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College Online Classes - Advantages and Disadvantages


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                College Online Classes - Advantages and Disadvantages
                                                                By Tom Tessin

   When in college you usually have a choice of either taking an online class or a campus class. Both
of these classes are very different but have a lot to offer. There are many advantages and a few
disadvantages for both of them. If you want to learn more about both and need some positives and
negatives for both to help you decide what you want read below.

 Campus classes: These classes are going to the college, and learning from a professor that lectures
you in class. Campus classes are similar to the atmosphere of high school.

 Advantages: There are many advantages when it comes to taking a campus class. One advantage is
that you learn from a class room setting which is what a lot of students like. You are able to ask the
professor questions right then and there. Also you are able to make friends easily due to friendly
college campus atmosphere. You are also able to get out of the house and learn what you are
interested in.

 Disadvantages: There are a few things that don’t work for people when it comes to taking a campus
class. Campus classes are only available certain days of the week and certain times. If you are
working a part/full time job, this can be very challenging. Also if you have children, it can be very hard
to find a scheduled class that works for you. With prices in gas rising it may be very costly to have to
go to the campus also.

 Online classes: Online classes are simply run by using a computer. You will never have to leave the
house unless you want to meet with the professor. All your work is through a computer and the use of
a textbook. Online classes are very different from campus classes.

 Advantages: There are a ton of advantages for taking an online class. If you have children or a job this
is the class you should definitely consider. Online classes are great because you go to school when
you want to. You never have to leave the house and you don’t have to worry about being somewhere
at a certain time. Also online classes save you a ton of gas money. You never have to drive to the
campus unless you want to meet with the professor which isn’t common. Also you are capable of
working at your own pace. You don’t have to sit through a lecture of things you already know about.
Also if you’re sick you don’t have to worry about the professor getting mad that you didn’t show up for
class. You can simply just make up the work the next day or when you feel better.

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 Disadvantage: One thing that people don’t like is that you don’t have as much interaction as you do at
a campus class. You can still talk to people online but it isn’t as easy to make friends as in class. Also
you don’t have direct contact with your professor like you do when you’re at school. If you have a
question it make take a little while for your professor to e-mail you back due to the fact that they don’t
know right then and there that you’re trying to contact them.

 Campus classes and online classes are both a great way of learning. They are very different from
each other and have many advantages with just a few disadvantages. If you need help deciding what
you want to take, read above and you’ll get a good idea on what will work best for you.

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                                                        Teaching Classes Online
                                                             By Mario Churchill

 If you are interested in teaching classes online there are several web sites you can go too and find out
more information on the subject. Teaching classes online are available through some colleges and
universities as well. One thing about teaching classes online, you are more of a mentor than anything
for the simple fact you are on the site, where only the students enrolled into the course or class have
access through, if they have questions then as the mentor or teacher teaching classes online, you can
help answer the questions or help come up with a solution.

E learning or going through online classes and courses is becoming more popular as more people
want to further their education. However with this in mind the idea of those teaching classes online has
to increase as well, and as of right now it seems to be at a slower pace than that of those who are

Teaching classes online is rewarding, you might not have a literal classroom but you do have students
that rely on you either by the assignments they send to you or your teaching classes online skills.

People of all ages are learning different things on the Internet today. Teaching classes online is
becoming increasingly more important as more universities and colleges offer incentives for teachers
who are interested in teaching classes online. They need the help, keeping up isn't easy if there aren't
enough teachers to be teaching classes online.

Some colleges only offer certain classes at certain times of the year due to the lack of those teaching
classes online, there just doesn't seem to be enough to meet the high volume of classes online today.
But the number is rising to the challenge, and teaching classes online is an adventure. Especially to
new teachers starting out.

However, more teachers and instructors are stepping up and taking on teaching classes online, people
need to realize this is a new concept for them as well. Checking assignments via email or answering
questions, it is something to learn themselves teaching classes online.

Teaching classes online is a growing trade among college and university teachers as well as learning
the teaching classes online as well. It is a lot easier to do if you have some idea about everything that
goes on with the Internet, such as works, processor and other things teaching classes online might
make as an easier task.

Teaching classes online is fun for most teachers, because in a big way they have their freedom as
well, its not like having to be in the same room constantly, they check their emails and are in the
website forums to answer questions, and teaching classes online is getting to be something more
teachers actually want to do, rather than be in college classrooms.

So, the ultimate decision is doing a search if you are interested in teaching classes online and find out
more about how you can. There are several search results that will come up providing information from
colleges offering teaching classes online jobs.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more

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