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					                                           Issue Highlights                                                           
                                           Volunteer of the Month
                                           Congratulate Diane Brady, VP of Professional             Two New Volunteers
                                                                                                    Welcome Suzan Reed, VP of Marketing, and Balbinder
Next Chapter Meeting                                                                                Banga, Director of Academic Outreach.
September 21, 2010                         2010 Managing Projects,
Educational Presentation                   Programs and Portfolios                                  PMI Global Congress
“Survival of the Savvy: What Every PM      Conference                                               Register now for the major educational and networking
Needs to Know,” by Diana Rogero                                                                     event of the year for professionals involved in projects.
                                           Read several perspectives about this successful event,
                                                                                                    October 9-12 in Washington D.C.
                                           and view photos.
Keynote Presentation
“Training Thousands of American Law        Pamela Banning PMP - PM                                  Membership News
Enforcement Agencies to Use PMI (Without
                                                                                                    Welcome new PMI Portland Chapter members, and
Them Suspecting a Thing),”                 of the Year!                                             congratulate new PMPs who earned certification in July
by Bill Romesburg                          2010 EPMA winner honored!                                and August.

                                           Photos from June                                         And More...
                                           View pictures of June Chapter Meeting attendees.
Sponsored by
                                           Two Educational Opportunities
                                             • Agile Project Management Workshop
                                             • PMP/CAPM Prep Course
                                           Early-bird registration is now available!
                                                                                                                                                                                 December Page
                                                                                                                                                                         September 2010 2009/Pg 22

                                      The President’s Corner
President’s Corner                                                      Welcome to what we anticipate will be another          When you meet your new Board members and Chapter volunteers,

                                                      Joseph Marietta
♦ Joseph Marietta
♦ ♦ Joseph Marietta                                                     great year for PMI Portland.                           show them you appreciate the commitment they are making. Their
Chapter Events                                                                                                                 dedication and hard work grows the value of PMI Portland membership
                                                                        Although we like to think that summer is going         and benefits you directly.
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor                                            to be relaxing, for Chapter volunteers, often, it is
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics                                          anything but.                                          I am writing this over the Labor Day weekend and my thoughts are with
♦    Upcoming events                                                                                                           our members who are enduring this very rough economy. There is good
                                                          June started with a full-day retreat for all outgo-                  news. Over the last few months, we have noticed a major turn-around
♦    Roundtables                                          ing and incoming Board members–the Annual
♦♦   Keynote presentation                                                                                                      in the number of jobs announced at our Chapter dinner meetings.
                                                          Transition meeting. It was chock-full of lessons
♦    Educational presentation         learned and brainstorming, and your new Board members learned                            This started in April during the mic-share portion of the meeting when
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           about the Chapter and the portfolios they are inheriting.                                two employers announced they were looking to hire PMs. At the May
Professional Development              In July, we held the annual Volunteer Recognition event. It was man-
                                                                                                                               meeting, four employers made announcements about job opportuni-
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                                                                                                           ties at their companies, and at the June meeting there were too many
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               aged by the Membership team with great contributions from Jeremy                         positions to count. My conversations with business leaders confirm this
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      Black, Saby Waraich, Christi Loya, and Pam Lam.                                          trend is continuing.
   Portfolios conference report       August was highlighted by the successful Annual Professional                             The bad news for the Chapter is that many of our volunteers have
People                                Development Day event. Dedicated volunteers spent over 875 hours                         taken new jobs. Many are finding that balancing work and their vol-
                                      making this event a resounding success. It broke attendance, sponsor-                    unteer position is a challenge, and key volunteer roles are becoming
♦♦ Membership news                    ship, and revenue records. You will find interesting articles about the
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                                                                                          available. The Chapter is an all-volunteer organization and this is a
                                      event later in the newsletter.                                                           great time to check out the Volunteering section of the Chapter web site
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     The next weekend we held our annual full-day Board Strategy Retreat                      for the opportunities available. You will strengthen your professional
   month                              with the new Board of Directors. We continued to define how the                          network and build your skills volunteering for the Chapter.
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland              Board will manage the Chapter and identified a number of key initia-                     I look forward to seeing you at a dinner meeting or other Chapter event,
                                      tives. These include implementing a DMS/CRM system to address
PMI                                   document storage and collaboration. We will be addressing major
                                                                                                                               and to meeting you as a volunteer helping to run the Chapter.
♦    New branding from PMI launched   new branding standards by PMI Global, and re-evaluating web site,                        Joseph Marietta, Chapter President
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010         registration and general Chapter infrastructures.                              
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors
♦♦   About PMI Portland               The Board also approved a new Board member, Suzan Reed, as Vice
                                      President of Marketing. Suzan brings exceptional experience in the ar-
                                      eas of management, marketing, and web, multimedia and print design
                                      and development. She will be applying her experience to our Chapter
                                      newsletter, branding, and web presentation.
                                      Throughout the summer, new Board members began to develop their
                                                                                                                                                Thought for the Month
                                      teams. They began planning for the events their teams will deliver                                         This week I heard an exceptional piece by
                                      over the next months including Chapter dinner meetings, workshops,                                         Scott Simon on National Public Radio (NPR),
                                      roundtables, certification prep courses, job fairs, networking events,                                     “They’d trade Labor Day for days of labor.” I
                                      mentoring sessions, and so much more. Planning is also in process                                          would like to share it with you.
                                      for next year’s Professional Development Day, Volunteer Recognition
                                      event, Quality Survey, and the many initiatives your Board is pursuing.                                             Click here to listen.
                                      There is also the ongoing work of developing relationships with other
                                      organizations. These partnerships provide event sponsors, workshop                  speakers, newsletter contributors, advertisers, job posters, and more.
                                                                                                                           December Page
                                                                                                                   September 2010 2009/Pg 33

                                      Our Chapter Meeting Sponsor
President’s Corner
                                      PMI Portland extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to Meridian Technology
♦ Joseph Marietta                     Group for recognizing the importance of professional development for
Chapter Events                        project managers, and for sponsoring this month’s Chapter meeting.
♦♦   Chapter meeting sponsor
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics        MERIDIAN Technology Group, Inc. has been providing IT Professional
♦    Upcoming events                  Services to our Clients since 1990. We have consultants that have
♦    Roundtables                      been on our staff for more than 10 years. We offer our consultants a
♦♦   Keynote presentation             high quality of benefit offerings including 3 weeks of Paid Time Off
♦    Educational presentation         (PTO) per year, fully paid health insurance premiums, paid holidays,
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           401k and training programs.
Professional Development              We are currently hiring a large number of Project Managers and BSAs.
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  Please email or call (503) 697-1600.
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &
   Portfolios conference report
People                                             Chapter Meeting Logistics
♦♦ Membership news
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                  4:00   Registration Table Opens
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga             5:00   Educational Presentation
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the      5:30   Networking                              Free Parking!
   month                               5:35   New Member Orientation & Q&A           Get a pass at the
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland               6:30   Dinner and Announcements              registration table.
                                       7:00   Keynote Presentation
♦    New branding from PMI launched    Doubletree Hotel—Lloyd Center
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010          1000 NE Multnomah
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors        Portland, OR 97232
♦♦   About PMI Portland                (503) 281-6111

                                       PMI Portland Chapter Members: Keynote Presentation $25, Educational
                                       presentation $10, Both for $35
                                       PMI Portland Chapter Student Members: Keynote Presentation $10
                                       Non-Members: Keynote Presentation $30, Educational presentation $10,
                                       Both for $40
                                       Keynote Presentation only (without meal): $12

                                       Price is $10 more after 10 am the Monday prior to the meeting, and at the
                                       door. (PMI members and student members must provide PMI number at the
                                       door to receive member pricing.)
                                       No refunds within 24 hours of the meeting.

                                       Contact the Director of Registration for registration questions.
                                                                                                                                                                        December Page
                                                                                                                                                                September 2010 2009/Pg 44

                                      Upcoming Events                                                                 Join Us at a Roundtable
President’s Corner                    09/15    Salem Lunch Meeting                                                    A roundtable is a meeting where Project pro-
♦ Joseph Marietta                                                                                                     fessionals discuss issues they face daily. The
                                      09/16    West Roundtable
                                                                                                                      Roundtable meetings are held throughout the
Chapter Events                        09/16    Eugene Meeting                                                         Portland-Vancouver metro area. Each has a
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor          09/17    Corvallis Lunch Meeting                                                personality of its own.
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics
♦♦   Upcoming events                  09/21    Chapter Meeting                                                        The meetings start with introductions,
                                                                                                                      followed by a solicitation for topics. The
♦♦   Roundtables                      09/22    Downtown Roundtable                                                    topics are selected based on the rules of the
♦♦   Keynote presentation                                                                                             specific Roundtable. These meetings are
♦    Educational presentation         09/24    North Roundtable
                                                                                                                      extremely valuable, worth 1 PDU, and are always fun. There are Junior
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           09/27    Early-bird deadline for PMP Prep course                                and Senior Project Managers from a variety of disciplines at every
Professional Development              09/28    NE Roundtable                                                          meeting to provide an eclectic view of a subject.
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  10/01    South Roundtable                                                       Anyone can sign up to join one or more Roundtables, receive
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course                                                                                               Roundtable notices and minutes. Click here for complete information.
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      10/06    Port of Portland Roundtable
   Portfolios conference report       10/08    NW Roundtable                                                          Contact the Director of Roundtables at
People                                10/09    Super early-bird deadline for Agile Workshop                           1st Friday        South Roundtable
                                                                                                                      (7:15-8:45 am)    Mentor Graphics campus, Wilsonville
♦♦ Membership news                    10/14    SolarWorld Roundtable
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                                                                                 1st Wednesday Port of Portland Roundtable
                                      10/15    Corvallis Lunch Meeting
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga                                                                                            (4:30 - 6:00 pm) Port of Portland
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     10/16    PMP prep course begins
   month                                                                                                              2nd Thursday      SolarWorld Roundtable
                                      10/19    Chapter Meeting                                                        (5:30-7:00 pm)    SolarWorld USA, Hillsboro
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland
                                      10/20    Salem Lunch Meeting                                                    2nd Friday        NW Roundtable
                                      10/21    West Roundtable                                                        (7:15-8:45 am)    Con-way, Portland
♦    New branding from PMI launched
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010         10/22    North Roundtable                                                       3rd Thursday      West Roundtable
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors       10/22    Early-bird deadline for Agile Workshop                                 (7:30-9:00 am)    Nike World Headquarters, Beaverton
♦♦   About PMI Portland                                                                                               4th Tuesday       NE Roundtable (changed from 3rd Tuesday)
                                                                                                                      (7:30-8:30 am)    Portland State Office Building
                                      For details, see the calendar on the Chapter website.
                                                                                                                      4th Wednesday Downtown Roundtable
                                                                                                                      (7:30-8:45 am) Unitus Plaza, Portland
                                                                                                                      4th Friday       North Roundtable
                                                                                                                      (7:15-8:45 am) Clark Public Utilities, Vancouver
                                                      New Member Meeting                                              For details, maps, and moderators, see the Chapter website.
                                              Held during the Chapter Dinner Meeting Networking hour.
                                       We meet directly after the Educational Presentation at 5:35 pm in one of the
                                       Education rooms – listen for the announcement at the beginning and end of
                                       each session for the room.                                                               Upcoming Chapter Meetings
                                       Join us to learn about who we are and what we offer. We will answer your
                                       questions and introduce you to other new members.                                                        October 19                                                                                                                           November 16
                                                                                                                                                                   December Page
                                                                                                                                                           September 2010 2009/Pg 55

                                      September 21 Keynote Presentation
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta                     Training Thousands of American Law
Chapter Events                        Enforcement Agencies to Use PMI
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor          (Without Them Suspecting a Thing)
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics        A decade ago, William Romesburg and his partner (Kelly Harris) were
♦    Upcoming events                  summoned to Washington DC, where Justice Department officials
♦    Roundtables                      directed them to help America’s law enforcement agencies with
♦♦   Keynote presentation             planning, buying and implementing information technology. Eighteen
♦    Educational presentation         months later, after thousands of hours of research, the pair emerged
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           with a publication (the “Law Enforcement Tech Guide”), based on           Vantage Point Consulting provides project leadership,
Professional Development              Project Management Institute (PMI) principles, and industry-specific      software development life cycle (SDLC), and training
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  best-practices.                                                           solutions to the higher education and government.
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               The book was provided to every Police Chief and Sheriff in America,
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &                                                                                Within Higher Education, Vantage Point helps colleges
                                      and copies were made available (for free) to any requesting police of-    and universities improve student retention and in
   Portfolios conference report       ficial. And, by 2003, it became the most widely requested publication     assisting colleges and universities with building suc-
People                                in the history of the Department of Justice. As a result, DOJ directed    cessful military / veteran friendly education programs
♦♦ Membership news                    the pair to create a two-day training course, based on the book. From     support service members receiving Tuition Assistance
                                      2003 to 2009, William was the principal speaker at more than one          and GI benefits.
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga            hundred classes, taught in forty American cities.
                                                                                                                Within Government, Vantage Point supports govern-
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     During his discussion, Mr. Romesburg will describe how the idea for       ment agencies with systems requirements definition
   month                              the book evolved, what specific industry challenges gave rise to the      and use cases development. Vantage Point also pro-
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland              need for training, which PMI fundamentals were used as the basis for      vides online and custom instructor-led training to em-
                                                                                                                ployees on project management, change management,
PMI                                   the book, and finally; what impact the book and the associated training
                                                                                                                SDLC methodology, and IT certifications.
                                      had on America’s grant-funded law enforcement technology initiatives.
♦    New branding from PMI launched
                                      About the Presenter                                                       Visit us as to learn more.
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors
                                                                  William (Bill) Romesburg, Managing
♦♦   About PMI Portland
                                                                  Partner of CitCom

                                                                  Co-author of “Law Enforcement Tech                            Why Pre-register?
                                                                  Guide: How to plan, purchase & manage         Although you can register at the door for the Chapter dinner meeting,
                                                                  technology (successfully!), A Guide for       pre-registration is preferred. This helps us to assure there are enough
                                                                  Executives, Managers and Technologists,”           tables, chairs and meals for everyone. Register online now:
                                                                  Bill Romesburg infused Project                              • Win free dinner meeting attendance.
                                                                  Management Standards with real-world                    • Registration is an additional $10 after 10 am on
                                                                  public safety practices to create a com-                            Monday before the meeting.
                                                                  prehensive guide for managing initiatives                • Registration is an additional $10 at the door.
                                                                  at the local level. Citcom has extensive
                                                                  consulting experience and has provided
                                                                  quality assurance oversight to public                             Register Now!
                                                                  agencies across the country.
                                                                                                                            Questions? Contact Director of Registration.
                                                                                                                                                                        December Page
                                                                                                                                                                September 2010 2009/Pg 66

                                      September 21 Educational                                                      2010 EPMA Award Winner!
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
                                      Presentation                                                                  The PMI-Portland Excellence in Project Management Award (EPMA)
                                                                                                                    Program acknowledges, honors, and widely publicizes a project team,
                                                                                                                    an individual project manager and a senior high school student for their
Chapter Events                        Survival of the Savvy: What Every PM                                          superior management of a recently completed project. The primary
     Chapter meeting sponsor
     Chapter meeting logistics
                                      Needs to Know                                                                 goals of the awards are to:
                                                                                                                      • Recognize and celebrate project excellence in the Portland
                                      Office politics! They can destroy projects, careers and whole
♦    Upcoming events                  companies. Your political style can determine your success as a                    community
♦    Roundtables                      project manager. This session will give you some tools and insights             • Increase awareness of project management principles and
♦♦   Keynote presentation                                                                                                disciplines
                                      to help you improve your positive political influence and fend off
♦♦   Educational presentation                                                                                         • Encourage PMI-Portland member involvement • Increase Portland
                                      negative political forces.                                                         metro business community awareness of PMI and the PMI
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner
                                      Based on the highly rated book, “Survival of the Savvy: High-Integrity             mission.
Professional Development              Political Tactics for Career and Company Success” by Brandon and
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                                                                                                The $1,000 Cash Award for Project
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               Seldman, this interactive session challenges you to examine your              Manager of the Year was awarded to
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      organizational politics style and identify some ways to begin thriving        Pamela Banning, PMP for her leadership
   Portfolios conference report       in political projects.                                                        and role modeling project management
                                                                                                                    best practices. Congratulations Pamela!
People                                You will learn:
                                        • How politics impede or propel your projects and your career               The EPMA Program Team will begin
♦♦ Membership news                                                                                                  accepting applications for the 2011 awards
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                   • Where you are on the Organizational Savvy Continuum
                                        • Beginning steps for flexing your political style                          in February 2011.
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     About the Speaker                                                             The categories are:
                                                         Diana Rogero (Mekelburg) has managed projects                1.     Project of the Year Award – typically honoring a corporation,
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland
                                                         and programs since 1974, in government, software,                   non-profit or other company’s efforts in its careful management
PMI                                                      manufacturing and financial sectors. As a PM con-                   of projects, previously known as the EPMA award.
♦    New branding from PMI launched                      sultant, instructor and coach for 10 years, she has           2. Project Manager of the Year Award – honoring an individual
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010                            worked with Fortune 500 corporations as well as                     Project Manager for his/her consistently demonstrated leader-
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors                          medium-sized businesses to improve their project                    ship and focus on project management best practices.
♦♦   About PMI Portland                                  management performance. Her speaking creden-                  3. Student Project of the Year Award – honoring a high school
                                                         tials include international and regional conferences                senior who has completed a project this year and can demon-
                                                         and PMI Chapter meetings and workshops. Her                         strate an alignment or an understanding of how their project
                                      motto is “Been there, tried that –and still trying!”                                   aligns with project management best practices.
                                                                                                                    The PMI Portland Chapter website, will contain
                                                                                                                    all of the necessary information needed to apply for the awards begin-
                                                                                                                    ning February 2011. Look under Chapter Activities, EPMA.
                                            September Dinner Meeting Menu                                           Each award category has its own eligibility criteria, application, applica-
                                       Traditional London Broil: Thin Sliced Flank Steak with Rich Peppered Demi-   tion process and guidelines; however, all projects completed between
                                            Glace, Buttermilk Fried Walla Walla Onions and Red Potato Mash          Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2010, regardless of size and industry, as
                                                                                                                    well as project managers (nominated or self nominated) and high
                                                                                                                    school seniors, are encouraged to participate.
                                          Mediterranean Vegetable Purse: Layers of Couscous, Asiago Cheese,
                                             Herbs and Roasted Vegetables with a Roasted Tomato Sauce               For more information, contact the EPMA team at
                                                                                                                                                                 December Page
                                                                                                                                                         September 2010 2009/Pg 77

                                      Agile Project Management                                                PMP/CAPM Prep Course
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
                                      Workshop                                                                The course includes:
                                                                                                                • Crosswind’s PMP Exam Success Series, PMP/CAPM
                                      Agile Project Management is a skill set that is in high demand among
Chapter Events                        employers today. Come and see why.
                                                                                                                  “Bootcamp Manual”
                                                                                                                • Quick Reference for Fourth Edition PMBOK Guide
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
                                      Learn how Agile became entrenched at companies like Qualcomm and          • Must Knows for Every Exam Topic
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics
                                      European giant Tele Atlas.                                                • Exam Style Questions and Exercises
♦    Upcoming events
                                                                                                                • Mind-maps for Each Knowledge Area
♦    Roundtables                      Learn the practical steps required to make Agile (or “Scrum”) succeed
♦♦   Keynote presentation             in your environment!
♦    Educational presentation                                                                                 Attendees will have:
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           Attendees will:                                                           • Experienced local PMP instructors
Professional Development                • Experience highly interactive, hands-on “Scrum” training              • Opportunity for hands-on review and practice exams
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                    • Participate in exercises, case studies, and examples that will        • Required certification hours with successful course completion
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course                   provide “Scrum” mastery
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &        • Be equipped to manage projects using Agile best practices
                                                                                                                               Saturdays, Oct. 16 - Nov. 13, 2010
   Portfolios conference report
People                                This class is suitable for anyone using, or wanting to use,                                       8:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                      Agile methods.
♦♦ Membership news                                                                                                                      9755 Barnes Road
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                         Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010                                                     St. Helens Room
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga                                                                                                                 Portland, OR
                                                                8:30 am – 5:30 pm
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the                                                                             Course Cost
   month                                                        World Trade Center
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland                                        121 SW Salmon St.                             PMI Portland Members (early-bird rate):*       $795
                                                                  Portland, OR                                PMI Portland Members:                          $895
PMI                                                                                                           Non-Members:                                  $1,095
                                      Workshop Cost
♦    New branding from PMI launched
                                                                                                              *PMI Portland Members who register by 9/27 5 pm.
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010
                                                                   PMI Portland            Non-members
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors                                     Members
♦♦   About PMI Portland
                                       Super early-bird                 $239                    $329          Registration closes 10/8/2010 at 5 p.m.
                                       (by 10/9 5 pm)
                                       Early-bird                       $269                    $369
                                       (by 10/22 5 pm)                                                        Information and registration:
                                       10/22 - 11/3 5 pm                $299                    $399          or
                                      12 PDUs available by completing of 5-hour homework assignment!
                                      Workbook and handouts provided.
                                                                                                              Sponsored by PMI Portland
                                                                                                              Hosted by DeVry University,
                                      Registration closes 10/30/2010 at 5 p.m.                                Keller Graduate School of
                                      Information and registration:
                                                                                                                                                                  December Page
                                                                                                                                                          September 2010 2009/Pg 88

                                      Managing Projects, Programs & Portfolios Conference 2010
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
                                      MPPP: A Resounding Success!
                                      The Portland Chapter’s Ninth Annual Managing Projects, Programs                 by Ed Warnock,
Chapter Events                        & Portfolios conference was held August 18 at the Lloyd Center              4.  SharePoint 2010: Project Management Powers Revealed! by
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor          Doubletree. It was a huge success. Every session was packed and                 Kevin Williamson.
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics        many people wished they could attend two sessions held at the same
                                      time.                                                                     The second afternoon session included:
♦    Upcoming events
♦    Roundtables                      The theme of the event was Excellence in Project Delivery = Positive        1.   Six Steps to a High-Impact Business by Matt Lauth,
♦♦   Keynote presentation             ROI. The goal of the event was to give a new perspective on strategic       2.   Team Building by Building Trust by Thomas Cox,
♦    Educational presentation         portfolio management and how to provide consistent, sustainable             3.   Business Intelligence Projects: Lessons Learned by Bill
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           project results–from portfolio to program to project.                            Henderson,
Professional Development              The conference agenda contained four tracks: Portfolio, Strategy and        4.   Collaboration, Dashboards & More–Project Server 2010 by
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  Leadership, Art of Project Delivery, Trends in Project Delivery and              Tim Runcie.
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               Science of Project Delivery. Each track had exceptional presenters that
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      gave participants a wealth of knowledge and insight.                      We want to thank the event sponsors for their generosity: Keller
   Portfolios conference report                                                                                 Graduate School of Management, Portland State University, Advisicon,
                                      The morning Keynote speaker was Matt Lauth of Six Disciplines who         Cadence, Microsoft, and PointB management consulting, and
People                                spoke about the “Intersection of PM and CEO: The Strategy Execution       LazerQuick for printing the program guide, banners and posters.
♦♦ Membership news                    Process.” His presentation gave everyone at the conference a depth of
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                 insight into this relationship.                                           And last, but by no means least, we want to add a heartfelt thank you to
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga                                                                                      Dianne Brady and her team of volunteers. The success of this confer-
                                      The morning breakout sessions contained key information about the         ence was due largely to their efforts.
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     following topics:
   month                                                                                                        Trish Kelley PMP, CSCA
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland                1.   From Strategy to Execution: How Leaders Create the Conditions
                                             for Success by Jeff Petty,
PMI                                      2. Stop the Conflict, Start the Conversation (Dealing with the Very
♦    New branding from PMI launched          Angry) by Pamela Cournoyer,
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010            3. Wisdom of Crowds–Collaborative Portfolio Approach by Russ
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors              Martinelli & Chris Galluzzo,
♦♦   About PMI Portland
                                         4. Integrating Agile Methods with Portfolio Management to
                                             Maximize Business Value by Adam Light.
                                      The lunch Keynote was “Science of Success–A Repeatable Formula
                                      that Everyone Can Master” given by Michelle LaBrosse of Cheetah
                                      Learning. Her great sense of humor made for an excellent lunch
                                      time program.
                                      The information feast continued with not one but two afternoon
                                      breakout sessions. The first session included:
                                        1.   Leading Initiatives Through Rock Bottom: Improving Executive
                                             Decision Making by Brian Turner,
                                        2.   Knowledge Transfer Using “Lean Principles” by Todd Hudson,
                                        3.   Advances in Earned Value: It is Now as Simple as it is Powerful
                                                                                                                                                                        December Page
                                                                                                                                                                September 2010 2009/Pg 99

                                      Managing Projects, Programs & Portfolios Conference 2010
President’s Corner                    Take-aways from the PMI MPPP event;                                          Yet, I could never have guessed what was waiting me for at the
                                                                                                                   very last breakout session with Tim Runcie, President of Advisicon,
♦ Joseph Marietta
Chapter Events
                                      a Newbie’s Perspective                                                       shiny red pens for everyone. It goes perfectly with my free notepads
                                      Take-aways can come in many forms. They can be tangible items,               from DeVry.
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
                                      offers of assistance, or knowledge. I received all of these at the           Sometimes things happen in a circular fashion. Whether it’s a pen
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics
                                      recent Managing Projects, Programs and Portfolios Professional               navigating itself through the opening and closing of a day, or a career
♦    Upcoming events
                                      Development day.                                                             making its way back into focus. The great thing about having a PMI
♦    Roundtables
♦♦   Keynote presentation             I may not be your typical PMI Portland conference attendee. I don’t          Chapter in our town is that we are not alone in these career transitions.
♦    Educational presentation         have a fancy title on my business card, or the 3 letter acronym of           There are people willing to help, even us newbies that might not have
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           “PMP” after my name–yet. I am brand new to the Portland PMI Chapter          too much to offer at first, but are willing learners, and grateful recipients
Professional Development              and I am what some people refer to as a “newbie.”                            of their generosity.
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  I have however, been involved in many projects. I was a project coor-        Thank you everyone. Especially the man who exchanged the bottle
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               dinator in the glory days of the boom of 1997-98 and worked          of wine I won during the raffle for the PMP Exam Prep book by Rita
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      for SGI, Sun Microsystems, and other high-tech start-ups. There was          Mulcahy, PMP!
   Portfolios conference report       a flurry of activity at that time in Silicon Valley, and I worked on cable
People                                modems, the Mario Brothers’ game chip, and many other chips of less          You may see those coveted three letters after my name soon.
                                      notoriety. It was quite exciting. With the bust, I left project
♦♦ Membership news                                                                                                 Irene Gonzalez, PMI Conference Volunteer
                                      management, but have retained a strong interest in the career.
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga            A recent unexpected job loss turned me back to my first career interest,
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     project management and to the PMI Portland Chapter. I believe a good
   month                              way to become involved in an organization like PMI is to volunteer, so
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland              I volunteered to help put on the MPPP day. That proved to be a great
PMI                                   “take-away” experience.

♦    New branding from PMI launched   At the conference, I resisted a shiny red Advisicon pen at the first
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010         booth I visited before the conference began. I did enjoy a nice
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors       breakfast at a table with a welcoming group I had never met. Their
♦♦   About PMI Portland               friendliness was encouraging.
                                      When the morning keynote speaker, Matt Laugh, Business Coach and
                                      Principal from Six Disciplines, announced he was giving away a free
                                      book, I was able to pick one up on the way to the next presentation.
                                      I received a great deal of help from other attendees who gave me
                                      employment contacts, offers of help with my PMP application, and
                                      a PMP even offered to help me with my resume, the revision of
                                      which was necessary to apply for training funds for a project manage-
                                      ment certificate.
                                      All conference attendees were offered a free class by the afternoon
                                      keynote speaker, Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, claimable at cheetahlearn-
                             In addition, speakers from the two break-out sessions
                                      I attended, Pamela Cournoyer, Founder of Communicate with Class,
                                      and Thomas Cox, of Cox Business Consulting, offered free, short,                  one-on-one sessions to their presentation attendees.
                                                                                                                           December Page 10
                                                                                                                   September 2010 2009/Pg10

                                      Managing Projects, Programs & Portfolios Conference 2010
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
                                      Volunteers: Unsung Heroes
                                      As you arrive at the Managing Projects, Programs & Portfolios confer-
Chapter Events                        ence you see that the registration table is up and manned and there
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor          are placards strategically placed so that you can identify which room
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics        holds the session you want to attend. They even have your name tag
♦    Upcoming events                  ready.
♦    Roundtables
♦♦   Keynote presentation             Breakfast is served and, while the morning keynote speaker enlightens
♦    Educational presentation         the group, you look around the room, and the sponsor and local PMI
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           Chapter tables are assembled and manned.

Professional Development              Everything is pretty much as you expected. If you are like me, you do
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  not spend much time wondering why or how this is you just enjoy it.
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               I would like to spend a few minutes praising the volunteers who spend
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      their time making your local Chapter events happen successfully.
   Portfolios conference report       These volunteers are the unsung heroes of our events and at least 33
People                                of them were involved with this year’s Managing Projects Conference.
♦♦ Membership news                    For months before the event the volunteer team worked to set up the
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                 venue, pick the theme, solicit speakers, sponsors and other volunteers
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga            to man the tables, answer questions, take pictures and so much more.
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the     All of the artifacts of the conference had to be created, printed, and as-
   month                              sembled. Last minute issues had to be remedied such as finishing the
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland              program guide finding a photographer for the event.
PMI                                   Early in the morning of the event, volunteers arrived at the venue to set
♦    New branding from PMI launched   up the registration and sponsor tables and coordinate with the venue.
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010         All of this occurred so that we could have the event as we expected:
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors       coordinated, professionally managed, and executed.
♦♦   About PMI Portland               I for one want to applaud Diane Brady and her team of volunteers and
                                      thank them sincerely for their time and effort supporting the Portland
                                      Chapter. We can’t provide a high quality conference, such as this,
                                      without their energy, enthusiasm and support. Trish Kelley PMP, CSA
                                                                                               December Page 11
                                                                                       September 2010 2009/Pg11

                                      Managing Projects, Programs & Portfolios Conference 2010
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
Chapter Events
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics
♦    Upcoming events
♦    Roundtables
♦♦   Keynote presentation
♦    Educational presentation
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner
Professional Development
♦♦ Agile PM workshop
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &
   Portfolios conference report
People                                                                   Home of Portland’s Leading
♦♦ Membership news
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                                    Project Management and
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the                                        Advanced Project Management
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland                                                 Programs
♦    New branding from PMI launched
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010                                            Learn more.
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors
♦♦   About PMI Portland                                                  Click here.
                                                                                                               December Page 12
                                                                                                       September 2010 2009/Pg12

                                      Managing Projects, Programs & Portfolios Conference 2010
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
Chapter Events
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics
♦    Upcoming events
♦    Roundtables
♦♦   Keynote presentation
♦    Educational presentation
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner
Professional Development
♦♦ Agile PM workshop
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &
   Portfolios conference report
♦♦ Membership news
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland
♦    New branding from PMI launched
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors
♦♦   About PMI Portland

                                                                      Were you there?
                                                                          Click here
                                                            to see the story of the day in pictures.

                                                                 Many thanks to Trish Kelley and
                                                                  Erik Odegard for the photos.
                                                                                                                                                                   December Page 13
                                                                                                                                                           September 2010 2009/Pg13

                                      Membership News (June - August)
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta                     Welcome New Members                                                       Congrats New PMPs
Chapter Events                        A, Prakash                                                                Ames, Ray PMP                            Ludemann, Jennifer PMP
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor          Agu-Ibe, Daniel                                                           Andrews, Clay PMP                        Mak, Claire PMP
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics        Alai, Joanne                                                              Bodenlos, Linda PMP                      Meyers, Barry PMP
♦    Upcoming events                  Anderson, Kenneth                                                         Carver, Chrystal PMP                     Naramore, Maria PMP
♦    Roundtables                      Armijo, Anthony                                                           Carver, Dwane PMP                        Ochs, Robert PMP
♦♦   Keynote presentation             Arnot, Nancy                                                              Cheever, Lawrence PMP                    Pyles, Shelley PMP
♦    Educational presentation         Ashbrook, Stephen                                                         Cherkassova, Viktoriya PMP               Richardson, David PMP
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner           Aston, Philip                                                             Colletto-Goodwin, Eva PMP                Roach, Patrick PMP
                                      Ba, Samba                                                                 Dodds, Jeff PMP                          Schaaf, Jennifer PMP
Professional Development              Babicky, Jason                                                            Donnelly, Julie PMP                      Shannahan, Michael PMP
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                  Backes, Tara                                                              DORAISWAMY, SHRI PMP                     Short, Michael PMP
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course               Baker, Dana                                                               Dumas, Kimberly PMP                      Stasik, Milosz PMP
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &      Ban, Francis                                                              Evans, Gary PMP                          Tag, Aaron PMP
   Portfolios conference report       Beebe, Jim                                                                Fallon, Steve PMP                        Taylor, Brad PMP
People                                Berg, Cynthia                                                             Fleming, James PMP                       Trnavskis, Peter PMP
                                      Berghauer, Kevin                                                          Glynn, Terry PMP                         Zamboni, Shalene PMP
♦♦             News
   Membership news
                                      Bly, Nancy                                                                Grover, Manan PMP
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                                                                           Hackett, Emily PMP
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga            Bodenlos, Linda        Groff, Jeff               Patrick, Tiffany
                                      Bond, James            Gurney, Allen             Perkins, Trudy           Heathcock, Rebecca PMP
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the                                                                               Hicks, Rodney PMP
   month                              Bouchard, Matthew      Hargrave, Cheryl Louise   Posovich, Michael
                                      Brown, Jacquelynn      Heizenrader, Shannon      Quinn, Laura             Irvine, Angela PMP
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland                                                                                        Jackson, Brian PMP
                                      Bruno, Larry           Henton, Gregg             Reed, Suzan
PMI                                   Bunn, Paul             Hicks, Rodney             Rees, Bridget            Jolliver, Cynthia PMP
♦    New branding from PMI launched   Calderin, Pilar        Hulet, Andre              Rodriguez, Miguel        Kwan, Michael PMP
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010         Chiaratti, Jennifer    Ishida, Terrence          Roys, James              Lohnes, Timothy PMP
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors       Clark, Joy             Kindschuh, Kevin          Slikker, Steven          Lucich, Toby PMP
♦♦   About PMI Portland               Collings, Raymnd       Kommuri, Sathish          Sly, Shawn
                                      Connolly, James        Kristiansen, Kjeld        Smith, Karen
                                      Crivella, Ellen        Lang, John                Stevens, Tricia
                                      Curtis-Banks, Sherri   Larwood, Barbara          Stokke, Keith
                                      Dalling, Dennis        Levitt, Chris             Sundaram, Radha
                                      Darden, Jeff           Luedtke, Penelope         Szego, R.E. (Ari”)”
                                      Davis, Josh            McDonald, Shay            Tachell, Lorree
                                      Diaz, Lumarys          Mello, Wlamir             Thompson, Phyllis                 Membership information is provided to the Chapter monthly
                                      Duncan, Emily                                                                                       by PMI Headquarters.
                                                             Minehart, Aaron           Velayutham, Ravi
                                      Eberle, Michele        Moore, Mark               Walker Hegge, Margaret               There may be a 1 to 2 month delay due to newsletter
                                      Emory, Justin          Muff, George              Wallace, Neville                                   publishing constraints.
                                      Gangjee, Farzanah      Oaks, Anthony             Wallberg, Fredrik
                                      Gilstrap, Brian        Olson, Kenneth            Wild, Noah                  Contact PMI Headquarters at (610) 356-4600 or to change
                                      Gonzalez, Irene        Ouellette, Norman         Wu, Wilfred                              or manage your membership information.
                                      Greenaway, Jeffrey     Pahl, Brian               Zollner, Daniel                  Grimwade, Robin        Parr, Lani
                                                                                                                                                                  December Page 14
                                                                                                                                                          September 2010 2009/Pg14

                                      Welcome Suzan Reed                                                         Volunteer of the Month -
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta
                                                           Please welcome Suzan Reed as VP of Marketing
                                                           for PMI Portland. The Board approved Suzan’s
                                                                                                                 Diane Brady
                                                           appointment on August 21st, and she has been                               Please congratulate our September Volunteer of
Chapter Events                                                                                                                        the Month, Diane Brady, CSM.
                                                           quickly coming up to speed.
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics                             Suzan brings exceptional marketing, web,                                   Diane wears dual hats for PMI Portland. She is
♦    Upcoming events                                       multimedia and print design, and production skills,                        Vice President of Professional Development,
♦    Roundtables                                           plus management and leadership expertise to the                            providing exceptional workshops and certification
♦♦   Keynote presentation                                  position.                                                                  study courses for project professionals.
♦    Educational presentation                              Suzan brings unlimited enthusiasm and energy to                           She is also the Program Manager of the record-
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner                                the position, and we’re thrilled that she is now an                       setting PMI Portland Professional Development
Professional Development              integral member of the Chapter.                                                                Day, “Managing Project, Programs and Portfolios”,
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                                                                                                                 that took place August 18th. Her leadership, tenaci-
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course                                                                                          ty, and team-building skills resulted in the highest attended Professional
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &                                                                                 Development Day to date, as well as best sponsored event ever.
   Portfolios conference report
People                                Welcome Balbinder Banga                                                    Please join me in saying thanks to Diane for her professionalism and
                                                                                                                 dedication to the chapter.
♦♦ Membership news                    Please welcome Balbinder Banga to her new role as Director of
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                 Academic Outreach for PMI Portland.
   Welcome Balbinder Banga
   Diane Brady - Volunteer of the
                                      Balbinder K. Banga, PMP is the founder of Glacier Group Training, a
                                      company whose mission is to prepare students to successfully pass          Would you like to volunteer?
                                      the Project Management Institute’s PMP certification exam. Through         Grow your network and your skill set! There are still several volunteer
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland                                                                                         opportunities available for this year at PMI Portland. Some of these
                                      the years, Balbinder has developed an extensive knowledge base on
PMI                                   the PMBOK and the PMP exam. She has written a PMP Exam Prep                include:
♦    New branding from PMI launched   Booklet and taught her PMP exam prep class at Boise State University,        ♦ Director of Career Networking
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010         Portland State University, University of Northern BC, Kansas University      ♦ Director o Communications & Branding
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors       and Simon Fraser University. Balbinder also teaches the class onsite at      ♦ Director of Marketing Services
♦♦   About PMI Portland               corporations in the Portland area.                                           ♦ Director of Technology
                                                                                                                   ♦ Director of Marketing Communications
                                      Balbinder has served as a judge for the PMI Excellence awards                ♦ Director of Workshops
                                      for the last four years and has been a presenter at several Project          ♦ Director of Communications
                                      Management Conferences. Some of her papers include: 13 Must
                                      Haves for Project Management Success, Using the PMBOK in Your              For more information, go to the Volunteering webpage, or contact our
                                      Project Management, 9 Areas of Project Management, PMBOK 4th               Director of Volunteers at
                                      Edition and 3rd Edition: What’s Changed? and Three Must Haves for          You’ll be glad you did!
                                      PMP Exam Success.
                                      Balbinder has managed projects for Pivotal Software, Corillian
                                      Corporation and Intel Corporation. Balbinder is a PMP and a Microsoft
                                      Certified Professional. She has a Master’s degree in Engineering
                                      Management from PSU with a focus on Project Management.
                                                                                                                        December Page 15
                                                                                                                September 2010 2009/Pg15

                                      Faces of PMI Portland                                                      June 2010
President’s Corner                    Josph Marietta, Terri Haggman,
                                      Volunteer of the Month
♦ Joseph Marietta
Chapter Events
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics
♦    Upcoming events
♦    Roundtables
♦♦   Keynote presentation
♦    Educational presentation
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner
Professional Development
♦♦ Agile PM workshop
                                                                                    Staying in touch
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &
   Portfolios conference report
♦♦ Membership news
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                                                                      Holly Howard,
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga                                                                                 Jake McMichael
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland
♦    New branding from PMI launched
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors                                           Membership & Career Networking
♦♦   About PMI Portland

             Many thanks to Erik
            Odegard for the photos.

                                      Bill Henderson, Keynote speaker   Kevin Currie, George Walker         Josph Marietta, Rachel Paulson
                                                                                                                                                                 December Page 16
                                                                                                                                                         September 2010 2009/Pg16

                                      News from PMI GOC
President’s Corner
♦ Joseph Marietta                     New Branding from PMI Launched                                            PMI Global Congress 2010 -
Chapter Events                        September 8th                                                             Washington D.C. 10/9-12/2010
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics        PMI has launched a new set of brand standards, guidelines and             The major educational and networking event of the year for profes-
♦    Upcoming events                  messaging designed to increase recognition and consistency of the         sionals involved in projects.
♦    Roundtables                      PMI brand worldwide. This new brand image reflects the exciting
                                                                              combination of both the           This October, project professionals from around the globe will gather
♦♦   Keynote presentation                                                                                       together in Washington, D.C. to collect the know-how and inspiration
♦    Educational presentation                                                 precise and disciplined way
                                                                              project practitioners go about    needed to make their next project a success. PMI invites you to join
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner                                                                                     us for this three-day event. Select from over 150 educational presen-
                                                                              their work, as well as the
Professional Development                                                      passion and enthusiasm that       tations; get inspired by first-rate speakers; and relax at our evening
♦♦ Agile PM workshop                                                          a project manager who is af-      networking receptions.
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course                                                       filiated with PMI brings to his   The congress will be held at the Gaylord National Hotel & Conven-
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &                                              or her organization.              tion Center, located just minutes outside of our nation’s capital,
   Portfolios conference report
                                                                                                                Washington, D.C. While at the congress, take some time to explore
People                                                                          You will experience PMI’s       this historic, culturally rich city.
                                                                                brand update on in
♦♦ Membership news                                                              many different ways.            Register by September 23 to take advantage of early-bird pricing!
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed                                                                                           We anticipate the Gaylord National room block to book quickly,
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga                                                                                      so make your hotel reservations early.
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the       • An improved experience, based on user feedback that
   month                                  includes simplified page layouts, improved functionality, easier      Congress quick links:   Congress Schedule At-A-Glance
                                          navigation and quicker access to the most important pages                                     Registration fees
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland
                                                                                                                                        How to register
PMI                                     • More visual cues to the information rotating through the highlight                            Travel information
♦♦   New branding from PMI launched       panels on the homepage                                                                        Exhibit/Sponsor Opportunities
♦♦   PMI Global Congress 2010
                                        • Refreshed copy and content that positions PMI and all of our
♦    2010-11 Board of Directors           stakeholders more favorably with Internet search engines
♦♦   About PMI Portland
                                        • Fewer clicks to access PMI’s PDU reporting system (CCRS)

                                        • Automated redirects to ensure continuous access to your
                                          favorite bookmarks and links

                                        • More direct access to PMI’s global standards, such as the
                                          PMBOK Guide®

                                      After extensive user testing, we are confident that the new
                                      will exceed your expectations.
                                      Lesley Bakker
                                      Vice President, Brand Management
                                      PMI GOC
                                                                                                                                    December Page 17
                                                                                                                            September 2010 2009/Pg17

                                      2010-2011 Board Members                             About PMI Portland
President’s Corner
                                                                                          President                     Joseph Marietta PMP
♦ Joseph Marietta
Chapter Events                                                                            President Elect               Steve Thornton
♦    Chapter meeting sponsor                                                              Past President                Rachel Paulson PMP
♦♦   Chapter meeting logistics                                                            Secretary                     Carol Haertlein PMP
♦    Upcoming events
♦    Roundtables                                                                          VP Finance                    Shancy Saban
                                                        Steve Thornton
♦♦   Keynote presentation
                                                                                          VP At Large                   Terri Hagmann PMP
♦    Educational presentation         Joseph Marietta                    Rachel Paulson
♦♦   2010 EPMA award winner                                                               VP Marketing                  Suzan Reed, MBA
Professional Development                                                                  VP Membership                 Jeremy Black, PMP
♦♦ Agile PM workshop
♦♦ PMP/CAPM prep course                                                                   VP Operations                 Jim Yan PMP
♦♦ Managing Projects, Programs &                                                          VP Outreach                   Jeff Brummel PMP
   Portfolios conference report
                                                                                          VP Professional Development   Diane Brady CSM
♦♦ Membership news                                                                        VP Programs                   Steve Heck
♦♦ Welcome Suzan Reed
♦♦ Welcome Balbinder Banga            Carol Haertlein                    Terri Hagmann
                                                        Shancy Saban                      Chapter Mission               To promote the profession
♦♦ Diane Brady - Volunteer of the                                                                                       of Project Management by
   month                                                                                                                creating a culture and commu-
♦♦ Faces of PMI Portland                                                                                                nity that facilitates professional
                                                                                                                        growth through education and
PMI                                                                                                                     volunteerism.
♦    New branding from PMI launched
♦    PMI Global Congress 2010                                                             Chapter Meetings              Third Tuesday of every month
♦♦   2010-11 Board of Directors                                                                                         except July and August.
                                                                                                                        Check Chapter website to confirm
♦♦   About PMI Portland
                                                                                                                        meeting dates.
                                                                                          Chapter Web Site    
                                       Suzan Reed                           Jim Yan
                                                        Jeremy Black
                                                                                          Newsletter Editor   
                                                                                          More Contact Information      See the “Contact Us” page and
                                                                                                                        the “FAQ” page on the PMI
                                                                                                                        Portland website.
                                                                                          Mailing Address               P.O. Box 5966, Portland OR
                                                                                          Voice Mail                    (503) 243-6657
                                                                                          PMI GOC (Global Operations
                                                                                          Center)                   Jeff Brummel      Diane Brady      Steve Heck

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