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					Michael Ornstein
 Michael Ornstein Lined Up Off-Field
Opportunities For Reggie Bush, A Strong
        NFL Offensive Player

   Michael Ornstein is a marketing and branding agent for
    professional athletes and new brands looking to grow in
    the industry of sports.
   He played an important role in the victory of Saints’ in
    Super Bowl. Apart from this, he also helped New Orleans
    Saints in Super Bowl.
   He was born in New York and is counted amongst the
    best marketing agents who is currently residing in Los
    Angeles. Michael Ornstein plays a vital part in connecting
    numerous endorsement deals with sports figures.
   As he has vast knowledge of the pro-sports world, he has
    been able to assist various teams in managing their most
    complex and intriguing logistics of the biggest sports events.
   He worked for Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders for almost
    13 years and over these years he got the opportunity to
    attend the Super Bowl a few times.
   Michael Ornstein is a kind of a person who always finds a
    way out to get things right as he is familiar with the art of
    getting things done, even the most challenging ones.
   He was the marketing agent of Reggie Bush and managed all
    his marketing deals after he walked into NFL. He also
    managed to bring up an extensive portfolio of off-field
    opportunities for Reggie Bush who is a strong NFL offensive
   Besides this, Michael Ornstein was also a Reebok consultant.
    He went to Los Angeles with Reggie Bush to shoot for a
    promotional spot for the NFL on Fox Chanel with Fox
    broadcasters Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw and Howie
   Michael Ornstein has studied from Indiana State
    University-School of Business. He was the owner of
    SportsLink, owner and president at CWC Sports and
    Senior Director of Player Development and Club
    Marketing at National Football league.
   Presently, he is the owner and president at Jackson
    Sports Advisors, LLC which is located in Los Angeles, CA.
   This company was filed as a domestic on December 21,
    2010 in the state of California and is still active. The
    registered agent for this company is Vcorp Services Ca,
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