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                                                                                      Netherlands Embassy
                                                                                      Economic Department
                                                                                        15 Oborishte street
                                                                                       1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
                                                                                 Tel. + (359) (2) 816 0352
                                                                                 Fax + (359) (2) 816 0351
                                                                                E-mail: sof-ea@minbuza.nl

May 2012

 Economy and business climate
 Developments in various sectors
 Tenders / public procurement
 Exhibitions / seminars / events
 Sources of information

                                                    ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND WATER
Bulgaria's FDI Starts Crawling Up in Q1
2012                                                Electricity Prices in Bulgaria to Increase
By country, the largest direct investments in       by up to 9% from July
Bulgaria for the period January - March 2012        Read more>>
were those of the Netherlands (EUR 257.1
M) and Switzerland (EUR 98.4 M).                    Bulgaria Has EU's Highest Natural Gas
Read more>>                                         Prices in PPS
                                                    According to the statistical office of the
DEVELOPMENTS IN VARIOUS SECTORS                     European Union, the average price of natural
                                                    gas in Bulgaria was EUR 10.1 per 100 kWh.
AGRICULTURE AND FOOD                                Read more>>

Geomex Engineering has opened a pig                 INVESTMENTS
farm and a fodder production unit in the
city of Yambol (Southeast Bulgaria)                 Austrian Post Steps in Bulgaria with
The project received financing from the             M&BM Express Deal
Operational programme Rural development.            The Post announced it has acquired a 26%
Geomex Engineering has a population of              stake in Sofia-based M&BM Express, a hybrid
more than 10,000 pigs, 270 cows and 200             mail specialist in Bulgaria.
sheep and farms 1,700 hectares of land.             The deal included the option for Austrian Post
Read more>>                                         to take a further 25% stake in 2013, handing
                                                    it a controlling interest, and a further stake in
50% of the grants under OP Fisheries                2014 that would take its ownership to 76% in
contracted                                          the company.
Read more>>                                         Read more>>


Bulgarian Bank System Bad Loans Up                  Bulgaria to Finalize Large-Scale E-Govt
BGN 2 B y/y                                         Project in 2013
Bulgarian bad and restructured loans rose to        The implementation of the largest e-
the record high 24.43% of total lending at          government project in Bulgaria will enable
the end of April, amounting to BGN 9.74 B,          electronic data exchange between over 30
shows central bank data.                            public registers, according to Transport
Read more>>                                         Minister Ivaylo Moskovski.
                                                    Read more>>
Bulgaria's Fiscal Reserve Climbs to BGN
4.9 B Apr 2012                                      TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE
Read more>>

Elitsa Panayotova Appointed CEO of
Sofia Tech Park                                                     TENDERS / PROCUREMENTS
By the end of 2012, the concept, the                                 Pipe suppliers for the Bulgarian Energy
strategic partners and the financing structure                          Holding –
are to be clear, with some mechanisms of the                        Read more>>
project already operational. The turning of                          Sofia Public Transport Reform Project
the first shod has been scheduled for the                               (Loan 2) – Supply & Installation
second half of 2013. Sofia Tech Park's office                       Read more>>
building, technological center and museum                            Burgas Integrated Urban Transport
are to start functioning by end-2015.                                   project
The slot earmarked for the project is on the                        Read more>>
4th kilometer intersection of the Tsarigradsko                       Design and Construction of RDF
Shose Blvd in Sofia and is currently owned by                           Utilization Plant Stage I
the Ministry of Defense.                                            Read more>>
Read more>>                                                          Municipal Infrastructure Development
                                                                        Project (financed by World Bank)
Bulgaria's Transport Down 0.4% Q1                                   Read more>>
2012                                                                 Procurement of permanent automatic
In the first quarter of 2012, goods carried by                          traffic counters and classifiers
land and water transport declined by 0.4%                           Read more>>
compared to the fourth quarter of 2011,
according to seasonally adjusted data                               More information on tenders:
published by Bulgaria's National Statistical                        http://www.worldbank.org
Institute (NSI).                                                    http://www.ebrd.com
Read more>>


Calendar of what's happening in Bulgaria (activities of the Embassy / large trade fairs)

      The Dutch embassy organises National Land forum on 7 June 2012, Hilton hotel Sofia
      Bio-food demonstration and cooking days with two Dutch chefs in Eastern Rhodopi, 7-9
       June 2012, link: http://newthraciangold.eu/
      Bulgarian day at Floriade exhibition in Venlo, The Netherlands, 9 June;
       link: http://www.floriade.nl/kalender/nationale-dag-bulgarije
      International Defence, Antiterrorism and Security Exhibition Hemus 2012, Plovdiv,
       link: http://www.hemusbg.org/index-en.html
      Bike to Work Day supported by the Dutch embassy, 19 May 2012
       link: http://www.facebook.com/notes/netherlands-embassy-in-bulgaria/ambassador-van-

For more information on exhibitions & trade fairs in Bulgaria please visit the following online
exhibitions catalogues:
•     International Plovdiv Fair: www.fair.bg
•     Inter Expo Centre, Sofia: www.bulgarreklama.com
•     Via Expo Ltd.: www.viaexpo.com
•     Dobrich Fair: www.dobrich-fair.com

Bulgarian National Bank, www.bnbank.org
Ministry of Finance, www.minfin.bg
National Statistical Institute, www.nsi.bg
Dnevnik Daily http://news.dnevnik.bg/
BTA bulletin, http://www.bta.bg/site/en/indexe.shtml
Sofia Echo http://www.sofiaecho.com/
Capital www.capital.bg
Novinite http://www.novinite.com/
BCCI www.infobusiness.bcci.bg

Disclaimer: This Economic Newsletter has been prepared by the Economic and Agricultural Department of the Netherlands
Embassy in Sofia on the basis of publicly available information from various sources. It does not represent the opinion of the
Embassy or any other official body. No responsibility for factual accuracy can be taken.


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