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									    Getting Your Audience to Talk: Encouraging Commenting on Your Articles

Comments – marketers hated them in the past and in stark contrast, online marketers are
craving for them now. The internet is fueled by conversations and it is but natural for a social
media marketing company to want to get the two cents of their audience on an article, a social
media update or a blog post. At the end of the day, the question is: is your target market or
public reading the content you painstakingly worked hard for? And if they do, is it relevant or
interesting enough to spark discussions?

Why Care About Comments?

When you run a query in search engines, especially those that are phrased in questions, it is very
common for a Q&A sites to rank high in the search results pages because of the constant
stream of fresh content from internet users providing answers. The same principle applies to
comments in articles. Consistent addition of new content is now a prerequisite to do well in
search rankings, which is why an internet marketing agency would always advocate for
businesses to frequently update their blogs.

Further, user comments would give you the benefit of ranking for keywords that would
otherwise you won’t be able to fit into your articles. It expands your reach in terms of search
terms as well and also makes your content look relevant and useful from the perspective of
search engines.

So, how can businesses or web owners encourage commenting? Here are a few actionable
recommendations you can implement.

Keep it Simple

Every social media marketing company should be a champion of simplicity. From design to
conversion, cyberspace is cluttered enough that there’s a strong movement towards de-
cluttering. An unreadable CAPTCHA on top of a lengthy comment form is definitely a turn off.
Keep it to the bare minimum. Further, if you will be asking for information such as email
addresses, you or your partner internet marketing agency should be able to assure internet
users that their contact details are secured and won’t be used for intrusive marketing tactics.

Location, Location, Location

This is an old mantra among real estate developers and today, it can be used as a guiding
principle by a social media marketing company. In a web page, there are prime real estate and
the not-so-prime real estate. The premium spots are often and almost automatically reserved
for ads. Often, an internet user is required to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page
before being able to reach the comments section.

At this point, something has got to give and an internet marketing agency should choose
between ad space, space for social media widgets and the comments section. If you’re really
serious about starting a discussion, then you would have to give your comments box a more
popular space.

Participate in the Discussion

This sounds like stating the obvious but it is actually very easy even for the most professional
social media marketing company that commenting is a two-way street. They comment, you
respond. This way, you get a real conversation going, trigger more comments and make your
audiences feel that you care about what they say.

Author is working in an Internet Marketing company as an SEO in Boston. He likes to write
informative articles on various topics related to Internet Marketing. Through this article, he
wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire an Internet marketing agency
for their businesses.

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