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									Date: March 6, 2008

To:   Graduate Education Council

From: Diana Fox
      Program or administrative unit: Women’s and Gender Studies
      Department: Anthropology

Re:   Unclassified Proposal

Attached, please find an unclassified proposal to Adopt a new Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate
Certificate Program.
If this request applies to more than one course, list all courses affected.

Required Course:
INTD 501     Contemporary Women’s and Gender Studies Seminar

Choose Four:
ANTH 417       Seminar: She/He “Two Spirits”: Gender Cross-culturally
ANTH 435       Seminar: Global Feminism
ANTH 515       Teaching in Diverse Classrooms
CNGC 529       Multicultural Counseling
CRJU 521       Domestic Violence
CRJU 522       Women and Criminal Justice
CRJU 546       Class, Race, Gender and Crime
CRJU 598       Internship in Criminal Justice
ENGL 503       Directed Study * (maximum of 6.0 credits)
ENGL 511       Special Topics in Writing ┼
ENGL 580       Graduate Seminar in English Literature ┼
ENGL 590       Graduate Seminar in World Literature┼
ENGL 599       Internship *(maximum of 6.0 credits)
HEAL 525       Women’s Health Issues
HIST 466       Women in American History
LASP 490       Seminar in Hispanic Literature ┼
LASP 520       Topics in Spanish American Civilization ┼
LASP 521       Topics in Spanish Civilization ┼
MGMT 571       Organizational Culture and Workforce Diversity
MGMT 572       Interpersonal and Group Behavior
MGMT 578       Organizational Development
PHED504        Nutrition for Sports, Exercise and Weight Control
POLI 502       Research *(maximum of 6.0 credits)
POLI 503       Directed Study *(maximum of 6.0 credits)
POLI 501       Introduction to Public Institutions and Administration
POLI 510        Introduction to Research in Public Administration
POLI 532       Organizational Theory and Behavior for Public and Nonprofit Institutions
PSYC 516       Multicultural Counseling
PSYC 503       Directed Study *(maximum of 6.0 credits)
PSYC 508       Advanced Seminar
SCWK 500       Introduction to Social Welfare Policy: History, Programs and Issues
SCWK 502       Dynamics of Diversity and Oppression
SCWK 508       Introduction to Social Policy
SCWK 510       Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SCWK 570       Integrative Seminar I
SCWK 580       Special Topics in Social Work┼
SOCI 503       Directed Study *(maximum of 6.0 credits)
SOCI 516       Sociology of Sex and Gender

*Limited to six credits

┼Credit earned will count toward the Women’s and Gender Studies graduate certificate only if a
significant portion of the course content or internship is related to women and gender studies. A
determination as to whether the course or internship meets this requirement will be made by the program
coordinator. If the program coordinator concludes that the course or internship is not sufficiently related
to women and gender studies, then the course or internship will not satisfy this requirement of the
Women’s and Gender Studies graduate certificate.

NOTE: 400-level (U/G) courses are offered to graduate students who will complete them with additional
assignments discussed with the professor, for graduate credit.
  Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate Program at Bridgewater
                             State College
Purpose and Goal of the Proposed Program: BSC’s Graduate Certificate Program in Women’s and
Gender Studies is designed with flexibility to provide advanced training for individuals already holding a
bachelor's degree (in any field) who wish to expand their knowledge of women and gender issues in
society. Specifically, the certificate program aims to broaden student understanding of the ways in which
gender is developed, constructed, and expressed in attitudes and institutions of contemporary and
historical societies. Our courses emphasize critical thinking in an interdisciplinary context and build a
knowledge base about many aspects of gendered experiences linked to sexuality, race, class, and
nationality. Students learn about the ways that the meanings assigned to "gender" shape our
understandings of other academic disciplines and daily life. Social policy, politics, family, health and
sexuality are just a few of the areas addressed analytically by courses in Women's and Gender Studies.

The program offers students an exciting array of interdisciplinary coursework both to complement their
areas of interest and to enhance their qualifications for a wide range of fields including social work,
business, psychology, criminal justice, counseling, diversity training and/or education.

Mission Context: BSC’s dual purpose mission and the mission of the Graduate Studies Program are both
reflected in the WGS Graduate Certificate Program. The Program will reach out to residents of the SE
Massachusetts region and the Commonwealth to advance knowledge of global, national, regional and
local conditions of human beings of diverse backgrounds to examine how gender and its intersections
with race, ethnicity, class and sexuality shape experiences, access to resources, status and opportunities.
Improved self and community understanding will enhance the culture of the region and the certificate
itself will aim to provide increased economic opportunity by boosting employment and career credentials.

Resource Needs: The program will need funds to market the program, to host the opening reception and
to pay faculty for teaching additional hours required for INTD 501, Contemporary Women’s and Gender
Studies. The Program will be administered by the Women’s and Gender Studies Coordinator and
supporting Department where the Coordinator is housed as well as the WGS advisory board.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this Program students will demonstrate the following skills and

   1) The acquisition of an interdisciplinary introduction to the intersecting disciplines of Women’s and
      Gender Studies via INTD 501, “Contemporary Women’s and Gender Studies;”
   2) Preparation to meet the challenges of the contemporary, diverse workplace;
   3) Demonstration of an in-depth appreciation of the social, political, economic, cultural and
      ideological factors shaping the construction of gender;
   4) Accumulation of knowledge that prepares them to take on leadership roles in society.

Admission Requirements:

1. All applicants to the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate Program will follow the
standardized procedure for completing the graduate-school application forms required for admissions to
all graduate certificate programs. A bachelor’s degree is required for admission to the Program. Since
admissions to the graduate certificate programs are on a rolling basis, students may apply at any time.

2. In addition to a completed application, every applicant should submit the following:
        A.   An official college transcript of the completed baccalaureate degree
        B.   An official college transcript for graduate course work (if applicable)
        C.   A short essay on the value of the graduate certificate program for the applicant
        D.   One appropriate letter of recommendation from an academic or a professional.

*Students already admitted to a graduate program at BSC will be accepted to the Women's and Gender
Studies Graduate Certificate Program on the basis of a written, personal statement indicating their
interests, plans and career objectives, and how these relate to the field of Women's and Gender Studies


Fifteen credits are required to complete the Program including INTD 501, “Contemporary Women’s and
Gender Studies Seminar,” the one required course which should be taken early on in the curriculum. No
more than two courses may be taken within the same discipline. No more than two, three-credit Directed
Studies may be taken, each in a separate discipline. Participating disciplines include English
Anthropology, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, History, Foreign Languages, Physical
Education, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Management, and Interdisciplinary Studies.
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                                      Bridgewater State College Governance
                                      Unclassified Proposal Form (Graduate)

Please read the complete instructions for important details
on making a proposal.

Title                Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate Program

                 (please give your request a brief descriptive title)

Summary of request:

   I am submitting a proposal to establish a new Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate
   Program. I am the current Coordinator of the WGS Program, and the proposal has been approved
   by all members of the WGS Advisory Board, which includes representatives from included
   disciplines in the Program’s curriculum.


 The Program aims to meet the challenges of the contemporary workplace, which is continually
 undergoing demographic shifts, with respect to gender dynamics as well as ethnic and racial
 composition. As a result, an in-depth understanding of the social, political, economic and ideological
 factors shaping gender issues both historically and today will prove enormously valuable to graduate
 students seeking cutting-edge training in the pursuit of a wide range of careers. Additionally, those
 already employed who hope to augment their knowledge and capacity to be effective leaders will
 benefit from the insights acquired through this interdisciplinary program. Finally, as BSC positions
 itself to meet its mission as the educator of the region, the addition of a graduate program in the field
 of women’s and gender studies will fill an existing gap in the College’s current curriculum.

Reminder: For all new program approvals, each new course proposal must also be submitted, at the same
time, using New Graduate Course Proposal form.
All proposals must be approved by the graduate program coordinator and academic department chair; or

I certify that my department/administrative unit has approved this unclassified request (type appropriate
names in spaces below):

       Graduate Coordinator:      _________________________________

       Department Chairperson: _____Diana J. Fox____________________________

       Administrator:              _________________________________

All programs from the departments of the School of Education and Allied Studies which lead to
Massachusetts Department of Education Educator License should be reviewed by the School of Education
and Allied Studies Leadership team prior to submission to the GEC.

       SEAS Approval:                Yes             NO

                                                                                              Updated 3-28-07

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