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                       Advice on Choosing the Best Vehicle Tracking System For Your Fleet
                                                                   By Kent Stabler

   If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your commercial fleet while on the road, investing in a
GPS vehicle tracking system is a proven cost effective means of staying in touch with the movement of
your vehicles from a remote location. There are many benefits of investing in a vehicle tracking system
tool to improve the productivity of your fleet, but with so many choices how do you know which one is
right for your business?

 Depending on which type of business you are running, a tracking system can be customised to inform
you of where the vehicle is so you can reduce delays and communication costs relaying this
information to your driver. It can also show you engine vitals so you know that your fleet is in fully
working order so you can prevent breakdowns and accidents. GPS tracking systems can upload data
documenting the progress of each of your vehicles in order to gather a number of reports to help you
monitor how productive your fleet are. For example, a tracking system can prepare daily reports to
show how each of your vehicles is being used during and after work hours so you get the whole picture
as to what's going on across your fleet.

 Some GPS vehicle tracking systems come with their own software to determine specifics about engine
vitals and brake status as well as the speed at which the vehicle is travelling, while others do not have
these involved capabilities. If you are looking to reduce your communication costs having a tracking
system that has advanced mapping capabilities as well as direction and speed indicators can be
essential when avoiding delays on the road.

 It is important to consider which of these benefits your business requires before you sign up for any
package so you can avoid paying over the odds for a system designed to save you money. If you are
looking to improve a small business' customer relations for example you may want to invest in a more
basic package in order to be able to assure the customer of delivery times. In a case like this a system
that reports with accurate mapping and speed data for each of your vehicles is essential whereas daily
vehicle status reports may not be required.

 When choosing a vehicle tracking system for your fleet it's also important to consider the customer
support you are being offered as part of the package. Most suppliers offer customer aftercare
packages whereby you can replace broken units quickly so your business doesn't lose out through in
operational vehicles. A good supplier will also offer to guide you through any problems you come up

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against at any point during the lifetime of the unit. If the supplier you are looking at only offers a sales
package be wary; you may end up replacing an entire fleets worth of receivers further down the line in
order to stay on top of the standards your tracking system has established for you should a problem

Kent Stabler – Marketing Manager – Chameleon Direct ( are
suppliers of gps vehicle tracking systems, hands free car kits and speed camera detector equipment.
With over 1 Million UK customers Chameleon Direct they also provide hands free installation services.

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           What is the Difference Between Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Tracking Systems?
                                                               By Kent Stabler

Many people have trouble interpreting the differences between the terms ‘vehicle tracking’ and ‘vehicle
tracking systems’. It is important to differentiate between the two when looking to invest in personal
tracking or tracking for a fleet for your company.

Vehicle Tracking

 Vehicle tracking is the method by which the police are alerted to an illegally moved vehicle and by
which they can recover such a vehicle after a theft. Most new consumer vehicles are fitted with an
immobiliser security system, which any vehicle tracking unit can then be integrated with. The vehicle
tracking unit uses motion sensors to alert a control centre if the vehicle has moved without consent, in
effect becoming part of the on-board security system and aiding recovery as the result of a breakdown
or theft. This is the most basic type of vehicle tracking available and does not have the capability to
indicate the status of the vehicle ie if the vehicle is off or is not working properly.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

 Vehicle tracking systems however are a sophisticated means of keeping tabs on an entire fleet of
commercial vehicles where data is collated by GPS tracking. Global Positioning Systems allow for
regular updates to the manager of the fleet and can inform the company as to the status of the vehicle
as often as every five minutes while the vehicle is away from its base. This means the company can
tell how long the journey has taken and for how long the vehicle was stationary for and when and if the
engine was turned off.

 Used primarily as a source of monitoring business efficiency and productivity, having a vehicle
tracking system means you can plan better routes for your fleet according to traffic and so decrease
your fleets overall speed. This is possible since you will have the exact location of your vehicle in front
of you and if you become aware of a problem in the road up ahead you can redirect the driver to
another route so as to avoid any delays.

 A GPS tracking system not only helps to keep your business up and running, it can also help to keep
down the cost of fuel and wear on the vehicle. This allows for your business to save on operational
costs as well as to make sure every driver is running to schedule.

 A vehicle tracking system also means that once unauthorised movement of the vehicle is detected the
immobiliser will keep the vehicle stationary allowing for faster recovery. Acting as a security asset as
well as a cost effective means of keeping your business interests in check at all times, installing a
vehicle tracking system can improve your business' interests all round.

 Since the rise in popularity of mobile phones over the last few years the technology used in the
communication between satellite and the masts on the ground has grown so much as to decrease the
cost of having a tracking system for your business dramatically.

 Not only is having a vehicle tracking system a great way to save on overall costs for your business
then but, depending on which system you choose, you can even customise your tracking needs to

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accommodate data for when the vehicle was turned off and even to monitor if the vehicle is being used
outside of working hours.

Kent Stabler – Marketing Manager – Chameleon Direct ( are
suppliers of gps vehicle tracking systems, hands free car kits and speed camera detector equipment.
With over 1 Million UK customers Chameleon Direct they also provide hands free installation services.

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