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Henry VIII and his wives


									            Catherine         Anne Boleyn
            of Aragon

divorced                beheaded            died

    Henry VIII and his wives…
         "divorced, beheaded, died, Katherine Parr
       divorced, beheaded, survived."
       Anne of Cleves

 divorced               beheaded              survived
       Catherine of Aragon
• the youngest surviving child of Ferdinand and
  Isabella of Spain
• When she was 3 years old → engaged to Arthur,
  the son of King Henry VII of England. He wasn’t
  even two years old!
• Married Arthur when she was 16; at the wedding
  she was escorted by Arthur's younger brother,
• Less than six months later… Arthur was dead
• King Henry VII didn’t want to lose Catherine’s
  dowry, so 14 months after her husband's death,
  she was engaged to Arthur’s brother --- the future
  Henry VIII
• King Henry VII died, and Henry VIII became King
  and married Catherine
• Catherine had a hard time bearing children; she was
  pregnant at least 7 times but only one child
  survived…a girl, Mary
   – 2 boys had been born alive, but died within two months
• Henry wanted a male heir!
• Henry had at least two mistresses, and fell in love
  with one of his mistresses sister: Anne Boleyn
• Catherine was 42 years old and was no longer able
  to have any more children…
• Henry desperately wanted a son; he found a passage
  from the Bible saying that if a man takes his
  brother's wife, they shall be childless; he began to
  petition the Pope for an annulment.
• Catherine did not want a divorce; she appealed to
  the Pope. It helped that her nephew was Charles V,
  the Holy Roman Emperor.
• In 1533 Anne Boleyn became pregnant.
  Henry had to act!
• He rejected the power of the Pope in
  England and had the Archbishop of
  Canterbury grant the annulment.
• Catherine and her daughter Mary were
  forced out of the royal home and lived
  in lesser manors with just a few
• When Catherine died she was buried
  with the ceremony due for her position
  as “Princess Dowager”, not as a Queen
  of England
                     Anne Boleyn
• Anne caught Henry VIII’s eye while she was a lady in the court
• He wanted to have her as a mistresses; she refused→ “Queen
  or nothing!”
• Proof of Henry’s love: he hated writing letters --- 17 love letters
  to Anne
• Anne known for her temper and quick tongue
• Anne was not popular with the people of England
• After she became pregnant they were secretly married
   – Henry didn’t believe he was ever married to Catherine
• Anne had a lavish coronation --- brought by 4 miles of barges --
  - dressed in cloth of gold
• Henry and Anne were sure the baby was a boy --- names were
  being chosen, and the birth announcement had already been
  written with 'prince'… THEN….
• Princess Elizabeth was born!
• Anne had 2 miscarriages --- she was
  desperate for a male!
• Henry was already eyeing one of her
  ladies-in-waiting, Jane Seymour!
• Anne's enemies plot against her!
• Several people close to the Queen
  were arrested, then her own brother
  was arrested!
• Soon the Queen herself was arrested!
• The charges against her: adultery,
  incest and plotting to murder the King
• All were found guilty and sent to
  the Tower of London
• Anne and her brother were
  sentenced to beheading
• Her associates punishment: they
  were to be hanged, cut down while
  still living and then disemboweled
  and quartered.
• this was later commuted and they
  were beheaded with Anne’s
her fate in
the Tower
of London
 How do you execute a Queen?
• An expert swordsman with a sharp
  sword rather than the traditional axe.
• "I heard say the executioner was very
  good, and I have a little neck."
• Had the dignity of a private execution
• She kneeled at the block. Her ladies
  removed her head cover and tied a
  blindfold over her eyes.
• The sword had been hidden under the
  straw. The swordsman cut off her head
  with one swift stroke.
• She was buried in an unmarked grave
  near the Tower
                Jane Seymour
• Within 24 hours of Anne Boleyn's execution, Jane
  Seymour and Henry VIII were formally engaged
• Jane gave Henry what really wanted… a boy!
• The baby was named Edward and Christened
  – Mary, daughter of Catherine of Aragon, was godmother
  – Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, was also at the
• Jane attended her son's christening, but soon died.
  She died just two weeks after her son was born.
• Henry had already been preparing his own tomb, so
  he buried Jane there. In the end, she would be the
  only of Henry's six wives to be buried with him.
                 Anne of Cleves
• Henry VIII remained single for over two years after Jane
  Seymour's death!
• It was time for another political marriage
• Henry was looking for Protestant alliances
• They were married, but it was not a good match; it only
  lasted 6 months
• Henry did not find his new bride the least bit attractive and
  is said to have called her a 'Flanders Mare'.
• She may have found him unattractive – Henry VIII was
  grossly obese
• Both wanted divorce; marriage annulled
• Good terms (she was given a castle, the former home of
  Anne Boleyn)
• Remained friendly terms: honorary title as 'King's Sister'
  and kept contact with Henry’s children
                Kathryn Howard
•   First cousin to Anne Boleyn
•   Kathryn was a lady in waiting to Anne of Cleves
•   caught Henry's attentions…young and beautiful…
•   Henry married her sixteen days after he was free of
    Anne… she was his fifth wife
•   Henry was 49 and his bride was no older than 19.
•   Kathryn was not faithful to Henry; the Archbishop
    informed the King of Kathryn's misconduct
•   At first, Henry did not believe the accusations, but he
    allowed an investigation…
•   Enough evidence was found --- Kathryn was
    executed at the Tower and buried near her cousin
    Anne Boleyn
              Katherine Parr
• Katherine was widowed twice before marrying Henry
• She was well educated and modest
• Henry and Katherine Parr were married 18 months
  after Kathryn Howard's execution
• Henry's health was not good; Katherine acted as
• She also acted as mother-figure to Mary, Elizabeth
  and Edward
• Katherine outlived Henry, who died January 28,
• Prince Edward became King Edward VI… the
  Tudors continue to rule………
 What’s next for the Tudors?
• After Edward VI there will be “Bloody
  Mary”, Mary I, who attempts to revisit
• Then there’s the Good Queen Elizabeth…
  – Elizabeth’s forces defeat the Spanish Armada
    in 1588 --- She’s the longest ruling Tudor!
  – Although she does have her cousin Mary,
    Queen of Scots executed…
  – Alas, Mary’s son, will become James I, the
    first of the Stuart family’s rule of England!
            The End….
Is that great, or

“24” and The Hills
  have NOTHING
  on Henry VIII and
  the Tudors!

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