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					                                                                        Heart and Arrow Plaque

                                                                        Category:                            Crafts

                                                                        Sub-Category:                        Holidays

                                                                        Skill Level:                         Intermediate

                                                                        Time Required: 2 days

Materials                                                               Miscellaneous Supplies continued
                                                                        o 1” x 1-1/2” Antique Gold Frame Charm
                                                                        o 1” x 1-1/2” Scrap of Paper
Midwest Products Co., Inc.                                              o 1/8” wide Black Ribbon – one 4” length & one 8” length
o Balsa Economy Bag (Stock #19)                                         o 1/4” wide Black Ribbon – two 4” lengths & two 8” lengths
o Strip Economy Bag (Stock #15)                                         o Heat Tool                       o Scissors
o Super Sheets Clear PVC (Stock #702-01)                                o Craft Knife                     o Needle Tool
o Super Sheets Gold Mirror (Stock #707-01)                              o Self Healing Mat                o Waxed Paper
o Super Sander – Fine Grit (Stock #1130)                                o Pencil                          o Newspaper
o Hobby & Craft Ruler (Stock #1125)                                     o Paper Towels
Royal Brushes
Available through 800-247-2211;                      Instructions
o #650 – 3/8 SG Golden Taklon Deerfoot                                  Build Heart
o #700 - 1/2” SG Golden Taklon Glaze Wash                               o 1. Trace Heart outline from pattern, lay out on work surface
DecoArt®                                                                       and place sheet of waxed paper over pattern. Select three
Available through 800-367-3047;                                3/8” wide strips from the Strip Economy Bag and lay out
Americana Acrylics                                                             vertically on Heart pattern. With scissors, trim each strip
o Country Red O18                o Lamp Black 071                              to Heart pattern outline. Sand any rough edges with Super
o Crimson Tide 021               o Raw Sienna 093                              Sander. Apply Kid’s Choice Glue to each strip. Select
o Glorious Gold DAO71                                                          seven 5/8” wide strips from the Balsa Economy Bag and
                                                                               lay out diagonally according to Heart pattern. Carefully set
o Matt Sealer/Finisher DAS13
                                                                               aside to allow glue to dry.
Beacon Adhesives
Available through 800-865-7238,                   Build Arrow
o Kid’s Choice Glue              o Liquid Laminate                      o 2. Select one 1/2” by 1/8” strip from the Balsa Economy Bag.
                                                                               With craft knife on self healing mat cut two 2” lengths and
Inkadinkado                                                                    sand any rough edges with Super Sander. Apply Kid’s
Available through                                          Choice Glue to the 1/8” side of one piece and adhere both
o Dawn Hauser Pair of Wings Stamp #8367-X                                      lengths together, let dry. Select Dowel from Strip Economy
Miscellaneous Supplies                                                         Bag and cut to a 9” length with craft knife on self healing
o Rubber Stampede Stamps by Delta Acanthus Background #3320R                   mat. Sand any rough edges with Super Sander. Select one
o Tsukineko StazOn Jet Black Ink Pad #SZ-000-031                               3/8” wide strip from the Strip Economy Bag and cut with
o Making Memories Antique Gold Brads – 7                                       scissors according to pattern for six Arrow Feathers. Sand
o Making Memories Scrapbook Paper – Scroll Dark Deep Red,                      any rough edges with Super Sander. Using a craft knife
  Heritage Collection #1225                                                    and self healing mat, trim the Arrow Point according to the
o Design Master Spray Paint – Walnut Wood Tone #758                            pattern. Refer to photo for placement. Using Kid’s Choice
o We R Memory Keepers Crop-a-Dile – 1/8” hole punch                            Glue adhere Arrow Point to front of Dowel and Arrow Feath-
o Crafty Secrets Stickers – Heartwarming Vintage Valentine                     ers to back of Dowel, carefully set aside to allow glue to dry.
  Love #2227900908
                                                                        Instructions continued on back

         Visit to find a store near you.
Designer: Beth Watson                        400 S. Indiana St., PO Box 564 | Hobart, IN 46342 | (800) 348-3497 | Fax: (219) 942-5703
                                                                       Heart and Arrow Plaque

Shape and Embellish Heart                                               Assembly
o 3. With a pencil, trace the outline of the Heart pattern on to        o 7. Lay the Heart on a clean surface with the back facing up.
      the dried Balsa form. Cut out Heart with a craft knife on a            Fold the two 4” lengths of 1/4” wide ribbon in half and using
      self healing mat. Sand any rough edges with Super Sander.              the Kid’s Choice Glue, adhere one to the right and one to
      Basecoat (front, back and sides) the Heart with Country                the left support strips on the back of the Heart. Let dry.
      Red using ½” Wash Brush, let dry. Apply a second coat                  String one end of the 1/8” wide by 4” long ribbon through
      if necessary. Stipple the side and edges of the Heart with             the ring at the top of the Antique Gold Frame, knot to se-
      Crimson Tide using the 3/8” Deerfoot Brush, let dry. With              cure. String both ends of the 1/8” wide by 8” long
      a paper towel wrapped around the tip of your index finger,             ribbon through the hole in the Small Gold Heart, tie a bow
      antique the Heart using Raw Sienna. Remove excess paint                to secure. Using the needle tool on a self healing mat,
      with clean paper towel. Tear strips of paper from the Scroll           pierce seven holes in the Heart, referring to photo for
      Dark Deep Red scrapbook paper. Antique the white torn                  placement, and insert the seven Antique Gold Brads. Loop
      edges of the paper with a dab of Raw Sienna on your finger.            the ribbon hanger of the Antique Gold Frame around the
      Refer to photo for placement on Heart and adhere with Liquid           Brad in the top center position. Loop the ribbon hanger of
      Laminate according to the directions on the label. Let dry.            the Small Gold Heart around the Brad at the bo tom center
      Highlight the Heart using Glorious Gold and the 3/8” Deer-             position. Spread brad arms flat against back of Heart to
      foot Brush using a dry brush technique. Dip the dry brush              secure. Make a bow from both lengths of the 1/4” wide
      into the paint, pat on a clean paper towel to remove excess            by 8” long ribbon forming a double bow. Using the Kid’s
      paint then lightly brush on surface. Spray two thin coats of           Choice Glue, adhere double bow to the Heart referring to
      Matt Sealer/Finisher on Heart, let dry between coats.                  photo for placement.

Paint Arrow                                                             Finishing
o 4. Place the dry Arrow on newspaper, outside and spray two            o 8. Thread arrow through both ribbon loops at top of Heart.
       thin coats of Walnut Wood Tone Spray Paint, let dry between
       coats. Spray two thin coats of Matt Sealer/Finisher on Arrow,
       let dry between coats.

Frame with Wings
o 5. Using the StazOn Jet Black Ink Pad, ink up the Dawn
      Hauser Pair of Wings stamp – left wing – and press firmly
      on the Clear Styrene. Place the Antique Gold Frame down
      directly beside the stamped image and make a small mark
      on the Clear Super Styrene on the right edge of the frame.
      Ink up the Dawn Hauser Pair of Wings stamp – right wing                                             Heart
      – line up with the mark just made and press firmly. Let ink                                        Pattern
      dry. Adhere your choice of images from the Heartwarming
      Vintage Valentine Love sticker sheet to the 1” x 1-1/2” Scrap
      of Paper. If stickers hang over edge of paper, trim with
      scissors. Place inside the Antique Gold Frame. With
      scissors, cut out the wings, leaving the blank space
      between the wings in tact. Using the Kid’s Choice Glue,
      adhere the frame to the wings, let dry.
                                                                       Small Gold Heart
                                                                          Cut One                                     Arrow Point
Gold Heart
o 6. With scissors, cut a 2 ½” by 2 ½” square from the Gold                                                            Cut One
      Styrene. Place the square on a heat proof surface (cardboard
      wrapped in aluminum foil) and have the Acanthus
      Background stamp ready. Using the Heat Tool, heat the
      surface of the Gold Styrene square for at least 2 minutes.
      NOTE: the surface of the Gold Styrene will begin to crack
      and lose its mirror finish, this is normal. Immediately place
      the Acanthus Background stamp on the heated Gold
      Styrene and press firmly for at least 10 - 15 seconds.
      Remove stamp to reveal impression. Trace the Small Heart                                               Arrow Feathers
      pattern on to the back of the Gold Styrene with a pencil.                                                  Cut Six
      Cut out with scissors. With a paper towel wrapped around
      the tip of your index finger, antique the Small Heart using
      Lamp Black. Remove excess paint with clean paper towel.
      Punch a hole in the Small Heart with the 1/8” hole punch on
      the Crop-a-Dile, referring to photo for placement.                                Enlarge all templates 200%

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