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					Sample Application Letter to Sales Tax Department for Issuance of FORM – F
against Old Periods in word /.doc Format

To                                                                     Date: 16/12/2013
The Joint Commissioner Sales Tax,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 455 545
                          Re:     TIN. ----------------
Dear Sir,
                    Sub: Information of not obtaining Declaration Form
                           in Form‘F’ in 4 numbers from the month of
                           October 2010 to January 2011.
                           Prayer for issuance of Declaration Form in Form F
                           from the month of October 2010 to January 2011.

Please note that we are importer of the HR Coils (Hot Rolled Steel Coils) in the state of
Maharashtra from our factory located at Karnataka and from the Branches located outside
Karnataka for Resale.

Please further note that due to oversight we could not obtain the Declaration Form in Form
‘F’ in Press Printed Form from the Central Form Issue Section of Directorate of Commercial
Taxes, from the month of October 2010 to January 2011.

In the facts stated above we would request you to kindly consider the above facts
sympathetically and issue us Declaration Form in Form ‘F’ in 4 Nos. for the aforementioned

We are along with this enclosing the Application Form and Requisition List for necessary

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Authorised Signatory

Encl. As above

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