How to Have Great Fun at College

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                                                  How to Have Great Fun at College
                                                                By Tom Tessin

    Having fun in college can be very easy for some but difficult for others. The world is filled with many
different people with many different hobbies. Some find college built for their mindset while others find
it frustrating and boring. College can fun for everyone if you think of the ideas that can keep your
entertained. I’ll show you a few examples of how to have fun on campus without getting in trouble.

 Campus sponsored events – Depending on the campus you’re attending, there’s probably an event
going on everyday that you’re not aware of. A good way to see what events are going on is to either
check the local bulletin boards, the college website or ask fellow classmates. Sometimes you’ll be
amazed at what kind of events the college offers. Who knows? There may be something you love that
you can make a ton of friends and have fun at the same time!

 Some of the events that you may find yourself attending are block parties, organized sporting leagues,
movies, concerts, social clubs, chess clubs, etc. I guarantee that you if you look at the list of events
that you’ll find something that will cater your needs.

 Join an organization – No matter what college you’re attending, you’ll always find an organization. If
you’re not familiar with what n organization is, it’s a group that usually has a focus or cause. Groups
like MADD are a perfect example where their group focuses on mothers against drunk driving. If you
have a view on something and you want to get with a group that has similar thoughts, an organization
may be for you.

 Host parties – If you’re renting out a house or you simply know of a big common ground, hosting a
party or get together might be one of the best times you’ll ever have. Simply tell your friends and the
word will spread very quickly. You can simply put on the invitation that everyone needs to bring their
own drinks and food. This way, you’ll only be responsible for your house or the area. Parties don’t
always have to include alcoholic drinks; instead you can a fun time without them and just socialize with
friends instead.

 Think like home – Staying on campus can make some people very home sick. Instead, try and think
of what you did while you were at home to keep busy. Did you play a lot of video games? Did you
read a lot? Try and pretend that your dorm room and college is your home now where you and your

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family live. If you can condition yourself to do this, keeping busy and having fun shouldn’t be a
problem. Remember, you can’t live with mommy and daddy forever.

 As you can see by these few options that college can be a blast if you become motivated and find
ways to have fun. Sitting in your dorm all day and being depressed won’t be fun. Just remember that
the fun won’t come to you, you’ll have to go out there and find it!

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                                              Fun Things a College Student Can Do
                                                                By Tom Tessin

Are you a college student with not a lot of hobbies due to school? As a college student we tend to
loose a lot of hobbies because school takes up so much time. It is important to get out and have fun
as a college student. Since school brings so much stress we need some type of balance to have fun.
Having fun is a big part of your health. When we have fun, laugh and get some fresh air our health is
much better. We want to make sure we don’t keep ourselves cooped up all day, staying up late
studying and not having fun. There are a lot of fun things college students can do with friend or by
themselves. Need some ideas? Find out some fun things to do by reading below.

 Start a sports team – It is important that as college students we still get some type of exercise. We are
required everyday to get at least 30 minutes of extreme exercise. Starting a sports team not only fulfills
our daily exercise needs but it is a good time to have fun with friends. Play a few times a week and find
yourself having less stress and having more fun!

 Explore – Whether you’re away at college or go to a community college explore your surroundings.
Get some friends together and go to a restaurant you’ve never been to or a shopping place that has
just gone up. Go up town and take a walk a few times a week. Getting fresh air and exploring your
surroundings is a great way to get out of the house. Make this something you and your friends do a
couple times a week or month.

 Movies – Get together with some friends once a week and have a movie night. This is a very
inexpensive way to have fun. You can rent a movie for just around $5 and have fun with your friends.
This will keep you up to date with your movies and help keep your stress free by having fun.

 Café – Get a few friends together once a week and just go to your local café. This will help you get
everything off your mind that you want to and help you keep in touch with your close friends.

Board games – Have some friends over and play some board games once a week. Whether you play
Twister, Pictionary or Monopoly it is also a guaranteed fun, and inexpensive night.

 Family – Not only is it important to spend time with friends it is important to spend time with your
family. College is a very busy time in a young adult’s life but it is important to still make time for family.
Family is very important and something everyone needs.

 College can be very hectic but it is important to still have fun as a college student. We all want to have
good grades and to get them it is important to study hard. Just make sure they you don’t overdue
yourself and take more classes than you can handle. Keep it to a comfortable amount and still make
time to have fun with your friends and family.

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