ASEAN
                                   Bankers Association.

Mr Phua is the Executive Director and the Head of Credit & Country
Risk Management Division in United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB).
Mr Phua is appointed by Risk Management Institute (RMI), National    content and this has in turn prompted the participants to ask
University of Singapore (“NUS”) to teach the Specialist Diploma in   a lot of questions during the one-day training. The participants
Risk Management. Frankie has conducted credit risk trainings for     felt that with the volume of the course content, it would have
banks in Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam and Taiwan. He is         been better paced if the course duration could be stretched to
also a regular speaker in conferences on Basel II.                   a two-day training instead.

The course was well received with forty-four participants            The Association of Banks in Cambodia and ASEAN Bankers
comprising of Departmental Heads and their staff from the            Association would like to record our deepest appreciation to Mr
Credit, Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Departments            Frankie Phua for generously setting aside time and effort to share
of the various financial institutions in Cambodia. Mr Phua was       his knowledge and experience with the banking community in
“professional and enthusiastic” in his delivery of the course        Cambodia.

                                                                                             REGISTRATION FEE:
                                                                                             ABA MEMBER USD1,700.00
                                                                                             RMA MEMBER USD1,700.00
                                                                                             NON MEMBERS USD1,850.00
  RMA and ASEAN Bankers Association present:
  Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics: Robust techniques for                                EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT OF USD100
  Scoring, Forecasting, Stress Testing, and Economic Capital                                 IF REGISTER BY 27 JULY 2012

The Risk Management Association together with ASEAN Bankers Association will be presenting a course on “Reinventing Retail Lending
Analytics: Robust techniques for Scoring, Forecasting, Stress Testing, and Economic Capital”. The course will be conducted over two-
and-a-half-days from 12th Sep 2012 to 14th Sep 2012 at Hilton Hotel Singapore.
This course will be beneficial for modelers, analysts and credit professionals who are involved in managing large or rapidly growing
retail lending portfolios. Although the courses cover the development and use of sophisticated analytical techniques, they are
intended for portfolio managers, financial analysts, credit policy professionals and statistical analysts. Anyone with decision making
responsibility in this field will benefit.
The course instructor is Joseph L. Breeden Ph. D., Chief Executive Officer, Prescient Models. Dr. Breeden has almost 20 years of
experience in financial services. Prior to founding Prescient Models, he co-founded Strategic Analytics in 1999, where he led the
design of advanced analytic solutions including the invention of Dual-time Dynamics.
Interested participants can contact Mr Christopher Yip via email at or Ms Jamalia via email at
6      ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012


                                                                               MR. PUNG KHEAV SE
                                                                               President & CEO
    The Brunei Association of Banks                                            Canadia Bank
    Updated Office Bearers with effect from 1 Feb 2012
                                                                               At the Annual Election of the Association
    CHAIRMAN                                                of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) on 12th January 2012, Mr. Pung
    MR. JAVED AHMAD                                         Kheav Se was elected as the Chairman for the fiscal year
    Managing Director                                       2012. Mr Pang had also served as Chairman from 2007 to
    Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad                     2009 successively.

    VICE CHAIRMAN                                           Mr. Pung is currently the Chairman of Canadia Bank Plc.,
    MR. TERENCE CUDDYRE                                     one of the largest local banks in the country. His decades
    Managing Director/City Country Officer                  of professional experiences in the banking industry, has
    Citibank N.A.                                           made him a well-respected business leader in Cambodia.
                                                            He is actively involved in a wide range of economic
    SECRETARY AND TREASURER                                 activities both locally and internationally. His numerous
    MR. VINCENT HO                                          achievements, including his significant contributions to
    Chief Executive Officer                                 the development of Cambodia were recognized with a
    The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited   Mahasereyvattanac Award from King Norodom Sihanouk
                                                            in 2002.

    The Association of Banks
    in Cambodia                                             Lao Bankers’ Association
                                                            Updated Office Bearers with effect from Jan 2012
    Updated Office Bearers for the Year 2012

    CHAIRMAN                                                CHAIRMAN
    MR. PUNG KHEAV SE                                       MR. VANKHAM VORAVONG
    President & CEO                                         General Managing Director
    Canadia Bank                                            Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL)

    VICE CHAIRMAN                                           SECRETARY
    MR. IN CHANNY                                           MR. KHAMHOU THINGTHAVY
    President & CEO                                         Chief of Administration and Financial Division
    ACLEDA Bank                                             Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL)

    TREASURER                                                                 MR. VANKHAM VORAVONG
    MR. PHAN YING TONG                                                        General Managing Director
    Country Head                                                              Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur
    Cambodian Public Bank                                                     Lao (BCEL)

                                                                              On 20 December 2011, Mr Vankham
                                                            Voravong was appointed as the Chairman of the Lao
                                                            Bankers’ Association for the period from 2012 to 2015.
                                                                                ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012        7


Mr. Vanhkham Voravong commenced his career at Banque                           PRESIDENT
Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL) in 1985. Mr                              MR. ALBERTO S. VILLAROSA
Voravong has a wealth of banking experience, having                            President & CEO
worked in the various departments in BCEL before his                           Security Bank Corporation
appointment to Deputy Director in 2000.
                                                                              At the Annual General Membership
Mr Voravong is currently the Director General of BCEL       Meeting of the Bankers Association of the Philippines held
Public. Besides this, he is designated as the Chairman of   on March 26, 2012, Mr. Alberto S. Villarosa was elected as
Lao-Viet Insurance Company and other Committees.            President of the Bankers Association of the Philippines
                                                            (BAP) for the term 2012-2013.

                                                            Prior to his election, Mr Villarosa holds the position of the
                                                            First Vice President of the BAP and chairs the BAP Capital
                                                            Markets Development Committee. He also represented
Bankers Association                                         the Association, as an alternate to the BAP President, in
of Philippines                                              the Capital Markets Development Council chaired by the
Updated Office Bearers for Term 2012-2013                   Secretary of the Department of Finance.

                                                            In 2006, Mr. Villarosa was given the CEO Excel Award in
                                                            the Banking and Finance Category, by the International
                                                            Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
President & CEO
                                                            Philippines in recognition of his outstanding skills in
Security Bank Corporation
                                                            using communication tools in achieving business and
                                                            stakeholder objectives.
MR. ANTONIO C. MONCUPA, JR.                                 Mr Villarosa is the President and Chief Executive Officer of
President & CEO                                             Security Bank Corporation. He is also the Director of the
East West Banking Corporation                               Bank and holds several other positions within the Bank’s
                                                            group of companies.
President & CEO
East West Banking Corporation

(Representative to Permanent Committee
on Banking Education)
President & CEO

Representative to COFIT

Representative to Permanent Committee on IRR
8       ASEAN Bankers Association I May 2012

           EDITORIAL TEAM                                       ABOUT ASEAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION

      Mrs Teh-Kwok Chui Lian, Secretary General
                                                                T    he ASEAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION was founded in 1976. From the original five
                                                                     members, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, it became
                                                                six when Negara Brunei Darussalam joined as a member in 1984. In 1995, Vietnam was
         Ms Esther Chiong, Executive Officer
                                                                admitted into ASEAN as the seventh member and in May 1999, Cambodia was admitted
                                                                as the eighth member. In July 2001, Myanmar was admitted as the ninth member. In 2004,
             LIAISON OFFICES
                                                                Lao Bankers’ Association was admitted as the tenth member thus making the constituent
         The Brunei Association of Banks                        membership of the Association complete.
             Mr Javed Ahmad, Chairman
         Mr Terence Cuddyre, Vice Chairman                                                        TODAY THE MEMBERS ARE:
         Mr Vincent Ho, Secretary & Treasurer
                                                                                                   The Brunei Association of Banks
       The Association of Banks in Cambodia                                                     The Association of Banks in Cambodia
            Mr. Pung Kheav Se, Chairman                                                       Indonesian Banks Association (PERBANAS)
            Mr. In Channy, Vice-Chairman                                                              Lao Bankers’ Association
         Mr. Phan Ying Tong, Vice-Chairman                                                       The Association of Banks in Malaysia
                     PERBANAS                                                                        Myanmar Banks Association
           Mr Sigit Pramono, Chairman                                                           Bankers Association of the Philippines
         Mr Farid Rahman, Secretary General                                                     The Association of Banks in Singapore
              Lao Bankers’ Association                                                              The Thai Bankers’ Association
         Mr. Vanhkham Voravong, Chairman                                                             Vietnam Banks Association
         Mr. Khamhou Thingthavy, Chairman
    Mr.Bounyaveth PHASINOVANH, Liaison Officer                                         OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION ARE:

     The Association of Banks in Malaysia                       a)   to accelerate economic growth of the ASEAN countries through collaboration among its member banks;
     Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Chairman                       b)   to promote the development of the banking and financial systems and profession in ASEAN countries;
Ms Chuah Mei Lin, Executive Director & Liaison Officer          c)   to foster friendship and cooperation among bankers in the ASEAN countries;
                                                                d)   to activate collaboration of its institutions and to provide assistance to one another when necessary; and
           Myanmar Banks Association                            e)   to identify growth opportunities for ASEAN banks and to promote their common interest.
             Mr U Than Nyein, Chairman
       Mr U Khin Maung Aye, Secretary General                                                  THE ASSOCIATION COMPRISES
       Bankers Association of the Philippines                                                    TWO PRINCIPAL ORGANS
          Mr. Alberto S. Villarosa, President                      ASEAN BANKING CONFERENCE. The Conference meets biennially to draw out
        Mr Cesar O Virtusio, Executive Director                 ideas to attain the objectives of the Association and to present the desirable ones to the
       The Association of Banks in Singapore                    Council for more detailed deliberation and subsequent implementation.
             Mr Piyush Gupta, Chairman
           Mrs Ong-Ang Ai Boon, Director                           ASEAN BANKING COUNCIL (ABC). The Council, being the executive arm of the
                                                                Association, meets annually to formulate policies and coordinate activities of the Association
            The Thai Bankers’ Association                       which are carried out and implemented through the various Committees.
         Mr Chartsiri Sophonpanich, Chairman
      Dr. Twatchai Yongkittikul, Secretary General                                        THE THREE PERMANENT COMMITTEES
            Vietnam Banks Association                                         which discuss ideas and make recommendations to the Council are:
           Mr Nguyen Hoa Binh, Chairman
      Ms Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Secretary General                  a) Permanent Committee on Cooperation in Finance, Investment and Trade (COFIT) chaired by The
                                                                   Association of Banks in Singapore.
                                                                b) Permanent Committee on Banking Education chaired by the Bankers Association of the Philippines.
                                                                c) Permanent Committee on ASEAN Inter-Regional Relations chaired by The Association of Banks in
As part of our aim to promote regional exchange of                 Malaysia.
ideas and information, ASEAN Banker hopes to open
a dialogue on issues of importance to our readers.
We invite your comments on the stories presented
in these pages and welcome articles of relevance to
ASEAN Banking. All letters must be signed and include           Our readership includes top CEOs, senior bankers in more than 1,000 banks spanned across ten countries
an address with contact telephone or fax number.                in ASEAN. Government bodies, chambers of commerce and business entities interested in ASEAN banking
Letters may be addressed to Mrs Teh-Kwok Chui Lian,             are also included in the circulation.
Secretary General of ABA.
                                                                If your target is the banking industry, invest by advertising in the ‘ASEAN Banker’. On a cost recovery
For Advertisement bookings and correspondence,                  basis, our rates are modest.
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