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									Concerning the Strengths regarding Android os Touch
screen tablets and also Basic safety

There was plenty of skeptics regarding the near future associated with tablet pc
previous to they will had been launched. Today however, there is no longer any
doubt as to the usefulness and the popularity of those devices and how it has
created a new niche in the market. People are still using desktops and laptops,
but there are some functions where tablets can beat those two hands down.

Browsing is a lot more fun when you are using a tablet for it. Watching videos
is also a lot better with a tablet. That's why a lot of people prefer to have their
tablets around.

The Android Advantage

Though Android tablets were not the first ones in the market, they are moving
in to claim a significant share of it. What is the advantage of android tablet over
that of the iPad?
The main advantage of course is the fact is that there is not just a single model
or manufacturer of Android tablets. There are so many device makers that are
using this OS and so consumers are presented with so many choices.

Consumers can pick from tablets with small screens to ones that can double as
laptops by being attached to a keyboard base. The options are expanding with
each month. Compare that with the main competition which can only offer
upgrades of the same device.

Android Tablet and Security- One of the major concerns when it comes to using
the Internet is security. It does not matter what sort of device is used but the
important thing is that security should be prioritized at all times. This is true
when it comes to Android tablets as well.

The first thing to understand about Android tablets and security is the thing
called permissions. When you download an app you are initially given
permissions that basically says that you allow the app to make changes on your
device. Keep in mind that the only way that permission can be revoked is to
remove the app by uninstalling it.

Antivirus Apps- There are antivirus apps now for best android tablet devices
that can be downloaded and installed on your devices. The problem is that their
effectiveness is still an open question. Can they really work in helping to
prevent malicious software from getting into your device?

The consensus is that these apps do work for keeping your device safe. So it is a
good idea to have them downloaded and installed on your tablet to help in
keeping it protected from viruses.

Treating it Like a Laptop- The best practice is to treat your tablet like a laptop.
Take the same precautions that you use when using your laptop computer when
using a tablet.

A tablet usually connects to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection and so
there are certain risks that you must be aware of when using that way of
connecting to the Internet.

These are just some of the things that you can keep in mind when it comes to
keeping your Android tablet safe and secure.

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