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					   How has the CIA been
involved with Iran in the 20th

Mohammad Mossadegh
                                       Mossadegh was
                                       the Prime Minister
                                       of Iran at the time
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                                       the CIA was
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                                       planning the coup
                                       (and illegal
                                       overthrowing of a
                                       specifically Iran.)
•   The idea to overthrow Mohammad came from the
    British who presented it to Dwight D. Eisenhower
    who became President of the United States in 1953.
•   Mohammad had decided that Iran ought to begin
    profiting from its own vast oil reserves and started
    taking the steps to nationaliz Iranian oil that was
    previously controlled by Anglo Iranian Oil Company.
    Which is now BP.
                Oil Continued
•   Britain pointed out that it was a violation of the
    companies legal rights* which were granted to them
    in 1901 by the shah to pay off debts to Britain.
•   *Britain was granted a 60 year contract to search for
•   Because of this violation Britain launched a world
    wide Iranian Oil boycott and plunged the country into
    financial crisis.
                   What is the CIA
                                     CIA stands for Central
                                      Intelligence Agency.
                                      The CIA’s job is to
                                      collect and analyze
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                                      information about
                                      foreign governments,
                                      corporations and
                                      people around the
                                      world as to advise
                                      public law makers
             “Operation Ajax”
•   In 1953 the CIA planned and illegal overthrow of the
    Iranian government called “Operation Ajax.”
•   It was engineered by a CIA agent named Kermit
    Roosevelt (The grandson of President Theodore
•   Kermit used bribery of Iranian Military Officials and
    CIA engineered street demonstrations to pull of the
     Operation Ajax Continued
•   As payment for US help with the coup the Us required that
    Anglo- Iranian Oil Company combine itself with Royal Dutch
    Shell and five other major American oil companies.
•   The CIA organized a Guerrilla force to fend off the possibility of
    the communist party seizing power when chaos was stirred by
    Operation Ajax.
•   The CIA and the guerrilla force created a haven for themselves
    by reaching an agreement with Qashqai tribal leaders in
    southern Iran from witch they could operate.
•   This was only found out after the “Top Secret” files were
    Operation Ajax Continued
•   Plan was carried out by Donald Wilber CIA agent
    and author.
•   Center of the operation getting the shah to fire Prime
    Minister Mossadegh and replace him with General
    Fazlollah Zahedi with the help of Cornel Abas
•   They were chosen on their likeliness to be anti-
•   The first attempt at the coup failed despite all of the
    CIA’s detailed planning and the shah was forced to
    leave the country.
     Operation Ajax Continued
•   After exile to Italy the shah returned and the CIA attempted the
    coup again.
•   The second attempt was successful.
•   Zahedi was put in place to succeed Mossadegh.
•   August 19, 1953 Mossadegh was arrested and was forced from
    his job. He was a bias trial with his fate already decided and
    was condemned to death.
•   The shah completed his sentence of solitary confinement for
    three years in a military prison and continued the rest of his life
    in house arrest.
•   The Anglo Iranian Oil Company became BP in 1954
    and received forty percent of the new international
•   BP continued to operate in Iran until the Islamic
•   Due to a large investment program outside Iran the
    company was able to survive.
•   They recovered quickly and continue to be one of
    the worlds front most oil companies.

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