; How to Have Fun in College without Partying
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How to Have Fun in College without Partying


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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                         How to Have Fun in College Without Partying
                                                                By Tom Tessin

   When college students go away to college they have a lot of their parent’s rules. They are not
allowed to do whatever they want and be home whenever they want. Although there are rules, most
college students have a lot more freedom than they did at home. Since not everyone likes to party at
college, they may feel like they are left out or not capable of having fun. The majority of college
students love to party, have some drinks and like to have a good time. So what do the people that don’t
like to party do? There are many things non partiers can do at college. Read below and see what you
can do if you are one of them.

 Explore the town – Is it a nice night outside? If so, try to get out of the building and get some fresh air.
Get some friends together and take a nice little walk up town or around the campus. This is a good way
to take a break from studying and just sort of relax. It’s good to get some fresh air so if it’s nice outside
take advantage of the nice nights.

 Movie time – Do you and your friends like movies? If so, now is the time to watch some fun movies.
Get some friends together, get some snacks and lounge around to watch a movie marathon. There is
nothing better than getting on your pjs and hanging out with your good friends.

 Game night – Do you like to play games? There are many things you can do to have fun. You can
have fun playing board games, playing cards, or doing games like improve/acting. Some fun games
that college students like to play are Catch Phrase, Twister, and Pictionary. There are tons of fun
games so go to the store pick up some snacks and have fun playing a game night!

 Play sports – Is it a Friday night and you have nothing to do? Have fun playing a sport that you and
your friends enjoy. Get a sports team together and have fun playing on teams. Want to make it more
interesting and fun? Say the loosing team buys pizza tonight or a small little reward for the other team.
Then go back and fill up on your favorite snacks. This is a great way to have fun with your friends, set
down the books for a while and get out.

 Get involved – Colleges and universities have a lot of fun clubs that you and your friends can join. Get
involved with school and have something to brag about on your resume. Joining a club is a great way
to do what you love, help out, and meet new people.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 There are many things college students can do if they don’t like to party. Consider some of the ideas
above and have fun with them. Just because you’re not out partying the night away doesn’t mean your
“not cool”, and “outsider” or any of those or lame things people say. As long as you’re having fun with
your friends whats it matter?

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                                  Steps to Getting Along With a Bad College Roommate
                                                                   By Tom Tessin

Going away to college is a huge thing for students at first. It is completely foreign to most and you
never know what you’re going to expect. College students have new classes, a new area to live, new
people to meet and much more. The thing that always worries college students is who their college
roommate will be. Since most college students share a dorm, they never know who they will have to
live with or what to expect from the person. There is nothing worse than having to live with a roommate
who you cannot stand. Although this is a crappy situation to be in, there are many ways to try and help
the two of you get along. Are you in this situation and need some ideas? Find out how you can get
along with your college roommate below:

 Having people to your dorm – Often college students like to have their friends over to their dorm. If the
other roommate isn’t a fan of your friends, this can be an even worse situation. If the two of you guys
don’t like each others friends, set certain times. Let one another know that you’re going to have friends
over and be courteous of each other. First ask if it’s okay and not tell them you’re going to. You’re
roommate may have some studying to do and this may make them even more angry. So just simply

 Time to study – If you’re going to have a huge test coming up let the other roommate know about it. If
you don’t let them know, they won’t try and be courteous of you. Whenever it’s study time say there are
no friends of either person allowed. This will make studying a lot easier and less reasons to complain
about one another.

 Partying – Partying always seems to be the biggest issue among roommates. One loves to party and
the other is not a fan at all. This can be both really annoying on both sides. If you like to party, try and
go to your friend’s dorm rooms instead. Avoid going to yours and making your roommate upset. Also, if
you like to go out and party either stay at the friend’s dorm room or come home at a decent hour. Often
when students go out to party they come home late and wake up their roommate. Be thoughtful of
others and set a time you will be back or stay at your friends.

 Why you don’t get along – Try to figure out why the two of you don’t get along. Try to talk one on one
and tell each other what annoys you so much about each other. Tell each other both what they’re
doing wrong. They will never know unless you tell them.

 Although most roommates get along, there are some that just don’t. If you are someone who doesn’t
get along with your roommate try to consider some of these points above. Don’t let your college years
be miserable just because your roommate. Neither of you want to have a lousy time so have the both
of you try and work things out!

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