Bruce Edge - Selected as Super Lawyer for Work as a DUI Defense Attorney

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Bruce Edge – Selected as Super Lawyer for Work as a DUI Defense Attorney
This article talks about Bruce Edge, a Board Certified DUI Defense Attorney. He practices in Tulsa and is only 1 of 2 certified DUI
attorneys in the state of Oklahoma. Attorney Bruce Edge often teaches other attorneys about DUI law and the defense techniques used
in court. He has been named Super Lawyer for his work as a DUI Defense Attorney.

                           Lawyers all over the US send their                  •       Trained as a Drug Recognition Expert
                           most arduous cases to Attorney Edge
                           to confer with them. His comments on             All this training and Attorney Edge is one of seven attorneys
                           driving under the influence are often            in the U.S. who owns the newest equipment used by Police
                           printed in the Tulsa World and reported          Officers in field testing. He is also the author of 2 books on
                           on local television stations. He is              drinking under the influence.
                           accomplished with DUI Law and there
                           are only 33 lawyers in the United States            •       ‘’Oklahoma DUI Survival Guide, A Citizen’s Protection
                           who are Board Certified DUI Defense                         Manual’’
                           Attorneys.                                          •       ‘’Oklahoma DUI Defense: The Law and Practice’’

What is the secret to Bruce Edge’s success as a DUI Super                   Attorney Bruce Edge graduated with his MBA Degree in
Lawyer? Attorney Edge says the national training received in                1971 from Stephen F. Austin University. He Earned his JD in
DUI defense is the very effective when defending clients. A lot             Law from the University of Tulsa School of Law in 2000. He
of emphasis is placed on his certification in standardized field            is the Director of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers
sobriety test (SFST’s). He is a certified instructor for the SFST           Association and a sustaining member of the National College
field tests. In conclusion the DUI Defense Attorney teaches                 for DUI Defense where he also teaches. His Tulsa firm address
the police officers how to administer the DUI test. Bruce Edge              is:
says he really ‘knows more’ than the cops about sensitivities
and limitations of the field tests and this makes Edge’s cross-             President @ Edge Law Firm, pc
examination more effective.                                                 717 S. Houston, Suite 500
                                                                            Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
Attorney Bruce Edge is respected by his peers and he only
takes cases for those who want to be fervently defended. He                 Bruce Edge has a philosophy in his work as a DUI Defender.
begins with free initial consultation with enough time to hear              He believes that no DUI charge should be treated lightly
the facts and give clients his opinion of the charges, concerns             and if it is, then the client will suffer for years to come. He
and costs that can be encountered by going to trial. The                    understands the circumstances, the anxiety, apprehension and
advance training for Bruce Edge includes:                                   even the fear his clients experience and his firm is committed
                                                                            to helping clients. He will explain all the options and he
   •      Trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s)             believes no two cases are the same and each client’s needs
   •      Trained as an Instructor of SFST’s                                are also different. Because of his experience in DUI cases, he
   •      Trained by the Department of Transportation to teach              understands his job is to meet the needs of his client.
          and use the Intoxilyzer 5000

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Description: Attorney Bruce Edge often teaches other attorneys about DUI law and the defense techniques used in court.
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