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									                                             ROGER KARAS
630-513-8545                                 202 Timbers Trail                       updated July 20, 2008                    St. Charles, IL 60174         

TARGET              DBA/database developer, employee or contract

SUMMARY             Expert database development skills using Oracle. Experienced with Microsoft Sql Server,
                    Access, and Sybase also. Extensive experience developing stored procedures, complex
                    SQL code, automating database import/export processes (ETL), report writing, tuning, and
                    data modeling. Automation often involved using UNIX Korn shell scripts or Windows
                    utilities. Oracle 9i DBA Certified Professional. Scored in the 99th percentile on Teckchek

                    Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. Able to learn new technologies and business
                    terminology quickly. Work well with others in mentoring and lead roles. Familiar with the
                    software development life cycle (SDLC) .

TECHNICAL           Languages: Transact-SQL       PL/SQL * SQL * Korn Shell * HTML * SQR * C/C++ * VBA
SKILLS              * VBScript * JavaScript * AWK * SED * Java *                   * Visual Basic.Net *
                    Delphi * XML * Oracle Pro-C * Fortran * Perl * SNOBOL * ICON

                    Databases: Oracle * Access * Sybase * SQL Server * Interbase * Paradox * B-Trieve

                    Systems: Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95/3.x * UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) * DOS

                    Tools: DTS * TOAD * SQL Navigator * SQL Plus * SQL Loader * Oracle Reports * Oracle
                    Forms * Visual SourceSafe * PVCS * Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, Outlook) * IIS
                    (Internet Information Server) * Erwin

                    Misc: RDBMS * LDM * PDM * SDLC * EDI * Client/Server * Terminal/host

EXPERIENCE -- IT Consultant at Karas Enterprises -- St. Charles, IL (1996 to current)
(consultant)        Services rendered: ETL (Extraction/Transformation/Loading of data), report writing,
                    process automation, troubleshooting, database tuning, design, development, production
                    support, logical data modeling, physical data modeling, documentation, requirements
                    gathering, and mentoring. Development is done utilizing a variety of tools, primarily SQL
                    and PL/SQL (to write stored procedures, packages, triggers, and report scripts). To
                    automate processes, UNIX Korn shell scripting and Windows utilities are used extensively.

                    DBA/Database Developer at AT&T -- Rosemont, IL (08/04 to Current):

                    Worked closely with internal business end users to provide DBA and Development
                    (PL/SQL, SQL) services on the distributed Oracle data warehouse database system.

                    Significantly improved the processing performance and reliability of the Local Oracle 9i
                    databases by adjusting various database parameters and tuning SQL statements,
                    PL/SQL code, and Solaris Korn Shell Scripts. Automated numerous tasks.

                    Migrated legacy databases from Access to Oracle, working closely with a Java GUI
                    Developer to create the supporting backend database objects and code for a Web

                    DBA/Database Developer at Rotella Capital Management -- Chicago, IL (04/04 to
                    08/04): Used Microsoft SQL Server (DTS, stored procedures, jobs) to automate data
                    processing. Designed data model, wrote stored procedures, and created jobs to
                    automate the downloading of financial data via Bloomberg Data License. Primary DBA
                    and database developer for the Cash Management database. Worked directly with end-
users and management in gathering requirements. Tuned the broker financial data daily
import process, resulting in substantial time savings. Tuned and enhanced an Excel
spreadsheet that used pivot tables retrieving data from SQL Server views and a cube.
Created VBA macros to initialize the various worksheets and to add additional information
beyond what the pivot tables provided.

Used Microsoft SQL Server (Enterprise Manager, DTS, Transact-SQL, Stored
Procedures, BCP, Analysis Manager, cubes), Microsoft Excel (Pivot tables, Macros, VBA)

Database Developer at Information Resources -- Chicago, IL (05/03 to 07/03):
Developed and implemented a data warehouse to facilitate the comparison of Information
Resource's data with data provided by its clients. Modified the logical data model and
created the physical data model. Created processes to initialize the database from legacy
data and to integrate future incoming flows of data. Used Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL
Loader, SQL Plus, TOAD, UNIX, FTP, Korn Shell. Microsoft office.

Database Developer at Abbott Laboratories -- Lincolnshire, IL (11/02 to 05/03):
Automated processing of in-coming sales data in various formats (EDI, flat file, Excel
spreadsheets, Access databases) from a variety of sources into the Oracle data
warehouse. Created schema tables (logical and physical modeling) to facilitate the data
processing. The data was often preprocessed with UNIX korn shell scripts or Excel
macros, then loaded into Oracle and transformed. Email messages were generated to
inform relevant parties of the load status. Created and maintained numerous scheduled
and ad-hoc internet and hard-copy reports based on the sales data in the data warehouse.

Used Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, PL/SQL Developer, Brio Reports
(SQR), SysAdmiral, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Basic (VBA macros for Microsoft Access,
Word, Outlook, and Excel), Citrix Program Neighborhood, TextPad, Windows 2000, UNIX -
MKS Toolkit (Korn shell, Awk, FTP).

Database Consultant at Awana Clubs International -- Streamwood, IL (05/02 to 6/02):
Analyzed, debugged and resolved problems in the financial, sales, and inventory system.
Advised the DBA on various Oracle concerns. Used SQR, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, JD
Edwards OneWorld.

Database Developer at Acxiom -- Downers Grove, IL (02/01 to 12/01, 04/02 to 05/02):
Created carefully designed and tuned SQL scripts to populate and maintain summary
tables in a very large Oracle database having information on 70 million potential customers
with some tables having over a billion records. Developed numerous reports with SQL
Plus. Replaced a Oracle Pro*C report with an innovative, complex SQL report that
executed in minutes.

Automated the processing of incoming data files from a various vendors. The data files
were preprocessed with UNIX Korn shell scripts then loaded into Oracle and transformed.
In some cases, outgoing files were generated from the database and sent to vendors.

Analyzed, debugged and tuned SQL code written by others, resulting in substantial
performance gains and product reliability. Mentored others in SQL and PL/SQL.
Developed back-end stored Oracle procedures that were called by the HTML/ASP/JAVA
code of a front-end Internet application. Used Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, HTML, ASP,
IIS, Windows, UNIX, Korn shell, TOAD, range partitioned tables.

Database Developer at Sara Lee Bakery -- Chicago, IL (11/00 to 02/01): Assisted in the
migration from Oracle Financials to Lawson Financials. Loaded legacy data into
temporary Oracle tables. Replaced SQR code with PL/SQL code. Created data reports.
Mentored other developers. Proactively convinced management to allow developers to
use Windows based tools, resulting in substantial developer productivity gains. Used
Oracle, SQL Loader, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, VBA (Excel) macros, SQR, TOAD.
                       Database Developer at Ameritech New Media -- Chicago, IL (02/99 to 9/00): Analyzed
                       the existing customer fulfillment process then completely redeveloped it, incorporating new
                       fulfillment criteria and requirements. Saved the company thousands of dollars by
                       drastically reducing fulfillment-related errors. Lead the effort in data modeling, data
                       normalization, design and coding of stored packages and triggers for the fulfillment related
                       portion of the database.

                       This distributed, data warehouse fulfillment process was implemented primarily with
                       PL/SQL code. E-mail messages were generated automatically to convey the weekly
                       fulfillment results. Reports were generated using PL/SQL and SQL scripts. Used Active
                       Server Pages (ASP), HTML, Java Script, VB Script, and Oracle SQL to automatically
                       create Intranet HTML files to assist in fulfillment analysis.

                       Mentored developers in the design and debugging of PL/SQL code and UNIX Korn shell
                       scripts. Tuned SQL statements embedded in Powerbuilder applications. Used Shell
                       scripts, SQL Loader, PL/SQL, and SQL Plus scripts to automate the back-end processes
                       for other campaign management projects.

                       IT Consultant at Knowles Electronics -- Itasca, IL (2/99 to 02/99): Critiqued the coding
                       of a Delphi/Oracle client server application. Made recommendations for improvement.

                       GUI/Database Developer at USN Communications -- Chicago, IL (12/97 - 11/98):
                       Used Delphi and Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, triggers) to develop
                       applications to automate business functions that allow sales reps to maintain telephony
                       customer services. Technologies used include EDI, FTP, and Sockets.

                       The front-end application was written in Delphi using an extensive class hierarchy and
                       objected oriented coding. This application retrieved customer information from Ameritech
                       using EDI. The raw EDI data was tokenized and Oracle package code was called to store
                       this data in the highly normalized Oracle OLTP database. Subsequently, this information
                       could be retrieved from the Oracle database by calling Oracle package code and
                       presented to the sales rep in the GUI front end in a presentable format. Then the sales
                       rep could make changes to the customer’s account information and these changes would
                       be recorded in the database and sent to Ameritech via EDI.

                       GUI/Database Developer at CNA Insurance Company -- Chicago, IL (03/97 to 11/97):
                       Used Delphi, Sybase, Windows, UNIX, SQL, and stored procedures to develop Windows
                       client/server applications for the Loss Control Risk Management workstation.

                       GUI/Database Developer at Mesirow Financial -- Chicago, IL (12/96 to 03/97): Used
                       Delphi, Sybase, SQL, and stored procedures to develop a Windows client/server
                       brokerage billing Application. The application calculated and reported the fees associated
                       with clearing a trade. Numerous reports summarized the fees at various levels of detail.

EXPERIENCE -- Sr. Programmer/Analyst at First Chicago NBD (Bank One) -- Chicago, IL (1990 to 1996)
(full-time employee)   Credit Policy Department -- Developed client/server database applications using Delphi, C,
                       C++, Visual Basic, Access, and Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports).
                       The applications provided data input, reporting and analysis for the bank's credit history
                       database. Created an Access application for the management of imported Oracle data.

                       Corporate Data Processing Department -- Provided technical consulting services -
                       Connectivity (TCP/IP, IPX, terminal/host, client/server, remote access), Oracle database
                       (installation, administration, development), Windows application development, UNIX,
                       Novell NetWare, and PCs in general. Installed and administered a NetWare LAN.
EXPERIENCE -- Software Engineer at Zylab Corporation -- Arlington Heights, IL (1989 to 1990)
(full-time employee)   Developed and documented the report generating feature of ZyIndex (text search and
                       retrieval software) in both DOS and UNIX environments using C and Pascal.

EXPERIENCE – Software Engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories (Lucent) -- Naperville, IL (1984 to 1986)
(full-time employee)   Designed, developed, debugged, and documented 5ESS software using C/UNIX and 8086
                       assembly language. Projects included: allowing downloaded RAM software to dynamically
                       circumvent EPROM software and inter-processor communication via shared memory.

EDUCATION              Illinois Institute of Technology 1993-94, 5 courses in Financial Mkts & Trading
                       Grace Theological Seminary 1986-88, MDiv except for thesis
                       Illinois Institute of Technology 1984-86, MS/Computer Science
                       Vanderbilt University 1980-84, BE/Electrical Engineering & Computer Science & Math

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