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Class Notes
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St. Mary’s Alumni Honored                                                            IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                    Faculty News . . . . . . . . . . . 2

O     n the vigil of Pentecost came the wonderful news that
      another of our alumni had been raised to the rank of
bishop. This time it was Father F. Richard Spencer,                                 Seminarian Community
SMS’87 (Baltimore), an Army chaplain with the rank of                               Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
lieutenant colonel, who has been a deputy command chap-
lain for the U.S. Forces in Europe. He has been appointed                           McGivney Dedication . . . . . 6
Auxiliary Bishop of the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military
Services. A native of Alabama, he had served as an officer
in the Army as well as a Franciscan brother before he came                          2010 Graduates . . . . . . . . . . 8
to the seminary. Then following studies at St. Mary’s he was
ordained at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore                            Alumni News . . . . . . . . . . 9
in 1988. After three years at Sacred Heart parish in Glyndon, at O’Dwyer Retreat
House in Sparks, and at St. Peter’s parish in Oakland, MD, he went back into the
Army as a chaplain. He has served at the Pentagon, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Seoul,         St. Charles College &
the Sinai Peninsula, and currently in Germany. He has known service under                St. Mary’s Seminary
Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien, the former Archbishop for the Military and present          College . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Archbishop of Baltimore, as well as Archbishop Timothy Broglio, the present
Military Archbishop, whose Auxiliary he will be. We rejoice also with Fr. Robert
Spencer, his brother, a priest of Charleston and now a Navy chaplain.                    St. Mary’s Seminary . . 13

                                                                                    Heritage Society . . . . . . . . 17

                      O    ne of our first Zambian alumni has been named a bish-
                           op in his native Zambia. He is Fr. Charles Kasonde of
                      the Diocese of Ndola who was ordained in 1968 after studies
                                                                                    In Memorium . . . . . . . . . 18
                      in Mpima and Lusaka. He was pastor of St. Joseph’s parish
                      in Ndola, diocesan pastoral director, and then Director of    Continuing Education
                      the National Pastoral Office and Vice Secretary General of
                                                                                    Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
                      the Episcopal Conference of Zambia. From 2006 to 2008 he
                      studied at St. Mary’s and earned a Licentiate in Sacred
                      Theology with a specialization in Systematic Theology. On
                      March 23, 2010, he was named by Pope Benedict XVI as                  FALL 2010
                      Bishop of Solwezi in Zambia. He was consecrated and
                      installed on May 29.

                               Ad multos annos
                          Rev. Thomas R. Hurst, S.S.
                        St. Mary’s Seminary Community
2 Class Notes                                                                                                                  Fall 2010

Faculty News

St. Mary’s Seminary & University Faculty – Graduation 2010

In February Dr. Michael J. Gorman led his        Fr. Timothy Kulbicki, OFM Conv., gave          Dr. Stephen Miles attended the confer-
bi-annual tour to the cities of Paul and         two presentations to permanent deacon          ence “Catholic Theological Ethics in the
John in Turkey and Greece. (Those inter-         candidates of the Archdiocese of               World Church” in Trento, Italy, from July
ested for February 2012 should contact him       Baltimore, and two to catechists at the        24-27, 2010. He also gave a talk entitled
at In April he             Archdiocese of Baltimore Central               “Blessed are the Peacemakers: Reflections
attended a conference called “Jesus, Paul,       Maryland Formation Day. He preached a          on Catholic Social Engagement” at St.
and the People of God: A Theological             day of recollection for priests of the         Margaret’s Parish in Bel Air, MD, on
Conversation with N.T. Wright.” In the           Archdiocese of Baltimore, and a retreat for    March 26.
spring term he gave presentations on St.         priests of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He had
Paul at St. James Episcopal Church in            a paper presented at the International
                                                                                                Dr. Paul Seaton wrote an essay entitled
Monkton, Maryland and at Old St. Paul’s          Fraternal Assembly of his religious commu-
                                                                                                “European Dreamin’: Four Variations on a
Episcopal Church in Baltimore. He was            nity in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and pre-
                                                                                                Theme”, which will appear in a volume
also the keynote speaker at the Pentecost        sented (in Italian) at an international
                                                                                                devoted to the theme of cosmopolitanism
Sunday Whole Community Catechetical              meeting of the Religious Sisters Filippini.
                                                                                                published by the University of Kentucky
Event at Holy Family Catholic                    Several presentations regarding the history
                                                                                                Press. He also wrote a review essay of
Community in Middletown, MD, where               of his religious province appear at
                                                                                                Francis Cardinal George, The Difference
his topic was “World Upside Down: St.  
                                                                                                God Makes, which will appear in the
Paul’s Spirituality for Today as Seen in
                                                                                                Summer issue of Perspectives on Political
 Fall 2010                                                                                                                 3 Class Notes

Science. He coauthored, with Madeline             ulty of St. Mary’s Seminary this past year,   the Grand Séminaire in Montreal for two
Cronin, a review of Magnanimity and               has been appointed pastor of Holy Family      years. More studies in Rome were followed
Statesmanship, ed. by Carson Holloway,            parish, Middletown, MD. He has also           by teaching in the Major Seminary of Cali,
which will appear in the Summer issue of          served as Cardinal Keeler’s secretary and     Columbia. After a year he became Rector
Perspectives on Political Science. Dr.            master of ceremonies as well as chancellor    of the Major Seminary of Manizales for five
Seaton wrote a translation, which he coau-        of the archdiocese.                           years and then Rector of the Grand
thored with Daniel J. Mahoney, of Philippe                                                      Séminaire in Montreal and later of St.
Beneton, “Mauriac and Maritain: Two                                                             Joseph’s Seminary in Edmonton. From
Beggars of Heaven,” that will appear in
                                                            SULPICIAN NEWS                      1996 to 2007 he taught at the Lateran
The Modern Age. Finally he wrote a                It was a month of great pride and satisfac-   Pontifical University in Rome. In 2001
translation, which was also coauthored            tion to his fellow Canadian Sulpicians and    Pope John Paul II ordained him a bishop
with Daniel J. Mahoney, of Pierre Manent,         former students when, on June 30, 2010,       and made him Secretary to the Pontifical
“The Greatest and Misery of Liberalism,”          Cardinal Marc Ouellet, P.S.S.,                Counsel for the Promotion of Christian
which will appear in the Intercollegiate          Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of           Unity under Cardinal Kasper. Over the
Review.                                           Canada, was named Prefect of the              years he has been consultor to several
                                                  Congregation for Bishops. A priest            other congregations. In 2002 he was
Fr. Lawrence B. Terrien, S.S. preached a
                                                  ordained for the Diocese of Amos in west-     appointed Metropolitan Archbishop of
retreat for a group of priests of the
                                                  ern Quebec, he served in parish work for      Quebec, with advancement to the rank of
Baltimore Archdiocese June 7-11 at
                                                  two years before being asked to teach phi-    Cardinal nine months later. Now he goes
Priestfield retreat center in West Virginia.
                                                  losophy in the Major Seminary in Bogota,      back to Rome to be the first North
                                                  Columbia, then under Sulpician direction.     American to head the Congregation for
        ADJUNCT FACULTY                           His year there prompted him to join the       Bishops. We rejoice in his many accom-
Msgr. Robert J. Jaskot, who is director of        company of St. Sulpice. After studies in      plishments and pray for the Lord’s blessings
the Office of Worship for the Archdiocese         Rome he served at the Major Seminary of       on his new responsibilities.
of Baltimore and who has been on the fac-         Manizales, Columbia, before teaching at

                     Please mark your calendars for

            Alumni Days 2010
                               October 20-21
       Early registration brochures were sent in July and include
                    all the details of this year’s events.

                     We look forward to seeing you in the Fall.
                   Call for information or to register: 410-864-4264,
4 Class Notes                                                                                                                               Fall 2010

Seminarian Community

Most Rev. John M. Smith, Bishop of Trenton, installs seminarians as Lectors and Acolytes in the chapel at St. Mary's on
February 4, 2010.

                         Seminarians gather for a group photo after the last basketball night for the year at Roland Park Country School.
 Fall 2010                                                                                                           5 Class Notes

                                                                          Fr. Timothy Kulbicki, OFM. Conv., lays hands on Deacon
                                                                          Michael Wimsatt at his ordination to the priesthood on May
                                                                          29th, 2010 at the Cathedral in Louisville, KY.

Seminarians Jason Feigh (Erie), Kevin Mohan (Camden) and Brian
Lewis (Wilmington) stand on a snow bank in the parking lot of St.
Mary's after the second of two large blizzards that paralyzed Baltimore
in February of 2010.

Seminarian Jeffrey Paveglio (Manchester) and Fr. Michael Barré, S.S.
read music lyrics from their iPhones at a Karaoke style St. Patrick's
Day party.
 6 Class Notes                                                                                                                           Fall 2010


                                                                                                               Most Rev. Denis J. Madden,
                                                                                                               Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of
                                                                                                               Baltimore was the Presider for the

(left to right) Rev. Donald Grzymski, OFM Conv. State Chaplain and Rev. Gabriel B. O’Donnell, vice postula-
tor of Father McGivney’s cause for canonization, join members of the Knights of Columbus at the celebration.

        n December 22nd, 1877, Father Michael
        McGivney was ordained to the priesthood
        at the Cathedral of the Assumption here in
Baltimore. One hundred and thirty-two years later
another group of seminarians…gather again to
honor a humble Irish priest and the brotherhood of
Catholic gentlemen he inspired.

With our rector’s blessing and encouragement, we
decided to commission, and fund a life-sized bronze
bust of Father Michael McGivney, brother Knight
and graduate of our seminary. Our intention in
undertaking this project has always been simple, to
honor the Knights of Columbus for their unwaver-
ing support and defense of the Church, her priests
and seminarians during this Year for Priests.
Comments from         Seminarian     Andrew      Nelson
(Manchester)                                                  State Deputy Richard Siejack, Bishop Madden and Rev. Thomas R. Hurst, S.S. welcome
Chair of the Seminarian Committee                             the Knights.
Fall 2010                                                                                                                          7 Class Notes

                                       (left to right) Student Body President Rev. Mr. Christopher Ballard (Syracuse), Mr. Siejack, Fr. Hurst, Bishop
                                       Madden, Fr. O'Donnell, Seminarian Andrew Nelson (Manchester).

    The Knights process into the Main Chapel.

                May the strength of God pilot you,
                May the wisdom of God instruct you,
                May the hand of God protect you,
                May the word of God direct you.
                And may he be always yours, this day and for evermore.
                                                                                                         An Irish Blessing
8 Class Notes                                                                                           Fall 2010

 Graduation Day, May 13, 2010

Class of 2010
Assignments and Addresses
Brother James Mark Adame        Rev. Amadito Flores       Rev. Phillip Johnson        Rev. Matthew Strickenberger
(Order of the Most Holy         (Paterson)                (Camden)                    (Erie)
Trinity)                        St. Anthony of Padua      St. Bridget’s Church        St. Jude the Apostle
Oblate School of Theology       138 Beech St.             125 Church St.              2401 West Sixth St.
401 Squires Row                 Paterson, NJ 07501-3498   Glassboro, NJ 08028         Erie, PA 16505
San Antonio, TX 78213
                                Rev. Jonathan Goertz      Rev. Ross Miceli            Rev. Matthew Wetsel
Rev. Christopher Ballard        (Richmond)                (Erie)                      (Albany)
(Syracuse)                      St. Paul                  St. Leo Magnus              St. Peter’s
St. James                       518 High St.              111 Depot St.               241 Broadway
147 Main St.                    Portsmouth, VA 23704      Ridgeway, PA 15853          Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Johnson City, NY
13790-2429                      Rev. Michael Hall         Rev. Gregory A. Rapisarda   Rev. Michael Wimsatt
                                (Trenton)                 (Baltimore)                 (Louisville)
Rev. Lowe Dongor                St. Barnabas              St. Louis                   St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral
(Worcester)                     33 Woodland Road          12500 Clarksville Pike      31 West Stephen Foster Ave.
St. Joseph                      PO Box 1                  Clarksville, MD 21029       PO Box 548
35 Columbus St.                 Bayville, NH 08721                                    Bardstown, KY 40004-0548
Fitchburg, MA 01420
 Fall 2010                                                                                                                  9 Class Notes

Alumni News

Brothers Larry (SCC’51 and SMS’57) and Frank (SCC’50 and SMS’56) Feeley enjoy Alumni Day 2009 festivities with Msgr. Art Valenzano (SCC’69
and SMS’75)

                                                        ST. CHARLES COLLEGE                     Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bridgeport,

  I  n former times the Voice of St.
     Mary’s served as the communi-
  cation avenue for all Sulpician
                                                             ST. MARY’S
                                                          SEMINARY COLLEGE
                                                                                                and at St. Mary of the Eternal parish in
                                                                                                Philadelphia, where he later also served
                                                                                                as pastor. He was pastor too of St.
  alumni. In similar fashion, now                                                               Donato parish in Philadelphia and Holy
  that St. Thomas Seminary in                                      1930s                        Saviour parish in Norristown. He lives
  Louisville has long ago ended its                                                             now in retirement at Villa St. Joseph in
                                                O This May, Fr. William E. Jennings,            Darby.
  eighteen years of service, we
                                                SCC’33 and SMS’40 (Wilmington),
  would like to pay tribute to Most                                                             O Fr. C. Harry Dukehart, S.S., SCC’37
                                                observed the 70th anniversary of this
  Rev. William F. Medley                                                                        and SMS’43 (Baltimore), has lost his sis-
                                                ordination. A retired priest of the dio-
  (Louisville) who was ordained                                                                 ter, Mrs. Mary Dukehart Musser. She
                                                cese who lives at the Jeanne Jugan
  the fourth Bishop of Owensboro                                                                died December 3, 2009. She was also the
                                                Residence of the Little Sisters of the Poor
  on February 10, 2010. He is the                                                               sister of the late Fr. J. Cyril Dukehart,
                                                near Newark, DE, he is the oldest priest
  first alumnus of St. Thomas’                                                                  S.S., SCC’26 and SMS’32.
                                                for the Diocese of Wilmington.
  Minor Seminary to be made a
                                                O We send our best wishes to Msgr. J.
  bishop. We join Fr. Vincent de                                                                                   1940s
                                                John Busco, SCC’34 (Philadelphia), who
  Paul McMurry, S.S., SCC’44 and
                                                this year celebrates the 70th anniversary       O Unhappily, we allowed the 60th priest-
  SMS’49 (Nashville) who served
                                                of his ordination by Cardinal Dougherty.        ly anniversary of Fr. J. Lawrence
  on that faculty for its entire                An honorary prelate to His Holiness             Schanberger, M. M., SCC’42 and
  eighteen years, in rejoicing in the           since 1973, he served as an assistant at        SMS’47, to skip by. After six years at the
  honor paid to his former student.             Our Lady of Pompeii in Philadelphia, at         College and a year at Paca Street, he
10 Class Notes                                                                                                                    Fall 2010

joined Maryknoll in 1943. After novi-              Mary’s students who made major contri-         assistant director of Catholic Charities.
tiate and major seminary studies he was            butions to the mission of Maryknoll.           In between, in 1968, 1973, and 1979 he
ordained June 11, 1949. He was first sent          O Msgr. Eugene J. Kernan, SCC’44 and           was released for two tours of duty with
to Chile, where he spent seven years at            SMS’49 (Camden), returned in April to          Catholic Relief Services in South
the Maryknoll Agricultural School in               Incarnation parish in Matua, NJ, where         Vietnam, then in Cambodia, and finally
Molina. Then he worked at the parish of            he served as pastor from 1961 to 1978.         in Thailand and Lebanon. Each time he
Assumption Mary in Talcahuano for eight            The occasion was the dedication of the         returned to Catholic Charities until his
years. Finally for six years he was the            Kernan Center, the church’s new parish         retirement in 1993. He was also pastor of
regional superior of the Maryknoll region          center built to accommodate the needs of       Our Lady of the Rosary in Clinton for
of Venezuela and Colombia. From 1974               the ever-growing parish.                       three years. In recent years he has long
to 1979 he served as rector of the                                                                been living at Southgate of Shrewsbury,
                                                   O It is a joy to celebrate the 60th
Maryknoll Seminary in Maryknoll, NY.                                                              MA. We send him our prayerful congrat-
                                                   anniversary of Fr. Philip D. McNamara,
In 1979 he went to Calcutta in India                                                              ulations.
                                                   SCC’44 (Worcester). Because his major
where he worked with Mother Teresa and                                                            O James H. Schrum, Jr., SCC’45 and
                                                   seminary courses were in Montreal, he
her Missionaries of Charity. For the next                                                         SMS’50, lost his wife, Mary Irene, to can-
                                                   was not accelerated, but he was ordained
fourteen years he worked at Holy Spirit                                                           cer on February 18, 2009. We send our
                                                   by Bishop Wright on May 18, 1950. He
parish in Tuital, Bangladesh. Now he is                                                           prayerful regrets and also note his most
                                                   was an assistant in three different parishes
back in South America at a huge parish                                                            recent address: 5420 Connecticut Ave.,
                                                   before he became a U.S. Air Force chap-
outside of Santiago, Chile. Even belated-                                                         NW, Apt. 306, Washington, DC 20015.
                                                   lain in 1954 for three years. On his
ly we send him our congratulations and
                                                   return he was assigned to St. Pius X           O We send our best wishes to Emeritus
prayers. He continues to represent a
                                                   parish in Leicester. Four years later he       Bishop F. Joseph Gossman, SCC’50 and
whole generation of St. Charles’/St.
                                                   began the first of four different periods as   SMS’56 (Raleigh), for his 80th birthday
                                                                                                  this past April 8. We remember him for
                                                                                                  his service to his native Archdiocese of
                                                                                                  Baltimore, for his work as a professor of
                                                                                                  canon law at St. Mary’s, for his ministry
Rev. Mr. Christopher Ballard (Syracuse) receives his diploma from Most Rev. Edwin F. O’Brien,     as Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore, and
Archbishop of Baltimore and Fr. Thomas R. Hurst, S.S., President Rector.                          then his more than thirty years as Bishop
                                                                                                  of Raleigh.

                                                                                                  O After assisting at St. Philip Neri parish
                                                                                                  in Linthicum, Fr. John J. Lippold,
                                                                                                  SCC’51 and SMS’57 (Baltimore), has
                                                                                                  retired to 2525 Pot Spring Road,
                                                                                                  Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093.
                                                                                                  O Msgr. Eugene J. Fitzsimmons, SCC’52
                                                                                                  (Camden), who retired last year from a
                                                                                                  number of parish assignments as well as
                                                                                                  service on the Diocesan Tribunal, this
                                                                                                  year marks his fiftieth year as a priest.
                                                                                                  O Msgr. Joseph C. Ansaldi, SCC’55
                                                                                                  (New York), has retired after serving for
                                                                                                  27 years as principal of St. Joseph-by-the-
                                                                                                  Sea High School, Staten Island, NY. He
                                                                                                  will remain at the school as a teacher of
                                                                                                  German and counselor to the senior class.
                                                                                                  An endowment fund has been established
                                                                                                  at St. Joseph’s in tribute to all Monsignor
                                                                                                  accomplished in his 27 years at the high
Fall 2010                                                                                                            11 Class Notes

The Seminarian Schola, Alumni Day 2009

O Fr. William A. Collins, SCC’55 and         Resurrection parish in Ellicott City last      Baltimore, where he has been a part of the
SMS’61 (Baltimore), retired last year        year, has a new retirement address: 1815       staff for many years, will be closing this
from nearly forty years of service on the    Vincenza Drive, Unit A, Eldersburg, MD         June.
Metropolitan Tribunal of the archdiocese.    21784-5969.                                    O Msgr. Andrew E. Martin, SCC’62 and
Already in residence at Holy Family          O After nearly 15 years as pastor of St.       SMS’68 (Camden), who has been president
parish in Randallstown, he received word     Rose of Lima parish in Brooklyn, Fr.           of Camden Catholic High School in
in January of his appointment as a Prelate   Joseph M. O’Meara, SCC’61 and SMS’67           Cherry Hill, NJ, will retire this summer
of Honor with the title of Monsignor.        (Baltimore), is retiring. He will now be in    after 25 years in the position. He was a
We rejoice that his years of service have    residence at St. John’s parish in              pioneer in the separation of principal and
been rewarded.                               Westminster.                                   president. Now he will be President
O William L. Sullivan, Jr., SCC’58, who      O Msgr. Michael J. Corona, SCC’62 and          Emeritus.
used to live in West Point, VA, has          SMS’68 (Metuchen), who has been pastor         O Ronald E. Peeples, SCC’63 and
moved out west. His current address is       of SS. Philip & James parish in                SMS’69, has lived in Newtown, PA, but he
4570 Champions View #130, Colorado           Phillipsburg, NJ, has now been transferred     has a new address there: 128 Pheasant
Springs, CO 80923-9539.                      to St. Ann’s parish in Raritan, NJ.            Lane, Newtown, PA 18940.
                                             O On February 4, 2010, Donald J.               O Msgr. Lloyd E. Aiken, SCC’64 and
                  1960s                      DelCiello, SCC’62 and SMS’68, and his          SMS’70 (Baltimore), has long been pastor
                                             wife Genevieve “Jean” DelCiello celebrated     of Sacred Heart parish in Glyndon, MD.
O Joseph G. Ramisch, SCC’60 and
                                             their 43rd wedding anniversary. Unhappily,     Now he has taken on the additional task of
SMS’66 has a new address in Canada: 1664
                                             less than three weeks later, Jean died unex-   pastoring the parish of St. Charles
Curly Lane, Greely, ON K48 0B9, CANA-
                                             pectedly and her funeral took place at St.     Borromeo in Pikesville.
                                             Joseph’s Church in Fullerton. Since then       O We extend our special congratulations to
O Msgr. James O. McGovern, SCC’61            Don has also had the sorrow of knowing         Fr. Thomas R. Ulshafer, S.S., SCC’64 and
(Baltimore), who retired as pastor of        that Cardinal Gibbons High School in
12 Class Notes                                                                                                                         Fall 2010

SMS’70 (Washington), and his classmates          new Monsignors in the archdiocese. He              Saltarelli and the present Bishop W. Francis
on their fortieth anniversary of ordination.     and others have been named as Chaplains            Malooly, SCC’64 and SMS’70, Msgr.
He taught for many years as professor of         to His Holiness.                                   Brubaker has been recognized for his labors
moral theology at St. Mary’s, served on the      O Lawrence H. McAvoy, SCC’67 and                   in parishes, including his present pastorate
provincial staff, and now is currently the       SMS’73, who left the seminary after Paca           of St. John’s in Milford, his services with
Sulpician provincial superior.                   St., reports his new address: 2120 Cedar           the Catholic Relief Services for three years,
O Fr. Mark R. Cavagnaro, SCC’65 and              Circle Drive, Catonsville, MD 21228-3747.          and his work as the judicial vicar for the
SMS’71 (Camden), has been appointed                                                                 diocesan Tribunal. We send him our
                                                 O Another of those named Monsignors in
pastor of St. Jude’s parish in Blackwood, NJ.                                                       heartiest congratulations.
                                                 Baltimore was Fr. Richard J. Murphy,
He was already pastor of St. Agnes’ in           SCC’67 and SMS’73 (Baltimore). After               O The longtime pastor of St. Matthew’s in
Blackwood and will be in charge of the           work at Holy Family in Middletown, MD,             Baltimore, Fr. Joseph L. Muth, Jr.,
merging of the two Blackwood parishes.           and after succeeding the late Fr. Wayne            SCC’68, SMSC’70 and SMS’74
O After a long time as pastor of St. William     Funk at St. John’s in Frederick, he comes          (Baltimore), has been made also pastor of
of York parish in Baltimore, Fr. Martin H.       home to Frederick as Monsignor Murphy, a           Blessed Sacrament parish in Baltimore.
Demek, SMSC’71 (Baltimore), becomes              Chaplain to His Holiness.                          O The Director of the Office of Clergy
pastor of Corpus Christi parish in               O In late February we heard the joyful news        Personnel has been Fr. Jay O’Connor,
Baltimore.                                       that Fr. George J. Brubaker, SCC’67 and            SCC’68, SMSC’70, and SMS’75
O Active in the African-American com-            SMS’80 (Wilmington), was one of three              (Baltimore). But now it is Msgr. Jay F.
munity and as pastor of St. Bernardine’s in      alumni to be made Chaplains of His                 O’Connor, one of the new Chaplains to His
Baltimore, Fr. Edward M. Miller, SCC’65          Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. With the              Holiness in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
and SMS’71 (Baltimore), was one of the           recommendations of the late Bishop

Most Rev. Robert Cunningham, Bishop of Syracuse and Rev. Michael Galuppi (SMS‘07) congratulate Rev. Mr. James Schultz (Syracuse) after his ordina-
tion to the diaconate, April 24, 2010.
Fall 2010                                                                                                                  13 Class Notes

                   1970s                         rejoice in this honor and thank him for his     Since 1981 he has been retired and living
                                                 loyalty to his alma mater.                      at St. Mary’s Home in Asbury Ridge, PA.
O Fr. Leo A. LeBlanc, SMSC’70 and                                                                We rejoice that he is still able to cele-
                                                 O Fr. John F. Lesnick, SMSC’74 and
SMS’74 (Manchester), pastor of Holy                                                              brate Mass there.
                                                 SMS’78 (Baltimore), has been transferred
Trinity parish in Plymouth, NJ, has been
                                                 from administrator of St. Patrick’s parish in   O Fr. Raymond A. Beaulieu, SMS’43
named by the Vatican to be the World
                                                 Cumberland to be chaplain at Frederick          (Providence), a retired priest of the dio-
Ecclesiastical Assistant for the International
                                                 Memorial Hospital with residence at St.         cese, is now living at 350 Bush Rd., Apt.
Catholic Conference of Scouting; this link
                                                 John the Evangelist parish in Frederick. He     209, Jupiter, FL 33458. He used to assist
between the Church and the World
                                                 is also the assigned priest at St. Anthony’s    at St. Mark’s parish in Jamestown, RI.
Organization of Scouting is an indication of
                                                 Shrine in Emmitsburg and Our Lady of            O Fr. Fernando P. Freitas, SMS’48
his longtime dedication to youth ministry.
                                                 Mount Carmel parish in Thurmont.                (Providence), now suffering from
He will continue as pastor in Plymouth.
                                                 O Mark F. Ostrowski, SMSC’74, writes            Parkinson’s Disease, has moved from his
O Fr. Pasquale J. Apuzzo, SMSC’71 and
                                                 from Cockeysville, MD, to let us know that      retirement address in Riverside, RI, to St.
SMS’75 (Richmond), who was already pas-
                                                 his mother Mary died on October 25, 2009.       Antoine’s Residence, 10 Rhodes Avenue,
tor of St. Gabriel’s parish in Chesterfield,
                                                 We send him our promise of prayers.             North Smithfield, RI 02896.
VA, has now been made pastor also of
Good Samaritan parish in Amelia.                 O Rev. Charles Christopher Starr,
                                                 SMSC’75 and SMS’79, has now become a                              1950s
O Fr. Gary G. Davis, SMSC’71 and
                                                 member of the staff of the Episcopal
SMS’75 (Louisville), until recently pastor of                                                    O This year is the 60th anniversary of
                                                 Church of the Atonement in Sandy
St. Peter the Apostle parish in Louisville, is                                                   ordination of Msgr. Charles W.
                                                 Springs, GA.
the new pastor of St. Athanasius parish in                                                       McNamee, P.A., SMS’50 (Rockford).
Louisville.                                      O After years of service as pastor of St.
                                                                                                 We congratulate him for his long years of
                                                 Michael’s in Frostburg and its five satellite
O Msgr. Arthur F. Valenzano, SCC’69,                                                             service as Chancellor of the Diocese of
                                                 parishes, Fr. James W. Hannon, SCC’75
SMSC’71, and SMS’75 (Baltimore), long-                                                           Rockford and for his lifetime interest and
                                                 (Baltimore) has been named a Chaplain to
time pastor of St. John’s parish in                                                              concern for the Boy Scouts.
                                                 His Holiness with the title of Monsignor.
Westminster, MD, is the new rector of the                                                        O In April, Fr. William D. O’Brien,
                                                 We rejoice with the parishes of St.
Basilica of the National Shrine of the                                                           SMS’50 (Dubuque), reached the 60th
                                                 Michael’s, St. Peter’s in Westernport, St.
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.                                                           anniversary of his ordination. We
                                                 Ann’s in Grantville, St. Gabriel’s in Barton,
O In the July appointments in Richmond,          St. Joseph’s in Midland, and St. Mary of the    remember him for the parishes he served
Msgr. Michael D. McCarron, SMSC’73               Annunciation in Lonaconing.                     as an associate, for his work at Loras
(Richmond), who has been pastor of St.                                                           College in Dubuque and as chaplain at
                                                 O For some years now, Fr. Kevin T.
Stephen the Martyr parish in Chesapeake,                                                         Immaculate Conception Academy there,
                                                 Schenning, SMSC’76 and SMS’81
VA, becomes pastor of St. Bede’s in                                                              as pastor of parishes in Dorchester, Farley,
                                                 (Baltimore), has been pastor of the parish of
Williamsburg.                                                                                    Preston, and Sherrill. Finally he was
                                                 St. Joseph’s in Fullerton, MD. Now his
O Fr. Christopher P. Moore, SMSC’73                                                              chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Cedar
                                                 efforts have been recognized, and he is
and SMS’77 (Baltimore), has been named                                                           Rapids. He has been retired since 2000
                                                 Monsignor Kevin Schenning, one of the
temporary administrator of St. Ann’s parish                                                      and lives at Villa Raphael in Dubuque.
                                                 Chaplains to His Holiness honored this
in Hagerstown. He will continue to be pas-       past December.                                  O After reporting in from the Queen of
tor of St. Joseph’s in Hagerstown.                                                               the Clergy Retirement Home in
O Fr. Joseph F. Barr, SMSC’74                                                                    Stamford, CT, Msgr. Lawrence J.
(Baltimore), has been transferred from the
                                                         ST. MARY’S SEMINARY                     McMahon, SMS’55 (Bridgeport), has
pastorate of Holy Family parish in                                                               sent us his new address: 37 Bull Frog
Davidsonville, MD, to that of the Church                           1940s                         Lane, Trumbull, CT 06611-1501.
of the Immaculate Conception in Towson.          O On May 2, 2010, Fr. Joseph A.                 O Though we are late in reporting this,
O Fr. John P. Hopkins, SMSC’74 and               Maryland, SMS’40 (Erie), celebrated his         we want his fellow alumni to know that
SMS’78 (Wilmington), was another of the          seventieth anniversary as a priest. He          Msgr. John J. Bracken, SMS’57
Wilmington priests to be made a Chaplain         was one of seven deacons ordained to the        (Brooklyn), is serving as Vicar General
of His Holiness with the title of Monsignor.     priesthood by Bishop John Mark Gannon           for Temporalities. His address is 310
Msgr. Hopkins is the founding pastor of St.      of Erie. Now at 99 he is the last of that       Prospect Park W., Brooklyn, NY 11215.
Margaret of Scotland parish in Glasgow,          group and the longest serving priest in         O Fr. L. Russell Biven, SMS’57
where he has served for eleven years. We         the Erie diocese. He can look back at the       (Mobile), who was already retired but in
                                                 eleven parishes where he has served.            residence at St. Pius X parish in Mobile,
14 Class Notes                                                                                                                     Fall 2010

has moved to the Sacred Heart Home of       O Msgr. Chester M. Moczydlowski,                   rary administrator of the parish of St.
the Little Sisters of the Poor at 1655      SMS’73 (Charleston), is pastor of St.              John the Evangelist in Hydes, MD.
McGill Avenue, Mobile, AL 36604.            Benedict’s parish in Mount Pleasant, SC,           O Fr. Michael Buttner, SMS’75
                                            which was established in 1999. In April            (Baltimore), who was living in retirement
                                            he and retired Bishop Thompson dedicat-            in Carroll Valley, PA, has a new address:
                                            ed the permanent site for the parish,              219 S. Law St., Aberdeen, MD 21001-
O Msgr. Gerald L. Lewis, SMS’61             which has been in various temporary                3309.
(Raleigh), who had been living in retire-   locations.
                                                                                               O Fr. Robert J. Fritz, SMS’75 (Camden),
ment in Raleigh, is now at St. Paul’s       O After serving as administrator of St.            who has been administrator of the parish
Rectory in New Bern, NC.                    Frances Cabrini parish in North Haven,             of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Pitman,
O David J. Dresen, SMS’63, whose            CT, Fr. Thomas J. Ptaszynski, SMS’73               NJ, has been made Senior Priest at St.
address used to be in La Crosse, WI, has    (Hartford), was made pastor of St.                 John of God parish, North Cape May.
moved to 3630 Vance St., Apt. 305,          Therese parish in Granby in June 2010.
                                                                                               O In December, Fr. J. Bruce Jarboe,
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.                      O Fr. George J. Ridick, SMS’73                     SMS’75 (Baltimore), who has been pastor
O Daniel E. Huntley, Jr., SMS’68, who       (Worcester), who has been pastor of St.            of Holy Trinity parish in Glen Burnie as
used to live in East Hampton, CT has a      Catherine’s parish in Worcester, is now            well as several satellite parishes, was
new address: 54 Sea Lane, Old Saybrook,     pastor of the combined parishes of Sacred          appointed the new rector of the
CT 06475-1953.                              Heart/St. Catherine’s. The rectory is at           Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in succes-
O Charles A. Mazur, SMS’69, a long-         596 Cambridge Street, Worcester, MA                sion to Msgr. Robert A. Armstrong who
time resident of Stamford, CT, has a new    01610, at the site of the former Sacred            had served in that position for 25 years.
address: 63 Sherman St., Stamford, CT       Heart.                                             And then in January he was named a
06902.                                      O In February, Fr. William P. Foley,               Chaplain to His Holiness, one of ten new
O We heard recently from Fr. Martin         SMS’74 (Baltimore), who has been pastor            Monsignors in the archdiocese. He and
Morgan, SMS’69 (Tulsa). He is pastor of     of Annunciation parish in the Rosedale             the others were invested on March 7.
St. Patrick’s parish in Sand Springs, OK.   section of Baltimore, was named tempo-             We extend our heartfelt congratulations.

O We extend our deep sympathy and
promise of prayers to Msgr. Barry R. L.     John Allen, Senior Correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and the Senior Vatican Analyst
                                            for CNN spoke about “Catholicism and Responses to Contemporary Culture” for The John Carroll
Connerton, SMS’70 (Providence), on
                                            Lecture, March 11, 2010.
the death of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth
K. Connerton, R.N., on April 8, 2010.
He is pastor of St. Augustine’s parish in
O Major Charles J. Gembarowski,
SMS’70 (an alumnus of Paca Street), has
moved from Tampa to a new address: 455
Amherst Circle East, Satellite Beach, FL
O Fr. Daniel J. Knepper, SMS’70
(Dubuque), has been transferred from St.
Anthony’s parish in Dubuque to be pastor
of St. Raphael’s Cathedral in Dubuque as
well as of St. Patrick’s in Dubuque.
O Msgr. Richard Cramblitt, SMS’72
(Baltimore), was named temporary
administrator of Immaculate Conception
parish in Towson, MD. He will continue
to serve as pastor of the Shrine of the
Sacred Heart in Mount Washington.
Fall 2010                                                                                                         15 Class Notes

O Fr. Terry L. Bradshaw, SMS’80
(Louisville), has been transferred from
                                                        NEWS • NEWS • NEWS • NEWS
the pastorate of St. Athanasius parish in
Louisville to that of St. Bernadette in the
Prospect section of Louisville. He suc-
                                                                 We need your news and
ceeds the new Bishop of Owensboro.                             your updated email address!
O Fr. Anthony J. Mancuso, SMS’82
(San Jose in California), used to be pas-
tor of Five Wounds Portugal National                Please send news and updates including your email
Church in San Jose as well as Director of            address to the alumni mailbox on our website at
Deacon Formation for the diocese. He            or mail your news to:
has now moved to St. Joseph Cupertino
Retirement Community in Cupertino,
CA.                                                                          Alumni Office
O The third of our Wilmington alumni                               St. Mary’s Seminary & University
to be honored by Our Holy Father as a                                    5400 Roland Avenue
Monsignor was Fr. Daniel J. McGlynn,                                    Baltimore, MD 21210
SMS’82 (Wilmington). A late vocation,
Msgr. McGlynn has been pastor of Holy
Cross parish in Dover, DE, since 2002.
He had previously been an associate at
St. Francis de Sales in Salisbury, St.
Elizabeth’s in Wilmington, Immaculate         Washington, KY, dedicated by                O On December 28, 2009, Fr. Kent
Conception in Elkton, and Corpus              Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville.             Durig, SMS’93 (Wheeling-Charleston),
Christi in Elsmere. He also served as pas-                                                suffered the loss of his mother, Mrs.
tor of Immaculate Conception parish in                                                    JoAnn Durig of New Martinsville. We
Elkton for nine years.                                                                    join him in his sorrow along with a prom-
                                              O Pastor of St. Athanasius parish in        ise of prayers. In the May 2010 appoint-
O Fr. John B. Jacquel, SMS’83 (Erie),
                                              Curtis Bay since 2001, Fr. Robert           ments in the Diocese Fr. Durig was
who is already pastor of St. John the
                                              DiMattei, SMS’90 (Baltimore), has taken     appointed pastor of Our Lady of
Baptist parish in Erie, has taken on a sec-
                                              on the pastorate of St. Rose of Lima in     Perpetual Help parish in Stonewood,
ond pastorate, that of Holy Rosary parish
                                              Brooklyn, MD, in addition to his respon-    WV. He was formerly pastor of Sacred
in Erie. And he will be living at Holy
                                              sibility in Curtis Bay.                     Heart of Mary Church in Weirton
Rosary rectory.
                                              O Fr. J. Kevin Farmer, SMS’91               O After studies at the Catholic
O For nearly ten years, Fr. John B.
                                              (Baltimore), has returned from a medical    University in Washington, Fr. Raymond
Ward, SMS’85 (Baltimore), has been
                                              leave and will serve at the churches of     L. Harris, SMS’94 (Baltimore), has been
pastor of Our Lady of Hope parish in
                                              Holy Trinity, Crucifixion, and Good         named pastor of St. Mary of the
Dundalk, MD. Now he has been trans-
                                              Shepherd in Glen Burnie, as an associate    Assumption parish in the Govans suburb
ferred to the pastorate of Prince of Peace
                                              pastor.                                     of Baltimore.
parish in Edgewood, MD.
                                              O The pastor of Corpus Christi parish in    O Fr. Brian M. Rafferty, SMS’94
O As of July 1, 2010, Fr. Lawrence J.
                                              Baltimore, Fr. Richard J. Bozzelli,         (Richmond), has been transferred from
Mullaney, Jr., SMS’88 (Richmond), who
                                              SMS’93 (Baltimore), is one of eight         the pastorate of Christ the King parish in
has been pastor of Blessed Kateri
                                              priests to be named Chaplains to His        Norfolk to that of St. Stephen Martyr
Tekakwitha parish in Tabb (Poquoson),
                                              Holiness in January. We rejoice that his    parish in Chesapeake.
VA, becomes pastor of the parishes of
                                              services have been so recognized. Most      O For the past several years, Fr. Richard
Holy Infant in Elkton and Shepherd of
                                              recently he has been transferred from the   B. Hilgartner, SMS’95 (Baltimore), has
the Hills in Quinque.
                                              pastorate of Corpus Christi in Baltimore    been serving in Washington as the associ-
O Fr. Scott Wimsett, SMS’88                   to be pastor of the Churches of Holy        ate director of the U.S. Bishops’
(Louisville), had the joy in March of see-    Trinity, Crucifixion, and Good Shepherd     Secretariate for Divine Worship. Now he
ing the new church building of the parish     in Glen Burnie.                             is slated to become head of the secretari-
of St. Francis Xavier in Mount
                                                                                          ate next year when the present director
16 Class Notes                                                                                                                Fall 2010

returns to his diocese. We have been           Family parish in Mason City, IA, is now        Catholic Faith Community of St.
blessed by his concerns for the archdio-       pastor also of Sacred Heart parish in          Anthony of Padua and Most Precious
cese and the Church in the U.S.                Manley.                                        Blood.
O Fr. Anthony Ligato, SMS’95                   O Fr. David G. Kucera, SMS’98                  O Fr. Joseph M. O’Connor, SMS’05
(Albany), who has been pastor of St.           (Dubuque), has been transferred from           (Syracuse), who has been stationed at St.
Anthony and St. Joseph parish in               Sacred Heart parish in Manley, IA, to be       James’ parish in Johnson City, NY, and
Herkimer and Holy Family in Little Falls,      pastor of Holy Family parish in Reinbeck.      has been involved in vocation promotion,
was assigned in December of 2009 as            It is the result of a combination of parish-   is now living at Blessed Sacrament parish
administrator of the Church of St. Jude        es, and the church is in Grundy Center.        in Syracuse.
the Apostle in Wynantskill.                                                                   O After serving as associate pastor of St.
O Fr. Andrew D. Aaron, SMS’96                                    2000s                        John the Evangelist parish in Severna
(Baltimore), has been transferred from                                                        Park, MD, Fr. M. Stewart Bullock,
the pastorate of St. Timothy’s parish in       O In early May, we heard the latest            SMS’06 (Baltimore), will have a similar
Walkersville, MD, to be pastor of Holy         appointment for Fr. Stephen P. Hurley,         role at Immaculate Conception parish in
Family in Davidsonville.                       SMS’03 (Wilmington). He is the new             Towson.
                                               chancellor for the Diocese of
O Fr. Robert Couto, SMS’96                                                                    O Fr. Johnathan Schmolt, SMS’08
                                               Wilmington, appointed by Bishop W.
(Manchester), pastor of St. Jude’s parish                                                     (Erie), formerly stationed at St. Stephen’s
                                               Francis Malooly (SCC’64 and SMS’70)
in Londonderry, NH, had the sorrow of                                                         in Oil City, has been transferred to St.
                                               to succeed Bishop John O. Barres, the
losing his mother, M. Gilda Couto this                                                        George’s parish in Erie.
                                               new Bishop of Allentown. Up till now,
past April 26. She was 92. She was from                                                       O Fr. David Cupps, SMS’09
                                               Father Hurley has been stationed at St.
New Bedford, MA, but got part of her                                                          (Richmond), goes from his first assign-
                                               Ann’s parish in Wilmington with Msgr. J.
education in the Azores and then was a                                                        ment as parochial vicar of the
                                               Thomas Cini, V.G., SMS’68.
World War I worker in New Bedford. We                                                         Portsmouth Cluster parishes to the pas-
join our prayers to those of her son and       O Fr. Ty Hullinger, SMS’04 (Baltimore),
                                                                                              torate of St. Paul’s in Portsmouth,
family.                                        after serving as administrator of St. Mary’s
                                                                                              Church of the Resurrection in
                                               parish in Cumberland and of St. Patrick’s,
O Fr. Michael G. Schueller, SMS’97                                                            Portsmouth, and St. Mary’s in
                                               Mount Savage, will now be pastor of St.
(Dubuque), who has been pastor of Holy                                                        Chesapeake.
                                               Dominic’s in Baltimore as well as the

    THE              ASSOCIATED ARCHIVES                                                               Tricia T. Pyne
                                                                                                       Director, Associated Archives

            his past spring the Associated Archives at St. Mary’s      to the long and shared history of the three organizations that
            Seminary & University observed its eighth anniver-         dates back to the founding period of the U.S. Catholic
            sary. The program is the repository for the archives of    Church.
    the Archdiocese of Baltimore, St. Mary’s Seminary and              Scholars and graduate students from around the world have
    University, and the Associated Sulpicians of the U.S. The          traveled to Baltimore to consult the collections, while scores
    idea of bringing the three archives together is credited to the    of others have contacted us for assistance by e-mail, letter,
    former Archbishop of Baltimore, Cardinal William H.                and phone. Research topics include the foundation and
    Keeler, and was borne out of both practical and historic rea-      development of the major and minor seminary systems in the
    sons. Recognizing that the existing facilities for all three       U.S and French priests who served in the U.S. during the
    archives were inadequate, he proposed to Rev. Ronald               eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
    Witherup, S.S., Provincial of the U.S. Sulpicians (1997-
                                                                       We have also assisted a large number of family historians,
    2008), and Rev. Robert F. Leavitt, S.S., President-Rector of
                                                                       some of whom are seeking biographical information on a
    St. Mary’s (1980-2007), that they jointly fund the building of
                                                                       Sulpician relative or an alumnus of a Sulpician institution,
    a new facility to house their collections together. Ground was
                                                                       and have worked with alumni who are organizing class
    broken for the new building in the spring of 2000 and com-
                                                                       reunions or writing histories of their alma maters. This
    pleted at the end of 2001. Although the sponsoring institu-
                                                                       Alumni Day we will once again be open for our alumni to
    tions have distinct collections, bringing them together has
                                                                       tour the archives and answer questions. We look forward to
    made the Associated Archives one of the most significant
                                                                       seeing you on October 21, 2011.
    repositories for records relating to the history of the Catholic
    Church in the United States. This synergy can be attributed
Fall 2010                                                                                                           17 Class Notes

      t. Mary’s Seminary & University established the Heritage      The Ecumenical Institute of Theology, established in 1968, con-
      Society in 1990 to honor alumni and friends who value our     tinues to thrive in its service to lay men and women of all faith
      past and are committed to our present and future. By          traditions. Over 200 men and women study in the E.I. every
including St. Mary’s in their gift and estate plans, this special   semester and pursue graduate degrees in theology and church
group will enable the Seminary to continue the strong tradition     ministries.
of academic and theological excellence which began in 1791.         The Center for Continuing Formation, created in 1996, offers
St. Mary’s Seminary & University has a rich legacy. The             programs for priests after ordination and serves as a conference
Sulpician Fathers came from France more than 200 years ago to       center attracting numerous church and non-profit group meet-
open the first Roman Catholic seminary in the United States.        ings annually.
Today we have over 6,000 alumni from St. Charles College, Paca      Our friends in the Heritage Society support the mission that the
Street, St. Mary’s Seminary College and St. Mary’s Roland Park.     Sulpician Fathers started in 1791 and continue today – to form
Many seminaries were founded and drew their inspiration from        the next generation of priests after the heart of Jesus Christ, the
St. Mary’s. Many prominent churchmen, including James               Good Shepherd.
Cardinal Gibbons, Lawrence Cardinal Shehan, Joseph Cardinal
                                                                    We hope you will consider joining the growing number of our
Bernadin, and Adam Cardinal Maida were formed for the priest-
                                                                    friends in St. Mary’s Heritage Society.
hood in the Sulpician spirit of this historic institution.

      If you would like information on estate planning please call the Seminary’s Advancement Office at
                      410-864-4264 or make a note on the enclosed envelope and return.

                                                IN MEMORIAM
    T    hough not an alumnus of St. Mary’s or St. Charles’, Archbishop William D. Borders was for fifteen years the
         Chancellor of St. Mary’s University and, in the words of the Sulpician Constitutions, “the first superior of our hous-
    es.” Born in Indiana, he first studied for the priesthood in his native diocese, but then answered the call of Archbishop
    Rummel of New Orleans for service in Louisiana. Archbishop Rummel ordained him in 1940. At first he served as an
    associate at Sacred Heart parish in Baton Rouge. During World War II he was a U.S. Army chaplain in Africa and Italy
    and received a citation for his bravery under fire. In 1946 he left the military with the rank of major. He had a couple
    more assignments in parishes and some graduate work at Notre Dame, but mostly he was chaplain at Louisiana State
    University until 1964. Then he became rector of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Baton Rouge and began a seminary program.
    Named a Domestic Prelate in 1963, he was appointed six years later first Bishop of the new Diocese of Orlando, where he
    worked to implement the directives of Vatican Council II. Only six years later he was promoted to Baltimore, the oldest
    diocese in the country, in succession to Cardinal Shehan. In his fifteen years as Archbishop of Baltimore, he worked in a
    most collegial manner, making his Auxiliaries his vicars in the three major areas of the see. In spite of some health prob-
    lems he became a beloved figure who knew his priests and his people. Even after his retirement he continued to live in
    the former sexton’s house on the grounds of the Basilica of the Assumption, where he had been living since 1974. Only
    with the Basilica’s renovation did he move to Mercy Ridge, but he was still part of almost every celebration. In his last
    days he was moved to Stella Maris Hospice, where he died on April 19, 2010. His funeral Mass was at the Cathedral of
    Mary Our Queen, with burial in the crypt. Archbishop O’Brien celebrated the Mass, with 2 cardinals present and eight
    bishops and 150 priests concelebrating.
18 Class Notes                                                                                                                       Fall 2010

              IN MEMORIAM                          Msgr. Galliano J. Cavallaro, SCC’37 and
                                                  SMS’43 (Providence), died March 7, 2010,
 The Vicar for Priests in Manchester, NH,        at the age of 95 at St. Antoine’s Residence
has informed us that Msgr. Francis L.             in North Smithfield, RI, where he lived in
Curran, SMS’38 (Manchester), died                 retirement. A native of Providence, he was
January 19, 2010, at the age of 100. He           ordained by Bishop Keough in December
came to St. Mary’s from Boston College and        1942, six months early because of wartime
was ordained by Bishop Peterson in April of       needs. He was an assistant at St. Anthony’s
1938. He served in a number of parishes as        in Woonsocket, St. John’s in Providence,
an associate: St. Kieran’s in Berlin and St.      and St. Mary’s in Cranston. In 1960 he
Michael’s in Exeter before he served on the       became pastor of his native parish, Our Lady
faculty of St. Anselm’s College for seven         of Mount Carmel in Providence, where he
years. He then had four pastorates: St.           served for thirty years until his retirement in
Margaret Mary in Keene, Our Lady of the           1990. In addition to his parish duties, he
Lakes in Lakeport, Immaculate Conception          was appointed by Bishop McVinney as
in Portsmouth, and finally St. Pius X in          Director of Diocesan Catholic Cemeteries, a
Manchester, where he was from 1975 until          position he held for forty years. The work
his retirement in 1988. He lived in retire-       he did in the cemeteries of that diocese
ment at St. Mary’s in New Market. His             became a model for many of the diocesan           and then at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in
long years of service were rewarded in 1989       cemeteries all across the country. He was         Hartford. For seven years he was principal
when he was named a Prelate of Honor by           also active in serving as diocesan chaplain to    of Northwest Catholic High School in West
Pope John Paul II. Monsignor’s funeral took       Italian immigrants.                               Hartford, and in 1968 he became pastor of
place at St. Pius X, his final pastorate, with                                                      St. Augustine’s parish in Seymour. In 1987
                                                   Late last fall we heard of the death of Fr.
Bishop McCormack presiding.                                                                         he moved to Corpus Christi parish in
                                                  George V. Joyce, SCC’37 and SMS’43
 For two months he was the oldest priest                                                           Wethersfield as pastor emeritus and contin-
                                                  (Washington), on October 25, 2009. A
in the archdiocese, but then on June 7,                                                             ued his work with the archdiocesan tribunal.
                                                  native of Holyoke, MA, he studied at St.
2010, death came to end the long life of                                                            Poor health drove him to Mercyknoll, St.
                                                  Charles’ and St. Mary’s and was ordained for
service of Fr. E. Gerard Huesman, SCC’35                                                            Mary’s Home in West Hartford, and finally
                                                  the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He was an
and SMS’41 (Baltimore). After ordination                                                            to Archbishop Cronin Residence in
                                                  assistant at St. Thomas Aquinas’ in
he served as an assistant at the former St.                                                         Bloomfield. He was buried from St. Thomas
                                                  Baltimore for three years and then was sent
Andrew’s in Baltimore, followed by a similar                                                        Seminary chapel in Bloomfield.
                                                  to St. Augustine’s in Washington. When
role at St. Bernardine’s in West Baltimore.       Baltimore and Washington were separated,           One day after the 65th anniversary of his
For eight years he was pastor of St.              he became a priest of Washington. He had          ordination, Msgr. W. Louis Quinn, SMS’45
Lawrence Martyr parish in Jessup and then         a series of pastorates: St. Michael’s in Baden,   (Washington), died on March 18, 2010, at
was pastor of St. Dominic’s in Baltimore.         Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian’s in                   Sibley Memorial Hospital, where he had
From 1975 to 1986 he was pastor of the            Washington, Assumption in Washington,             been ministering since his retirement fifteen
Church of the Ascension in Halethorpe             St. Ignatius’ in Hilltop, St. Catherine of        years ago. He came from Blessed Sacrament
(where he built a new church) and was             Alexandria in McConchie, and Our Lady             parish in Baltimore, where his family home
faithful chaplain to the Good Shepherd            Star of the Sea in Solomons. He spent a           was across the fence from the parish school-
Sisters. In his latter years he assisted at St.   year at the Cardinal O’Boyle Residence in         yard. He was ordained at the Cathedral of
Mark’s in Catonsville and then at                 1983-84 and then served as an assistant at        the Assumption in Baltimore on St.
Resurrection parish in Ellicott City. Also he     St. Peter’s in Olney. He retired in 1985 and      Patrick’s Day at the end of the first year of
served as chaplain of Franklin Square             went back to his native Springfield to assist     wartime acceleration. His first assignment
Hospital for 16 years, even as he did at The      a priest-nephew at Blessed Sacrament in           as a priest of Baltimore-Washington was to
Johns Hopkins Hospital earlier in his priest-     Holyoke and then at Our Lady of Hope in           St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington as
hood. For a time after his retirement in          Springfield. He was buried from Our Lady          an associate. With the split of the two arch-
1999 he had an apartment but then went to         of Hope Church.                                   dioceses two years later, he was permanently
live at St. Joseph’s Nursing Home in                                                                a priest of Washington. After years of min-
                                                   Just too late for the last issue of Class
Catonsville. His funeral took place at his                                                          istry as an associate at the cathedral, he was
                                                  Notes came word of the death of Fr.
beloved House of the Good Shepherd, with                                                            sent to found Holy Cross parish in Garrett
                                                  Bradford Colton, SMS’45 (Hartford), on
Archbishop O’Brien as main celebrant and                                                            Park and later to serve as pastor of the
                                                  October 5, 2009. He studied at Paca Street
Fr. Brian Rafferty, SCC’57 and SMS’63                                                               Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in
                                                  and finished up at Theological College in
(Baltimore), preaching the homily.                                                                  Chevy Chase. Then it was back to St.
                                                  Washington. After ordination in 1945, he
                                                                                                    Matthew’s Cathedral for 27 years as rector,
                                                  served at Sacred Heart parish in Waterbury
Fall 2010                                                                                                                    19 Class Notes

where he hosted the funeral of President         FL. A native of Pawtucket, RI, he went            eternal reward. An alumnus of Our Lady of
John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the visit of         through the Baltimore seminaries during the       Providence Seminary, he came to St. Mary’s
Pope John Paul II in 1979. But mostly he is      period of acceleration. Ordained by Bishop        in the era of acceleration. After ordination
remembered for his loving ministry at St.        Keough, he served as an assistant in two          he served in a number of parishes as an assis-
Matthew’s until his 50th anniversary. Then       parishes, St. Bernard’s in Wickford and Our       tant: St. Benedict’s in Warwick, St. James
he retired and was in residence at Our Lady      Lady of Mercy in East Greenwich. In 1953          in West Warwick, St. Brendan’s in
of Lourdes in Bethesda, where he continued       he became a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force        Riverside, St. Francis of Assisi in Wakefield,
his priestly ministry until a few weeks before   and retired only in 1980, by then with a          St. William’s in Warwick, St. Thomas’ in
his death. A vigil Mass was offered for him      rank of Colonel. He took courses at the           Providence, St. Mary’s in Providence, St.
at Our Lady of Lourdes on March 23, and          School of Theology in Berkeley, CA, and           Matthew’s in Cranston, and Holy Trinity in
his funeral was next day at St. Matthew’s        was then made deputy director of the Notre        Central Falls. In 1972 he became pastor of
Cathedral.                                       Dame Jerusalem Center for pilgrims for two        St. Vincent de Paul Church in Bradford.
 One who went from seminary preparation         years. He came home to Providence as a            Later he was transferred to St. Augustin’s in
to seminary teaching, Fr. Joseph A. Besse,       Monsignor. From then on he worked at              Newport where he served as pastor for 18
SCC’40 and SMS’45A (Providence), died            various parishes in the diocese during the        years until his retirement in 1997. He was
February 13, 2010. Ordained by Bishop            summer months and served at St. Dominic’s         also chaplain of the Rhode Island National
Keough in December of 1945, he was               in Panama City, FL in the winter. His             Guard and was a Colonel when he retired.
assigned to Our Lady of Providence               funeral was held at St. Basil’s in Lincoln, RI,   He was buried from Our Lady of Mercy
Seminary in Warwick Neck. Except for a           with Bishop Roque of the Military                 Church, East Greenwich.
year of graduate studies at the Catholic         Archdiocese as main celebrant and other            Some months ago we learned of the
University, he served as professor, dean and     bishops and priests concelebrating.               death of George McNickle, SCC’44. He
registrar from 1941 to 1968. Then he was          We have learned of the death of Paul M.         came from Washington to study at St.
pastor of Assumption parish in Providence,       Steffy, SCC’42 and SMS’47, on September           Charles’ for high school. Then he went
followed by that of St. Philip’s in Greenville   25, 2009. A native of Baltimore, after Paca       back to Washington to work and to get mar-
and then chaplain of St. Joseph’s Hospital in    Street he moved to California and became a        ried. He and his wife used to attend class
Providence. His final pastorate was that of      lawyer and a judge in Los Angeles. He was         reunions rather faithfully. She preceded him
St. Pius X parish in Westerly, where he          the brother-in-law of Andrew J. Krug,             in death in the last couple of years, and now
served from 1983 until his retirement in         SCC’44. His immediate family is in                he has gone to join her in the heavenly
1992. His final years were spent in              California.                                       realm.
Warwick, where he assisted at St. Gregory         Fr. Louis R. Boivin, SMS’48 (Fall                At the end of May we learned the sad
the Great Church. It was there that his          River), who had lived at Cardinal Medeiros        news of the death of Fr. John P. Schanz,
funeral took place, with Bishop Tobin as         Residence since his retirement in 1997, died      SCC’44 (Erie), on April 16, 2010. After
main celebrant. And we are left with the         Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2010. A               studies at the College, he went to the
memory of his seminary, parish and               native of Taunton, MA, he came to St.             Basselin program and Theological College
chancery work.                                   Mary’s in 1943 after junior college in Nova       in Washington and was ordained in 1950.
 Just too late for the last issue of Class      Scotia. He made his course at Paca Street         For a few months, he was administrator of
Notes we learned of the death of Msgr.           and Roland Park in five years in the days of      St. Elizabeth’s parish in Smethport and then
Bernard P. Hewitt, SCC’42 and SMS’47             wartime acceleration. He was an assistant at      taught at Gannon University in Erie from
(Camden), on November 6, 2009. After             St. Louis de France in Swansea, at St.            1950 until his retirement in 1996. He also
service at Sacred Heart, Camden, he had          Hyacinthe in New Bedford, and again at St.        assisted at Holy Cross parish in Fairview.
four pastorates: Epiphany parish in              Louis de France. He then became pastor of         More recently he had lived at Westlake
Longport, St. Vincent Pallotti in Haddon         St. Louis in 1970, and was later pastor of St.    Woods in Erie. May his pursuit of knowl-
Township, Holy Saviour in Westmont, and          Joseph’s in New Bedford and finally of St.        edge and his sharing it now came to full
Blessed Sacrament in Margate. Over the           Theresa’s in South Attleboro. He was a            fruition.
years he was chaplain of St. Mary’s Home in      senior priest at St. Jean Baptiste in Fall         Msgr. Louis J. Heberlein, SCC’45A and
Cherry Hill, director of the Confraternity of    River until his full retirement. He was also      SMS’51 (Erie), long associated with St.
Christian Doctrine, vocation director, a         diocesan director of activities associated        Tobias parish in Brockway, PA, died at
member of the Priests’ Council, and worked       with the National Shrine of the Immaculate        Christ the King Manor in DuBois on March
at the Diocesan Tribunal. Retired since          Conception in Washington. A man of great          21, 2010. After eight years in the seminary
1993, he was buried from Blessed Sacrament       prayer, his funeral took place at St. Louis de    he was ordained by Archbishop John Mark
Church, Margate, his final pastorate.            France Church in Swansea.                         Gannon. He was first an associate at St.
 On January 23, 2010, Msgr. Norman G.            On February 3, 2010, Fr. John T. Carty,         Tobias’ and also administrator pro tempore
Metsy, SCC’42 and SMS’47 (Providence),           SMS’50 (Providence), pastor emeritus of St.       there. He served also at St. Joseph’s in
went to his eternal reward in Sunny Hills,       Augustin’s Church in Newport, went to his         Sharon, St. Joseph’s in Oil City, and Blessed
20 Class Notes                                                                                                                      Fall 2010

Sacrament in Erie, where he was also assis-      Administration Building to become Director
tant diocesan director of the Confraternity      of Plant Operations, Co-Secretary for
of Christian Doctrine. After eight years at      Temporalites, and Vicar General. He was a
Our Lady of Fatima in Farrell, he became         Diocesan Consultor for over 30 years and
pastor of St. Mary’s in Frenchville. Then he     served as chaplain at St. Patrick’s Home in
returned to St. Tobias’ for a thirty-year term   Manchester. He had many other responsi-
as pastor. For part of that time he was also     bilities as well. He went through the three
administrator of the Holy Cross parish in        levels of Monsignor, ending up in 1986 as a
Brandy Camp. In 1984 he was named a              Protonotary Apostolic. Even after retire-
Chaplain of His Holiness and ten years later     ment he worked at St. Patrick’s in
was advanced to the rank of Prelate of           Manchester and also at St. Pius X there.
Honor. He moved to Christ the King               After a viewing at St. Pius X, his funeral
Manor upon his retirement in 2001. He            took place at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, with
had also been a member of the diocesan           Bishop McCormack presiding. We rejoice
College of Consultors, the executive board       in his 83 years of life and his 57 years of
of Christ the King Manor, and the finance        priesthood.
board of DuBois Central Catholic High             After several years of illness, Fr. Robert
School. He leaves many memories for those        Jackson, SMS’54 (Rockford), died
who worked with him.                             December 21, 2009, at Provena Cor Mariae
 Fr. J. A. Roger Lacasse, SMS’53                Center in Rockford. A native of East
(Providence), died December 9, 2009, at          Dubuque, he came to St. Mary’s from Loras
Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. He          College. He finished theology and was
came from the College St. Marie in               ordained by Bishop Hillinger. He had a
Montreal to study at St. Mary’s. Ordained        series of assignments as assistant pastor: St.
by Bishop McVinney, he had a series of           Mary’s in Sycamore, St. Patrick’s in Amboy,
assignments as an assistant pastor: St.          St. Mary’s in DeKalb, Our Lady of Good
Andrew in Block Island, St. John the             Counsel in Aurora, St. John the Baptist in
Baptist in Pawtucket, St. Matthew in             Savanna, and St. Joseph’s in Harvard. In         St. Thomas’ in Waterbury. In 1972 he
Central Falls, St. Vincent de Paul in            1967 he became pastor of St. Mary’s in           became co-pastor of St. Thomas’ and four
Coventry, and St. Cecilia in Pawtucket. In       Elizabeth and St. John the Evangelist in         years later co-pastor of St. Gertrude’s. He
1973 he was appointed pastor of St. Joseph’s     Hanover. Then he was pastor of Our Lady          was pastor of St. Michael’s in Hartford from
Church in Woonsocket, where he served for        of Good Counsel in Aurora, and in 1984 he        1987 until he retired in 2000. Over the
ten years. Then he worked at Our Lady of         became chaplain of St. Joseph’s Hospital in      years he was the Scout chaplain for the
Consolation in Pawtucket and later became        Belvidere, where he served for fifteen years     Meriden area, Hartford Deanery vocation
chaplain of Hospice St. Antoine in North         until his 1999 retirement. He assisted at        director, dean of the Farmington Valley
Smithfield. He retired as a senior priest in     various parishes in the last years. It should    Deanery, and chaplain for the Catholic
1996 and lived at St. Ann’s in Woonsocket        be noted that for many years he served as        Interracial Council in Waterbury.
and then at All Saints parish. His funeral       Diocesan Director of the Office of               Archbishop Mansell presided at his funeral
took place at All Saints on December 14.         Ecumenism and was the diocesan represen-         at his final pastorate, St. Michael’s in
 The Vicar of the Clergy of the                 tative on the General Board of the Illinois      Hartford.
Manchester diocese was kind enough to            Conference of Churches. His funeral was
                                                                                                   Just retired last year, Fr. John Kuzilla,
inform us that Msgr. John E. Molan, P.A.,        celebrated at St. Mary’s Church in East
                                                                                                  SMS’55 (Erie), died January 23, 2010, at
SMS’53 (Manchester), was called to eternal       Dubuque, which was his home parish.
                                                                                                  Christ the King Manor in DuBois. He
rest on June 13, 2010. After Bishop Brady         Fr. Alfred J. Jaenicke, SMS’54                 spent only his philosophy years at Paca
ordained him in 1953, he was assigned as an      (Hartford), a resident of St. Mary’s Home in     Street and completed his theology studies at
associate at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in           West Hartford, died December 11, 2009. A         Theological College in Washington. Once
Manchester. Five years later he became           native of New Haven, he got his minor            ordained, he was assigned to the faculty of
Assistant Director of New Hampshire              seminary education at St. Thomas’                Cathedral Prep in Erie 1955-1968. In those
Catholic Charities and was the Director          Seminary in Bloomfield, CT. After his years      years he lived in residence at three different
from 1963 to 1976. He became pastor of           at St. Mary’s, he was ordained by Auxiliary      parishes. He then was appointed to the mis-
Immaculate Conception parish in                  Bishop John F. Hackett. He served as an          sion church of St. Anthony in Tionesta and
Portsmouth in 1975 and pastor of Our Lady        assistant at four parishes: Holy Angels in       was later pastor of the mission church of St.
of Perpetual Help parish in 1983. He was         South Meriden, St. Gertrude’s in Windsor,        John in Tidioute. Later he became pastor of
moved next year to the Diocesan                  SS. Peter and Paul parish in Waterbury, and
Fall 2010                                                                                                                       21 Class Notes

Immaculate Conception in Clarion, St.            Below is a remembrance from Fr. Gregory              March 22, 2010. After ordination by
Bernard’s in Bradford, and finally of St.        Rapisarda, SCC’67 and SMS’10, former law             Bishop McManaman, he spent much of his
Boniface in Kersey, from which he retired        partner and friend.                                  priesthood in works of education. Initially
last year. He was also the dean in the           Francis Xavier Meadowcroft was admitted to           he taught at the Cathedral Preparatory
Kersey area.                                     the Maryland Bar after Seminary, and worked          School in Erie and then at the old St. Mark
 Fr. Anthony J. Pollack, SCC’48 and             as counsel with Liberty Mutual Insurance             Seminary in Erie. From 1960 he was
SMS’55 (Altoona), died January 22, 2010,         Company. Frank was the son of a Baltimore            assigned to the new St. Mark’s Seminary.
at the Bon Secours branch of the Altoona         city police officer, and a commissioned officer in   Then he taught at Venango Christian High
Regional Health System. He came from             the Marine Corps. Utilizing his seminary train-      School and served as administrator of Our
Johnstown and came from St. Francis              ing, Frank undertook the practice of law with        Lady Help of Christians parish in Oil City.
University in Loretto, PA, to begin his          pastoral concern for his clients and their needs.    From there he went back to the Cathedral
priestly studies. After ordination by Bishop     He offered a spiritual perspective to his legal      Preparatory School as an administrator. In
Guilfoyle, he served as a parochial vicar at     advice. Frank was always ready to help. He           1981 he served as administrator of St.
St. Michael’s in Clarence, SS. Cyril and         treated lawyers and judges with respect, and         Joseph’s Church in Erie, and four years later
Methodius in Windber, St. John the Baptist       received the respect of his fellow attorneys.        as administrator of Our Lady of Peace parish
in Barnsboro, and St. Mary’s in Altoona.         Frank was generous with his time and                 in Erie. Finally he was pastor of St.
As pastor he was assigned to St. Anthony’s       resources, and contributed to many charitable        Hedwig’s in Erie and then co-pastor of St.
in South Fork, St. Stanislaus Kostka in          organizations. A devout Catholic, Frank was a        Hedwig’s and St. Patrick’s in Erie. He
Barnsboro, St. Mary’s in Gallitzen, and Our      member of the St. Margaret Parish Council for        retired in 1998 while serving as chaplain to
Lady of Fatima in Altoona. He retired from       ten years, and a Eucharistic Minister. He was a      the Erie County Prison.
active ministry in 2003. His funeral took        past president of the St. Thomas More Society,        Fr. Charles W. Mocco, SMS’57 (Green
place at Our Lady of Fatima Church, his          an association of Catholic lawyers and judges.       Bay), who was a pastor, a teacher, and a spir-
final pastorate.                                  Fr. Edward J. Bayer, SCC’51 and                    itual advisor, died January 14, 2010. After
 Msgr. Charles P. Barth, SCC’50 and             SMS’57 (Baltimore), who made his theolo-             ordination he had assignments as assistant
SMS’56 (Camden), known as “Skip” from            gy course in Rome, died of cancer on                 pastor at St. Joseph’s in Green Bay and Holy
his student days, died February 7, 2010.         February 18, 2010. After ordination in               Cross in Kaukauna. Then he was on the
After his ordination, his first assignment was   Rome, he served as an associate at St. John          staff of the now-closed Sacred Heart
as parochial vicar at Holy Spirit, Atlantic      the Evangelist in Hydes, St. Augustine’s in          Seminary in Oneida, followed by teaching
City. In the 1960’s he served at the             Elkridge, and St. Michael the Archangel in           at Christian Brothers College in Memphis,
chancery office and was involved with the        Overlea. After earning a doctorate in moral          TN, and at Silver Lake College in
Diocesan Liturgical Commission, the Priests’     theology at the Gregorian University in              Manitowoc. He also studied chemistry at
Council, the Presbyteral Council, and other      Rome, he was pastor of St. Lawrence’s in             St. Norbert’s College in DePere and at the
groups. In 1974 he was made pastor of            Jessup, St. Dominic’s in Baltimore and St.           University of Wisconsin in Madison. He
Christ the King in Haddonfield, followed by      Bernadette’s in the Washington archdiocese.          likewise took courses at Notre Dame and at
pastorates of St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral in      He served as a professor at the Catholic             Southern Illinois University. Back in the
Camden, St. Agnes’ in Blackwood, and St.         Bioethics Center in Missouri, at Allentown           diocese, he served at Sacred Heart in
Peter’s in Merchantville. In 2002 he was         College in Pennsylvania, and at the                  Manitowoc, St. Mary’s in Marion, and St.
made administrator of St. Anthony of Padua       Pontifical College Josephinum in Ohio. He            Mary’s in Omro. He was pastor of St.
in Hammonton until 2005 when he retired.         came back to Baltimore to serve as adminis-          Casimir’s in Northheim for fifteen years.
He continued in residence there until his        trator of St. Clement Mary Hofbauer in               Later he worked at Holy Rosary in New
death. His funeral took place on February        Rosedale and then as pastor of Holy Family           Holstein, St. Ann’s in St. Anna, and SS.
13.                                              in Randallstown until his retirement in              Peter & Paul in Green Bay. His final pas-
                                                 2001. Even then he did not retire fully, for         torates were at St. Joseph’s in Sturgeon Bay
 Thanks to a classmate we learned of the
                                                 he spent his final years in New Guinea,              and at SS. Peter & Paul Parish in Institute,
death on May 27, 2010 of Francis X.
                                                 teaching at De Boismenu College and                  from which he retired in 2002. In his last
Meadowcroft, SCC’50 and SMS’56. He
                                                 Sacred Heart Interdiocesan Seminary until            years he resided at Annunciation parish in
came from Baltimore to study at St. Charles’
                                                 declining health forced his return to the            Green Bay and assisted at parishes in the
and for a year at Paca Street. Then he
                                                 United States. His funeral took place at St.         area. He also had been Catholic campus
returned to his home life and married. For
                                                 Ursula’s in Baltimore, in the parish of Msgr.        minister at the Ecumenical Center at the
many years he had lived in Bel Air, MD,
                                                 James P. Farmer, one of his closest friends.         University of Wisconsin – Green Bay as
and it was at St. Margaret’s in Bel Air that
                                                                                                      well as moderator of a number of groups in
his funeral took place. We join his widow         Msgr. John M. Dollinger, SMS’57 (Erie),
                                                                                                      the diocese. His funeral took place at St.
and his family in their loss and ours.           who had been a resident of Bishop Michael
                                                                                                      Francis Xavier Cathedral, with Bishop
                                                 J. Murphy Residence for Priests in Erie, died
                                                                                                      Ricken presiding.
22 Class Notes                                                                                                                      Fall 2010

 After several years suffering from
Parkinson’s disease, Fr. A. Neal Ward,
SMS’57 (Washington), died on Christmas
Eve, 2009, at St. Mary’s Nursing Center in
Leonardtown, MD. A native of Maine, he
grew up in Washington and was a classmate
at St. Mary’s of Bishop William Curlin,
Auxiliary of Washington and now retired
Bishop of Charlotte. His early assignments
after ordination were at Holy Family in
Hillcrest Heights, St. Michael the
Archangel in Silver Spring, St. Mary’s in
Piscataway, and St. Ann’s in Washington.
He also served as chaplain and business
administrator of Mother Catherine Spalding
School in Helen. His first pastorate was St.
Joseph’s in Largo from 1973 to 1981. Then
he went to Our Lady of the Wayside parish
in Chaptico until 1990 when he began his          Thomas’ in Goshen, St. Patrick’s in             When he returned to the diocese, he assist-
final pastorate at St. Joseph in Morganza.        Farmington, Blessed Sacrament in Hamden,        ed at St. Joseph’s in Toms River. He died in
He retired in 2003, leaving a legacy of           Resurrection in Farmington, St. Brigid’s in     Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly,
priestly service that inspired both his parish-   Elmwood, and St. Augustine’s in Hartford.       NJ of pancreatitis. His funeral took place at
ioners and his fellow priests. There was a        St. Brigid’s was also the site of a team min-   St. Joseph’s on the day of the Kentucky
Vigil Mass for him at St. Joseph’s in             istry, from which he retired in 1997 as pas-    Derby, which was always a special day for
Morganza with the homily by Bishop Lori of        tor emeritus. It was from St. Brigid’s that     him. And he took his engaging smile and
Bridgeport, who had been an assistant to          his funeral took place. Fr. Richard was the     his gentle demeanor to heaven with him.
Father Ward at St. Joseph’s in Largo.             brother of the late Fr. Carl J. Sherer,         May he rest in peace.
Archbishop Wuerl had the funeral Mass at          SMS’47 (Hartford).                               A classmate has let us know of the death
St. Joseph’s next day, with Bishop Curlin          We have learned that Fr. Charles V.           of Martin H. Collins, SCC’57 and SMS’63,
preaching the homily.                             Cross, SCC’54 (Birmingham) died April           on September 21, 2009. A native of
 Thanks to classmate Msgr. Paul Cook, we         24, 2010. A native of Coral Gables, FL, he      Akron, OH, he went back there to teach at
have learned of the death on September 16,        studied at St. Charles’ and then at Notre       two parish grade schools and to serve as
2009, of William C. Christian, SCC’52 and         Dame Seminary in New Orleans before             director of music at St. Martha’s parish for
SMS’58. He came from Jacksonville, FL,            being ordained for what was then Mobile-        38 years. He worked for Roadway Express
and spent six years at St. Charles’ and left      Birmingham in 1960. He served in parishes       for 40 years, and though he loved to travel,
after Paca Street. He then had a long and         in North Alabama and in Birmingham and          his health kept him from that in recent
distinguished career in the U.S. Air Force.       was in charge of the St. Thomas Catholic        years. His funeral took place at St.
In recent years he and his wife, Alfreda,         Life Center in East Birmingham. But then        Anthony’s Church in Akron.
lived at 4450 Woodson Ave., Sacramento,           his health deteriorated, and he was on sick      We have been notified of the death on
CA 95821. He is survived also by two chil-        leave the last years of his life. He depended   March 7, 2010, of John M. Connelley,
dren, Matthew and Kathleen. After his             on members of the Rankin family for his         SCC’58. He came from Cumberland, MD,
funeral, Bill’s body was buried in Arlington      care in recent years.                           to attend St. Charles’. After he left there,
National Cemetery.                                 There were two William Gardners in the        he went to Florida where he married and
 On December 11, 2009, Fr. Richard B.            St. Charles and St. Mary’s classes. They        where he worked until a year or so ago.
Sherer, SMS’58 (Hartford), died at St.            were distinguished as Big Will from West        Poor health caused him to move to Raleigh,
Francis Hospital in Hartford. He had stud-        Virginia and Little Will from New Jersey.       NC, to live with his children. It was from
ied at St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield          Fr. William L. Gardner of Wheeling-             there that he entered into eternal life.
and had spent some time at Maryknoll in           Charleston died some time ago. Fr.               Thanks to a classmate and a fellow dioce-
New York. He was then in the Army for             William P. Gardner, SCC’56 and SMS’62           san priest, we have learned the sad news of
two years in Japan and Korea. Afterwards          (Trenton), died April 26, 2010. After ordi-     the death of Fr. Don Michael Hanna,
he came to St. Mary’s for his second try at       nation he had a couple of assignments: St.      SCC’58 and SMS’64 (Richmond). Retired
the priesthood. Archbishop O’Brien                Peter’s in New Brunswick, NJ, and St.           for several years, he was traveling in Central
ordained him in Hartford in 1958. He had          Catherine’s in Spring Lake. After that he       America when the Lord called him on
a long list of assignments as an assistant: St.   was a military chaplain for twenty years.
Fall 2010                                                                                                                   23 Class Notes

November 15, 2009. He was raised in              before becoming pastor of St. Elizabeth’s in     died of pancreatic cancer three days before
Newport News and lived there again in            Avon in 2007. The funeral took place there       his 62nd birthday. May he rest in peace.
retirement. He was an associate at St.           on the Saturday after his death.                  Fr. Franklin Arthur Neville, SMS’86
Michael’s in Annandale and at St. Vincent         Just days before his retirement was to take    (Wheeling-Charleston), died on November
de Paul parish in Newport News, where he         effect, Msgr. F. Dennis Tinder, SCC’62           16, 2009, at the age of 56. A native of
was also Coordinator of Peninsula Catholic       (Baltimore), died on December 4, 2009. A         Point Pleasant, WV, he was ordained by
High School and Director of Catholic             native of Towson, MD, he studied at St.          Bishop Schulte. He was an assistant at the
Charities. Then he was assigned to St.           Charles’ before making his major seminary        Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in
Rita’s in Alexandria, where he was also          course at Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg.        Charleston, St. Michael’s in Wheeling, St.
Director of Religious Education for the          After ordination in 1968 he served at St.        Joseph the Worker in Weirton, and St.
parishes and schools of Northern Virginia.       Pius X in Rodgers Forge for five years and       Elizabeth’s in Westover. He was pastor of
He also served at St. Luke’s in McLean           then worked in the archdiocesan vocation         St. Peter’s in Farmington, St. Patrick’s in
before becoming pastor of Holy Comforter         office until the early 1980’s. He was then       Mannington, Assumption of the Blessed
parish in Charlottesville, where he likewise     pastor of St. Joseph’s in Fullerton for ten      Virgin Mary mission in Littleton,
began Incarnation parish. He was part of         years and of St. Jane Frances de Chantal in      Immaculate Conception in Montgomery, St.
the Continuing Education program at St.          Pasadena for another ten years. In 2000 he       Anthony’s Shrine in Boomer, and Risen
Mary’s Seminary in 1980 in the midst of his      came back to his home parish of                  Lord in Clay. He was currently pastor of St.
ten years as pastor of St. Nicholas’ in          Immaculate Conception in Towson, where           Joseph’s in St. Joseph Settlement and of St.
Virginia Beach. He had a year of Scripture       he had the task of closing Towson Catholic       Martin of Tours in Cameron. Bishop
Studies at L’Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. On     High School and of battling a number of          Bransfield celebrated his funeral Mass at St.
his return he became pastor of St. Joan of       medical problems, including Lou Gehrig’s         Joseph’s.
Arc parish in Yorktown, where he helped          Disease. At his December 12 funeral,              On February 3, 2010, Fr. Levester Jones,
design the new church. This led to his           Archbishop O’Brien celebrated the Mass,          SMS’04 (Washington), was called at the age
appointment as Liturgical Consultant to          with Cardinal Keeler presiding and all the       of 56 to his eternal reward as a result of
Bishop Sullivan. In his final years he assist-   local hierarchy concelebrating. He was laid      pneumonia and complications. A native of
ed at Good Shepherd Church in Smithfield.        to rest in the parish cemetery of St. Joseph’s   South Carolina who grew up in Charlotte,
His funeral Mass was offered by fellow alum-     in Fullerton.                                    NC, he was working as an accountant in
nus, Fr. Robert French, at Immaculate
                                                  In late September 2009 we heard of the         Washington, DC, when he put aside the
Conception Church in Hampton, with bur-
                                                 death in New York of Charles P. Helsley,         family Baptist faith to be baptized a Catholic
ial of his ashes at St. Joan of Arc
                                                 SCC’69 and SMSC’71. In his years at the          at St. Teresa of Avila parish in Washington
                                                 College he was active in the various dramat-     in 1988. Later he studied for the priesthood
 His wife Patty was kind enough to let us       ic productions , and he pursued a career as      at St. Mary’s and was ordained at the
know that her husband of 45 years, Dr.           an actor after he left Catonsville. He was       National Shrine in Washington. He had
Francis J. Reilly, SMS’64, died December         working at the World Trade Center in New         two assignments as an associate, St. John
17, 2009, in St. Paul, MN. Not only had he       York in the attacks of 1993 and 2001, but        the Evangelist parish in Clinton and then at
ministered to others, but he suffered first      escaped both times. He died of pancreatic        St. Augustine’s in Washington. Since 2007
from colon cancer and finally from Lou           cancer and was found dead in his apartment.      he had been pastor of St. Joseph’s Church in
Gehrig’s Disease. May he now rest in peace.      We pray for his soul’s repose.                   Largo. Archbishop Wuerl celebrated his
 His classmates let us know of the death         From several sources we have received          funeral Mass at St. Joseph’s, and he was
on January 25, 2010, of Fr. M. Joseph            word of the death of William F. Welch III,       buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in
Mokrzycki, SCC’59 and SMS’65                     SMSC’77 and SMS’81, on March 5, 2010.            Silver Spring.
(Trenton), in the rectory of St. Elizabeth’s     He was a veteran of the Vietnam War who
parish in Avon, NJ. Ordained by Bishop                                                                  FRIENDS — IN MEMORIAM
                                                 came to the seminary after two years in the
Ahr, he served at St. Hedwig’s in Trenton        Navy. He was ordained for Wilmington in           We send our sympathy and prayers to
and then at Our Lady Star of the Sea in          1981 and served as an associate at St. John      Rebecca Quinn, the Advancement
Long Branch. In 1968 he took courses at          the Baptist/Holy Angels parish in Newark,        Assistant in the Provincial Advancement
Seton Hall University and became the             DE, for two years and then at St. Helena’s in    Office. On February 19, 2010, she fell on
chaplain at Monmouth College from 1969-          Wilmington for another two years.                the ice and broke her wrist. Three days
1977; he was founder of the Newman               Afterwards he taught Theology at St. Mark’s      later, her father, Charles Ferrara, who suf-
Center there. For four years he was              High School in Wilmington until he left          fered from Alzheimer ’s disease, died at the
Diocesan Director of Catholic Campus             active ministry in 1987. He worked in pri-       age of 92. The funeral had to be scheduled
Ministry. He was pastor of Our Lady Star of      vate industry for more than 20 years. He         around Rebecca’s surgery for repair of her
the Sea parish in Long Branch for 30 years                                                        wrist and hand.
St. Mary’s Seminary & University                                                                                 Nonprofit Org.
5400 Roland Avenue
                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage
Roland Park, Maryland 21210-1994
                                                                                                                 Baltimore, MD
                                                                                                                Permit No. 5037

24 Class Notes                                                                                                         Fall 2010

                                                  Continuing Education Programs

                                                          NEW PASTORS’ PROGRAM
                                              A   FOUR-DAY PROGRAM FOR FIRST TIME PASTORS.

                                                                   NOV. 7-11, 2010
                                     Grounds the role of pastor in the personal and spiritual health of the priest.

                                                           SENIOR PRIEST RETREAT
                                              A   RETREAT FOR       “VETERANS         OF THE   CAMPAIGN”
                                                                  MAY 16-20, 2011
      Contact our
                                   A three-day retreat with an optional fourth day for senior priests who are retired,
                                                     semi-retired, or ordained forty years or more.
    Office and let us
    know your news!
       Cindy Carr
    at 410-864-4264
                                       For more information on or registration for any of these programs, or for further
       or e-mail at                    information on St. Mary’s Center for Continuing Formation, phone 410-864-4102 or                   email: Visit us at

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