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  GreenNet CHICAGO                     How to use this guide
                                       Index of Services
  Chicago’s Greening                   Service Provider Descriptions                        8-23
                                                Local Non-Profit Organizations              8-11

                                                Local Collaboratives and Coalitions         11-12
                                                National Non-Profits                        12-13
                                                City of Chicago                             13-15
                                                Other Governmental Agencies                 15-16
  A Guide to Resources for                      Commercial Vendors                          16-23
  Chicago’s Community Gardeners

                                       How to use this guide..
                                       The GreenPages are a guide to resources for community gardeners
                                       in and around Chicago. GreenNet knows that the needs of a
                                       community garden are different then those of a home gardener.
                                       Material is needed in larger quantities and tools and furniture need
                                       to be able to stand up to heavy use.

                                       The Index of Services lists what urban gardeners need. From permits
GreenNet, Chicago’s Greening Network   to trainings to compost, it’s in here!
300 N. Central Park Ave
Chicago, IL 60624                      Service Provider Descriptions give contact information and a brief
(773) 980-9486                         description for each vendor or organization and note if those               materials are provided through a government agency, a non-profit or                a commercial company.

                                       We would like your comments and additions to this guide so feel
                                       free to contact GreenNet at the address or e-mail on the cover to
                                       provide updates and other services you would like to see listed.
February 2011                          Good luck with those gardens!
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                                                                         Index of Services
                                                                          Local Non-Profit Organizations: Archi-treasures, Chicago Public Art Group
                                                                          City of Chicago: MOWD- Gallery 37
GreenNet is….                                                             Benches and Other Garden Architecture
                                                                          City of Chicago: Department of Environment—Greencorps
A coalition of non-profit organization and public agencies
committed to: sharing information and resources; serving as a             Commercial: Bricks Inc., Doty and Sons, Mortise and Tenon Fine Carpentry,
clearinghouse for information about greening in Chicago; and                        MTI Landscaping, Rebuilding Exchange, SmallScapes, Wabash Valley
developing joint efforts to improve the quality, amount, use,             Bicycle Trails, Information and Racks
and wide geographic distribution of sustainable, green open               Local Non-Profit Orgs: Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, Friends of the Parks
space in the City of Chicago.                                             City of Chicago: Department of Transportation
                                                                          Other Governmental Agencies: Chicago Park District
                                                                          Classes, Education, Workshops
 GreenNet……                                                               Local Non-Profit Organizations: Angelic Organics Learning Center, Chicago
                                                                                    Botanic Garden, Friends of the Parks, Garfield Park Conservatory
—Provides opportunities for its members and their constituencies to
                                                                                    Alliance, Growing Power, Nature Conservancy (Illinois Chapter),
 exchange ideas and pool resources on a regular basis.
                                                                                    Openlands, University of Illinois Extension Program
—Increases public awareness of and participation in community greening    National Non-Profit:s: American Community Gardening Association
 and in environmentally sound management of urban open space              Local Collaboratives and Coalitions: Chicago Wilderness, GreenNet, Green
                                                                                    Teacher Network
—Creates joint advocacy partnership among member organizations            City of Chicago: Department of the Environment-Greencorps & Chicago
                                                                                    Center for Green Technology
—Fosters public forums for appropriate relevant issues.                   Other Governmental Agencies: Chicago Park District– North Park Village
                                                                                    Nature Center
Started in December 1995, this professional network meets quarterly       Community and School Garden Information and Organizing
on a rotating basis at member organization sites. Members share           Local Non-Profit Organizations: Chicago Botanic Garden, Garfield Park
information and professional development seminars.                                  Conservatory Alliance, Growing Home, Growing Power,
                                                                                    NeighborSpace, Openlands
                                                                          Local Collaboratives and Coalitions: GreenNet, Green Teacher Network
                                                                          National Non-Profit Organizations: American Community Gardening
                                                                                    Association, National Gardening Association
                                                                          City of Chicago: Department of Environment – Greencorps, Chicago Public
                                                                                    Library-Nature Connections, Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse
                                                                          Compost, Fertilizer and Manure
                                                                          City of Chicago: Department of Environment Natural Resources and Water Qual-
                                                                                  ity “Compost Bin Rebate Form,” and the Department’s list of retailers,
                                                                                  Park District/Chicago Police Department– Mounted Patrol Unit Stables
                                                                          Local Non-Profit Orgs: Chicago Recycling Coalition, Garfield Park Conserva-
                                                                                   tory Alliance, Growing Power, *Univ. of Illinois Extension-Manure
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          Share                                                                     Commercial: Blommer Chocolate Factory, E-Z Tree Recycling, Lake Street
Commercial: E-Z Tree Recycling, Noble Horse, Ramirez Trucking, Markets- Farm-                    Landscape Supply, White Premium Organics
           ers and Community, Green Generations, Carlin Horticultural Supplies,     Plants
           CityEscape, EZ Tree, Feed Store, Grand Street Gardens, Hummert           Local Non-Profit Organizations: Chicago Botanic Garden’s May sale, Morton Ar-
           International, Lake Street Landscape Supply, Midwest Enterprises, Or-              boretum’s Arbor Day Plant Sale, Openlands’ Great Perennial Divide
           land Soil, Ramirez Compost, Shemin Nurseries, Sid's Greenhouse,                    and Plant Giveaway Days
           Town and Country, Underwood, White Premium Organics                      City of Chicago: Department of the Environment – GreenCorps, Chicago Park
Digging Permits and Surveys                                                                   District- Kilbourn Park' s annual plant sale in May
City of Chicago: Department of Transportation— Digger (in Chicago),                 Commercial: Ball Seed, Bella, Beaver Creek, Bork Nurseries, City Escape, Elite
          Permits Department, Department of Streets and Sanitation—Bureau of                  Growers, Fiore, Gethsemane Garden Center, Good Earth Green-
          Forestry (parkway digging)                                                          house, Grand St. Gardens, Hoffie Nursery, Intrinsic Gardens, Ion Ex-
Other Governmental Agencies: J.U.L.I.E. (in Suburbs)                                          change, Kankakee Nursery Co., McAdam Nursery and Garden Cen-
Fences                                                                                        ter., Midwest Groundcovers, Natural Gardens, Planter’s Palette, Pos-
City of Chicago: Department of Buildings (permits),                                           sibility Place, Prairie Moon Nursery, Prairie Nursery, Sid’s Green-
          Commercial: American Home Fence, The Fence Store, Midwest Fencing,                  house, Ted’s Greenhouse, Wilson Nurseries
          Surplus Supplies Center, Weld One, Home/Garden Centers
                                                                                    Plant Information and Technical Assistance
                                                                                    Local Non-Profit Organizations: Chicago Botanic Garden, Garfield Park Conserva-
Local Non-Profit Organizations: Friends of the Chicago River,
                                                                                              tory Alliance, Growing Power, Morton Arboretum, Nature Conser-
          Friends of the Parks, Openlands
                                                                                              vancy (IL Chapter), Openlands, U of I Extension-Master Gardeners
Local Collaboratives and Coalitions: GreenNet
                                                                                    Local Collaboratives and Coalitions: Chicago Wilderness, GreenNet
National Non-Profit Organizations: National Gardening Association,
          Oppenheimer Foundation, Steans Family Foundation                                    Hotline Referral Service, Midwest Ecological Landscaping Assoc.
City of Chicago: Department of the Environment – Greencorps Chicago                 City of Chicago: Department of the Environment – Greencorps, North Park
Other Governmental Agencies: Urban Resources Partnership, USDA                                Village Nature Center
Land: Ownership and Community Garden Locations                                      Property Acquisition/Permits
Local Non-Profit Organizations: NeighborSpace, Openlands                            Local Non-Profit Organizations: NeighborSpace, Openlands
National Non-Profit Organizations: Land Trust Alliance, Trust for Public Land       City of Chicago: Bureau of Real Estate Management, Department of the Environ-
City of Chicago: Department of Housing and Economic Development, Cook                         ment, Department of Housing and Economic Development (includes
          County Recorder of Deeds                                                            zoning and land use), Cook County Recorder of Deeds
Legal Assistance                                                                    Governmental Agencies: Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Local Non-Profit Organizations: Community Economic Development Law                  Rain Barrels
          Project, Environmental Law and Policy Center                              City of Chicago: Department of Environment– Natural Resources and Water
Markets— Farmers and Community                                                                Quality “Rain Barrel Rebate Form,” and the Dept.’s list of retailers
Local Non-Profit Orgs: Evanston Farmers’ Market, Green City Market, Oak Park        Recycling
          Farmers’ Market, Logan Square, City of Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs   Local Non-Profit Organizations and Coalitions: The Resource Center, Chicago Re-
Median Planting, Boulevard & Parkway Trees                                                    cycling Coalition
City of Chicago: Department of Streets and Sanitation-Bureau of                     Seeds and Seed-Starting
          Forestry, Department of Transportation                                    National Non-Profit Organizations: America the Beautiful Fund
Mulch and Wood Chips                                                                City of Chicago: Department of the Environment - GreenCorps, Neighbor-
City of Chicago: Department of Environment-Greencorps Chicago,                                Space's One Seed Chicago
          Department of Streets and Sanitation – Bureau of Forestry
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Commercial: Gardener’s Alive, Gardener’s Supply Co., Hometown Seeds,
          Johnny’s Seeds, Seed Exchange, Seed Savers, Terroir Seeds                Service Providers
          (Underwood Gardens),
Soil or Crushed Stone                                                              Local Non-Profit            
Commercial: DuPage Topsoil, Earth Inc., E-Z Tree Recycling, Fox River Stone                                              Provides technical and artistic
          Co., Frerk Bros., Orland Soil, Schwake Stone, Town and Country                                                 assistance for the beautification
Soil Testing for Lead                                                                                                    of parks and gardens.
                                                                                   Angelic Organics Farm and
City of Chicago: Department of Public Health (Blood Screening)
                                                                                   Learning Center                       Active Transportation Alliance
Commercial: A & L Great Lakes Laboratories, STAT Analysis
                                                                                   1547 Rockton Road                     9 W. Hubbard St. Suite 402
Local Non-Profit Organizations: University of Illinois Extension (Fertility)       Caledona, IL 61011                    Chicago, IL 60610-6545
Tools                                                                              815.389.8455/ fax 815.389.3106        312.427.3325/ fax 312.427.4907
Commercial: A.M. Leonard, Carlin, CityEscape, Grainger, Hummert, Russo Ace     
          Hardware, Town and Country                                                    Advocates increase in bicycle use
City of Chicago: Department of Streets and Sanitation– Mayor Daley’s Clean         CSA Learning Center connects          and creation of bike trails and
          and Green Program                                                        organic farmers to consumers          other forms of active transport.
Tree Information, Planting, and Maintenance                                        through food and educational pro-
          Local Non-Profit Organizations: Chicago Botanic Garden, Morton Arbo-     grams. They train aspiring farmers,* Chicago Botanic Garden
          retum, Openlands’ Treekeepers                                            give tours and demonstrations at   1000 Lake Cook Rd.
Local Collaboratives and Coalitions: Chicago Wilderness                            the farm and run a Community       Glencoe, IL 60022
                                                                                   Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm   847.835.5440/tdd:847.835.0790
Governmental Agencies: Forest Preserve of Cook County
                                                                                   from which people can get herbs
Vegetable Gardening/ Urban Agriculture                                                                      
                                                                                   and vegetables delivered.
Local Non-Profit Organizations: Advocates for Urban Agriculture, Angelic Or-                                          -Eliza Fournier,Manager Community
          ganics—CSA Learning Center, Growing Home, Growing Power,                 Angelic Organics Learning           Gardening
          Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse, Openlands-HomeGrown Chi-               Center                    
          cago, The Resource Center, Underwood Gardens, U. of I. Extension         6400 S. Woodlawn Ave.              -Angela Mason, Director Community
                                                                                   Chicago, IL 60637                   Gardening and Green Youth Farm
Commercial: Johnny’s Seeds
                                                                                   773.288.5462/ fax 425.969.0317
Volunteer Workers
Local Non-Profit Organizations: Chicago Cares, Chicago Public Allies, Friends of   Woodlawn center focuses on edu- -Lynne Haynor, Program Coordinator,
                                                                                   cation and connects urban families Green Youth Farm
          the Chicago Rivers, Friends of the Parks, Garfield Park Conservatory
                                                                                   to the land and helps them build
          Alliance, Nature Conservancy (Ill. Chapter), Openlands, Chicago
                                                                                   healthy local food systems.
          Cares, Friends of the Chicago River                                                                         Works with Waukegan teens to
                                                                                                                      grow organic veggies. Partners with
Local Collaboratives and Coalitions: Chicago Wilderness Chicago Community          * Archi-treasures                  GreenNet prodevelopment for
          Gardeners Association, GreenNet                                          3339 W. Division                   teachers interested in gardening.
Water Permits and Plumbing Contractors                                             Chicago, IL 60651
City of Chicago: Department of Water                                               773.772.4416/ fax 773.772.4418     Chicago Public Alllies
Commercial: Central Lawn Sprinklers                                                   200 N. Michigan Ave. Ste. 520
Weed and Pest Control                                                                                                 Chicago, IL 60601-5909
                                                                                         * Denotes member of
Local Collaboratives: Safer Pest Control Project                                                                      312.422.7777/ fax 312.422.7776
                                                                                            GreenNet Chicago
Commercial: Local gardening supply stores (see Plants category)
                                                                  PAGE 9     PAGE 10        312.857.2757 fax 312.857.0656             Dec. at the Notebaert Nature Mu-                               seum in Lincoln Park                  Jody R. Adler, J.D., TLP Director
Advances diverse, young leaders to Director of Neighborhood Parks            Growing Home
                                   and Community Relations:                                                        Provides free legal assistance for
strengthen communities, non-                                                 Adminstrative Office
                                     Maria Dmyterko Stone                                                          non-profit community organizations.
profits and civic participation.                                             2732 N. Clark St.
                                   Director of Volunteers:                   Chicago, IL 60614                     Morton Arboretum
Chicago Public Art Group                                                     773.549.1336
                                     Mary Eileen Sullivan                                                          4100 Illinois Rte. 53
1259 S. Wabash                                                               Email: Lisle, IL 60532
Chicago, IL 60605          
                                                                             Wood Street Urban Farm                630.968.0074/ fax 630.719.7956
312.427.2724/ fax 312.427.3413        Provides technical support to          5814 S. Wood Street, Chicago,           community advocates looking to         Chicago, IL 60636
                                      improve their parks, preserves and     773.434.7144                          Provides information and technical
Able to create fences, benches,
                                      community greenspace.                        assistance for trees and shrubs.
sculptures and pavers.
                                                                             Harry Rhodes, Director
                                      * Garfield Park Conservatory             Nature Conservancy,
Environmental Law and
                                                                                                                   Illinois Chapter
Policy Center                         Alliance                               Provides job training and employ- 8 S. Michigan, Suite 900
35 E. Wacker Dr. #1300                300 N. Central Park Ave.               ment opportunities for homeless
                                      Chicago, IL 60624                                                            Chicago, IL 60603
Chicago, IL 60601                                                            and low-income people in the con- 312.580.2100/ fax 312.346.5606
312.673.6500/ fax 312.795.3730        773.638.1766/ fax 773.638.1777         text of organic agriculture business.,                
                                      Robin Cline,                                           Sponsors volunteer programs and
The ELPC is a Midwest public                                                 Growing Power-Chicago
                                      Provides family-oriented activities,   2215 W. North Ave.                      workshops for urban gardeners
interest group working on large
                                                                                                                     and children.
environmental issues around open manages urban demonstration                 Chicago, IL 60647
space, energy efficiency and transit. garden the size of a city lot, and     773.486.6005/ fax 773.593.3112
                                      other special projects to support      Erika Allen, Chicago Projects Manager   * NeighborSpace
Friends of the Chicago River          community greening initiatives.                  25 E. Washington St., Ste. 1670
28 E. Jackson St., Suite 1800                                                          Chicago, IL 60602
Chicago, IL 60604                     * Green City Market                            Ben Helphand– Executive Director
312.939.0490/ fax 312.939.0931        Business Office                        Helps to plan and implement             312.863.6292/ fax 312.427.6251                  2732 N. Clark Suite 302                urban agriculture workshops and              Chicago, IL 60614                      projects; provides workshops  
Advocates protecting and improv- Outdoor Market                              from their center in Milwaukee.         Acquires property on behalf of
ing the Chicago River; provides       1790 N. Clark St.
                                                                                                                     committed community groups that
technical & financial assistance for Indoor Market                           The Law Project (Formerly               wish to preserve that property as
river-related greening.               Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum          Community Economic Devel-               community open space.
                                      2430 N. Cannon Dr                      opment Law Project )
                                     100 North LaSalle St., Suite 600
* Friends of the Parks                                                                                               * Openlands
                                      The outdoor market is located at       Chicago, IL 60602                       25 E. Washington St., Ste. 1650
17 N. State St., Suite 1450           the south end of Lincoln Park and      312.939.3638                            Chicago, IL 60602
Chicago, IL 60602                     runs May-Oct., Weds. and Sat.                                                  312.427.4256/ fax 312.427.6251
                                                                                * Denotes member of
   * Denotes member of                The indoor market runs from Nov-             GreenNet Chicago        
     GreenNet Chicago
                                                                  PAGE 11     PAGE 12

Glenda Daniels, Community Greening                                            Chicago Recycling Coalition        field Park Conservatory Alliance to
Director,       Safer Pest Control Project             P.O. Box 87442                     provide resources and training for
                                                                              Chicago, IL 60680-0442             area teachers on school gardening
-Treekeepers, trains volunteers to     4611 N. Ravenswood Av. Suite 107
  maintain the city’s urban forest     Chicago, IL 60640                       curricula.
 -Land Preservation, helps com- 773.878.7378/ fax 773.878.8250                Provides compost & recycling
  munities in northeastern Illinois                        information & resources.           * Midwest Ecological
  increase the quantity and quality of                                                 Landscaping Assoc.
   open space for public enjoyment.                                           Chicago Wilderness                 310 Busse Hwy., #265
Julie Samuels, Community Outreach        Provides information on chemical-                                       Park Ridge, IL 60068
                                         free schools, homes and gardens      8 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 900
Coordinator,                                           Chicago, IL 60603        
                                         and teaches gardeners about alter-                            
 -Building Urban Gardens                                                      312.580.2137/ fax 312.346.5606
                                         natives to pesticides.
   (BUGS), a survey course in or-                                             Association of landscaping profes-
  ganic gardening; graduates volun-                                                                              sionals who promote environ-
  teers in community gardens.
                                         * University of Illinois             Web site provides information
                                         Extension                            about native plants and links to   mentally responsible practices.
-Homegrown Chicago, A class
  which provides training and sup-
                                         3807 W. 111th St.                    member organizations.
                                         Chicago, IL 60655                                                       National Non-Profit and
  port for community vegetable gar-
  dens in Chicago                        773.233.0476/ fax 773.233.0910       * GreenNet                         Funding Organizations
 -Community Garden Organizing             300 N. Central Park Ave
Jamie Zaplatosch, Education Director     Ron Wolford, Extension Educator      Chicago, IL 60624                   * American Community                      773.980.9486                        Gardening Association
 -School Gardens                      Provides training for Master               c/o Franklin Park Conservatory
   Helps to create and facilitate com-Gardeners and support for area            1777 East Broad St.
   munity gardens at over 50 Chicago  gardeners. Master Gardeners may         Provides many resources for the     Columbus, OH 43203-2040
   schools                            be available to volunteer in com-       urban gardener including grants,    877.ASK.ACGA/877.275.2242/ fax
 -Green Teacher Network               munity gardens. Also runs a free        informational resource (newsletter, 614.645.5921
   Develops plant and garden curricu- manure exchange program called          map, website) for member organi-
   lum with area teachers
                                      Manure Share. Has a list of soil        zations. Maintains hotline to ad-

The Resource Center                   testing labs.                           dress community garden questions Works to create new resources
222 E. 135th Place                                                            and provide referrals.              for community gardens. Annual
Chicago, IL 60627                        Local Collaboratives                                                     community gardening conference,
773.821.1351/ fax 773.821.7462           and Coalitions                       Green Teacher Network               online resources and informative
                                                                              c/o Openlands                       listserv on all topics concerning
                                    Advocates for Urban                       25 E. Washington St., Ste. 1650     community gardens.
                                                                              Chicago, IL 60602
Runs City Farm, a sustainable vege- Agriculture                               312.427.4256/ fax 312.427.6251      America the Beautiful Fund
table farm in the Cabrini Green     c/o Garfield Park Conservatory
                                    Chicago, IL 60612                         formerly School Garden Initiative) 1730 K Street, Suite 1002
area. Provides compost, manure,                                              NW Washington, DC 20006
top soil, mixed soil, bricks and
                                    advocates-for-urban-agriculture/          teacherprogram/gtn                  202.638.1649/ fax 202.204.0028
rocks. Runs multiple recycling
centers across the city.            Supports and informs on issues            Partnership between Chicago Bo-
                                    surrounding urban agriculture             tanic Garden, Openlands and Gar-   Distributes free flower and vegeta-
  * Denotes member of               including food security and                                                  ble packets, bulk seeds, and educa-
                                                                                 * Denotes member of
     GreenNet Chicago               farming in the city.                           GreenNet Chicago              tional materials to community gar-
                                                                 PAGE 13      PAGE 14

                                       Department of Public Health
National Gardening Assoc.                Provides plants, landscape ma-       Lead Poisoning Prevention            en/depts/cdot.html
1100 Dorset Street                       terials and technical assistance     Program                              Provides authorization for
South Burlington, VT 05403               to community gardens through         312.747.LEAD (5323)                  median, traffic circles, and
802.863.5251/ fax 802.864.6889           landscaping/job training. Runs                boulevard planting.                           plant distribution days, includ-     City program that provides free
                                         ing the Great Perennial Divide.                                            -Digger
Renews links between people,                                                  blood screening for lead poisoning
                                       -Chicago Center for Green Technology                                          312.744.7000
plants and the environment.                                                   as well as other helpful services for
                                         Offers free workshops and                                                    Within the Chicago city limits,
                                                                              Chicago residents.
                                         tours on green building tech-                                                you must contact Digger 48
City of Chicago                          nologies.                                                                    hours in advance to determine
                                                                              Department of Streets and
                                       -Natural Resources and Water Quality                                           underground utility and sewer
NOTE: For all general information                                             Sanitation
                                         Offers free workshops around                                                 lines before digging. Elsewhere
call 311                                                                      121 N. LaSalle St., Room 700
                                         the city and distributes rain                                                call J.U.L.I.E at 800.892.0123
                                                                              Chicago, IL 60602
For all department websites, go to       barrel and compost bin rebate        Call your local branch or             -Permits Department and select         forms. Go to cityofchi-              312.744.4611                           312.744.4652
the link to the appropriate     for rebate                  Provides digging permits, infor-
department or bureau.                    forms and a list of retailers.       streetsandsan                           mation on underground lines.
                                                                                Manages streetlights, rodent        -Utility Alert Network
Department of Buildings              Department of Housing and                  control, abandoned vehicle           312.744.7000
121 N. LaSalle St., Rm. 900          Economic Development                       towing, street sweeping, etc.          Dispatches workers to mark
Chicago, IL 60602                    (formerly Departments of Community
                                                                              Bureau of Forestry                       underground utilities.
312.744.6479                         Development and Zoning and Land Use)
                                     121 N. LaSalle St. 10th floor            312.746.5254
Provides permits for fences on       Chicago, IL 60602                          Provides free mulch, wood chips, Department of Water
private property.                                                               and tree inspection, trimming       Management
                                     312.744.4190/ fax 312.744.6550
                                                                                and planting in parkways.           1000 E. Ohio St.
* Department of the                                                           Mayor Daley’s Clean and Green Program Chicago, IL 60611
                                     Kathy Dickhut, Assistant Com-
Environment                                                                     By request throughout the year, 312.744.7001/fax: 312.744.7119
30 N. LaSalle St., Suite 200                                                    the city provides tools and bags
Chicago, IL 60602                    Directs CitySpace plan and pro-            and flyers for volunteer groups     WaterManagement
312.744.7606/ fax 312.744.6451       vides information on open space in         who want to clean up a              Provides water permits for com-    Chicago. Find land ownership in-           neighborhood. Search “Mayor         munity gardens and authorization        formation at https://                      Daley’s Clean and Green Pro-        for fire hydrant use.
                                     gram” for how to sign up online.
Oversees recycling, redevelopment
of abandoned industrial property, Find available properties at the:                                                Chicago Public Library
                                  City of Chicago Land Owner-                 Department of                        NatureConnections Program
and land restoration.
                                  ship Inventory                              Transportation                       400 S. State St.
                                  30 N. LaSalle St., #3700                    30 N. LaSalle St., Rm. 1100          Chicago, IL 60605
 * Greencorps Chicago
                                  Chicago, IL 60602                           Chicago, IL 60602                    312.747.4730
  445 N. Sacramento Blvd.
                                  312.744.LAND (5263)                         312.744.3600/ fax 312.744.1200
  Chicago, IL 60612
  312.746.9777/ fax: 312.746.9778                                               eventsprog/programs/
                                  en/depts/dcdsupp_info/city-                   * Denotes member of                nature_conn.php
  * Denotes member of             owned_land_inventory.html                       GreenNet Chicago       
   GreenNet Chicago
                                                                PAGE 15       PAGE 16

Has children’s books & programs         tion for restoration and offers       acquisition, management, and res-
on natural history, gardening and       classes for citizens.                 toration.                             Provides fencing and installation
environment. You can also call        -Garfield Park Conservatory
your local branch.                    300 N. Central Park Ave.                J.U.L.I.E.                            Ball Seed
                                      Chicago, IL 60612                       800.892.0123                          622 Town Road
Other Government                      -Lincoln Park Conservatory                     West Chicago, IL 60185
Agencies                              2391 N Stockton Dr.                     Use J.U.L.I.E. for anywhere in the    847.697.6080
                                      Chicago, Il 60614                       state of Illinois (except Chicago) to
                                      -Chicago Police Department-             determine underground utility and Laura Thomas-Stachon
* Chicago Park District
                                      Mounted Horse Unit                      sewer lines before excavating. In
541 N. Fairbanks Ct.                  7059 South Shore Dr. (within the        Chicago call Digger at 312.744.7000 Suburban seed supplier for
Chicago, IL 60611                     South Shore Cultural Center)
312.742.7529/ fax 312.747.6046                                                                                annuals, perennials and vegetables.
                                      Chicago, IL 60649                       U. S. Environmental             Impressive trial gardens to highlight           312.747.5425                            Protection Agency               plant combinations and varieties.
Begin by contacting your local                                                Sustainable Urban Environment –
                                        Provides free manure.                 Team Manager
                                                                                                              A OneSeedChicago Seed Donor!
CPD office.
                                                                              77 W. Jackson Blvd., 19th Floor
-Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse     Cook County                             Chicago, IL 60604                     Beaver Creek Nurseries
 3501 N. Kilbourn Park                Recorder of Deeds                       1.800.621.8431                        6604 Randall Road
Chicago, IL 60641                     118 N. Clark St., Room 120                       Poplar Grove, IL 61065-9005
773.685.3359                          Chicago, IL 60602                                                             815.737.8758/ fax 815. 737.8778   312.603.5050/ fax 312.603.5063          An information resource on sus-
                                                       tainable development and smart
  Only public organic greenhouse                                              growth practices, as they relate to   Roy and Sarah Klehm
  in Chicago. Holds an annual         Keeps records of vacant lot own-        clean air, water, and land issues.
  organic plant sale in May, and      ership.                                                                       Over 500 acres of wholesale nurs-
  organic gardening classes.                                                                                        ery stock including trees, shrubs,
  Greenhouse includes a Chil-         Forest Preserve of Cook                 Commercial Vendors                    evergreens, vines and perennials
  dren’s Garden, fruit orchard, and   County
                                      536 N. Harlem Ave.                      A & L Great Lakes                     Beeson’s McHenry County
  26 allotment community garden
                                      River Forest, IL 60305                  Laboratories                          Nursery, Inc.
  plots for neighbors.
                                      708.366.9420/ fax 708.771.1512          3505 Conestoga Drive                  8501 White Oaks Rd.
-Harvest Gardens                                                              Fort Wayne, IN 46808
  Introduces children to urban                                                                 Harvard, IL 60033
                                                                              260.483.4759/ fax 260.483.5274        815.943.8733/ fax 815.943.3511
  vegetable gardening in Chicago      Provides guidance on tree selec-
  parks.                              tion & care; occasional wood chip                                   
-North Park Village Nature            give-away; land restoration training.   Provides soil testing. Send 
                                                                              samples of soil in zip lock bags to   Joe Beeson, Owner
5801 N. Pulaski                       Il Dept. of Natural Resources           be tested for lead and cadmium.       Growers and propagators of
Chicago, Il 60646                     100 W. Randolph, Ste. 4300                                                    quality Northern Illinois-grown
312.744.5472/ fax 312.744.1134        Chicago, IL 60601                       American Home Fence                   plant material.
 Provides environmental educa-        312.814.2070/ fax 312.814.2439          3444 N. Cicero Ave.
                                              Chicago, IL 60641                     Bella Flowers
                                                                              773.777.3700                          and Greenhouse, Inc.
  * Denotes member of                 Directs state programs for land
    GreenNet Chicago                                                            * Denotes member of                 7117 S Roberts Road
                                                                                  GreenNet Chicago                  Bridgeview, IL 60455
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Contact : Mario                      CityEscape Garden Center              Mike Fowler, Owner                   7N394 McLean Blvd.
708.458.3093/ fax 708.458.312        3022 W. Lake St.                                                           South Elgin, IL 60177                 Chicago, IL 60612                     Provides soil, mulch and compost
                                                                           across the Chicagoland area.         847.742.6060/ fax 847.742.6282
Greenhouse grower of annuals         773.638.2000                                                     
and vegetables with small retail     Connie Rivera                                                    
                                        Feed Store, The
garden center.                                                             5408 South Harlem Avenue             Supplies rock and stone products.
                                     A full service retail garden center   Summit, IL 60501
Blommer Chocolate Factory            and design-build landscape re-        Joseph Bestwina                      Gethsemane Garden Center
600 W. Kinzie                        source, located four blocks east of   708.458.1327                         5739 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60610                    the Garfield Park Conservatory.                                            Chicago, IL
312.226.7700/ fax 312.226.4141       Call for seasonal hours.              Sells alfalfa meal—inexpensive or-
                                                                           ganic fertilizer                     773.878.5915                                                                                       
Supplies mulch - $3.99/25 lb.        Doty and Sons
                                     1275 East State St.                   The Fence Store                      Northside garden center that
bag of cocoa hulls for mulch.                                              5927 N. Milwaukee Ave                stocks many hard to find items
                                     Sycamore, IL 60178
                                     800.233.3097/ fax 815.895.8035        Chicago, IL 60646                    at a premium price.
Bork Nurseries, Inc.                                                       773.792.3900/ fax 773.792.8163
7502 S. Main St            
                                                                               Good Earth Greenhouse
Crystal Lake, IL 60014               Stone benches, tables, garbage cans
877.223.0200/ fax 847.444.6309                                             Fence supplier                     7900 W. Madison St.                DuPage Topsoil                                                           River Forest, IL 60305
                                     P.O. Box 387                          Charles J. Fiore Company, Inc. 708.366.9500
Downstate nursery with a sales                                             16606 West Hwy 22
yard in Crystal Lake.                (Butterfield Rd. and 59th St.)                                           Garden center on west side with
                                     Wheaton, IL 60189                     Prairie View, IL 60069
                                                                           847.913.1414/ fax 847.913.9690     café, florist, and workshops.
Bricks Incorporated                  Contact : Tray
                                     630.682.4800/ fax 630.231.3764
3425 S. Kedzie Ave.                                                                                           Grainger
Chicago, IL 60623                   Supplies topsoil. Call for prices      Retail/wholesale nursery yard
773-523-5718                        based on how much topsoil you          with hard to find trees, vines and
                                                                           perennials.                        Supplier of hardware, tools and
Major supplier of bricks and stones need delivered.                                                           equipment with sites near Midway,
                                                                           Forestry Suppliers, Inc.           Pilsen, and Lincoln Park/Bucktown.
Carlin Horticultural Supplies        Earth Inc.
                                     810 Arlington Hts. Rd. Suite #1       205 W. Rankin St.
8170 Granville Woods Rd.                                                   P.O. Box 8397                        Grand Street Gardens
Milwaukee, WI 53223                  Itasca, IL 60143                                                           2200 W. Grand Ave.
                                     630.285.9800                          Jackson, MS 39284
800.657.0745/ fax 414.355.3107                                             Sales: 800.647.5368/Customer         Chicago, IL 60612                  Provides topsoil, construction sand   Service: 800.752.8460                312.829.8200
Or, 3470 Mound Road                  and crushed stone. Call for prices        Garden center in West Town.
Joliet, IL 60436                     on your estimate of how much                                               Stocks rain barrels, perennials,
                                     soil/crushed stone you need-          Supplies forestry, tree planting,
Horticultural supplies including                                           arboriculture, horticulture, and     organic fertilizers and other
greenhouse, commercial, agricul-     delivery is in 2-3 days. COD only.                                         garden material.
                                                                           related products
tural, and retail equipment.
                                     EZ Tree Recycling                                                          GRO Horticultural Enter-
                                     7050 S. Dorchester                    Fox River Stone Company
                                                                                                                prises, Inc.
   * Denotes member of               Chicago, IL 60637                          * Denotes member of             14440 Marengo Rd.
     GreenNet Chicago                773.493.8600                                 GreenNet Chicago
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Union, IL 60180-9621                Supplies drums for water, recy-      and rentals.                       630.904.8700/ fax 630.904.8143
847.669.8658/ fax 847.669.8662      cling, waste.                                                           or P.O. Box 857
Gregory Oltman, President                                                Russo Power Equipment              4N755 Lombard Rd.                      Johnny’s Seeds                       9525 W. Irving Park Rd.            Addison, IL 60101-0857
                                    955 Benton Ave.                      Schiller Park, IL 60176            630.773.8090/ fax 630.773.6559
Shade and ornamental trees, cus-                                         847.678.9525/ fax 847.678.0705
tom digging and transplanting.      Winslow, MA 04901
                                    Toll free 1.877.564.6697                  Brady Pepper, General Manager
Henry Frerk Sons
3135 W. Belmont                            Landscape equipment supplier       One-stop with horticultural distri-
Chicago, IL 60618                   Wholesale and home garden seed       rentals of tillers, power rakes,   bution center. Full line of nursery
773.588.0800/ fax 773.588.0897      supplier.                            tampers, etc.                      stock and landscape supplies.

Supplier of masonry supplies in-                                         Schwake Stone                      Sid’s Greenhouse
cluding concrete, gravel, crushed   Kankakee Nursery Co.
                                    PO Box 288                           1313 Rand Rd                       10926 Southwest Highway
granite and rebar.                                                       Des Plaines, IL 60016              Palos Hills, IL 60465
                                    Aroma Park, IL 60910
                                    800.344.7697                         800.582.4477/ fax 847.824.3213     800.974.7437/ fax 708.974.9119
Hoffie Nursery                                                      
17102 Marengo Road                  Growers of shade and ornamental
Union, IL 60180                     trees, lining out stock, container   Supplier of stone, brick, pavers   Large garden center, greenhouse,
815.923.2518                        grown plants, and perennials and     with good showroom.                and florist. Resource for hard to
                                    ornamental grasses to wholesalers,                                      find products.
Perennial and annual nursery                                             Seeds of Change
                                    landscapers and others.
                                                                         P.O. Box 15700                     STAT Analysis
Hummert International                                                    Santa Fe, NM 87592                 2242 W. Harrison, Suite 200                        Lake Street Landscape Supply
                                                                         888.762.7333                       Chicago, IL 60612
Supplier of all types of horticultural 1810 W. Lake St.                      312.733.0551/ fax 312.733.2386
products                               Chicago, IL 60612
                                       312.226.0760/ fax 312.226.0761    Supplier of organic seeds and
Ion Exchange
                                                                      Lab for analyzing soil samples
1878 Old Mission Drive
                                    Ray Hufnagel, owner                  Seed Savers Exchange
Harpers Ferry, IA 52146-7533
800.291.2143/ fax 563.535.7362      Complete landscape yard for          3094 North Winn Road               State Street Steel Co.                 delivery or pickup including         Decorah, IA 52101                  6418 S. State St.                 specialty planting mixes, compost,   563.382.5990/ fax 563.382.5872     Chicago, IL 60637
                                    mulch, topsoil, trees and shrubs.                 773.783.3600/ fax 773.224.4763
Provides native plants and seeds                                                                  
                                    Call for prices and delivery fees.   Supplier of heirloom seeds and
                                                                         unique garden equipment. A One-    Supplies iron fences, designs & panels
Jakacki Bag and Barrel
                                    Mariani Nursery                      SeedChicago Seed Donor!
4607 W. Lexington St.
                                    300 Rockland Road                                                       Ted’s Greenhouse, Inc.
Chicago,IL 60644
                                    Lake Bluff, IL 60044                 Shemin Nuerseries, Inc.            16930 S. 84th Ave.
773.287.6100/ fax 773.287.6105
                                    847.234.2172/ fax 847.234.2754       25013 W. 111th St.                                                                                       Tinley Park, IL 60487
                                      Naperville, IL 60564-8015
                                                                                                            708.532.3575/ fax 708.532.3585
                                    Frank Mariani, CEO
   * Denotes member of              Wholesale nursery                    * Denotes member of
     GreenNet Chicago                                                                             
                                                                           GreenNet Chicago
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McAdam Landscaping                                                              Westfield, WI 53964
2001 DesPlaines Ave                 Horticultural supplies including        Orland Soil                             800.476.9453/ fax 608.296.2741
Forest Park, IL 60130               growing medium, hoop houses,            4011 W. 165th Street          
708.771.2299/ fax 708.771.4553      greenhouse benches, and aquatic         Country Club Hills, IL 60478               supplies.                               708.596.7645/fax 708.596.9481      Provides native plants and seeds
Scott McAdam, Owner                                                         Supplies soil or compost. Call     and fireplace material.
Landscaping design and build firm   Mortise and Tenon Fine                  for prices on your estimate of how
                                    Carpentry                               much soil or compost you need.     Pure Prairie Organics
Midwest Enterprises                 Rob Kartholl, Sole Proprietory                                             Bill Scheffler
23 West Oak Street                  773.573.3157                            Planter’s Palette                  P.O. Box 1458
Lake in the Hills, IL 60156              28W571 Roosevelt Road              Wheaton, IL 60189-1458
847.658.9457/ fax 847.658.9617   Winfield, IL 60190                 630.510.2483/ fax 630.584.4699
Duane Sokolosky                    A carpentry firm in Chicago with         630.293.1040/ fax 630.293.1588
Sells instant TNT compost tea,     an environmental slant– they often       Wholesale Fax 630.293.7835
Planter’s Magic, and worm castings use salvaged wood.                         Environmental design-build firm
                                                                            David Tyznik, President            Natural lawn and tree care. Fertil-
Midwest Fencing                     MTI Landscaping (Multiple               Perennials, hostas, ferns, daylilies,   izing and consulting.
900 N. Kedzie Ave.                  Tasks Incorporated)                     groundcovers and wildflowers.
Chicago, IL 60651                   5223 W. Henderson St.                   Wholesale/retail                        Ramirez Compost
773.722.6616                        Chicago, IL 60641                                                               847.541.8440                773.987.6174                            Possibility Place Nursery               John or Eileen
Ornamental fence contractor         Landscaping business which pre-         7548 W Monee-Manhattan Rd.              A full trailer of fresh horse manure
                                    serves and beautifies landscapes in     Monee, IL 60449                         (about 50 cubic yards) can be deliv-
Midwest Groundcovers                Chicago and the immediate areas.        Connor Shaw, Owner                      ered to your site for free. If you
P.O. Box 748                        Focuses on returning a native look.     708.534.3988/ fax 708.534.6272          would like a smaller amount you
St. Charles, IL 60174                                                             would pay the delivery cost.
847.742.1790/ fax 847.742.2655      Natural Gardens                         Native tree and shrub nursery.         38W443 IL Hwy 64                        Offers workshops and talks on           Rebuilding Exchange
mgmail@midwestground                St. Charles, IL 60175                   native trees.                           2160 N. Ashland Ave.                          630.584.0150/ fax 630.584.0185                                                  Chicago, IL 60614
Peter Orum, Owner                   Jan Sorensen, President                 Prairie Moon Nursery                    773.847.3761
Container grown groundcovers,       Nursery specializing in native          32115 Prairie Lane            
shrubs, evergreens, perennials,     and ornamental perennials and           Winona, MN 55987                        Sells affordable, reusable building
vines and native prairie plants.    grasses. Wholesale/ retail.             866.417.8156/ fax 507.454.5238          materials. Provides education and
See also Midwest Trading.                                                              training opportunities, technical
Midwest Trading                     Noble Horse                                       assistance, and community-based
Horticultural Supplies, Inc.        1410 N. Orleans                         Provides native plants and seeds.       projects
P.O. Box 398                        Chicago, IL 60610                       Including new genetic seeds
Maple Park, IL 60151                                                                Russo Ace Hardware
Sally Jones                         312.266.7878/fax: 312.266.2124          Prairie Nursery                         5848 W. Montrose Avenue
630.365.1990/ fax 630.365.3818      Provides free organic manure for        P.O. Box 306                            Chicago, IL 60634-1793
                                    pick-up. Delivery only by the           * Denotes member of
                                                                                                                    773.777.2606/ fax 663.777.6406
  * Denotes member of
                                    trailer. Call for information.            GreenNet Chicago                      Provides gardening tools, supplies,
    GreenNet Chicago
                                                                PAGE 23

Propagator and grower of annuals,       3940 W. 56th Pl.
tropicals, herbs, cacti and succulents. Chicago, IL 60629
Town and Country Landscape
Supply Co.                            Specializes in wrought-iron fences.
                                                                             GreenNet is a coalition of non-profit organizations and
General Office:                                                               public agencies committed to supporting community
3900 W. 167th                         White Premium Organics Inc.                            greening in Chicago.
Markham, IL 60426                     2560 Foxfield Road
708.596.7200/ fax 708.596.2481        St. Charles, IL 60174
Warehouse:                            630.377.9966/ fax 630.377.9934
29800 North Highway 12                                                                         GreenNet Members
Wauconda, IL 60084                                                                 American Community Gardening Association
847.526.2300/ fax 847.526.2507        Wholesale distributor of high qual-
                                                                                                 Archi-Treasures                         ity soil blends and growing me-
                                      dium. Fertilizers, mixing only or-                     Chicago Botanic Garden
                                      ganic fertilizers.                         Chicago Department of Environment / Greencorps
Supplies topsoil, mulch, compost,                                                              Chicago Park District
sand, pavers, rotten granite, crushed
                                      Wholesale Food Products                           Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse
limestone, other kinds of stone.
                                      223 Avenue D, Ste. 30                           Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Underwood Gardens                     Williston, VT 05495                                      Friends of the Parks
(aka Terroir Seeds)                   Toll free 877.309.7333                           Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance
P.O. Box 4995                         fax 802.951.9089                                            NeighborSpace
Chino Valley, AZ 86323                                              Openlands
888.878.5247             Supplies wildflower seed.                                WRD Environmental                                                                   University of Illinois Extension
                                      Wilson Nurseries, Inc.
Supplies open pollinated & heir-
                                      43W967 State Route 72
loom seeds and plants, as well as
supplies & educational materials. A Hampshire, IL 60140
OneSeed Chicago Seed Donor!           fax 847.683.3977                      GreenNet Chicago is supported by member organizations
Wabash Valley Manufacturing           Nursery for trees, shrubs, ever-
505 E. Main St.                       greens and perennials.
P.O. Box 5                                                                                  All information in the GreenNet Pages is provided for
Silver Lake, IN 46982                 * WRD Environmental                        educational purposes only. Information is subject to change without prior
                                      445 N. Sacramento Blvd.                     notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and
800.253.8619/ fax 260.352.2160                                                   accurate information, GreenNet makes no guarantees or endorsements of
                                      Chicago, IL 60612                                                                                        any service or product.
                                      773.722.9870/ fax 773.722.9875   
Supplier of plastic coated garden     Geoff Deigan, Owner
                                      WRD Environmental provides eco-
Weld One                              logical consulting, design, and in-
* Denotes member of                   stallation for larger sustainable
  GreenNet Chicago                    landscapes.

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