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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Learning English will also open wider the doors to understanding the world of computers. There are very few
    jobs today that do not at least require some computer skills and there are many jobs that are totally dependent
                                                 on English Language.
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                                                      Learning English as an Adult
                                                                   By Amy Nutt

    All you have to do is pay attention to literature, the media, movies, pop culture and the internet to
notice that the English language is quickly becoming something of a universal language. Business
transactions across borders and over the internet are largely conducted in English. International
relations and policy are also commonly carried out in the English language. For these reasons and
many others, it is highly beneficial to have at least a somewhat operating knowledge of English. In fact,
English is widely taught as a second language in countries all over the world, including but not limited

- Asia
- Middle East
- Europe
- Latin America

Is it Too Late?

 Students all over the world may be studying English as a second language - whether it is a
requirement or not, but what about adults? It is common knowledge that it is much easier to learn a
language when one is very young and still developing early language skills. In fact, the very best time
to pick up any language is actually before five years of age. Does this mean that it is virtually
impossible for anyone over the age of 5 (or 10 for that matter) to learn a new language such as
English? The answer is very simple - no. It may be a bit more difficult and unnatural for an adult to
learn English, but it is definitely not too late. It may require more work, studying and practicing for an
adult to truly learn English, but it is by no means impossible.

Factors in Learning

 There are many different factors that will influence the level of ease or difficulty each individual will
experience when learning English as an adult. Some of these include age, disposition, behavioral
attitudes, native language, frequency of practice, etc. Generally speaking, the greater the amount of
time that is spent on studying and practicing English, the quicker and more thoroughly the language
will be learned. This is true of any foreign language that is studied – not only by adults, but also by
youth and children.

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                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

Adults Learning English in the U.S.

 There are a great number of immigrants, visitors and students in the United States who wish to learn
to speak, read and write English. Below are some things that are known about the adult English
language student population.

- Native Tongue

 The majority of individuals who speak a language other than English at home speak Spanish (60%).
The second most prevalent language is Chinese. The remaining eight of the top 10 languages spoken
are (in descending order) French, German, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean, and Polish (U.S.
Census Bureau, 2003).

- Level of Education

 Adult English learners have a wide variety of educational backgrounds, ranging from no education at
all to advanced degrees.

- Ability to Speak English

 The English speaking ability of adults learning English will typically range from low beginning, with
means the individual has limited opportunities to use English outside of class, to high advanced (near
native proficiency). Most English language learners enrolled in adult education programs for English
are in beginning literacy or beginning ESL classes.


 With so many adult students of the English language (in the United States and all over the world) it is
easy to see that learning English as an adult is definitely possible. It is very encouraging to see that no
matter what age or station in life one is in, it is never too late to learn even a complicated language
such as English.

Online English School offers courses to help you learn English at your own pace and provide you with
all the materials you will need to have you reading, writing and speaking English in no time.

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                                         What is the Ideal Age to Learn English?
                                                             By Amy Nutt

Learning English is something that you really have to do if you want to make it big in today’s world.
Between the type of English common in the United States and the type of English common in the
United Kingdom, most of the world’s population is represented in terms of people that know how to
speak English. All of the major business is transacted in that language and everyone that happens to
be rich, successful or otherwise powerful in the world today learned English at some point in their life.

 Now that it has been established that learning English is essential, it is time to think about the different
times in a person’s life that learning English can be ideal. While there is no one particular ideal age at
which to learn English, there are times when it can be better to do so and those times are discussed at
length below.

From Birth

 The absolutely most ideal age at which learning English can happen is at birth. When a baby speaks
their first words, if those words are in English, then English will be the first language that they learn.
This also makes it the easiest language for them to learn as many babies never end up learning
another language after they have learned their initial one. Some people just have a mental block when
it comes to learning languages, which is why English as their first language is absolutely the best way
to go.

During Primary Schooling

 If a child has not learned English as their first language, then the next best time to get them to learn it
would be during the time in their life when they are thinking about doing primary schooling. Primary
schooling is extremely important and allows children to expand their knowledge and grow on multiple
fronts during the second group of formative years in their life (the first being their pre-school years).
Because of the rapid rate at which children tend to learn at this age, English language training is
definitely a good idea.

During Secondary Schooling

 If a child has gone through the initial and primary school years of their life without learning English,
then you will want to make sure that you start them on an English language learning course right away.
While secondary school students are still learning a lot, the information that high school gives them is
largely specialized information. This is quite different from the formative study they undertake in
primary school which in turn means that teaching them something as basic as a new way of speaking
is a lot harder to do.

During Post-Secondary Schooling

 While a large argument is currently raging across academic circles at which time is better to learn
English between secondary and post-secondary schooling, most people tend to believe that
post-secondary schooling provides an environment that makes learning a new language a lot easier to
do. People are exposed to new ideas and concepts that might completely change the way they look at

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

and think about life in post-secondary school and that makes taking on big new challenges like learning
English easier to do than it would be in secondary school.

As an Adult

 It is possible for an out of school adult to learn English, but it is at the same time a lot harder to do.
The thing that makes it easier for adults to learn English sometimes is the fact that adults that are out
of school tend to have a far more disciplined approach to things like this and for that reason have the
ability to grasp information pertinent to their life at a relatively quick pace.

Speaking more that one language is very common these days. Learn English as a second language at
your own pace in your own environment with online English school courses.

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