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					                        Advanced Technology in Lasik surgery
Cosmetic surgery is steadily gaining popularity. It used to be
difficult finding a reputable plastic surgeon to perform a
small eye surgery like Lasik, but that is not the case
anymore. More and more doctors are opening cosmetic
surgery offices to supply the demand from consumers. Los
Angeles in particular is seeing this popularity more than
other cities. Whether it is because of the influence of the
celebrities in Hollywood or its raising popularity in the
blogosphere, it seems like cosmetic eye surgery is a trend
here to stay.

It used to be difficult to find Lasik surgery in the
Torrance area, but that is no longer the case. Instead, now
with the popularity of cosmetic surgery rising, consumers
are opting for vision correcting services more and more.
Besides the convenience of being able to find a surgeon nearby if you live in the Los Angeles
area, eye procedures are also getting less and less evasive thanks to new technology being
developed every day.

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With new advances like Wave front technology, Lasik surgery is now more precise and less time
consuming than before. The advances in Wave front technology allow a complete blueprint of
you vision to be collected and mapped out for the surgeon to use. Imagine seeing the exact
design of a cake you want to decorate presented in front of you before tackling the task. That is
how Wave front technology helps improve the Lasik surgery process. With the blueprint mapped
out, the surgeon can then decide on a more precise way to treat your vision. Much like a custom-
made cake you can buy for a wedding, Lasik with Wave front technology is a custom surgery
catered specifically to every nuance of your vision. No one else will receive the same surgery
since even the smallest irregularities are corrected for you. The clarity of such a blueprint was
not possible before Wave front technology was invented. With this new technology on hand,
clinical studies have shown that some patients have regained 20/20 vision, even at night.

The convenience of laser vision has not eluded consumers, which explains the rise in cosmetic
surgery over the years, especially in the Los Angeles area. Using intraocular lens to help treat
cataracts is also newer technology applied to vision correction. This explains why offices that
treat cataracts with intraocular lens in South Bay are also on the rise. With so many different
techniques, attaining that perfect vision without glasses or contacts is always within reach,
especially if you live in the Los Angeles area.

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