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					             SouthweSt wire
                     Volume 17                          Number 3                 SpriNg, 2008
                                      office of public relatioNS
                     11914 DragoN laNe                   SaN aNtoNio, tX 78252

                                                                                              Seniors Turn Tassels in
                                                                                               Traditional Ceremony
                                                                                                  Excited and nervous, 530
                                                                                               seniors proudly walked the
                                                                                               stage to receive their diplo-
                                                                                               mas on Friday, June 6, 2008.
                                                                                               Valedictorian Michelle Van
                                                                                               Hecke (GPA of 4.7510) and
                                                                                               Salutatorian Grace Lopez
                                                                                               (GPA of 4.6040) received
                                                                                               certificates to compliment
                                                                                               their academic medals before
                                                                                               delivering their touching and
                                                                                               well-rehearsed comments to
                                                                                               their fel-
                                                                                               l o w
                                                                                               ates, par-
                                                                                               ents, and
    Valedictorian Michelle Renae Van Hecke (left) and Salutatorian Grace Granados              friends.
    Lopez (right) were presented Certificates of Recognition during the May Board
                    meeting by Superintendent Dr. Velma Villegas

        GED Candidates Hold Ceremony                                Top Fifteen Students Honored at Banquet
                                                                  With accolades to their teachers and appreciation to their
   Forty-seven students received their GED certificates at a
                                                               parents, the Top Fifteen students were honored at a Banquet
ceremony on Wednesday, May 28th in the Southwest High
                                                               prepared by the Gourmet Dragon. Recognized during the
School Mall. Students had to successfully pass a series of
                                                               evening were Michelle Van Hecke, Grace Lopez, Antoinette
five tests for certification.
                                                               Richardson, Sophia Garcia, Carlos Huerta, Noe Manrique,
                                                               Andrew Mooso, Viviana Ramon, Claude Bernal, Yvette Trujillo,
                                                               Lucy Alejos, Alejandro Tey, Kelleebeth Norman, Alyssa Gomez,
                   Calendar Corner                             and Jonathan Sustaita.
7      Kinder Academy ends                                              Ty Detmer To Hold Football Camp
9      Ty Detmer football clinic                                   Former graduate and Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer
13-14 New teacher in-service                                     will host a Football Camp on Saturday, August 9th at the
                                                                 Dragon Stadium from 9a-12p with registration from 8-8:45a.
15-22 Teachers return/Staff Development/Workdays
                                                                 Students from kinder through 12th grade will be provided
25     Students return/first day of class                        lunch. A concession stand will offer hamburgers for sale to
28     Texas Football Classic; 7:30p Alamodome/                  the public. The community is invited to meet Ty Detmer
               Georgetown                                        from 12n-1p. Live entertainment by the Rick Cavendar Band
September                                                        will be provided from 12 - 2 . Open to first 200 students age
1      Labor Day holiday                                         5-18. There is no charge for the Camp. (210) 622-4470.
    page 2                                           SouthweSt wire                                             SpriNg 2008
                                                               Indian Creek Reading Incentive Program a Success
                                                            Motivation and community support are credited with helping Indian
                                                          Creek students improve their reading during the past year. With 757
                                                          students in PreK-5th Grades, 33% of whom are Limited English Proficient
                                                          and a 27% mobility rate, teachers, parents and the community dug in
                                                          and helped students to develop their potential through an innovative
                                                          Reading Incentive Program. The program used Accelerated Reader
                                                          software to track progress, gave Quarterly Reading celebrations based
                                                          on Accelerated Reader Certifications, and gave various incentives
                                                          awards, including bicycles, books, pencils, Chili Pepper Awards, and
                                                          Principal Assistant for the day. The number of students mastering
                                                          reading in each quartile for the year increased: 1st Qtr. – 78; 2nd Qtr. – 301;
3 Qtr. – 310; 4 Qtr. – 320 . Those numbers translate to: 419 Ready Readers, 415 Independent Readers, 254 Rising Readers, 160
 rd             th

Super Readers, 111 Advanced Readers, 76 Star Readers, 9 Classic Readers, 1 Honors Reader. Eighty-three percent of the 611
students participating earned a certificate this school year. ICE students read: 1st Qtr. – 2500 books with 71.9% comprehension;
2nd Qtr. – 9569 books with 77.3% comprehension; 3rd Qtr. – 8118 books with 78.6% comprehension; 4th Qtr. – 8713 books with
79.1% comprehension. Indian Creek students read 120,955,119 words this year in 28,907 books. This translates to improved
vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and higher confidence. It also improves the likelihood for long term success including:
High school completion, college-bound aspirations, increased productivity, and a higher income. Corporate & Community
Support included bikes and books valued at $1000 from LGI Homes and books donated by IRA Student Association at UTSA.

                                 Big Country Spell-bound
                                       by Brianna
                                   Can you spell success? Big
                                Country 5th grade Brianna
                                Flores sure can! In March,
                                Brianna placed 8th in the San
                                Antonio Express-News
                                Regional Spelling Bee. But
 1st place Science              Brianna is not new to winning
 Fair Winners                   spelling honors - she placed
                                1st at the Big Country 5th
                                grade Spelling Bee, the Big
                                Country Regional Spelling Bee
 spell-off, and the District 5th grade Spelling Bee this school         Mrs. Alvarez’ Resource class at Big Country Elementary
 year. As a 4th grader, she placed 1st at the 4th grade
                                                                         School designed an appreciation banner to honor all
 Spelling Bee, the Big Country Regional Spelling Bee spell-
 off, the District 4th grade Spelling Bee and advanced                        veterans which now hangs at the VA clinic
 through the preliminary round of the 2007 San Antonio
 Express-News Regional Spelling Bee.                               Daniel Castro demon-
                                                                 strates equipment needed
               Elm Creek Hosts Speakers                          for work on Union Pacific
                                                                   Railroad at Elm Creek
   Elm Creek students experienced a variety of speakers during the Spring. Advanced
 Placement Chemistry students prepared hands-on science labs, “Balancing the
 Budget” was the topic of Finance Director Patrick Skees and accountant Donna
 Schweers, and a health practitioner educated students about her rewarding profes-
 sion. A college student enlightened classes about qualities and requirements needed
 to enter college and a policeman discussed what it takes to work for the Ruben Tejeda
 Constable’s office. Opportunities for field trips included a partnership of third, fourth,
 and fifth graders with UTSA’s Dream Runner program which encourages students to
 attend college by inviting students to participate in events such as mock lectures and
 college funding and a fourth grade tour of historical landmarks as a result of their
 research and powerpoint presentation on San Antonio historical sites.
    page 3                                      SouthweSt wire                                         SpriNg 2008
              Sky Harbour Builds Skills
  National Women In Construction visited Sky Harbour’s
Gifted and Talented class to work with the students on a
Building Project. The hands-on educational experience
showed the class how construction utilized many classroom
skills when building structures.
  Pre-kindergarten students attended the showing of Dr.
Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who movie at the Mayan theatre in
March. The field trip was the enrichment activity for the
student’s study of Dr. Seuss literature.
  Fifth grader Alondra Huerta’s VIA poster entry was one of
only 140 finalists out of 6,500 entries in the Spring contest.

                                                                                    Sharing lunch at Ambassadors
                                                                  Indian Creek Students Qualify AsElm Creek...
                                                                   Seven Indian Creek students were nominated and ac-
                                                                 cepted into the People to People Student Ambassador
                                                                 Program 2008. They qualified to attend the People to People
                                                                 World Conference in Washington D. C. next Fall. Students
                                                                 were nominated based on good grades, TAKS scores,
                                                                 school involvement (patrols, student council, cheerleading,
                                                                 etc...), and Advanced Reading points.
                                                                   The Indian Creek Cheer Squad competed in the American
                                                                 Cheer Power competition at Sea World and brought home
                                                                 the 2nd place trophy.

                                                                         Kriewald Road Opens Career Doors
    Students Proclaim “I Can See You Now!”
                                                                   Kriewald Road Elementary held Career Week in May. Guest
   Southwest ISD nurses under the direction of Melanie           speakers who participated in the event included Southwest
Matthews hosted the “Give the Gift of Sight” Foundation for      ISD administrators Dr. Villegas, Mr. Atkins, Mr. Ehlinger,
a week in May. District nurses pre-screened students before      Mrs. Ball and Board Member Mr. Vasquez. San Antonio
they were transported to the Old Southwest Elementary Li-        Police Chief McManus, Tino Cochino, 106.7 Disc Jockey,
brary. Approximately 700 students received eye exams and         Jason Bosquez, a Financial Consultant, Maureen Smith, a
glasses during the week. Nearly 440 of the students were from    Published Author and Drew McClinton with the United
the Southwest District while others who participated were        States Air Force spoke to students about what they did in
from Medina Valley, Edgewood, Harlandale, and the surround-      their job and what they should study if they wish to follow
ing area. The volunteer Optical professionals provided exams     in their footsteps.
and fit the students for glasses. Most students received their
                                                                  A check presentation from the Security Service Federal
glasses by the end of the day. Glasses were provided by the
                                                                 Credit Union to Kriewald Road Elementary in the amount of
Lions Club, Prevent Blindness, Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision,
                                                                 $5,000 was the final award in a total of $25,000 in school
Sears Optical, Target Optical and Sunglass Hut.
                                                                 donations made by the credit union as part of its 2007 “It’s
                                                                 So Easy” membership campaign in an effort to support local
                                                                 schools and communities.

                                                                   Southwest Elementary Helps to Feed Animals
                                                                   More than 800 pounds of pet food was donated to the Ani-
                                                                 mal Defense League of Texas, San Antonio Chapter, by South-
                                                                 west Elementary students as part of their community service
                                                                 project for the year. Members of the League visited the school,
                                                                 brought two rescued dogs, and talked with students about the
                                                                 importance of caring for their pets properly. The generous do-
                                                                 nation of food will feed animals in the care of the League while
                                                                 new homes are found for them. Teacher Kathy Crane coordi-
                                                                 nated the project for Southwest Elementary.
 page 4                                        SouthweSt wire                                      SpriNg 2008
                           Variety of Summer Opportunities for Learning Abound
 Summer offerings for students were numerous throughout the District including Summer School for Kinder - 12th grade,
Special Language Extended Year (for Limited English Proficient Kindergarten or Pre-K students), TAKS remediation and
acceleration, and Special Education Extended Year. Also offered the summer of 2008 was Avanzar, Escala, the GT Academy, the
Fine Arts Academy, After-school Teen Scene, Deerfoot Youth Camp, Parks and Recreations - KidQuest, Early College High
School, Communities In Schools, SpaceTEAMS, and Toyota Family Literacy Classes for Parents (GED and ESL). For information
on future summer programs, contact the Office of Teaching and Learning at 622-4335.

                                        Duke University Names Scholars
  Duke University acknowledged
the following Middle School
students for academic excellence
based on previous TAKS scores:
State Recognition for Samantha
R. Hernandez, Chipper Lamm,
Celia Valles -from Scobee and for
Sergion Aleman, Conner McGill
from McAuliffe. For Exceptional
Scores (e-studies) from Scobee:
Samantha R. Hernandez, Chipper
Lamm, Celia Valles, Stephan Casas, Harley Moore, Alejandro Olmedo, Taylor Suarez, Ester Wood; and From McAuliffe:
Sergion Aleman, Conner McGill, Melissa Barraza, Jorge De Hoyos, Elias Llanes, Marilu Ramirez, Rafael Rodriguez, and
Raul Rodriguez.

                                                                              Administrative Changes
                                                                 Changes in administration for the new school year will
                                                               include: Rosalinda Hidalgo as Director of Secondary
                                                               Curriculum; Patty Escobedo as Director of Elementary
                                                               Curriculum; Jason Migura as Principal of McNair Middle
                                                               School; Mark Figueroa as Principal of Scobee Middle
                                                               School; Marina Avila as Principal of Sky Harbour Elemen-
                                                               tary; Joseph Guidry as Principal of Kriewald Road Elemen-
                                                               tary; Edna Lara as Coordinator for Early Childhood Educa-
                                                               tion and Family Literacy; Darin Kasper as Vice-Principal of
                                                               the Ninth Grade Annex; Frances Gerber as McAuliffe
                                                               Middle School Academic Coordinator; Cynthia Switzer as
                                                               Big Country Elementary Assistant Principal; Teri Solis as
Big Country 5th grade students enjoy hands-on experience       McAuliffe Assistant Principal; David Boggio as Southwest
at NASA, a field trip sponsored in part by the Southwest Ed
                                                               High School Assistant Principal; and Sophia Lopez as
     Foundation and money students raised for the trip
                                                               McNair Middle School Assistant Principal.

     District Earns Semi-finalist Recognition                       Transporation Department Tops Region
           for Excellence in Education                            The Transportation Department boasted two winners in
    Southwest ISD was named as a Semi-Finalist for the          the Regional Bus Rodeo in May: Sonia Garcia placed 1st
 second consecutive year for the HEB Excellence in Edu-         and Susan Aldrich placed 3rd in the Transit Division and
 cation Recognition Program. Executive Administrator for        competed at the State contest in June. Other contestants
 Public Relations, Sharon Woldhagen, wrote the applica-         included Viola Elizondo and David Jimenez who placed
 tions which brought recognition to the District for out-       fourth in the Special Need Team competition. Competing in
 standing educational achievement. The District received        the conventional Division were Lalo Ramos (11th), Rose
 a credit for $1,000 each year.                                 Marie Aguilar (13th), and Kathy Montgomery (20th).
  page 5                                         SouthweSt wire                                            SpriNg 2008
                                               Summer Games Reap Winners
  The State Summer Games in Austin produced many
awards for the Southwest ISD Special Ed Department.
Winners and their honors included: Stephanie
Bissonnette - 6th in 100 Meter and 3rd in Softball
Throw; Angelica Cantu - 4th 100 Meter, 1st in 4 x 100
Unified Relay, and 3rd in Shot Put; Jeffrey Chapman
- 1st in 50 Meter and 7th in Softball Throw; Chris
Chase - 7th in 100 Meter, 3rd in 4x100 Unified Relay,
and 5th in Long Jump; Joshua Duron - 6th in 100
Meter, 5th in 4x100 Relay and 1st in Softball Throw;
Danielle Gloria - 3rd in 100 Meter and 2nd in Shot
Put; Ian Gonzalez - 2nd in 200 Meter, 5th in 4x100
Relay and 2nd in Softball Throw; James Griffin - 3rd in 100 Meter, 3rd in 4x100 Unified Relay, and 6th in Shot Put; Elizabeth
Juarez - 3rd in 100 Meter, 1st in 4x100 Unified Relay, and 4th in Shot Put; Michael Martinez - 1st in 100 Meter, 1st in 4x100 Unified
Relay, and 2nd in Softball Throw; Victoria Ray - 2nd in 100 Meter, 5th in 4x100 Relay, and 1st in Softball Throw; Curtis Talmage
- 7th in 200 Meter, 1st in 4x100 Unified Relay, and 3rd in Softball Throw; Yvette Toral - 3rd in 100 Meter and 3rd in Softball Throw;
Juan Vasquez - 2nd in 100 Meter, 5th in 4x100 Relay, and 2nd in Shot Put. Christina Cox was the coach for the Summer Games.

                                                                               Students in Unified Partnership
                                                                   Special Ed teacher Gerry Hernandez and high school
                                                                  athletes including senior Holly Flores, juniors Ashley
                                                                  Montelongo, Mark Martinez and Adriana Arriola along with
                                                                  sophomores Aaron Kelly, Jose Anderson and Jordan
                                                                  Sullivan with the assistance of graduate Joshua Gonzalez,
                                                                  Ex-Dragon mascot, were the Unified Partners who partici-
                                                                  pated in the Unified Relays in the late Spring.

                                                                               Scobee Bands Take Top Honors
                                                                   The Scobee Honor Band was named the Regional UIL
                                                                  Sweepstakes Winner for the sixth time in nine years. The A-
                                                                  Band received a Top Rating (1) in Sight Reading and a 2 in
 Soccer Star Luis Gonzales recognized at Board Meeting            concert performance. Named to the All-Region Band were
      for setting city record for goals. (see page 6)             Kristan Saenz, Clarinet; Natalie Rosas, Clarinet; Leslie
                                                                  Medina, Clarinet; Selina Valdez, Clarinet; Sarah Flores, Bass
                                                                  Clarinet; John Devin Castillo, Bass Clarinet; Marcos Aguilar,
                                                                  Trumpet; Robert Olsen, French Horn; Sarah Flores, 1st
                                                                  Chair, Bass Clarinet and All-Region Orchestra performance.

                                                                        Scobee Junior Achievers Act Out Real Life
                                                                    The Scobee Junior Achievement class of the Top 30 7th
                                                                  graders were chosen to participate in a training class to learn
                                                                  about the “real world.” Teachers Suzanne Biase and Enrique
                                                                  Castellanos taught them to build a house on a budget,
                                                                  balance a checkbook, pay bills, and work out a monthly
                                                                  budget factoring in net monthly income, gross annual income,
                                                                  and federal taxes. At the conclusion of the month-long
                                                                  course, they went to the Capitol One Finance Park for a day
                                                                  where they were able to apply the skills they learned as they
  Junior Achievers view Stock Market at Finance Park              progressed through the adult world of finance.
    page 6                                             SouthweSt wire                                   SpriNg 2008
                                                                                   Southwest Cosmetology Students
                                                                                          Set City Record
                                                                                  The number of girls completing and being li-
                                                                               censed in the Cosmetology program this year set
                                                                               a city record for earning licenses through the pro-
                                                                               gram. Seven had passed the exam by the end of
                                                                               May, two took the practical exam and three were
                                                                               scheduled to take their written exam and the prac-
                                                                               tical in June, giving Southwest a total of 12 se-
                                                                               niors completing the Cosmetology requirements
                                                                               and earning their license. Teacher Loretta
                                                                               Herrera announced the following students
                                                                               earned their Cosmetology license: Jillian
                                                                               Espinosa, Roxanne Guerrera, Kristina
                                                                               Maldonado, Janeth Rivera, Elisabeth Rodriguez,
                                                                                       Cynthia Sanchez and 1st Place quilt
                                                                               Marisela Rodriguez, Alejandra Ruiz,
                                                                               Joann Ruiz, Jahaira Salazar, and Carmen
                                                                               Valadez. Those awaiting their exams
are Octavia Boone-Fudge, Evelyn Rodriguez, Angelica Ruiz, and Clarissa Zamora.
  All students fulfilled the state’s hourly requirement and completed all course requirements.

           Soccer Player Sets City Record
  Coaches Hector Sandoval and Mike Ludyen received the
good news that Carlos Gonzalez finished his soccer career
at Southwest High School with 103 goals. - the most ever
for a boys soccer player in the Greater San Antonio area. He
was named Outstanding Soccer Player for the 2007-20080

        Nurses Aides Receive Certification
  Health Science Educator Charles Baker announced that
seniors Holly Flores, Stepanie Flores and Priscilla
Faragoza completed all course requirements and passed all
tests to become Certified Nurses Aides in May.                       Auto Body students restored a classic truck this year

      Twenty-six High School athletes, dance team members, Early College High School students, coaches, and faculty
  members volunteered to help build a house for a family in the Southwest community in the Spring. The students did an
outstanding job of representing the school and gained valuable experience in community service. The house turned out to
                                      be a home for the family of a Southwest student!
  page 7                                                   SouthweSt wire                                            SpriNg 2008
       Athletic Awards Banquet Honors Top Athletes                                                 Artists’ Work Displayed
  A new format greeted athletes and their parents for the annual
awards banquet this year when dinner for all attendees was served                        Twelve High School students were honored by
between honoree recognition. Those receiving awards this year                         having their artwork displayed at the Region 20
included:                                                                             E d u c a t i o nService Center throughout the month
Basketball MVP: Priscilla Valadez, Girls; Isaac Chase, Boys                           of     March.Displaying their artistic abilities were
Golf MVP: Kristrin Bernal, Girls; Anthony Ortiz, Boys                                                  Rene Garcia, Andres Vasquez, Edgar
Baseball MVP: Roy Hernandez                                                                            Caballero, Lisa Cruz, Omar
Softball MVP: Laura Hernandez                                                                          Chavarria, Brittany Slye, Brittany
Swim MVP: Cassandra Bernal, Girls; Anthony Vasquez, Boys                                               Losoya, Joel Gonzalez, Julio
Track MVP: Octavia Boone-Fudge, Girls; Mark Hall, Boys                                                 Vidaurri, Giovanni Gomez, Jospeh
Soccer MVP: Amanda Jones, Girls; Carlos Gonzalez, Boys                                                 Hernandez, and Berenice Chavez.
Tennis MVP: Krystyna Suarez, Girls; Johathon Cruz, Boys
Volleyball MVP: Bianca Alcorta                                                          Two $$cholarships Awarded to Ag Majors
Cross Country MVP: Abigal Hernandez, Girls; Andres Cruz, Boys                            The Bexar County FFA S awarded scholarships to
Football: Tyler Fields, MVP;                                                           Matt Perez and Joel Villarreal in the amount of
  Steven Salinas, Offensive MVP; Jorge Sauceda, Defensive MVP                          $16,000. The scholarships are sponsored by SALE
MVP: Elizabeth Sandoval, Girls; Ruben Rodriguez, Boys                                  (San Antonio Livestock Exposition). Both young
Becker Award: Daniella Vidaurri                                                        men will attend Texas A&M Kingsville. Joel will
Folsom Award: Roland Garanzuay                                                         major in Food & Nutrition Science and Matt will
Hall of Fame: Melissa Rodriguez and Mike Frazier                                       major in Wildlife Management

                                                                                                            District Co-Champs!
    Southwest ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national
                                                                                                    UIL Drama Contest Names
 origin, gender, sex or disability in providing education services, activities, and programs,          Southwest Winners
 including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of           Theatre teachers Linda Adami and Kary
 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972; and Section 504 of              Driesse, announced UIL Drama winners for
 the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Dr. Alana Collins, 210 622-4355, has been
 designated to coordinate compliance with these requirements as Title IX Coordinator
                                                                                                2008 -Honorable Mention All Star Cast:
 regarding discrimination on the basis of sex and Section 504 Coordinator regarding             Ruben Trevino - Z; Jeremiah Perales - Z;
 discrimination on the basis of disability.                                                     John Sudolcan - D; Emmanuel Delfin - D;
                                                                                                Dessa Delfin - D; Michelle Van Hecke - D;
  El distrito de Southwest no discrimina en contra de ninguna religion, raza, color,
 nacionalidad, sexo, o deshabilidad en proveer servicios educatives, actividades incluyendo
                                                                                                All Star Cast: Matt Tejeda - D; Matt Perez -
 programas vocacionales de acuendo al Titulo VI del Acto de Derechos Civiles de 1964, de        D; Dessa Delfin - Z; Michelle Van Hecke -
 acuerdo a la enmienda; el Titulo IX de las Enmiendas de 1972, y la Seccion 504 del Acto        Z All Star Crew: Graciela Reyna - Z;
 de Rehabilitacion de 1973, de acuerdo a la enmienda. Dr. Alana Collins, 210 622-4355,          Oscar Patino - D; Best Actor: Matt Tejeda -
 han sido designados para coordinar el seguimiento de estos requisitos para del Titulo IX,
 para asuntos de discriminacion en base al sexo y para Seccion 504, para asuntos de
                                                                                                Z; Alejandro Tey - D; Best Actress: Ruby
 discriminacion en base a una deshabilidad.                                                     Ruiz - Z; Ruby Ruiz - D. (Z denotes Zone
                                                                                                win and D denotes District level)
         Bond and Board Election Results
  Eighty-six percent of the Southwest community voted “YES!”
                                                                 Board Notes
                                                                 Summer quote by Sylvester Vasquez, Jr., Vice President
for the $22 million Bond proposal at the May election. The
money will fund a new elementary school, 9th grade annex
                                                                   Southwest ISD applied for and was given a grant in the
renovation, and additions and renovations at Bob Hope El-
                                                                amount of $88, 279.08 to install closed crankcase ventilation
                                                                systems and catalytic converters on 50 of the District’s school
  The Trustee Election was held the same day as the Bond
                                                                buses, model years 1997 through 2004. This action by the
Election. Re-elected was Mike Frazier and elected were
                                                                Transportation Department will insure the District is ahead
Florinda Bernal in a special election and Yolanda Garza-Lopez
                                                                of any future requirements which may be placed on the Dis-
for a three-year term.
                                                                trict as the San Antonio area is evaluated for attainment or
                 Attendance Zones                               non-attainment on air quality by state agencies.
  For information on attendance boundaries beginning in the       The Clean School Bus Program is an initiative of the Texas
2008-2009 school year, go to and click on the     Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) authorized by
Attendance Maps menu in the District Info box.                  the Texas Legislature. Under
                                                                this program, school districts may
          r.  Bus Drivers Needed!        $12                    get grants to install emissions re-
       0/h                                  .10
     .1Contact Russell Ehlinger @623-6900 /hr.                  ducing retrofit kits on school
  $1 Full-time route drivers have full benefits                 buses. The aim is to reduce die-
                                                                sel emissions from school buses.

                                               Contributing Writers
Visit our website at             Sharon Woldhagen, Exec. Administrator, PR Printing, Southwest Print Shop
   Click media on the web site for
                                               Angelika Ramirez, Kriewald Road; Laura Salazar, Thelma Cuellar, Sky
    TimeWarner video showtimes
                                               Harbour; Loretta Herrera, Charles Baker, Mario Heredia, High School;
           210 622-4395                        Sherri Dillard, Marcie Alvarez, Big Country, Frances Gerber, Summer
                                               School, Cody Miller, Indian Creek; Suzanne Biase, Scobee MS; Juan
                                               Ramirez, Transportation
Southwest Independent School District
11914 Dragon Lane                                                                                         Permit #3
San Antonio, TX 78252-2647                                                                                Von Ormy, Texas
                                                                                                          Carrier Route
                                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.

                                                     CR - RT WS
                                                 Residential Customer

        Board of Trustees
    Mike Frazier, President
Sylvester Vasquez, Jr., Vice Pres.
    Ida Sudolcan, Secretary
 James Sullivan, Jr., Asst. Sec.
         Florinda Bernal
      Keith Byrom, Ph. D.
      Yolanda Garza-Lopez
     Velma Villegas, Ph. D.

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