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                                              College Internship: Why Complete One
                                                                By Rose Ybarra

   College can be a stressful time for students. Many are not only worried about how they are going to
be able to come up with enough money to pay for their classes from semester to semester, but they
are also stressed out about class projects and making it through the semester.

 With this in mind, when classes are out for the semester, unless you are required to complete a
college internship, then the option of completing one is probably the last thing on your mind. Before
you completely write off the option of taking a college internship however, there are some factors that
you may want to take into account.

 An internship college can be a great way to gain work experience. Many employers require that job
candidates have previous relevant job experience before they will even consider them for a job.
Therefore, if you have any hopes of landing a high paying, competitive position after graduation, you
may want to think about completing a college internship.

 Additionally, an internship college can be a great opportunity to build references for your resume. In
addition to requiring that you have relevant work experience, potential employers will also want to
contact a few references so they can discuss your work potential. An internship college can be a
wonderful outlet to get a positive reference from you boss or anyone else that you think would work
well as a reference. Of course, just because you have completed a college internship does not mean
that you are automatically guaranteed a positive reference from your employer. It mainly depends on
how well you performed your work duties that will determine how likely it is that you will get a positive

 In addition to accumulating positive references from your internship college, it is always a great
opportunity to establish connection within your community and workplace. If you make friends with your
boss, there is no telling how many connections they have that could help you land a job after
graduating from college. As most say, the key to landing a good job is usually a matter of networking,
so the more connections you have, the better off you will be.

 If you work a paid internship, this can be a great way to earn money to help pay for college tuition next
semester. If you find the right internship, you can actually make a lot of money to help pay for college
tuition in a relatively short amount of time because some of them offer students basically unlimited

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earning potential. This unlimited earning potential at some internships is largely just based on the
student’s ambition and their drive to succeed at the job. Either way, working a paid internship can help
pay for college tuition.

 Before you dismiss the idea of working an internship instead of working a part time job all summer,
consider all of the positive reasons for taking an internship and think about how much better off you
could be after the summer.

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                                             College Internship: Staying Organized
                                                                By Rose Ybarra

College is a time of new found freedom and responsibilities for many students. It is often their first time
living away from their parents and the time to enjoy making their own decisions. Along with this
however, come the responsibilities of adulthood such as paying bills and figuring out what they want to
do with their lives.

 One responsibility that many college students take on is a college internship. Many colleges required
that their students complete an internship college. Even some students that are not required by their
college to complete an internship college still choose to complete one as a way to gain the job
experience that they will need after graduating from college to land a good paying job. Of those
students that are either required to take a college internship and the ones that make the decision to
take one on their own, it is the first professional level job that many of them have experienced.

 It can be very intimidating starting out in a college internship, especially if it is your first time working a
professional level job or a job that is relevant to your career. There can be many pressures that come
along with an internship college; the pressure to impress your boss and accumulate them as a
reference for your resume and the pressure to apply the knowledge that you have gained in the
classroom are just a few that you may experience.

 One way to void off the stress and worry of beginning the college internship is to make sure that you
start off in an organized manner. Buy a day planner and use it daily. If you prefer a computer
calendar, you can try using the calendar that is integrated with your internship email program. Writing
down your schedule can be an immense help in feeling like you are in control of your job and know
what to expect on a day to day basis. Make a note of all of the projects that you are working and when
they are due. Doing this will help ensure that you do not miss any deadlines.

 If you are not clear on how to get started with a project or what exactly your boss expects from you,
then go talk with them and get additional guidelines. It is better to double check and know that you
have everything squared away on what is expected rather than work on a college internship project
only to find out that you are doing something wrong. Along with this, if you are working on a project
and know that you will not meet the deadline that has been assigned to you, go speak with your boss
as soon as possible. If you have been working diligently on a project but still do not think you can meet
a deadline, it is better to discuss this with your boss sooner than later so that they will have time to
revamp their schedules. They may even realize that they gave you an unrealistic deadline. Either
way, the situation will turn out better if you do not wait until right up to the deadline to let them know
that you probably will not make it.

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