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									      John O’Connell
SVP, Business Development

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        •Why Electronic Transcripts?
               -What are Benefits
               -Who Benefits

        •Key Considerations
               -Scope of Services

        •MHEC Overview

        •Docufide Services Overview

        •Q & A

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 What are Benefits

     • Improves Processes

     • Improves Services

     • Sender & Receiver Cost Savings

     • Foundation for Additional Services

 Who Benefits

     • Requesting Students & Parents

     • High Schools

     • Receiving Institutions

     • Other Recipients (Employers, NCAA, Scholarship Funds, Etc.)

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       • Numerous Years in This Industry, Performing This Service

       • Real Experience, Not Just Talk

       • Similar Statewide Projects With Proven Success

“Docufide is saving us thousands each year and countless
   clerical hours while creating a quality, time effective
  transcript transmission process for both student and
schools. I am a long-term (2002), very satisfied customer!”
                         -Dr. Randall Peterson, Principal,
                            Eastview High School, MN

                              Proprietary and Confidential
• More than 2500 colleges and universities nationwide have received transcripts from
  Docufide over last 5 years

• High schools in 30 states now electronically send transcripts through Secure

• Indiana Statewide e-Transcript Initiative launched 10/2005
     • Over 90% of schools (using 30 different types of SIS) use the service
     • Forty thousand electronic transcripts sent last year!

•   Minnesota e-Transcript launched 6/2007
•   Nebraska e-Transcript launched 10/2007
•   Alaska e-Transcript launched 12/2007
•   South Carolina K-12 Student Record/e-Transcript project awarded 3/08
•   New Hampshire e-Transcript project awarded 5/2008
•   Utah K-12 Student Record/e-Transcript project awarded 10/08
•   Arizona e-Transcript project awarded 10/08

• Wisconsin e-Transcript project - Docufide selected 1/08 – pursuing funding
• North Dakota e-Transcript project - Docufide selected 1/08 – pursuing funding

• Several additional states are currently evaluating student record/transcript exchange
  for 2008 including IA, MI, & WA
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                                  FULL SERVICE SOLUTIONS

                                                                            3rd Party

Statewide system includes:

 High school transcript exchange (transfers)
 High school to any college/university nationwide
                                                                         Docufide          Higher
 High school to any 3rd party destinations                              Services
 Counselor reports and LOR sent electronically
 College to college exchange

                                       Proprietary and Confidential
Midwestern Higher Education Compact

            Proprietary and Confidential

Establish a comprehensive intra-regional Electronic
Transcript Initiative (ETI).

All public and private secondary and postsecondary schools
within the eleven MHEC states.

•High school to high school exchange (transfer)
•High school to college transcripts and associate documents
•College to college exchange

                       Proprietary and Confidential
Docufide Services

    Proprietary and Confidential
                                NON-INTRUSIVE TECHNOLOGY

 Unique capture capabilities
  from ANY SIS

 Wisconsin-ready with
  experience working with:
      Skyward,
      PowerSchool,
      Infinite Campus,
      PeopleSoft SIS’s

 No hardware required – simple
  software download

 Sending school controlled

                                     Proprietary and Confidential

 Security and fraud prevention are enforced at multiple points in the process

• Sending school directly controls the system access and the approval and release of
  student data (push, not pull approach)
• Transcripts are uploaded to Docufide using secure, encrypted protocols
• Each transcript includes a unique ID that can be verified at the Docufide site by recipient
• Transcripts delivered as PDF carry a VeriSign digital signature, ensuring they remain
  taper-evident post delivery
• Docufide’s processing center maintains an extremely high level of security over servers,
  and strict access to transcript files during processing. Redundant backup systems are
  maintained at a remote destination to ensure failsafe operation

                                   Proprietary and Confidential
Secure Transcript Overview

        Proprietary and Confidential
Student Request

   Proprietary and Confidential
    Student Request Process
    Full service Secure Transcript allows for the online processing of all student and
    alumni requests, accessed from a link placed on the school’s website.

Secure Transcript Includes:
                                                                       ANGRY TROUT HIGH
•      Secure student registration,
       requesting & order tracking
•      A comprehensive database of
       colleges and scholarship funds
•      FERPA compliant delivery to
       any other destination globally
•      Intuitive school interface
       allowing for review and
       approval of all requests

                                        Proprietary and Confidential
Student Request Process
Student searches our database of colleges, choosing one or many destinations for

                                 Proprietary and Confidential
Student Request Process
3rd party destinations can be delivered to in a FERPA compliant manner.

                                 Proprietary and Confidential
Student Request Process
Student reviews destinations and confirms that selections are correct.





                                  Proprietary and Confidential
 Student Request Process
Student reviews and accepts online agreement.

                                Proprietary and Confidential
 Student Request Process
Any necessary payment is processed online. If subsidized by the state or school the
payment step is automatically skipped.


                                  Proprietary and Confidential
Student Request Process
Students can track their requests online and will also receive confirmation emails when
their request is received, approved by the school registrar, and upon delivery.

                         Automatic Email Notifications

                                 Proprietary and Confidential
School Process

  Proprietary and Confidential
Sending School Process
Secure Transcript provides administrators with a secure online To-Do List, where all
student and alumni transcript requests are quickly reviewed and processed for

                                 Proprietary and Confidential
Sending School Process
By clicking on the student name, administrators can drill down to see more information
on the student, and where they are sending transcripts.

       Review Student Contact & Destination Information

                                 Proprietary and Confidential
Sending School Process
An on-screen, printable list of requests is then generated and used to select student
records from the Student Information System (SIS) for delivery.

  Checklist of Approved Requests

                                  Proprietary and Confidential
  Records Upload

Step 1:
Student transcripts are ‘printed’
from school’s Student
Information System to
Docufide’s installed Client,
where they are securely
uploaded to our processing

Step 2:
Once uploaded (individually or
in batch/bulk) the data is
extracted and saved as XML,
allowing us to deliver in
multiple data or image formats,
depending on the recipients

                                    Proprietary and Confidential
Admissions Services
-Transcript Formats

     Proprietary and Confidential
Register to Receive
Registering to receive electronic transcripts is a 5 minute process accomplished at

                                  Proprietary and Confidential
Campuses Already Registered

Currently 20 Wisconsin campuses are registered to receive electronic transcripts from

•   Carthage College                                  •    University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
•   Concordia University Wisconsin                    •    University of Wisconsin – Osh Kosh
                                                      •    University of Wisconsin - Parkside
•   Lakeshore Technical College
                                                      •    University of Wisconsin - River Falls
•   Mid - State Technical College
                                                      •    University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
•   Midwest College
•   Northeast Wisconsin Technical College             •    University of Wisconsin - Stout

•   Northland College                                 •    University of Wisconsin - Superior

•   Sacred Heart School of Theology                   •    University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

•   St. Norbert College                               •    Viterbo University

•   University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
•   University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

                                    Proprietary and Confidential
Transcript Formats
         PDF                                   PESC XML / TS130 EDI

                Proprietary and Confidential
   Delivery Options
Docufide supports a number of
delivery options to suit the needs of
the recipient.

By default, Docufide provides a
secure, easy to use download
interface for all registered recipients,
delivering transcripts in a
standardized PDF or PESC XML

Docufide also supports automated
delivery of transcripts through
secure FTP or Web Services.

Lastly, Docufide delivers transcripts
in XML or TS130 EDI formats
through the Texas SPEEDE server.

                                                  Secure FTP/WSDL:        Texas Server:
                                                  -PESC XML               - SPEEDE EDI
                                                  -EDI                    - PESC XML
                                           Proprietary and Confidential
Additional Features Available to
 Both Senders and Receivers

           Proprietary and Confidential
Requesting Transcripts
(on a student’s behalf)

      Proprietary and Confidential
Request Transcripts
College administrators can request follow-on transcripts or initial transcripts on an enrolling
student’s behalf. High schools can also request transfer transcripts from any other
participating high school.

                                   Proprietary and Confidential
Associated Documents

     Proprietary and Confidential
Electronic Documents
Each registered college or university can determine the information to be included in the
Electronic Guidance Counselor Report/Secondary School Report (eSSR).

                                  Proprietary and Confidential
Electronic Documents
eSSR requests are initiated when students request transcripts. The Guidance Counselor
can log into the site and access the online To-Do list for eSSR requests. The Guidance
Counselor selects the student and then completes the online report.

                                Proprietary and Confidential
Electronic Documents
General school and class information is auto-populated and once the Guidance
Counselor enters data in the first counselor report, all others for the student are auto-
populated. Letters of recommendation and any other documents to be delivered can be
uploaded and transmitted with the eSSR.

                                  Proprietary and Confidential

Proprietary and Confidential
Real-time reports are available for sent or received transcripts, with results exportable to
Excel for further data analysis.

                                 Proprietary and Confidential

Proprietary and Confidential
Why Docufide?
 “I love the no-hassle aspect of Secure Transcript. I didn't have to worry about gathering any information on my
 own; Secure Transcript did all of the hard work for me.”
         -Natalie Jones, Student

 High Schools
 “It took us approximately 15 minutes to download and install the software, and after a 45 minute training
 session, we were done implementing and ready to use the service. The installation, training and
 implementation processes were extremely simple and straight-forward. The entire procedure truly was as easy
 as advertised.”
         -Meredith Bovin, Data Manager, Carmel Clay Schools, Carmel, Indiana

 "In under five minutes we registered IUPUI for the service and have already received transcripts electronically
 from Indiana schools, as well as from out-state schools on Docufide’s Secure Transcript. This couldn’t have
 been easier. This is going to revolutionize how high schools and colleges do business.”
        -Michael Donahue, Director of Admissions, IUPUI

 State Agencies
 “Docufide has been highly responsive and effective in addressing the planning, rollout and ongoing support and
 enhancements to Indiana’s e-Transcript Initiative. We believe, from our experience with Docufide, that their
 technology, services, and staff combine to deliver the best available solutions to suit the needs of all
 participants, making them an ideal choice for delivering a state’s electronic transcript exchange.”
         -Stanley Jones, Commissioner, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

 “We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our students. It saves time, worry and money for
 students, as well as for high school guidance counselors and post secondary admissions people. Our
 relationship with Docufide throughout this process has been excellent.”
        -Dr. Suellen Reed, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

                                          Proprietary and Confidential
Contact Information

 Initiative Website:

 Docufide Website:

 MHEC Project Manager:

 Jennifer Dahlquist

 Docufide MHEC Project Manager:

 John O’Connell

                            Proprietary and Confidential

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