Domestic and wild turkeys and corporate by drsranganathan


									One may get surprised by the fact that the wild turkeys do have the ability to fly but
their domestic counterpart, i.e. the ‘domestic turkeys’ cannot fly, purely because they
weigh 2-3 times heavier than the wild ones.

Indeed the domestic turkeys are farmed only for the purpose of ‘eggs’ and ‘meat’ and
hence are fed well. Because of the abundant food availability, the turkeys eat a lot and
become fat. They become ‘too fat’ to fly.

It is not, that the domestic turkeys cannot fly but their heavier body weight only
preventing them from flying. The care and abundant food intake only made them to be
‘too heavy’. Even the basic instinct of a bird, the ability to fly in the sky is getting lost
due to the luxury of food and conditioning.

The domestic turkeys symbolically represent the ‘plight’ of many employees in the
corporate world. Ability to fly is the instinct of all flying birds on earth. Similarly, the
ability of people to be very creative and innovative is also an instinct.

The corporate conditioning, the fat salary, the luxury and comfort make them lazy, least
innovative and creative. Progressively they loose their instinct. Instead of being
‘instinctively innovative or intelligent’ they engineer innovative ways and means to play
many tricks and politics just to safeguard their vested interest and to remain
continuously ‘fat and fit’ in the same corporate.

When they become ‘too fat’ to fly, naturally they will have to roost in the same
ecosystem. As long as they reside and roost in the same ecosystem they become fat
continuously and may be ‘fit’ as well. The situation becomes as tricky as ‘eggs give birth
to chicks and chicks give birth to egg’ and the story continues.

Metaphorically, most corporate are like ‘turkey farms’ and it rears turkeys only for its
commercial need. So they feed the turkeys well and never bother whether the turkeys
loose its ability to fly or it become too fat. Corporate is in fact right in its approach.

The subject is more relevant for the corporate employees to ponder and see whether
they become like ‘domestic turkeys, ‘too fat’ to fly due to all corporate fallacies and

Loosing ones instinctive ingenuity will naturally opens up the door for fear and lack of
self belief to enter. This is the reason why, the most corporate employees makes many
miserable attempts to hangs onto their job instead of believing and experimenting with
their natural talent. Become a slave first, and fight to be a slave forever approach is
what seen with most corporate employees these days.

A gentle visit to a turkey farm and seeing and learning from nature would help one to
see what is to be seen instead of seeing what one want to see. This is what the fat and
flightless domestic turkeys in the farm convey to the corporate employees across the

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd. Chennai

Learn more from the management book – ‘Jungle wisdom for corporate management
– lessons from the university of nature’ by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S

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