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Learn about the prefix "pre" with this worksheet.

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The prefix “Pre”
1. Write the word 2. Write what it means 3. Draw a picture to go with it 4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example
To tell what one thinks will happen in the future, such as the weather, peoples' behavior, or the outcome of a contest. To keep something from happening before it happens, such as a window being broken or a person catching a cold a view or showing ahead of time such as "previews" of a movie care or an action taken ahead of time against danger or failure, such as locking the door as a precaution against theft. To choose first or like better (such as preferring vacation over school)

what to draw
Someone predicting something

question to answer
What are two things you would like to be able to predict?


Someone preventing something (and explain what it is) Something being previewed (and explain what it is)

What are three things you would like to be able to prevent? What is something besides a movie or TV show that you could preview? What are four examples of precautions for four different things? What are three things you prefer doing?



An example of something done as a "precaution" Something you would prefer to do


Some other words you might see with "pre" in them:  previous  prequel  preface  prerequisite  premature


Choose one of the "pre" words to complete the sentence. 1. One of the jobs of the meteorologist on the news is to _______________________________ tomorrow's weather. 2. Just as a ________________________ , I always lock the car doors when I am driving. 3. Would you ____________________________ cake or ice-cream for dessert? 4. I want to get to the movies on time so we don’t miss the ____________________.

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