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					Industrial Revolution Time Capsule
Overall Description

You are going to create an industrial revolution time capsule. Pretend you are an archeologist. You are
going to teach a group of 8th graders about the Industrial Revolution. The only thing you have to teach
them with is these 5 artifacts. Since you only have 5, and the IR was such a major time in history, you
must choose wisely. Be sure that you artifacts encompass how the industrial revolution impacted all
aspect of America. For example, you may want to have an artifact that represents the industry itself,
and another may represent the politics of that time.

What can I use for artifacts and how do I have to turn them in?

You can use anything you want for artifacts. They can be pictures, posters, objects, photos, graphs,
charts, etc. You name it, and you can pretty much use it. Please make sure all of these artifacts can fit
into a shoebox or a large manila envelope- this is what you will need to turn you project in. If you have
any questions about whether or not an artifact is appropriate, please ask me!

Writing Component

You will need to write about each of these artifacts and why you chose them. Please put the
descriptions for all artifacts on the same piece of paper. You will need to summarize your view of the
Industrial Revolution. Follow the following format.

        Paragraph 1: Brief overview of the Industrial Revolution and this time period in the US

        Paragraph 2- 6: Descriptions of artifacts and their significance

        Paragraph 7: Do you think the Industrial Revolution was good or bad for the US at this time?


This project will be due on February 19th.

The following is a brief rubric of how the materials will be graded.

Artifacts: 50 Points- Do the artifacts reflect the time period and issues of the IR?

Written Explanation: 25 Points- Is the written explanation complete and informative?

Presentation: 25 Points- Are the artifacts in a box or envelope? Was the written component proofread?

If you are sick on February 11, please be sure to have a parent or friend bring your project to school.

Any Questions? Ask Mrs. Hand

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