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                              editorial calender

    January                          February                  March                         April
    New Year Issue                   Heart Health Issue        The Caregiving Issue          The Easter/Spring Issue
    75 Smart Swaps                   75 People, Places and     75 Best Stay Healthy Tips     75 Things to do with Eggs
                                     Things We Love
    Make it a Woman’s Day:                                     Make it a Woman’s Day:        Make it a Woman’s Day:
    Home—Living Room                 Make it a Woman’s Day:    Home—Bedroom Makeover         Fashion/Beauty
    Makeover                         Fashion/Beauty
                                                               On Sale:2/7/12                On Sale: 3/6/12
    On Sale: 12/20/12                On Sale: 1/10/12          Space Close: 12/8/11          Space Close: 1/17/12
    Space Close: 10/20/11            Space Close: 11/17/11

   May                               June                      July                          August
   The Mother’s Day Issue            The Getting Ready         The 4th of July Issue         The Letting Go Issue
   75 Best Beauty Tips               for Summer Issue          75 Ways to Make the           75 Ways to Destress,
                                     75 Best BBQ Ideas         Most of Your Summer           Energize and Boost
   Make it a Woman’s Day:                                                                    Your Confidence
   Fashion/Beauty—                   Make it a Woman’s Day:    Make it a Woman’s Day:
   Mother Makeovers                  Home—Porch Makeover       Fashion/Beauty Makeover       Make it a Woman’s Day:
                                                                                             Fashion/Beauty Makeover
   On Sale: 4/10/12                  On Sale: 5/8/12           On Sale: 6/12/12
   Space Close: 2/22/12              Space Close: 3/21/12      Space Close: 4/23/12          On Sale: 7/10/12
                                                                                             Space Close: 5/17/12

   September                         October                   November                      December
   Get Your Life in Order            The Halloween Issue/      The Thanksgiving Issue        The Holiday Issue
   75 Ways to Get Organized          Birthday Issue            75 Decorating Tips            75 Best Holiday Tips
                                     75 Tips to Make Your
   Make it a Woman’s Day:            Whole Day (morning,       Make it a Woman’s Day:        Make it a Woman’s Day:
   Home—Office Makeover              noon and night)           Home—Family Room              Fashion/Beauty
   On Sale: 8/14/12                  Make it a Woman’s Day:    On Sale: 10/16/12
   Space Close: 6/21/12              One Woman’s Total         Space Close: 8/23/12          On Sale: 11/13/12
                                     Makeover—Home/                                          Space Close: 9/20/12

                                     On Sale: 9/11/12
                                     Space Close: 7/19/12

For more information, contact your Woman’s Day representative or Ashley Klopfer at 212.649.7302/aklopfer@hearst.com.
Note: Editorial subject to change.

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