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Beauty Is


									                                     Beauty Is…
                                  By Andrew Lowder

What opens the door to a person’s heart,
The thing that comforts you in the presence of hardship,
What leaves you standing in wonder, awe struck,
Found in the aspect of life.
What comes forth from knowledge obtained,
When two lost hearts come together,
Something that you see with your eyes, but can only be grasped by your imagination,
Made known by the love of a companion,
One thing that will never be lost, never forgotten,
The true essence of splendor,
What cannot be described with the use of words,
What expands your imagination to a limitless end,
What you hear with your eyes, and see with your ears,
What brings fantasy into reality,
A gift that passes from generation to generation,
The sweet smelling aroma that puts forth a sense of joy; a sense of happiness,
What is seen at the break of day and the dusk of night,
What becomes ageless throughout time,
The incomprehensible beginning of beginnings,
In the creation of the creator,
The symphony that springs forth from all aspects of amazement,
Only obtained by the eyes of the beholder.

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