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									                     Steve Perry
                     Computer Software Instructor
                     PO Box 2620
                     Avila Beach, CA 93424

University of Phoenix               MA Education, 2004
                                    Emphasis in Adult Education and Distance Learning

Illinois Institute of Technology    BA Mathematics, 1978

Qualification Summary
Over ten years as a Computer Software Instructor for colleges and corporations. Classes taught
in both lecture and online format. Currently an Assistant Professor at Palomar College in the
Computer Science and Information Systems Department and adjunct faculty at Saddleback
College and San Jose State University.

Additionally have 24+ years experience as a Computer Programmer, Web Applications
Developer, Systems Analyst, and Project Leader.

Courses Offered
 Java                              Java Fundamentals, Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise
                                   JavaBeans (EJB), JDBC

 PHP with MySQL                    Creating Dynamic Web Pages using PHP with the MySQL Database

 Perl / CGI              , Perl Fundamentals, Regular Expressions

 SQL                               Oracle (PL/SQL), MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2. MySQL

 Database Systems                  Database Design, Database Management, PowerDesigner

 Web Development                   HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Ajax

 PowerBuilder                      Windows Development, Performance Management, Non-Visual Objects,
                                   Object-Oriented Design & Programming
Resume cont. – Steve Perry                             

Technical Experience
 Programming         Java – J2EE, Java Servlets, JSP (JavaServer Pages), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB),
 Languages /         JDBC, CORBA, RMI, SOAP
 Development         Development IDE’s: IBM VisualAge, Sybase PowerJ, Borland JBuilder
 Environments        Perl, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder
                     HTML, ASP, JavaScript (Allaire’s HomeSite, NetObjects Fusion)
                     Graphic Design: Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe ImageStyler
                     IBM Mainframe (MVS): COBOL, DB2, CICS, IMS, RPG, FOCUS, JCL, TSO, CLIST

 Operating           Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 / DOS, OS/2
 Systems &           UNIX (Sun Solaris, Sequent, Linux, etc.)
 Servers             Microsoft IIS, Sybase Jaguar, IBM WebSphere, Allaire JRun

 Database &          ORACLE 7.0/ 8i/ 9i PL/SQL (Stored Procedures, Triggers)
 Associated          Sybase Transact SQL & SQL Anywhere (Adaptive SQL Server)
 Utilities           MS SQL Server, ODBC / JDBC
                     IBM DB2

Employment History

Palomar College, San Marcos, CA
Assistant Professor
Aug. 2001 - Present

Full-time instructor for the Computer Science and Information Systems Department, teaching
classes in Java, Perl, PHP with MySQL, Oracle, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML/CSS, Java
Servlets and JSPs, Computer Science, and HTML. Classes are taught in both lecture and
Internet-based format.

Created two new certificate programs for Web Developers and Web Server Administrators and
created new courses in C#, .Net Framework, Java Servlets/JSP/EJBs, PHP, and Python.
Developed a Web-based Departmental Information Management System using Perl/CGI and

UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA
Adjunct Faculty
Jun. 2008 - Present

Part-time instructor for UCLA Extension. Taught classes in Relational Database Management,
PHP, and JavaScript. Ajax, XSLT, XML, Java Servlets and JSPs.

San Jose State University, Fullerton, CA
Adjunct Faculty
Jan 2003 - Present

Resume cont. – Steve Perry                               

Part-time instructor for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Taught classes in
Database Systems and Management (using Oracle), PHP with MySQL, Ajax, MySQL, JSPs, and

Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA
Associate Faculty
Aug 1995 - Present

Part-time instructor for the Business Science Division, teaching classes in PowerBuilder, Java,
Perl, PHP/MySQL and SQL. Classes are taught in both lecture and Internet-based format.
Developed new curriculum in PowerBuilder, Perl, PHP/MySQL, and SQL.

Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, CA
Associate Faculty
Sep. 2004 – Jun. 2010
Part-time instructor for the Computer and Information Science department, teaching classes in
JavaScript, PHP/MySQL and HTML/CSS. Classes were taught in an online format.

Hands On Technology Transfer, Chelmsford, MA
Computer Software Instructor
May 2002 – Aug. 2002

Computer software instruction for this nation-wide computer training company.
Taught five-day intensive classes in Java Programming to employees of various businesses.

Digital University, Newport, CA
Computer Software Instructor
Feb 1997 – Dec. 2002

Taught Internet-based classes in Java, Perl/CGI, Database Design, and SQL. for this privately-
held online training company.

Option One Mortgage Corporation, Irvine, CA
Instructor / Senior Web Developer/ Analyst
June 2000 - August 2001

Taught IT department employees the fundamentals of Java and Java Servlets / JSPs
(JavaServer Pages).

Aided team in the design, coding, and implementation of a system to receive, upload, and
process mortgage information from affiliated banks. Developed using PowerBuilder to compose
CORBA compliant objects to be deployed on a Sybase Jaguar Web server.

Web developer on team that designed, developed, and implemented a Web-based Verification of
Mortgage system (VOM). The VOM collected customer information via HTML/JSP (JavaServer
Page) forms and matched the information to a Microsoft SQL Server database containing
customer loan information. Once validated (via a Java Servlet / JDBC process) a customer's loan
information would be updated (via an Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) /JDBC ) with a fee amount and
the final loan payoff information would be displayed. This VOM system produced a FAX, PDF, or
JSP / HTML file depending on a customer choice. The system was developed using JBuilder and

Resume cont. – Steve Perry                              

successfully deployed on an Allaire JRUN Web server and the EJBs were deployed on a Sybase
Jaguar application server.

Southern California Edison, San Clemente, CA
Information Technology Specialist
Feb 1990 – June 2000

Internet Applications Developer (Aug. 1999 – June 2000)

Developed Intranet application that allows images to be retrieved and viewed. Application allows
users to enter search criteria, initiate a search, and display the results in a grid format. The
document index data is retrieved from an Oracle database through the JDBC and HTML pages
(and associated JavaScript) are dynamically generated from Java Servlets hosted on an IBM
WebSphere application server. Designed HTML front-end interface using Allaire's HomeSite and
NetObjects Fusion. Java Servlets were developed using IBM's VisualAge for Java. Links are
provided in the results grid to retrieve compressed images from a Novell File server and open
images using a browser plug-in which allows viewing and printing of the images.

Developing a search/result application to integrate with Topic, Verity's Internet-based text
indexing and retrieval system. Using ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and TIS (Topic's specific index
engine interface)
for system hosted on NT's IIS web server. HTML, ASP, and JavaScript developed using

Systems Analyst / Applications Developer (Nov. 1997 - Aug. 1999)

Developed a data-driven, object-oriented Generic Security Object that allows a user or systems
analyst to control the security of a PowerBuilder application without requiring software
modifications. Wrote System Requirements Specification and System Design Specification

Coordinated effort to move the Nuclear Document Management System to a 32-bit platform from
PowerBuilder 5 to PowerBuilder 6.5, including integrated APIs that handle imaging, scanning,
printing, image file storage, and word processor interfaces.

Handled development for adding a major sub-system to the Nuclear Document Management
System to manage Engineering Drawing data and images using PowerBuilder 6.5 & Oracle 7.3.

Project Leader / Systems Analyst / Applications Developer (Sep. 1996 - Nov. 1997)

Lead effort to add multiple sub-systems to the Nuclear Document Management System (NDMS).
Coordinated the efforts of six people; Developers and System Analysts. With the project analyst,
developed an innovative "interview" screen flow Wizard to insure an easy to understand interface
and an accurate processing of complex procedures by the users.

Developed a data-driven, object-oriented Search/Result Object that allows a systems analyst to
define the searches for a PowerBuilder application without requiring software modifications.

Systems Analyst / Applications Developer (Jan. 1995 - Sep. 1996)

Developed a client/server based Document Distribution system interfacing with the Document
Imaging and Retrieval system using PowerBuilder 4.0/5.0, ORACLE 7.0 SQL. Used
PowerDesigner to develop conceptual and physical database design.

A senior developer on team that developed the Nuclear Document Management System
(NDMS), a client/server Document Tracking & Imaging system which received a
ComputerWorld/Smithsonian Award for Heroic Achievement in Information Technology (June 10,

Resume cont. – Steve Perry                             

1997, Reg. No. 97271) and is a part of the Smithsonian Institution's permanent research
collection. NDMS incorporates optical imaging, storage and retrieval, workflow, and e-mail.
NDMS uses API external function calls to integrate with Scanning/Viewer software, Novell
network connection objects, and word processing software. The NDMS database is managed by
both the application and Oracle Stored Procedures/Triggers.

Project Leader / Systems Analyst / Applications Developer (May 1994 - Jan. 1995)

Led Project to convert Host based Regulatory Commitment Tracking system to a Client/Server
system on an IBM PC/Sequent Server (UNIX) using PowerBuilder 3.0, R&R for Windows,
ORACLE 6.0 SQL and the Lotus cc:Mail VIM interface for automatic E-mail connections. Used
the Dynacom download facility and ORACLE utilities (SQL*Loader and PL/SQL) to convert data
from mainframe to an Oracle database server.

Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Senior Programmer/Analyst - Project Leader
Jan. 1985 - Jun. 1988

Coordinated team of four people in the development, testing, and implementation of a Northern
Telecom Telephone Billing system using COBOL, VSAM, WYLBUR execs, and the SPIRES
database (IBM 370/MVS) Redesigned and maintained the General Ledger system.

References and previous employment history on request


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