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					                                                                          Case Study

       Nexenta Systems, the world’s leading provider
       of OpenStorage solutions, implements a best
       practice localization strategy with the help of
       SDL Language Technologies.

                                                             “Localization software needs to work
       The situation
                                                             smoothly with the content creation process –
       Nexenta Systems is a privately owned                  if they don’t communicate with each other,
       company founded in 2005 in Santa
       Clara, California. The popularity of                  it causes more work and you therefore have
       Nexenta’s flagship software-only platform,            to hire more people. With SDL WorldServer
       NexentaStor, has meant that in the last 3
       years the company has experienced growth              we knew we could integrate with other tools,
       exceeding 400% year on year, tripling its             move to a structured authoring environment
       workforce and currently supplying over
       4,000 customers.                                      and benefit from automated workflows.”
                                                             Elke Vorheis
       In January 2012 Nexenta’s growing
       reputation attracted $21m (£14m) in new               Documentation & L10N Program Manager
       venture capitalist funding enabling the
       company to invest in more development
       programs and to expand its customer base            that would tackle Nexenta’s current
       worldwide.                                          requirements and also have the scalability
                                                           to accommodate future growth.
       In order to attract a global customer base,
       Nexenta required a dedicated localization           The SDL solution
       program that would overcome language
       barriers. This meant creating a localization        Nexenta turned to SDL in order to provide
       department and strategy from the ground             the software that would deliver the
       up. To do this, Nexenta hired Elke Vorheis,         control, flexibility and scalability that the
       a proven translation professional and               localization project required. Firstly Elke
       strategic thinker with years of experience          introduced SDL Trados Studio 2011 which
       in localization for multi-national                  provided Nexenta with a comprehensive
       organizations.                                      set of tools for editing, reviewing and
                                                           managing translation memory, projects
       Elke’s immediate challenge was to                   and terminology in one integrated desktop
       implement a fully-fledged strategy; one             application.

                                                           The next step was to invest in SDL
   “Everything we needed to do we have                     WorldServer, the enterprise translation
                                                           management system designed to integrate
   done without a lot of fuss”.                            seamlessly with SDL Trados Studio 2011.
   Elke Vorheis                                            Elke chose SDL WorldServer as a SaaS
                                                           (Software as a Service), as Nexenta didn’t
   Documentation & L10N Program Manager                    have the internal resources to host the
                                                           service itself.

SDL SOLUTIONS |    SDL Trados            SDL WorldServer
                   Studio 2011
                The third part of the solution was training.                                The products and services used
                In addition to delivering product training,
                SDL provided best practice training,                                        SDL Trados Studio 2011
                specifically tailored for an organization                                   SDL Trados Studio 2011 is the
                that is implementing a new localization                                     latest edition of the world class
                strategy. The combination of product                                        translation memory software from
                and process training enables Nexenta to                                     SDL. It provides translators with
                efficiently utilize the tools and implement                                 a comprehensive set of tools for
                these processes that create a more                                          editing, reviewing and managing
                productive department and ensure they are                                   translation memory, projects and
                set-up to manage whatever the future has                                    terminology in one integrated
                to offer.                                                                   desktop application.

                                                                                            SDL WorldServer
          “Everyone is extremely happy with
                                                                                            SDL WorldServer is designed to
          the results and feels confident that                                              centrally manage, automate and
          SDL will continue to provide us                                                   control high volumes of translation
                                                                                            across the whole organization and
          with the solution to our localization                                             beyond; to translation vendors
          requirements for many years to come.”                                             and freelance translators for the
                                                                                            maximum re-use of translation
          Elke Vorheis                                                                      assets as part of efficient multilingual
          Documentation & L10N Program                                                      content delivery.


                The outcome and the future

                Initially Nexenta used SDL Trados Studio                               This combination of SDL Trados Studio
                2011 to set up in-country reviews of its                               2011 and SDL WorldServer ensures that
                technical documents. This covered two                                  not only will Nexenta’s immediate needs
                main areas: linguistic reviews undertaken                              be met, but also that it will be flexible and
                by external translation agencies and a                                 scalable enough to deal with any future
                second linguistic and functional review                                growth. It will enable Nexenta to connect
                undertaken by Nexenta’s in-house staff;                                with all of the other systems that they
                all of whom are native speakers and know                               intend to use in future; moving towards a
                Nexenta’s products intimately.                                         more seamless way of working.

                With SDL WorldServer on board, every                                   As a next step Elke plans to add SDL
                translator is connected to Nexenta’s                                   Trisoft, (the world’s leading Component
                centralized translation memories and                                   Content Management system specifically
                terminology database. This means                                       designed to support DITA, the XML
                every translator automatically assists                                 standard for technical authoring), in order
                in improving the translation assets                                    to transform an unstructured environment
                while actively creating content. Using                                 into a structured authoring environment
                SDL WorldServer also enables Elke to                                   and ultimately deliver a fully automated
                oversee all of the work that is being                                  workflow.
                undertaken. “We need to be able to audit
                and monitor work that is being processed
                and be able to trackall of it. It is no minor
                task” says Elke.

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Description: Nexenta Systems, the world’s leading provider of OpenStorage solutions, implements a best practice localization strategy with the help of SDL Language Technologies.