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					        UN Preparation
         For SMP Students
            Episode 68

UN 06
              The Materials are:

   Reading : A Brochure
   Question Taq
   Language Function
    How to ask for information
   Vocabulary
   Jumbled Sentences

UN 06
                  Bonafit Bank

  Type of account           Annual Rate
                            of Interest
  Simple Passbook Account         9%
  Bank Card Account               7%
  Deposit Account                 13%

  All deposit are fully insured

UN 06
       Simple           Bank Card            Deposit
      Passbook           Account             Account
  You can open       You  can open     Your  minimum
  with as little as   with at least Rp   deposit is Rp
  Rp 50.000           100.000            1.000.000
  You can            The minimum       You must
  withdraw            balance is Rp      inform the bank
  money anytime       100.000            35 days before
  You must           You will get      you withdraw
  present the         free bank card     your money
  passbook in         Automatic         Early
  person at all       Teller Machine     withdrawal will
  transactions.                          result in loss of
UN 06                                    interest
 1.     What does the brochure tell you

        a.   Life insurance
        b.   Types of savings account
        c.   Opening a saving account
        d.   Savings account and the interest (jb)

UN 06
  2.    Wati has a deposit account. She
        wants to withdraw her money but
        she doesn’t to lose her interest.
        What should she do then?
        a. Go to the teller machine nearby.
        b. Open a saving account in another
        c. Go to the bank and withdraw the
           money at once.
        d. Tell the bank thirty-five days before
           withdrawing her money. (jb)
UN 06
 3.     Which is true about the bank in the

        a. The bank offers more than one type
           of savings account. (jb)
        b. Simple passbook account provides
           you the lowest rate of interest.
        c. Deposit account is usable although it
           is Sunday and the bank is closed
        d. The minimal balance is Rp 50.000
           when you choose bank card account.
UN 06
 4.     You deposited Rp 2.000.000 of your
        money in April 2005. How much money
        will you get in April 2006?It will be
        about ….

        a.   Rp   2.200.000
        b.   Rp   2.160.000
        c.   Rp   2.260.000 (jb)
        d.   Rp   2.266.000
UN 06
 5.     You must inform the bank 35 days
        before you withdraw your money.
        The underlined word has the closest
        meaning with ….

        a.   take out (jb)
        b.   draw
        c.   paint
        d.   lose

UN 06
             TAG QUESTIONS

 Suatu bentuk pertanyaan singkat
 (short question) yang dibentuk
 dengan menggunakan
 be (am/is/are/was/were), modal
 auxiliaries (can/may/will/could),
 do/does/did/have yang ditempatkan sesudah
 suatu pernyataan (statement).

UN 06
        The Rule of Tag Questions

   (+),                       (-)?
   She was at the canteen, wasn’t she?

   (-),                             (+)?
   Admiral does not like boxing, does he?

UN 06
 3.     Using abbreviations
        (for negative tag question)

   …,didn’t he?        (did not he?)
   …,hasn’t she?       (has not she?)
   …,weren’t they?      (were not they?)
   …, won’t he?        (will not he?)

UN 06
 4. Using subject pronouns
    Mr. Eko will teach you English, won’t he?
    Ms. Indra studied hard, didn’t she?
    The women are not happy, are they?

 5. For “nothing”, we use “there”.
    Nothing was left, was there?

UN 06
  6. When “somebody, everyone,
     anyone”, are used as subject, we
     use “they” as the pronoun.
     Everyone got their own
     umbrellas, didn’t they ?

UN 06
 1.     Ita   : Do you want to come with me to
                the “3 Diva Concert” tonight?
        Andri : Sure, but you’ll pick me up, ….
        Ita   : Ok.

        a.    don’t you?
        b.    won’t you? (jb)
        c.    aren’t you?
        d.    haven’t you?
UN 06
 2.     Ila     : You spent your holiday in
                  Spain, …?
        Ari     : That’s right. And you?
        Ila     : I went nowhere.

        a.    did you
        b.    didn’t you (jb)
        c.    do you
        d.    don’t you

UN 06
 3.     Irma : Today is April 26th , …?
        Eva : Yes, why?
        Irma : It’s my mother’s birthday. I
                        have to get her
        Eva : Of course. Let’s go to the mall
         a. haven’t i
         b. shan’t we
         c. isn’t it (jb)
         d. isn’t she
UN 06
 4.     Teacher      : I didn’t see you yesterday.
                       You were absent, …?
        Student      : Yes, Sir. I had to visit my
                       sick grandma yesterday.
        Teacher      : That’s ok but let me know
                       next time.
        a.   did you
        b.   were you
        c.   weren’t you (jb)
        d.   didn’t you
UN 06
       Asking for and Giving Information

     Where are you from?
      I am from Palu.
     What do you do?
      I am a teacher.
     How is …?
     Have you heard anything about?
     Did you know anything about?
     What happened?
     How come?
UN 06
 1.     Adi : You look pale. …?
        Nasir : I’ve got cold. I think I must
                      see a doctor.
        Adi : I’m sorry to hear that.

        a.   How are you
        b.   What is going on
        c.   What’s wrong with you (jb)
        d.   What do you think of your health

UN 06
 2.     Caller    : Hello, is it 82403411?
        You       : ….

        a. Speaking
        b. What can I do for you?
        c. I’m sorry, you got the wrong
           number (jb)
        d. What’s your number, please?

UN 06
 3.     Cinta is at the station information desk.
        She is asking about the train to Surabaya.
        Cinta   : Excuse me. ... what time
                  the next train leaves for
        The man : In half an hour. Just wait.
        a.   How do I know
        b.   I’m very sorry
        c.   Do you know (jb)
        d.   I beg your pardon
UN 06
  4.    Mira : My son lost his money.
        Nina : ….
        Mira : A thief stole his wallet when he
               was in a bus.

        a.   Why did you take it?
        b.   What’s wrong with you?
        c.   How come? (Jb)
        d.   No big deal!
UN 06

UN 06
 1.     Mother added …sugar to your tea.

        a.   a bar of
        b.   a loaf of
        c.   a spoonful of (jb)
        d.   mouthful of

UN 06
 2.     A library … contains a list of all the
        books in the library.

        a.   article
        b.   catalogue (jb)
        c.   edition
        d.   reference

UN 06
 3.     The farmers need … to make the
        rice grow well.

        a.   fertilizer (jb)
        b.   reforestation
        c.   soil erosion
        d.   floods

UN 06
 4.     Lisa : Do you know Wahyuni Prawirya ?
        Elda : Yes, she is my niece. Her father
               is my ….
        Lisa : I see

        a.   brother (jb)
        b.   cousin
        c.   father
        d.   uncle
UN 06
            Jumbled Words

  Rearranging jumbled words into a good

UN 06
1.      hard – her – Topik hidayat – opponent –
          1      2         3           4
        to defeat – tried
           5           6

        a.   3-5-6-4-2-1
        b.   3-6-1-5-2-4 (jb)
        c.   3-1-6-5-4-2
        d.   3-6-1-5-4-2

UN 06
           The sentence is …

   Topik Hidayat tried hard to defeat her

UN 06
2.      Arrange these words into a meaningful
        grey – is – mouse – a – animal – a – small
          1     2     3     4     5      6     7

        a.   7-6-5-4-3-2-1
        b.   3-7-5-6-4-1-2
        c.   4-5-6-7-3-2-1
        d.   6-3-2-4-7-1-5 (jb)

UN 06
             The sentence is …

        A mouse is a small grey animal.

UN 06

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