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					                         Beauty and the Beast
                             -Beauty is the Beast-

Andrew,L.(2007).Beauty and the beast. Retrieved February 5, 2008, from

The original version is a mix from Madame de Villenue’s version and de Beaumont’s
version. It was published in 1889 as one of the stories in Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy Book.

The financial aspect of this version of the famous love story of Beauty and the Beast,
portraits Beauty as a greedy gold digger instead of the humble love seeking person we’re
used to.

We chose this version because it provides the most details and we also found it to be the
most interesting version of them all. In the Walt Disney picture of Beauty and the Beast,
Beauty is poor from the beginning, never has had the luxury of valuable possessions. And
therefore she values true emotions and family connections, rather as in this version where
she had financial security in the beginning but lost it all. We chose this version to look on it
from a financial perspective, since the Beast is the only way for Beauty to get her financial
security back.


“Only the youngest daughter (Beauty) had any doubt but that they would soon again be as
rich as they were before (…)”

“Was it not enough that I allowed you to be in my palace and was kind to you? This is the
way you show your gratitude, by stealing my flowers!” – Beast

“(…) the more they put in the more room there seemed to be, and at last they put back all
the jewels and dresses they had taken out, and Beauty even added as many more of the
jewels as she could carry at once (…)”

"Ah, Beauty! you are not so unfortunate as you suppose. Here you will be rewarded for all
you have suffered elsewhere. Your every wish shall be gratified.”

"It seems, then, that this horrible Beast keeps him a prisoner. How can I set him free? I
wonder why they both told me not to trust to appearances? I don't understand it. But,
after all, it was only a dream, so why should I trouble myself about it? I had better go and
find something to do to amuse myself."

“Then he asked if she thought she could be happy in his palace; and Beauty answered that
everything was so beautiful that she would be very hard to please if she could not be
happy. And after about an hour's talk Beauty began to think that the Beast was not nearly
so terrible as she had supposed at first.”

As you can see from the quotes, Beauty is more obsessed with worldly possessions than
the emotions of others.

                                   Erik Hedegren, Qiangnan Li, Anna Nidén & Matilda Wallde

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