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									                                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

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organizational health
  Dear Friends and Supporters,
  During the final months of 2008, as the entire country was first feeling the effects of the coming recession, the New
  Beginnings’ Board of Directors was completing work on a five year Strategic Plan. This agency-wide process brought
  together the Board’s role of oversight and goal setting with the staff’s management, social change and program work,
  all focused on supporting the agency’s mission.

  New Beginnings has always been fortunate to have strong support from individuals, organizations and corporations in
  our community — support reflecting the impact domestic violence has on so many lives. But everywhere we saw the
  signs of belt tightening and decreased or deferred giving. In the fall of 2008 we already knew that 2009 was going to
  be a tough year financially. Board and staff responded with a plan for 2009 that focused on securing the organizational
  health of New Beginnings.

  As we prepared for the possibility of a decrease in revenue, our approach was practical, prudent and assertive. We cut
  our expenses and made staffing changes to reduce costs — without decreasing the quality or quantity of our services.
  In fact, in some areas we were able to initiate new services, for instance providing expanded mental health services
  through our newly hired mental health therapist and mental health interns. We also continued our investment in
  technology to improve communication and to streamline documentation of service delivery.

  One major project that was already in our plans was a much needed renovation of our Transitional Housing Program
  facility. For several years water seepage had been a problem, threatening the structural integrity of the buildings. In
  2009, with the assistance of Common Ground we secured the needed funding for the repairs and began the work.

  We are grateful for our many partners in the work of supporting survivors of domestic violence, as well as the larger
  challenge of ending domestic violence.

  All of you — donors, volunteers and colleagues — helped us successfully manage a difficult year. You provided the
  resources for us to work: to shelter and support survivors, to tend to the needs of children who have seen and heard
  too much, to guide teens to healthy relationships and to advocate for lasting social change.

  We know that your support reflects the impact domestic violence has on individuals and on the community, and that it
  demonstrates a strong desire to end abuse and to create a community where healthy relationships thrive. That support
  makes all the difference.

  Thank you!

                                                                                  New Beginnings’ mission is to

                                                                                  provide shelter, advocacy and

                                                                                  support for battered women and

                                                                                  their children, and to change

                                                                                  attitudes and social institutions that
  Celeste DaVault                  Lois Loontjens
  B OA R D P R E S I D E NT        E X E C UTIVE D I R E CTO R                    foster and perpetuate violence.

Board and Staff                                                                                                         U N ITE D WAY DAY O F CAR I N G In 2009 over 20 volunteers from Microsoft
                                                                                                                        participated in United Way’s Day of Caring at our Emergency Shelter. Below
                                                                                                                                  New Beginnings staff and volunteers take a break in the back yard.

2009 BOARD            EMERGENCY SHELTER                      PROGRAMS
                                                             Liz Santiago
Celeste DaVault       Kate Schumacher                        PROGR AM DI RECTOR
                                                             Shannon Rae
Dianne Larsen         Escillia Allen                         M E N TA L H E A LT H

Mona McPhee           Tamara Bauman                          Richard Berger
S E C R E TA R Y      W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E           M E N TA L H E A LT H I N T E R N

Nancy Slater          Mimi Bayeh                             Emily Owen
TREASURER             W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E           M E N TA L H E A LT H I N T E R N

Brooke Barnes         Tammie Eng                             Alexandra Sciumbato
                      P R O G R A M A S S I S TA N T         M E N TA L H E A LT H I N T E R N
Annette Becker
Stephanie Beers       Cortney Forsberg
                      W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E           FACILITIES
Jane Brenneman
                      Elisabeth Galczak                      Roy Anaclerio
Julia Byrd            W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E           T E M P O R A R Y FA C I L I T I E S
Rachel Byrne          Megan Ham
Norma Cooper          C H I L D R E N ’ S A D V O C AT E     Dan Donaldson
                                                             F A C I L I T I E S A S S I S TA N T
Beth Helm             Teryn Peroff
                      C H I L D R E N ’ S A D V O C AT E
Holly Wylam Klein                                            SOCIAL CHANGE PROGRAM
                                                                                                    C HAN G E AG E NTS
Luann Linn            COMMUNITY ADVOCACY                     Rebecca Goldberg                       Change Agents are a loyal group of supporters who provide monthly gifts to support our life saving work.
David Martin          PROGRAM                                P R E V E N T I O N E D U C AT O R
                                                                                                    Susan Anstead                Rachel Johnson            Maryanne McNamara           Rafael Sanchez
Kara Masters          Deadria Boyland                        Billie Miller                          Jane Aslanian                Sherry Kelley             Nathan Messer               David Sebba
                      MANAGER                                VOLU NTEER                             Jodi Brookes                 Jennifer Kelly            Peter Minnar                Janis Simpson
Adrienne McCoy                                               C O O R D I N AT O R                   Merril Cousin & Julia Byrd   Kathleen Kinder           Elizabeth Murray            Nancy Slater
                      Molly Abbott
Amy Pannoni           C H I L D R E N ’ S A D V O C AT E
                                                                                                    Kim Chandler                 Lois Knutson              Zoë Myers                   Ginny Ware &
                                                                                                    Renee Chatalas               Luann Linn                Laureen Nicolay                Russ Moulton
Sheryl Payne Huston                                          ADMINISTRATION
                      Veronica Brown                                                                Liz Chenoweth                Jenny Loertscher &        Amanda & Greg Norwine       Janice Werckle
Katie Rosen           W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E           Lois Loontjens                         Sue Clark                        Benjamin Smith        Bonny Oborn                 And 4 donors who wish
                                                             EXECUTIVE DI RECTOR                                                 Lois Loontjens                                           to remain anonymous
Autumn Roth           Tammie Eng                                                                    Mike Clifford
                                                                                                                                 Shelley McIntyre
                                                                                                                                                           Laree Porter & Lisa Yates
                      P R O G R A M A S S I S TA N T         Donnetta Vessell                       Toby Gilman                                            Susan Rhoads
Rob Starin                                                   A D M I N I S T R AT I V E             Deborah Horne                Connie McLaughlin         Katie & Joshua Rosen
                      Diedre Evans
Mike Wearne           INTERN
                                                             DI RECTOR

                                                             Emmalee Ashland
                      Becky Hall                             TE C H N O LO GY S P E C IAL I ST      VO LU NTE E R S              Mynesha Donaldson         Barbara Konior              Maggie Santolla
                      H E L P L I N E C O O R D I N AT O R                                                                       Maggie Douglas            Megan Kukull                Sarah Schacht
                                                             April Glass                            Maliha Ahmed                 Laura Doyle               Isabel Landsberg            Elaine Scroggins
                      Cindy Obtinario                        E X E C U T I V E A S S I S TA N T     Mo Ahten                     April Ericson             Dianne & Sven Larsen        Marilee Seabrook
                      CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY                                                           Kalie Karin Aldrich
                      SPECIALIST                             Denise Haugen                                                       Valerie Esters            Tate Larsen                 Leanora Sears
                                                                                                    Margaret Alquist             Shelley Farnham           Angela Lashley              Joy Shay
                                                             FI NANCE MANAGER
                      Sara Parker                                                                   Margie Aoki                  Kate Felton               Kenneth Leung               Andi Shechter
                      W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E                                                  Julia Baker                  Mark Ferrin               Barbara Libbey              Adure Sherwood
                                                             DEVELOPMENT                            Brooke Barnes
                      Roberta Petersen                                                              Stephanie Beers
                                                                                                                                 Daniel Fine               Bill Lin                    Navjoy Singh
                      W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E           Zoë Myers                                                           Elizabeth Foley-McGinn    Luann Linn                  Vijay Sivakuniar
                                                                                                    Deborah Berger               Fracisco Fonseco          Carol Loforte               Jack Smith
                                                             DI RECTOR
                      Pam Smith Mentz                                                               Kris Betker                  Raymond Forkes            Lotus Lou                   Carol Snow
                      L E G A L A D V O C AT E               Mia Foley                              Andrew Bjorn                 Soren Francker            Jessica Luhrs               Laura Solum
                                                             SPECIAL EVENTS                         Gail Blackstone              Sheryl Frost              Bessie Macklin              Karie Stearns
                                                             C O O R D I N AT O R                   Joy Borjes
                      TRANSITIONAL HOUSING                                                                                       Schiko Furuya             Paul Marcellis              Linda Stewart
                      PROGRAM                                Sara Taylor                            Eric Borzello                Jill Gallagher            Danielle Marlett            Danny Steyer
                                                             D EVE LO PM E NT                       Lin Bowman                   Rich Geasey               Kara Masters                Aaron Stout
                      Ginny Ware                             A S S O C I AT E                       Weldon Boyland               Juliana Genovesi          Anne Mathieson              Linda Strike
                      MANAGER                                                                       Weston Brinkley              Mykcal Gilge              Brandon Maust               Alisa Szewcik
                      Carolyn Crisera                                                               Jennifer Brown               Nancy Goebel              Alicia McJanet              Manami Takahashi
                      C H I L D R E N ’ S A D V O C AT E                                            Matthew Burke                Elezia Griffin            Ann McKane                  Nora Talavera
                                                                                                    Rachel Byrne                 Andrea Hamley             Mona McPhee                 Ali Taleghani
                      Kiana Swearingen                                                              Nikki Cain                   Linda Harding             Mano Misha                  Naveen Tamilmani
                      C H I L D R E N ’ S A D V O C AT E                                            Kaelyn Caldwell              Shannon Harris            Anne Morrison               Janet Walden
                      Lorraine Williams                                                             Nancy Callahan               Heather Hart              Theresa Mottet              Alex Waring
                      W O M E N ’ S A D V O C AT E                                                  Emily Camm                   Lyn Hart-Seidel           Anna Mottet-Main            Laurel Waters
                                                                                                    Nancy Cannon                 Chris Haugen              Lisa Mottet-Main            Lacey Wheeler
                      Kat Wong                                                                      Eric Carroll                 Jane Hawkins              Wanda Ng                    Sally White
                      P R O G R A M A S S I S TA N T
                                                                                                    Stacey Castleberry           Bonnie Hedman             Caren Ott                   Holly Wight
                                                                                                    Victoria Castrillo           Tyler Helbach             Tom Patrick                 Tashina Willard
                                                                                                    Liane Claassen               Cathy Helwig              Joseph Patterson            Kay Williams
                                                                                                    Stephanie & Gary Cooper      Cathy Hostetler           Judy Pflugrath              Thomas Wise
                                                                                                    Gail Cottle                  Marta Hovarth             Christine Porter            Jing Jing Xu
                                                                                                    Manuela & Terry Crowley      Adriana Hull              Samantha Prague             Kim Yancey
                                                                                                    Lana Dahl                    Carol Jacobi              Nicole Preveaux             Jerry Yandell
                                                                                                    Michel Daliva                Sandra Jackson            Tiana Pullman               Joshua Yandell
                                                                                                    Ileah Daniels                John Jennings             Siri Quigley                Kendall Yandell
                                                                                                    David Das                    Molly Justice             Audrey Quinn                Ae Jung Yoon
                                                                                                    Lauren Dashefsky             Jill Karras               Catharine Ramey             Isaac Yuen
                                                                                                    David De La Brena            Angel Kavajecz            Melissa Redding             Leonid Zakhazov
                                                                                                    Marbie Descatamiento         Mary Jo Kenner            Sonni Rierson               Sara Zittlau
                                                                                                    Marie Doman                  Joeke Kingma              Elyse Rowe
                                                                                                    Ramona Dominguez             Debbie Kirchhauser        Marcie Sako

                                                                                                                                                  2009 ANNUAL REPORT                               |    1
Emergency Shelter

When New Beginnings was founded in 1976 the first                           E M E R G E N CY S H E LTE R STAF F:
                                                                            Roy Anaclerio, (incoming) Household Coordinator; Mimi Bayeh, Women’s Advocate; Kate Schumacher,
program we provided was emergency shelter for women
                                                                            Program Manager; Tamara Bauman, Women’s Advocate; Tammie Eng, Program Assistant; April Glass,
and children who were in immediate danger because of                        (outgoing) Household Coordinator; Megan Ham, Children’s Advocate; Teryn Peroff, Children’s Advocate.
domestic violence. The emergency shelter remains the                        N OT P I CTU R E D: Women’s Advocates Escillia Allen, Cortney Forsberg and Elizabeth Galczak.
heart of our work, the place where hope and hope-
lessness are on full display, where the full damage of
domestic violence is most apparent, where the results of
poverty and injustice and racism demand response.

Over the years our shelter has grown from that first
two-bedroom duplex to a large family home with room
for 21 women and children, round-the-clock staffing and
welcoming, personalized advocacy. In spite of budget
cuts we were able to continue that high level of service,
providing refuge and new possibilities to single women
and families — a total of 1 women and 106 children,
from infants to teenagers.

                                                                                                   Marjorie Batey                  Carol Pearce Klein              Jody & David Steere
                                                                                                   Teresa Beattie                  Lois Knutson                    Jon & Laura Strausburg

                                                                                                   Stephanie & Michael Beers       Stanley Kravitz & Susan Bogan   Anne & Greg Strieb
                                                                                                   Ronnie Behnke                   Cheryl Kuncl                    Kim Trimmer
                                                                                                   Deborah & Richard Berger        Don Kunze                       Barbara Vining
                                                                                                   Ron & Terri Bernards            Carrie & Bill Larson            Margie Wetherald
                                                                                                   Carol Bills                     Shelby & Andrew Lemmel          Barbara & Warren Wilson
                                                                                                   Lydia & Ed Boehl                Colleen Lincoln                 Margina Young & Ann Rinehart
                                                                                                   Bill Breitenstein               Sandra & Malcolm Lindquist      Santosh Zachariah &
                                                                                                   Chris Bridenbaugh               Carol Liu                          Anuja Bhandari
                                            we sincerely thank you                                 Jennifer & Geoff Brown          Jenny Loertscher &
                                                                                                                                       Benjamin Smith
                                                                                                                                                                   And three donors who wish
                                                                                                                                                                      to remain anonymous
                                                                                                   Ann Buckner
                                                                                                   Michael & Linda Bugni           Peter Lohr
                                                                                                                                                                   $ 2 5 0 TO $ 4 9 9
                                                                                                   Gayle Bushnell                  Elizabeth & Jim Lund
I N DIVI DUAL DONORS             Nona & James Dooley            Christine McCaffrey                                                                                Susan Amott & Roy Kuraisa
                                                                                                   Rachel Byrne                    Linda & David Mangone
                                 Shelly DuBois                  Adrienne & Jim McCoy                                                                               Susan Anstead
                                                                                                   Debbie & Andy Cargile           Sandy & Charles Marks
                                 Katie Dutcher & David Miller   Shelley McIntyre                                                                                   Janet Aoki
$50,000 OR MORE                                                                                    Steve & Lani Cavit              E.B. Maron Jr. & Jane Maron
                                 Vera Ellich & Kelly Lehman     Mona McPhee & Ty Brender                                                                           Sandra Aposporos
Manuela & Terry Crowley                                                                            John Cell                       Laura Martin
                                 April & Bruce Ericson          Maria Milano & Robert Howie                                                                        Marisa Arbanas
                                                                                                   Sandra & Alan Chait             Claudia Martin
                                 Patrick Ferris                 Jane Mills & Dan Drais                                                                             Dorothy & Hall Baetz
$ 10 , 0 0 0 TO $49,000                                                                                                            Susan Matter
                                 Linda Finn                     Theresa Mottet                     Loretta & Sam Chapin                                            Michael & Kristine Bartanen
The Estate of Kerstin Ellstrom                                                                                                     Carole McBride-Pedersen &
                                 Andrew & Lainie Fish           Ramez Naam                         Sung-Eun Choi & Erik Hendriks                                   Natalie Beckmann
Anne & Wayne Gittinger                                                                                                                 Norman Pedersen
                                 Elizabeth Foley-McGinn         Thomas & Kristin Ogren             Carolyn Clark                                                   Carolyn & Gary Bell
Kara & Ken Masters                                                                                                                 Connie McLaughlin
                                 Stephen Fox                    Sue Painter                        Lorijo Claunch-Jones                                            Arnold & Judith Bendich
Julie & Chris Prentice                                                                                                             Ann & Alan Merrihew
                                 Laurie Frankel & Raymond Lee   Charles & Lisa Parker              Lynne Cohee & Matthew Smith                                     Geoffrey Bergler
Becky Roberts                                                                                                                      Peter Minnar
                                 Sherry & Jim Frost             Daryl & Dede Petrarca              Susan Cole                                                      Cheryl Bleakney
And three donor who wish                                                                                                           Beth Morgan
    to remain anonymous          Jill Geary & Neal Beaton       Stella Pitts                       Beth Cornelson                                                  Paige Boggs
                                                                                                                                   Zoë Myers
                                 R. Thomas Gibbons, II &        Katherine Postell                  Elizabeth Coveney                                               Beatrice Booth
                                                                                                                                   Dr. Susan Nattrass
$ 5 , 0 0 0 TO $9,999                 Susan K. Gibbons          Trehia & Jacob Rohde               Jeff Crisafulli
                                                                                                                                   Mary & Gary Oakland             Teresa Boukal
Luann & Eric Berman              Michele & Daniel Glasser       Autumn & Adam Roth                 Richard Deposit                                                 Douglas Bowden
                                                                                                                                   Dennis O’Neill
Carolyn & Jeff Brandsema         Cathy & Keith Gleason          Norman & Elisabeth Sandler         Kristin Distelhorst &                                           Rebecca Brenneman &
                                                                                                        Steve Rankin               Greg & Carla Page
Norma Cooper                     John & Mary Gustafson                                                                                                                  Laird Harris
                                                                Sarah Schuyler                                                     Shelby Patient
                                 DG Foundation                                                     Damien & Michelle Dreis                                         Merril Cousin & Julia Byrd
Celeste DaVault                                                 David Sebba                                                        Rhonda Penders
                                 Denise & Steve Haugen                                             Kristi Dwight                                                   Dale Cameron
Jill & Bill Gallagher                                           Susan & Dennis Shay                                                Sandra Lynn Perkins &
                                 Vincent Healy                                                     Clarice & Dan Edwards                                           Heather Cameron
Kathryn & Jack Jones                                            Nancy Slater                                                           Jeffrey Karl Ochsner
                                 Whitney Hellyer                                                   Leatrice & Herbert Eiseman                                      Corinne Campbell
David Martin &                                                  Robert & Bernadette Starin                                         Judy Peterson
     Aurora Almeda-Martin        Lucy Helm                                                         Roslyn Ellison                                                  Shirley & John Cannell
                                                                Joe & Dee Strecker                                                 Jeff & Lynn Petillo
Tom & Margaret McPhee            Sherill Heron                                                     Dan & Kim Fine                                                  Sherry Carlson
                                                                Brad & Lynanne Struss                                              Betsy Racoosin
Shane McRoberts &                Liz Heron & Brian Marsh                                           Theodore & Helen Fosberg                                        Kerry Carlson
                                                                Eric Swift                                                         Doris & Charles Ray
     Stephanie Diemel                                                                              Charles Gadzik
                                 Heather Jensen & Jimmy Hung                                                                       Susan Read                      Lisa Carroll
Jeannie & Bruce Nordstrom                                       Trese Todd
                                 Sheryl Payne Huston &                                             Christine Galbraith                                             Renee Chatalas
                                                                Cecilia Tong                                                       David Reed
                                      Scott Huston                                                 Wendy Gelbart & John Meyer                                      Maurice Classen
$ 1, 0 0 0 TO $4,999                                            Ginny Ware & Russ Moulton                                          Carolyn Rees
                                 Judy Wight                                                        Marguerite George &                                             Bernadette Clave
Margaret Akin                                                   Mike Wearne                             Mark McIntyre              Mike Riley & Robin Shapiro
                                 Kevin Judson & Emily McLuen                                                                                                       Elaine Cohn
Heather Andersen                                                Cristine Wittress Knappett         Lynn Gering                     Rebecca & Jim Robertson
                                 Dan & Beth Jump                                                                                                                   Stephanie & Gary Cooper
Colymbus Foundation                                             Flora Jang Wong                    Mike Grant                      Jeremy Robinson
                                 Tamara Kale                                                                                                                       Gillian Crossan
Annette & Daniel Becker                                         Kendall & Jerry Yandell            Kip Greenthal                   Elizabeth Romney
                                 Danica & Victor Kaloper                                                                                                           Karen Dahlgard
Scott Beusch                                                    Edward Young & C.E. Litsey         Jane Langsted Grostick          Cheryll Russell
                                 Brad Kaloper                                                                                                                      Sarah Dalton
Gordon & Jacklyn Bradley                                        Karma Zaike & Marty Joseph         Katherine J. Hall               Rafael Sanchez
                                 Jennifer Kelly                                                                                                                    John Dalton
Canonicus Fund                                                  And five donors who wish           Nancy & William Henderson       Asa Sandlund
                                 Molly Kenny                        to remain anonymous                                                                            Suzanne Daly
Julie & Pat Cook                                                                                   Shannon Hill-Hanson &           Lisa & Craig Schafer
                                 Robert & Dale Klein                                                                                                               Stacey Daugharty & Matt Wacker
Gail Cottle & Ren Brown                                                                                 Eric Hanson                Dara & Dave Schmidt
                                 Dianne & Sven Larsen           $500 TO $ 9 9 9                                                                                    Anne Marie Davis
Deborah Cowley & Mark Dexter                                                                       Nancy & Charles Hogan           Sandi & Ken Schram
                                 Beverly & Wayne Lauerman       Margie & Russell Aoki                                                                              Dominique De Give
Sharon & Art Crisera                                                                               Bob Hord                        Linda Sewell
                                 Evelyn Lemoine                 Joe Arbanas & Jammie Baugh                                                                         Catherine Del Fierro
James Davis & Dinah Donaldson                                                                      Lewis Horowitz                  Jane & Eugene Silberberg
                                 Luann Linn                     Tamar Azous                                                                                        John & Georgeanne Delahanty
Brian & Amy Deen                                                                                   Susan Huot                      Goldie & Don Silverman
                                 Lois Loontjens                 Brooke Barnes                                                                                      Cheryl Dickerhoof
Cristina Del Alma                                                                                  Linda & Darrell Igelmund        Shan Sivalingam
                                 John & Linda Mason             Sean Barnes                                                                                        Maggie Diefenbach
Margot Dick & William Ross                                                                         Robert Kay & Jo Schumacher      Mariam Smith
                                                                                                   Cheryl Keefe                    Pamela Smith Mentz              Sophie Dube & Noel Howe

                                                                                                                                                  Annual Gala & Auction

     MAJOR EVENT SPONSORS                            EVE NT S P O N S O R S
                                                     Christensen O’Connor Johnson Kindness
     The Boeing Company
                                                     Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
     Kibble & Prentice, A USI Company                Group Health Cooperative
     Muckleshoot Indian Tribe                                                                       The Gala is our largest annual event to                        Stephanie Beers, Board Member;
                                                                                                                                                  LE F T TO R I G HT:
                                                     K & L Gates
     North American Coffee Partnership                                                              raise funds and awareness. In 2009 a          Dianne Larsen, Gala Co-Chair; Theresa Mottet;
                                                     Regence BlueShield
                                                     Riddell Williams PS                            program participant spoke about New           Mia Foley, Special Events Coordinator; Lotus Lou;
     E V E N T TA B L E S P O N S O R S              Skellenger Bender PS                           Beginnings’ support groups saving her         Mona McPhee, Gala Co-Chair; Paul Marcellis and
     Media Cast/Eden Rock Communications
                                                     Swedish Medical Center                         life — and then helping her to laugh for      Rachel Byrne, Board Member.
                                                     Verizon Wireless                               the first time in years.
     Wells Fargo
     Wiggins & Masters, PLLC

Paige Eagle                      Cat Koehn                         Joan Poochoon RN                    $ 10 0 TO $ 2 4 9                  Kathleen Cannon                   Valerie Ensor
Jill & J. Michael Early          Elizabeth Kohlenberg              Bernie & Katherine Richards         Arthur Abbott                      Tina Cantwell                     Gayle Erickson
Brad Edwards & Karen Koon        Ellen & Matt Kowalczyk            Kay Rigley                          Jackie Ainsworth &                 Mary Carlsen                      Dorothy Fagerberg
Julie Elliott                    Scott Kreiling                    Chuck & Jane Riley                      Michael Mesford                Scott Carlsen                     Dwight Fagothey
Ramona Emerson &                 Georgi & Steve Krom               Jill & John Robb                    Leesa Albert                       Eleni Carras                      Lois Fenker
     Brian McMullen              Kelley Kurtzman                   Tammarrian Rogers                   Doreen Alhadeff                    Susan & Ted Carroll               Jodie Fickett
Anne Ensminger                   Barbara Larimer &                 Emily & Ben Rollins                 Holly Allen & Michael Grant        Carla Carroll                     Priscilla Finch
Kate Felton                           Robert J. Royer              Terri Rose                          Stephanie Ambrose                  Kim Chandler                      Lynda Firey-Oldroyd
Judith & Fred Fiedler            Inge & Les Larsen                 Katie & Joshua Rosen                Rebecca Amos-Stuart                Carol Charles & Jim Russell       Cameron Fithian
Mia Foley & Eric Carroll         James Larson                      Courtney Rutkowski                  Eileen & Jon Anastasio             Jennifer Chiang                   Hugh & Patricia Fitzgerald
Jamie & Kirsten Frits            Adam Larson                       Virginia & Pat Sainsbury            Malli Anderson                     Rebecca Choi & Hung Wah Chan      Susan Flagler
Robin Fung                       Jack Lattemann                    Sarah Schacht                       Beth Andrus & Mark Fleming         Leroy Chu                         S. Flaschenriem
Missy & Jerry Gallegos           Susan & Paul Lawrence             Bill Schwartz                       Karen & David Aoyama               Sue Clark                         Charles Fleming
Alden Garrett                    Tamara Layton & Mike Fancher      Amit Sehgal                         Barbara Asaka                      Christina & Chris Clarke          Beth Fleming
Lorraine Gauvin                  Marni Levy & John Hughes          Rhoda Joy & Neil Shay               Jane Aslanian                      Linda Heuertz &                   Cindy & Tim Flynn
Mike Gerke & Susan Campbell      Lynda Lipe                        Skylar Sherwood & Brian Eskridge    Anand Babu                              Ken Clatterbaugh             Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune &
Terri Gilbert & Scott Houghton   Marilyn Littlejohn                Tsering & Floyd Short               Sarah Bahauddin                    Frank & Joan Cohee                    Dr. Anne Ganley
Mykcal & Clay Gilge              Jana Mohr Lone & Ronald Lone      Scott Shoultz                       Matt Balint                        Jodee & Matt Cohen                Bonnie & Joseph Foti
Shelley Goodwin                  Hilary Long                       Janis Simpson                       Sarah Banks                        Steven Cohn                       Robin Fox-Quayle &
Lori Gookstetter                 Susan Machler                                                                                            Gail & Michael Coie                   Bruce Quayle
                                                                   Susan Smilow                        Brenda Bannon & David Harmon
Jeff Green                       Susan Mackey                                                                                             Gloria Contreras                  Toni Francisco
                                                                   Carey & David Smith                 Teri Bariquit
Karen Greene                     Jayne Manlowe                                                                                            Sandra Cook                       Karol Franz
                                                                   Kathleen Smith-DiJulio &            Michelle Barry
Suzanne Greer                    Sheryl Marks & Heath Ackley            Donald DiJulio                                                    Theresa Frances Cortez            Lois Freeman
                                                                                                       Ruthanna Bayless
Katie Gribble                    Gillian Marsden & Roswell Bond    Stephanie Solien & Franklin Greer                                      Laurie & Mark Cottle              Leslie Frosch
                                                                                                       Steven Bea
Linda Griffin                    David Martin                      Clifford Solomon                                                       Michelle Crabtree                 Dot Fuller
                                                                                                       Jeffrey Bechthold
Susanne & Scott Guthrie          Jan & Ian Martindale              Katherine Sorensen                                                     Cheryl Crawford                   Lisa Fulsom
                                                                                                       Jennifer & Scott Beery
Mimi Haley                       Katherine Mason                   Natalie & Ben Stephens                                                 Carolyn Crisera & Billy Pettit    Joseph Gaerttner
                                                                                                       Maureen & Dennis Bekemeyer
Bill Hall                        Ruth & Richard Masters            Elizabeth Sumpton                                                      Jim & Lisa Crisera                Gary & Faye Gallagher
                                                                                                       Abby Beller & Dan Zink
Mark Hallenbeck                  Kara Mattaini                     Stuart & Alison Swanberg                                               Mike & Jen Crisera                Bruce Galton
                                                                                                       Yvonne Benson
Lisa Hallett-Del Pino            Sandy Mattice                     Andrea Taylor                                                          Kent & Nadine DaVault             Helen Gamble
                                                                                                       Steven & Rose Beppu
Richard Heavey                   Bruce McClelland                  April Thomas                                                           Lloyd David & Michelle Marshall   Steven Gay
                                                                                                       Joanne & Matthew Berk
Jennifer Hegberg                 Peter E. Meyers                   Lynn Tissell                                                           Caroline Davis                    Linda Geis
                                                                                                       Sharon & George Bertsch
Beth Helm                        Marco Micheletti                  Carol & Douglas Toschi                                                 Patricia & John Davis             Dr. Natalie Gendler
                                                                                                       Alan & Sally Black
Kara Henry                       Sarah Minahan &                   Todd Uyeda                                                             Carol Bell Dean & Edward Dean     Tammara Gibbons
                                                                                                       Robin Blackbourn
Andrew Herron                         Richard Bilheimer            Kim Villeneuve                                                         John Delaney                      Elizabeth Gilchrist
                                                                                                       Ginny Blanche
Janet Hesness                    Jean Mitchell                     Suzann & Peter Vincent                                                 Allison DeLeone                   Harvey & Wendy Gillis
                                                                                                       Lenora Blauman
Elenore Hoague                   Jane & Dan Morrow                 Elizabeth Wallwork                                                     Amy Lee Derenthal                 Eloise Giroux
                                                                                                       Steven Bogart
Ray Holden &                     Joli Mosier & Jeff Clark          Amy Walton                                                             Whittney Dideon                   Peter & Tami Goodall
                                                                                                       Susan & Thomas Bohn
     Ya-Pei Holden Chang         Maura Murphy                      Kathleen A. Washington                                                 Jane Ann Dimer, MD                Rosemary Gordon
                                                                                                       Susan Bolton
Ruth M. Hoover                   Elizabeth Newcombe                Tammy & Mark Welch                                                     Mary Dobson                       Larry Goulet
                                                                                                       Christa Bormann-Atlas &
Todd Hubbard                     Margaret E. Newell                Jeff Widmyer                            Roger Atlas                    Claire Don                        Janice Granberg
Mimi Inglin                      Sharon Newsom                     Holly & Dave Wight                  Suzanne Bottelli                   James Douglas                     Nancy Griffin
Therese Jardine                  Mary Noland                       June Wiley                          Katheryn Bradley & Gil             Maggie & Jim Douglas              Naomi & Keith Grim
Galen Jefferson &                Kathleen O’Sullivan &                                                     Blankinship                                                      Alice Gronski
                                                                   Deborah Williams                                                       Connie Dowell
     Bruce Campbell                   Baird Johnson                                                    Mike & Susan Brandeberry                                             David & Teresa Guenther
                                                                   Linda Williams-Rorem                                                   Mendy & Mike Droke
Sharrion Jones                   Norene Ott                                                            Karen & Scott Brender                                                Lynn & George Guttmann
                                                                   Shelly Winsby & Dave Cruz                                              Laura Dulz
Cristina & Mike Jorgenson        Eli & Debbie Patashnik                                                Deanna Brewer                                                        Colleen Hagen-Aldrich
                                                                   Dawn Wood & Brad Jencks                                                Lorri Anne Dunsmore
Janet & Tim Jorve                Deborah Paul & John Featherston                                       Ben & Kelly Broili                                                   Lia Halasz
                                                                   Kimber Woods                                                           Susan Eberhart
Erin Karp                        Karen Pauler                                                          Jessie Brooks                                                        Dorothy Hall
                                                                   Nancy Worssam & Bill Seach                                             Peter Eby
Lisa & Sean Kelly                Cindy Paur & W. Lee Singleton                                         Maria da Gloria & Terry Brown                                        Lisa Halston
                                                                   Michael & Julia Young                                                  Cindy Eckholt
Susan J. Kelly                   Donita Payne                                                          Lynda Bryan                                                          Michael Hammer
                                                                   Monir Zandghoreishi                                                    Candi Edwards, RN
Jo Ann & John Kelly              Annie & Greg Pearson                                                  Beth Burke                                                           Gregoriann & John Hanna
                                                                   Marcia Zech                                                            Michael Eisenberg
Michael Kelso                    Cynthia Pellettiere                                                   Ann Burnet                                                           Janine Harrison
                                                                   Susan & Werner Zehnder                                                 John Eldridge
Gina Kesler                      Barbara Perra                                                         Derek Burney                                                         Jeanne & Robert Harshbarger
                                                                   Trish Zuccotti                                                         Nancy Ellingham
Mira Kim                         Susan Petit                                                           Bonnie Bury                                                          Christina Harter
                                                                   And twelve donors who wish                                             Anne Ellington
Danna Kinzer                     Emily Peyser & Barry Dale              to remain anonymous            Johnny Calcagno                                                      Lori Hasselblad
                                                                                                                                          Bill & Lee Ellis
Lynn Klainer                     Alexis & Stewart Phelps                                               Ms. & Mr. Caldwell                                                   Sabina Havkins
                                                                                                                                          Stephen & Liz Ellmann
Debora Klitzke                   Susan Plummer                                                         Rebecca Campbell
                                                                                                                                                       2009 ANNUAL REPORT                             |   3
      Benefit Lunch                                                                                                                                           P R E S E NTI N G S P O N S O R

      It’s Everyone’s Business to Stop Domestic Violence                                                                                                      Nordstrom
                                                                                                                                                              S I G NATU R E S P O N S O R
                                                                                                                                                              Anne & Wayne Gittinger
                                                                                                                                                              PREMIER SPONSOR
                                                                                                                                                              Verizon Wireless

                                                                                                                                                              MA J O R EVE NT S P O N S O R S
                                                                                                                                                              Columbia Bank
                                                                                                                                                              Cozen O’Connor
                                                                                                                                                              Hotel Ändra
                                                                                                                                                              Lane Powell

                                                                                                                                                              EVE NT U N D E RW R I T E R S
                                                                                                                                                              Cobalt Mortgage
                                          The personal experiences of each of the Benefit Lunch speakers affirmed the power of individual action              Concur
                                          in helping to end domestic violence. LE F T TO R I G HT: Jeannie Nordstrom; Dale Cameron; Lois Loontjens,           Helsell Fetterman
                                          New Beginnings Executive Director; Nancy Slater, New Beginnings Board Member and event speaker;                     Intelius
                                          Kelley Kurtzman, Verizon Wireless President, Pacific Northwest Region, and Event Sponsor; Wayne                     Pacific Continental
                                          Gittinger, Event Sponsor; Gail Cottle, Event Founder; Bruce Nordstrom, Event Sponsor; Anne Gittinger,               Seavest Realty
                                          Event Sponsor; Coach Lorenzo Romar, Keynote Speaker.                                                                Peterson Sullivan, LLP

Donna Gates Hawkins &              Susan L. Kelly & Eric Craven      Shellie McGaughey                 Polly Pearson                     Louise Simpson                   Richard Wertz
     James Hawkins                 Melanie Kelsey                    Ann McGettigan                    Alice Petersen                    Ruth Sinton                      Mike Whalley
Mary Hawkins Key & Barry Key       Kristine Kertson                  Ann McKane                        Julie Peterson                    Jodi Slavik                      Mary Whisner
Gayle Hays                         Eric Kiersky                      Kathleen & Terry McLaughlin       Liz & David Petrillo              Kerry Smith & Charles Gadzik     Jack Whisner
Judy Hayward                       Kathleen Kinder                   Jacqueline McMurtrie &            Larry Phillips                    Susan Snover                     Katherine White
Marcie Headen & Kathi White        Barbara Kirk                          William Gales                 Ann Pierson                       Bita Soltan-Qurraie              Ann Widditsch
Holly Hearn & Eric Lenard          Eric Klunder &                    Maryanne McNamara                 Angie Pihlman                     Susan & George Soltman           Charlie & Nancy Wiggins
Map Heeres                             Jennifer MacCormack           Mary McWilliams                   Ruth Pipe                         Janet & Gary Somers              Patricia & Bernt Wikstrom
Stephanie Heilman                  Victoria Kolmodin                 Karen Meek                        Janet Ploss MD                    Janae Sorenson                   Gordon Wilcox &
Michael & Mary Helbach             Erin Krawiec                      Tracy Mehlin                      Erik Pontius                      Marcia Spear                         Virginia Voorhees Wilcox
Kent Henneuse                      Ray & Nancy Krueger               Suzanne Mercier                   Barbara Porter                    Janna Spinney                    Ursula Willaredt-Wong
Laura Hentges                      Danielle Krysinski                Alice Merklin                     Tacey Powers                      Evelyn Stallone                  Kristin Williams
Carol Hermer                       Frances Kwapil                    Tony & Laurie Mestres             Anne Prewitt                      Gary & Diane Stauffer            Jacqueline & Walt Williams
Allan & Ellen Hess                 Jennie Laird                      Carrie Miceli                     JR Price                          Genie Stewart                    Lorraine Williams
Dan & Merisa Heu Weller            Jenifer Lambert                   Kathy B. Miller                   Jeannette Privat                  Liz Stockton                     Mary Wilson
Rachelle Hewett                    Eileen & James Landay             Robert & Rebecca Miller           Linda Pruzan                      Annette Stofer                   Kelvin & Bettiann Wing
Janice Hickey                      Isabel Landsberg                  Justin J. Mills                   Kathryn Raich & David Jones       Lisa Stokes                      Helen Winkler
Theresa Hickox                     Joyce Lang                        Katie & John Milne                Randy & Denise Rankin             Nan Stoops                       Jean Wolfe
Susan Higgins                      Rita Larson                       Lisa & Jeffrey Miner              Carolyn & Al Rasch                Gail Stringer                    Donna Wolter
Merrill Hille                      Mark Larson                       Janet Mitchell                    Raegen Rasnic & Arlan Olson       Joanne Sugura                    Judith Wood & Cal Van Zee
Stacy Hinz                         I-Chwen Lee & Kevin Laycock       Alex & Randa Momb                 Stephen & Denise Reibman          Katherine Sullivan               Susan & Douglas Woods
Douglas Hodge                      Monica Leggett                    Dave Morales                      Jeff Richards                     Nick & Nova Suter                Jo Ann Wray & Don Dosa
Deborah Hoffman                    Colleen Lemeshko                  Lynn Morgan                       Paul Rieke                        Sue & Somchai Suwiwattanakul     Laura Hawes
Catharine Holtan                   Jen Lenga-Long & Eric Long        Nicole Morris                     Alicia Robbins                    Stephanie Swanstrom              Joanne Young
Robert Hon                         Barbara Libbey                    Rebecca Morrow                    Rees Robinson                     Kiana Swearingen                 Freda Zimmerman
Nadja Honeywell                    Mark Little                       Lisa Mottet Main &                Roger Rogoff                      Suzanne Sylliaasen &             Dan Zink
Trish & Doug Honig                 Raymond Liu                           Kendall J. Main                                                      Carla Eyford                And forty-six donors who wish
                                                                                                       Cynthia Rosa
Deborah Horne                      Owen Lloyd                        Arno & Gretel Motulsky                                              Joan Thomas                          to remain anonymous
                                                                                                       Amy & Craig Rosenkranz
Lindsay Horton                     Carol Loforte                     Tim Murphy                                                          Sibyl Thomas
                                                                                                       Maeve Ross                                                         U P TO $ 9 9
Ioulia Howard                      Gary Long                         Elizabeth Murray                                                    Cardell Thompson
                                                                                                       Angela Runger                                                      Joy Abbey-Adams
Linda Hung                         Jenny Longtin                     Marjorie Newman                                                     Larry Thompson
                                                                                                       Shannon Russeff                                                    Jennye & Thomas Adams
Laurie Hunt                        John Loveall                      Katherine Newton                                                    Sharon Thomson
                                                                                                       M. Lynn Ryder                                                      Trish Adams
Billie & James Hurt                Ruth Lucas                        Sheila Ng                                                           Katina Thornock
                                                                                                       Margot Saharic                                                     Allison C. Ainslie
Elizabeth Irish                    Lela Lucht                        Laureen Nicolay                                                     Bonnie Timm
                                                                                                       Dorothy Salogga                                                    Kalie Karin Aldrich
Alison Iser                        Miriam Lucian                     Martha Noerr & T. Jeffrey Keane                                     Michele & Richard Todd
                                                                                                       Paula Sandler & John Higgins                                       Elizabeth Alexander
Jennifer Jackson                   Gwendolyn Lundberg &              Martha Norberg                                                      Michelle Toly
                                                                                                       Joan Sandler                                                       Mariani Alimin
Anu Jain                               David Aggerholm               Lois North                                                          Pam Tonglau & Eric Johnson
                                                                                                       Anastasia Sandstrom                                                Carolyn Allen
Carol Janowicz                     Lauren Lungo                      Crystal Norton                                                      Shownein & Michael Torik
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Daphne Jiles                       Sheila & James Lyon               Melissa & Stasiu Nowak                                              Frances Turean, Esq.
                                                                                                       Melissa Sargent                                                    Sherill Anderson
G. Ted & Kristina Johnson          Michael Mabrito                   Adele Nugent                                                        Traci Underwood &
                                                                                                       Moises Saul                                                        Shawn & Tracy Anderson
Rachel Johnson                     Ramoncita Maestas & Roy Davis     Cheryl Nyberg                                                            George Perantatos
                                                                                                       Leslie Savina                                                      Dale Anderson
Gwen & Steve Johnson               Robin Major                       Maura O’Brien                                                       Peter & Tjitske Van der Meulen
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Inge Johnson                       Pamela Martin                     Rosemary O’Connell &                                                Holly Vance
                                                                         Robert May                    Kellie & Jim Schneider                                             Lenore Arnautoff
Patrice Johnston                   Diane & William Mathers                                                                               Jessica Vanderzanden
                                                                     Frederica & James O’Connor        Linda Schultz                                                      Emmalee Ashland &
Karen Jones & Brian Jones          Joan Matheson                                                                                         Christina Vanetta
                                                                     Fran O’Connor                     Kate Schumacher                                                         Julie Sheriden
Fay Jones & Deirdre Webb           Kaaren Mathiesen                                                                                      Gina Vangelos &
                                                                     Mary & Kevin O’Connor             Rosemary Schwartz                      James Schneidmiller         Avenicio Bach
Emily & Matthew Kane               Robert Matisse
                                                                     Linda Olsen & Paul Benz           Paul Schwartz & Debra Revere      S.E. Varriale                    Shirley Ball
Sandra Kane                        Michael Mayo
                                                                     Beth Olszak                       Laurin Schweet                    Silvia Vega                      Gary Ballew
Perrin Kaplan                      Sue McArthur
                                                                     Warren & Jana Ostrom              Marilee & Joseph Seabrook         Scott & Maggie Vergien           Susan Barash
Sarah Karr                         Elizabeth McClure
                                                                     Brenda Owens                      Karen Joyce Selander              Gary & Helen Von Erichsen        Barbara Barbee-Pelzel &
Claudia Kauffman & Larry Cordier   Jack McCormick                                                                                                                              Robert Pelzel
                                                                     Simone Pace                       Bonnie Shaffer                    Rachel Waggoner
Lori & Kevin Kay                   Jemima McCullum                                                                                                                        Kathleen Bartholomew
                                                                     Sara Parker                       Phil Shallat                      Wendi Walsh
Jill Keenan                        Dennis McCurdy & Lisa Alston                                                                                                           Linda Bartlett
                                                                     Margaret & Jeff Parsons           Susan Shannon                     Francis Jean Watson
Lee Keller                         Celeste McDonell &                                                                                                                     Karine Barzilai-Nahon
                                       Michael Garrison              Darcy Paschino                    Lisa Ann Sharpe                   William & Tamie Waugh
Sherry Kelley                                                                                                                                                             Paul Baudin
                                   Evy & Jan McElmeel                Harlan & Linda Patterson          Joe & Barbara Shickich            Tom Weinbender
Mary Kelley                                                                                                                                                               Elizabeth & Robert Bauerle
                                   Megan McFarland                   Diana Pearce                      Sheila Siden                      Becky Weir
Community Advocacy Program (CAP)

CAP is our largest program, providing in-person services to                                                                                             Cindy Obtinario, Chemical Dependency
                                                                                       C O M M U N IT Y ADVO CACY P R O G R AM STAF F, LE F T TO R I G HT :
                                                                                       Specialist; Molly Abbott, Children’s Advocate; Becky Hall, Help Line Coordinator; Roberta Petersen, Women’s
nearly 600 people in 2009 through individual advocacy and
                                                                                       Advocate; Tammie Eng, Program Assistant; Veronica Brown, Women’s Advocate; Deadria Boyland, Program
support groups (three locations, drop-in child care included);                         Manager; Sara Parker, Woman’s Advocate. N OT P I CTU R E D: Pam Smith Mentz, Legal Advocate.
managing the Help Line and its over 7,400 callers; housing the
specialized legal advocacy and chemical dependency services;
providing Kids’ Club, a group for children who have lived with
domestic abuse; and serving as the focal point for new initiatives
and partnerships.

For the many people who live with abuse, it is a place to connect
with others, to find resources; to plan an escape, or to maximize
safety in the midst of continuing danger. For family and friends, it
is a place to learn how to help. For abused women who struggle
with addiction, it is a weekly support group that is always
available--same time, same place, no shame.

All services are advocacy-based and emphasize safety planning.

Valerie Baxter                 Anthony & Nicolette Chavez        Ruth Dunlop                       Laura Gese                           Lori K. Hughes                  Susan Lee
Mimi Bayeh                     Judy Chen                         Jean Durning                      Angela Giboney                       Kate Hunter & James Hauser      Suzanne & Steven Lee
Dorcas Bean                    Liz Chenoweth                     Mary Kay Dycus                    Suzanne Gillette                     Kathy Hutton                    Liza & Eric Lee
Kent & Jessica Beckton         Robert & Chris Christiansen       Charles Easterberg                Toby Gilman                          Nancy Irvin                     Sam Lee
Gail Behan                     Denise Cieri                      John Echols                       Amelia Gingold                       Shigeko Ito & Paul Edmonson     Priscilla Leeuwendal
Richard Bell                   Nanette Clarey &                  Joanne Edwards                    April Glass                          Marlene Ivy                     Meredith Lehr
Bessie & Ronald Bell               Catherine Coucoules           Scott & Christine Edwards         Joan Goldblatt                       Carol Jacobi                    Casey Leichter
Debra Bengtson                 Linda Clark & Timothy Stearns     Lisa & Thomas Edwards             Kathy Golio                          Sam & Marty Jacobs              Nancy Lemieux
Beth Huppin Bennett            Timothy Clark                     Christian & Donna Eggen           John & Louise Gonsalez               Rosanne Jacobsen                Candace Lemond
Connie Benson                  Nancy Clarke                      Daniel Eiben                      Ian Goodhew                          Heidi Jacobsen-Watts            Lana Rae & Clifford Lenz
Robert Bentley                 Mike Clifford                     Peggy Elder                       Cindy Granard                        Eva Jenner                      Estella Leopold & V. Crane Wright
Rose & Jonathan Betz-Zall      Laura Clinton & Duncan Manville   Arna Elezovic                     Louise Grant                         Melissa Jennings &              Araceli Lesko
Elaine & Martin Birn           Betty May & Edward Coburn         Margaret & Keith Elkon            Jennifer & Dennis Green                   Ryan Dunleavy              Rosemary Levasseur
Jane Bissonnette               Harriett Cody & Harvey Sadis      John Ellison                      Fran Greenleaf                       Christopher Johnson             Carol & Geo Levin
Bryn & Michael Black           Tom Cogan                         Ashlyn Elter                      Cynthia Gregovich                    Rodney Johnson                  Miriam Levy
Mini Black                     Elizabeth Colehour                Behrooz Eman                      Gwen Gyldenege                       P. Anna Johnson                 Robyn & Ronald Lewis
Linn & Don Blakeney            Diana & Timothy Coletta           Arlene Emery                      Kathleen Gylland                     Carla Jones                     Christie Lynn Lind
Adrienne Blume                 Thelma Coney                      Lynn Engel                        Penny Haase                          Sally A. Jones                  Janice Linville
Duncan Bond                    Richard Conlin & Sue Ann Allen    Tonetta Espinoza                  Julie Hackworth &                    Jorgen & Karen Junker           Anne Lipe
Amy Bonney-Hoffman             Loveday Conquest &                Paula & Lew Estabrook                 Douglas Oswald                   John Kamda                      David Lloyd
                                   Fred Kleinschmidt                                               Jennifer Haddon                      Brenda Kaslow
Debby Booth                                                      K.L. & Lynn Evans                                                                                      Donald Logan
                               Phillip & Lucy Cooper                                               Teresa Hailey                        Madeline Kato
Linda Bothell                                                    Peter Evich                                                                                            Patrick Long & Martha Hyde
                               Beth Cooper                                                         Carolyne Hale                        Satprit Kaur
Mary Bowden                                                      Timmie Faghin                                                                                          Larry Loo
                               Angela Corbin                                                       Lynda Hall                           Ryan Keeley
Victoria Bowes                                                   Mary & Robert Faine                                                                                    Larry Lord & Joanne Greene
                               Janice Cornforth                                                    Elizabeth Hallgarth                  Melody Kelly
Aimee Boyd                                                       Carol Farnham                                                                                          Lotus Lou
                               Tara & Dane Correll                                                 Charles & Isabel Hamilton            Alison Kelly-Rostholder &
Earl & Cecilia Boyer                                             Shirley Faure                                                                                          Betty & John Love
                               Suellen Corwin                                                      Karen Hansen & Jon Adams                  Laurie Rostholder
Anne Bradley & George Counts                                     Cindylynn Fenbert                                                                                      Sharleen Loveland
                               Todd & Judy Coryell                                                 Helmer & Delores Hanson              Mary Ellen Kennedy
Jaclyn Brandt                                                    Mary Ferguson                                                                                          Alyson Luff
                               Diane Coyne                                                         Marsha Harding                       Elizabeth Kenrick
Carole Brandt                                                    Verilynn Ferrell                                                                                       Sarah Luthens
                               Alice Crawley                                                       Karen Hart                           Jill Kesinger
Herb Bridge                                                      Patricia Ferrell                                                                                       Janet & Levin Lynch
                               Janet Credo                                                         Mike Havers                          EJ Kim
Maureen Brinck-Lund &                                            Linda & N. Craig Fetters                                                                               Michele Lyon
    Eric Thorsen               Linda Creed                                                         Karen Hayes                          Margaret Kim & Roger Murff
                                                                 Mary Filipovic                                                                                         Wanda Ma
Jodi Brookes                   Jody Crow & Lisa Johnsen                                            Bob & Joyce Heaton                   Tim Kimble & Susan Neville
                                                                 Lenita & Dennis Firth                                                                                  Jessi MacLeod
Marsha Brown                   Joellen Cruze                                                       Mollie Hechtman                      Carol King
                                                                 Alan Fish                                                                                              Kirsten MacPherson
Mary & Tom Brucker             Barbara Cunningham                                                  Michael Hepburn                      Barbara Kinney
                                                                 Brenda Fisher                                                                                          Melissa Mager
Roberta Brumbaugh &            Julie Curtis                                                        Pinky Herrera & John Hubbard         Kathryn Knaack
                                                                 Kari Fisher                                                                                            Kim Mahoney
    Vicki Glover               Lana Dahl                                                           Judith Herrigel                      Arthur Knapp & Lynn Roesch
                                                                 Lacy Fitzpatrick                                                                                       Dorothy Malinski
John Brunzell                  Ann Louise Dalton                                                   Ann & Richard Hetherington           Jiovanna & Brian Koceski
                                                                 James Fitzpatrick                                                                                      Brenda & Don Mallett
Claire Buchanan & Paul         Aysen Rose Darlington                                               Deborah Ann Hiber                    Ann & Reginald Koehler
    Rasmussen                                                    Ellen Fix                                                                                              Tony & Barbara Mandich
                               Roxanna Davila                                                      Terri Hikida                         Martha Koester
Laurel Buckner                                                   Karyn Kubo & Bruce Fleming                                                                             Charles & Loari Ann Mandigo
                               Richard Davison                                                     Julie Hill                           Marianne Kogon
Catherine Buller                                                 Mary Vinton Fleming                                                                                    Angela Mansfield
                               Dexter & Virginia Day                                               Wai-Yin Ho                           Fred Kolm
Nona Burton                                                      Bruce Flynn                                                                                            Paul Marcellis
                               Jean Deitz                                                          Karen & Steven Hoffman               Stuart Kolodner &
Sekou Caldwell                                                   Heather Flynn                                                               Deborah Simonds            Lee Marchisio
                               Jane & John DeJarnatt                                               David Hokari
Craig Campbell & Brian Brock                                     Cortney Forsberg                                                       Barbara Konior                  Helen Maronek &
                               Natalie deMaar

                                                                 Patrick Fortino                   Carol Hokenson                                                           Jennifer Davenny
Lynn Caragol                   Gretchen & Rodrigo DeMedeiros                                                                            Lynn Miller & Mark Kratz
                                                                 Sharon Foster                     Debra Holland                                                        Cathy & Roger Marsh
Olivia Carey                   Sally & Eugene Demick                                                                                    Megan Kruse & Bob Mucklestone
                                                                 Anie & Timothy Franey             Michael & Ina Holley                                                 Joan Marsh
Deb Carlson                    Julie Ann DeVito                                                                                         Roy Kuroiwa & Kathy Johnson
                                                                 Amanda Froh                       Robbin Honbo                                                         Teresa & Danny Marshall
Melanie Carlyon                Tom Dewalt                                                                                               Mary Kurtz & Gil Kurtz
                                                                 Michelle Fu                       David & Ruth Horowitz                                                Dorothy Martin
Peter Carpenter                Paul & Kay Dewar                                                                                         Arlene La Rock
                                                                 Flo Fujita                        David Horowitz                                                       Chris Martin
Frances Carr                   Mary Dingledy                                                                                            Marina Lamm
                                                                 Wanda Fullner                     A. Horwitt                                                           Janelle & Christopher Martin
Catherine Carter               Marie Dolack                                                                                             Susan & Brian Lampe
                                                                 Carol Furry                       Gerry Hover                                                          John & Margaret Martin
Julie Castaldi                 Dan Donaldson                                                                                            Alisha Laplante
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Garcia           Helen Howard                                                         Sheila Martin
Roberta Castillo               Anthony & Jay-Jean Dorado                                                                                Erin Larson & Jamie Rettinger
                                                                 Steve Garrod                      Augusta Howe                                                         Jenell Martinson
Kim Catalano                   Robert & Peggy Dorse                                                                                     Athlan & Rachelle Lathan
                                                                 Cathy Gaw                         Rene Howell                                                          Patty Mathieu & Kurt Walls
Kari & Dave Cates              Mary & Steve Dougherty                                                                                   Katy & Jay Laughlin
                                                                 Debbie & Stanley Geddes           Peter & Jean Hsiang                                                  Cecilia Matta & Casey Riske
Robert Cefala                  William Dubay                                                                                            Mary Lawless
                                                                 Maria Geokezas                    Neal Hudders                                                         Brandon Maust
Charles Chamberlin                                                                                                                      The Laxdall Family
                                                                                                                                                      2009 ANNUAL REPORT                          |    5
Transitional Housing Program
Undergoes Major Renovation
New Beginnings owns two properties, the Emergency Shelter
and the Transitional Housing Program (THP) facility. Each year we
designate funds for regular maintenance and set aside reserves
for our “rainy day” fund. For the past few years we have had literal
rainy days at the THP facility since every storm brought water into
the building. In 2009, thanks to funding from the City of Seattle
Department of Housing and the Washington State Housing Trust
Fund, we were able to begin a long-needed renovation to correct
the problems. For the safety of residents, we try to keep a low
profile, so we can’t show you many pictures, but here’s one glimpse
of the construction site. You can imagine the rest — lots of scaf-                                                                                                TR AN S ITI O NAL H O U S I N G P R O G R AM STAF F,
folding, digging, dirt and disorder. Program services for women                                                                                                   LE F T TO R I G HT:Roy Anaclerio, (temporary)
and children continued at full strength; residents (56 people during                                                                                              Facilities Helper; Dan Donaldson, Facilities
                                                                                                                                                                  Assistant; Anna Swartz, Women’s Advocate;
2009), staff and workers remained in good humor; and 1 of the
                                                                                                                                                                  Ginny Ware, Program Manager; Lorraine Williams,
1 units remained in use throughout. We expect the project to be                                                                                                   Women’s Advocate; Kiana Swearingen,
completed in the summer of 2010. Special thanks to Common                                                                                                         Children’s Advocate; Kat Wong, Program
Ground, Environmental Works and Buchanan Construction.                                                                                                            Assistant; Carolyn Crisera, Children’s Advocate.

Gail Mautner & Mario Shaunette   Susan Nunn                       Mechthild Rast                 Joseph Slattery                     Jeanne Turgeon                           Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Patricia Maxwell                 Bonny Oborn                      Susan Raub                     Angela Grace Small                  Lisa Turner                              North American Coffee
Molly McAllister                 Sarah O’Leary                    Eileen & David Reddish         Sharon Smith                        Elizabeth Turner                            Partnership / Pepsi Cola Co.
Matthew Mccoy                    Kathryn O’Leary                  Ed Reed                        Alvin Smith                         Dana Carol Twight                        Regence Blue Shield
Karen McCoy                      Sue Oliver                       Margaret Remlinger             Christy Brady Smith &               Debra & Raymond Valpey                   The Boeing Company
Kari & Robert McCrory            Anna Olson                       Susan Rhoads                        Bryan Smith                    Mark Vellon                              The Foster Foundation
Mary Kae McCullough              Melanie & Eric Olson             Katherine Rice                 Jan Smith                           Phyllis Versoza & Alan Osaki             Wheeler Family Foundation
Pearl McElheran                  Gordon & Elizabeth Orians        Lance & Cindy Richmond         Walter Smith                        Brendan & Mildred Vierra
                                                                                                 Martha & Robert Taylor                                                       $ 1, 0 00 TO $ 4 , 9 9 9
Jill McGrath & Richrad Gelb      Maruta & Gerald Ormiston         Ruthe & Robert Ridder                                              Nancy Wagner
                                                                                                 Patty Sorenson                                                               Cozen O’Connor
Nancy & Rick McManigal           Alberto Ortiz                    Patricia Rigali                                                    Patricia Wagner
                                                                                                 Joanne Spencer                                                               Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Tomilynn & Dean McManus          Patricia Orvidas                 Emily Robbins                                                      Ed Waldock & Melinda Jodry
                                                                                                 Dana Spencer                                                                 Donate for Charity
Colleen McMonagle                Beverly & Michael Osborn         Shelley Rogers                                                     Barrie Wall & Raymond Miller
                                                                                                 Mary Beth Spencer-Davis                                                      Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Diane McNulty                    Brenda Osterhaug                 Peter & Marian Rose                                                Nancy Ward
                                                                                                 Linda Springmann                                                             Employees of CFC King County
Richard McPhaden                 Jonathan & Ellyn Ostrow          Diane & Robert Rosenberg                                           Patricia Ware
                                                                                                 Angela Staiger                                                               Employees of the Washington
C.D. McRoberts                   M. Ota                           Robin Rosencrantz-Medin                                            Gwendolyn Waterhouse                         State Combined Fund
Rick Meadows                     Edward & Maryanne Otanez         Karen & David Rosenzweig       Susan Stanley & Robert Kendrick     Penelope Webster                         Fales Foundation Trust
Lee Ann Meadows                  John & Debbie Painter            Michelle & Ian Rubesch         Marge Staszak                       Joseph & Jo Kelly Welch                  Group Health Cooperative
Catherine & William Medick       Joseph & Mary Palermo            Jonathan & Catherine Russell   Elizabeth Steppe                    Charles Wenig                                Community Foundation
Robin Medin                      Julie Park                       Marilyn & Joseph Sabo          Chelsea Sternagel                   Janice Werckle                           Herbert and Fern Elliott
                                                                                                 Ed & Kathy Sterner                                                               Family Foundation
Lorraine Merkle                  Ellie Parker                     Jill Salmi                                                         Paula Wesson-Rossiter
                                                                                                 Elaine Stevens                                                               Hotel Andrä
Nathan Messer                    Veronica Parnitski               Kasey Sancewich                                                    Katy McHugh White
                                                                                                 Kay & John Stimson                                                           Intelius
Martha Mestl                     Meg Pasquini Bearjones           Jill Sanders                                                       Michael Wien
                                                                                                 Brooke Stout                                                                 JP Morgan Chase & Co
Jennifer Michelstein             Ankita Patel                     Alison Sands                                                       Patty & Willie Williams                      Matching Gift Program
Ayako Miki                       Steve & Rhea Payne               Cynthia & Dave Satterfield     Lori Stowell                        Sherry & Ray Williams                    K&L Gates
Sherry Minkowski                 Elizabeth Pearson                Ellie Savage                   Stacia Stratton                     Kelly Williams                           Lane Powell PC
Juliette Mirsepasy               Dorothy Pearson                  Chris & Pauline Savage         Linda Strike                        Leslie Wittman                           LeRoss Family Foundation
Michael K. Mitchell              Kristine Peashock                Karen Schiller                 Cathy Strombom                      Cynthia Wolfe                            Media Cast LLC/
Terri Modin                      Julie & David Peha               Dr. Barbara Schinzinger &      Grace Strommer                      Alan Wolfson                                 Eden Rock Communications
Teresa Moore                     Amy Peloff                            Dr. Jorge Garcia          S. Richard Strong                   Janet Wright                             Occidental Temple Association
Irene & Dorothy Mootafes         Molly Pencke                     Cheryl Schmardebeck            S Strong                            Phil Yamamoto                            Pacific Continental Bank
William J. Morani Jr.            Linda & Michael Perie            Andrea Schmitt                 Pat Stroud                          Sara & Jesse Yao                         Peterson Sullivan LLP
Roderick & Becky Morcom          Owen Perry & Susannah Davis      Mary Anne Schmitt              Sheehan Sullivan Weiss &            Kenneth & Yvonne Zick                    Qwest Foundation
                                                                  Gail Schmitz                        Dan Weiss
Bob Morgan & Lynn Graves         Kevin & Alison Peters                                                                               Stephen Zimmerman                        Regence Blue Shield
                                                                  Karen Schneider & Ming Chen    Suzanne Sutton                                                                   Matching Gifts
Kathleen Morgan                  Marie Peters                                                                                        Drs. Kathryn Zufall-Larson &
                                                                  Tom Schram                     Allison Sweeney                         Eric Larson                          Report Footwear
Tiffany Morgan                   Augie Petroff
                                                                  Helen & Henry Schwartz         Thalia Syracopoulos                 And fifty-five donors who wish           Richmond Beach Congregational
Richard & Joanne Morrill         Marianne Pettersen &                                                                                                                             - United Church of Christ
                                      Charlie Thompson            Rosalye Schwartz               Sabrina Taylor                          to remain anonymous
Laura Morse                                                                                                                                                                   Riddell Williams, P.S.
                                 Katrina Pflaumer                 Carolyn Searles &              Jo Ann Taylor
Kathy Mortensen                                                                                                                                                               Skellenger Bender, P.S.
                                 Melissa Philpott                      James Goldman             James Termin
Christine Moulton                                                                                                                                                             Steps Against Domestic Violence
                                 Catrin Pittack & Troy Frever     Barbara Selemon                Suzanne & John Terrible             O R GAN I ZATI O N S
Emily B. Munson                                                                                                                                                                   Seattle
                                 Chad & Leslie Pittman            Sharron Sellers &              Gillian Theobald & L.A. Heberlein
Nina & Robert Murano                                                   Marlin Appelwick                                                                                       Swedish Medical Center
                                 Sylvia Pollack                                                  Robert & Kathleen Thode
Megan Murphey                                                     Carol Severson                 Cynthia & Paul Thomas
                                                                                                                                     $50,000 OR MORE                          The Fishing Company of Alaska
Melissa Musburger                Laree Porter & Lisa Yates                                                                           Microsoft Matching Gifts Program         The Loomis Foundation
                                                                  Emily Shaffer                  Mary Thomas
Ronald & Mary Nece               Margaret Potter                                                                                                                              The Peg & Rick Young Foundation
                                                                  Nancy Shah                     Daniel Thompson
Jennifer Nelson                  Nicole Preveaux &                                                                                   $ 10 , 0 0 0 TO $ 4 9 , 0 0 0            Truist Comprehensive
                                      Jacques Boiroux             Laurie Sheehan                 Diane & Robert Thompson
Gail Neuenschwander                                               Anni & Jeff Shelley                                                Carney Badley Spellman, P.S.             University Congregational United
                                 Marleen Price                                                   Grant Timentwa                                                                   Church of Christ
Sherry Nevins                                                     Michelle Sherman                                                   Employees Community Fund
                                 Michele Prince                                                  Anne & Clifford Timmermans              of the Boeing Company                Washington State Combined
Cassandra Newell                                                  Debbie & Jerald Shuster
                                 Don Prior                                                       Kody Todd                           Microsoft Corporation                        Fund Drive
Gail Nichols                                                      Heide & Edward Sickles
                                 Paul & Mary Pruitt                                              Molly Torres                        Verizon Wireless                         Wells Fargo Bank
Cori Nickerson                                                    Solveig Sieberts
                                 Tony & Cathy Puma                                               Tanya Toschi                                                                 Wiggins & Masters PLLC
Bailey Nieder                                                     Tara Silicio                                                       $ 5 , 0 0 0 TO $ 9 , 9 9 9
                                 Susan Purbaugh                                                  Lucile Totten                                                                Wyman Youth Trust
Karen & Martin Nigrelle                                           Terry & Stuart Silverman                                           City of Seattle Combined
                                 Shannon Rae                                                     David Trask                                                                  Zymogenetics
Jay Noble & Mark Ashworth                                         Katherine Simpson                                                      Charities
                                 Jabob Rae                                                       L. Ann Trimble
Kari Norris & Leonardo Aguilar                                    Judy Simpson                                                                           3
                                                                                                                                     Daylight Chapter. 21 O.E.S.
                                 Pauline Raineri                                                 Flora Trippett
Maxine Northey                                                    Jennie Simsick                                                     Kibble & Prentice,
                                 Merlin Rainwater & Greg Foster                                  Constance Trowbridge                    A USI Company
Sheila Norton                                                     Joan & Edward Singler
                                 Kristen Randell                                                 Carolyn Trulson

Social Change                                                                                         Education and Training
                                                                                       Staff also provided educational presentations
                                                                                       to almost 1000 additional young people and
                                                                                        over 250 adults, and training to almost 500
                                                                                           professionals. Fifty-five new direct service
Helping Middle School Students
                                                                                      volunteers received intensive training. Tabling
Develop Healthy Relationships                                                                     events reached over 2500 people.
New Beginnings’ Social Change Program has maintained a                                                  Rebecca Goldberg, Prevention Educator and
strong presence in Seattle middle schools since 2006 through                                                              Owning Up Group Facilitator.
the facilitation of “Owning Up” groups for youth. This 12-week                                 N OT P I CTU R E D: Billie Miller, Volunteer Coordinator.

curriculum provides an opportunity for teens to explore gender                                                                                                                   STE P S AGAI N ST D O M E STI C
stereotypes in our culture and to help them lay a healthy frame-                                                                                                                 VI O LE N C E:In 2007 Marisa Peach was
work for relationships with peers and dating partners.                                                                                                                           murdered by her fiancé in Pennsyl-
                                                                                                                                                                                 vania. Her family chose to honor
In 2009, 1 youth participated in “Owning Up” groups in Aki                                                                                                                       Marisa’s life by hosting public walks
Kurose, Denny, Meany, Whitman, and Pathfinder Middle Schools.                                                                                                                    to raise funds for domestic violence
                                                                                                                                                                                 agencies. In Seattle the Steps Against
                                                                                                                                                                                 Domestic Violence walk has benefited
                                                                                                                                                                                 New Beginnings. Here organizer Arthur
                                                                                                                                                                                 Peach, Marisa’s brother, speaks to the
                                                                                                                                                                                 crowd at Greenlake. The 2009 event
                                                                                                                                                                                 raised $5,000 for children’s services.

$ 5 0 0 TO $999                    LAGU Foundation                     Emmalee Ashland &                 Linda Frank                          Anne Lindwall                      Wes Uhlmann & Carolyn Purnell
                                   Paladino & Company, Inc                  Julie Sheriden               Stacy & Rob Friedman                 Luann Linn                         Beth Quintana
Bayview Manor Retirement
    Residence                      SAFECO Insurance Companies          Emily Aylward                     Lori Frisch                          Micki & William Lippe              Shannon Rae
Church of the Ascension            SAFECO Matching Gift Center         Jack Baker                        Jean Fukuda                          Lisa Litt                          Pauline Ranieri
Emmanuel Episcopal Church          Seattle Browncoats                  Marylynn Ballew                   Jill & Bill Gallagher                JoEllen & Don Loeb                 Carolyn & Al Rasch
First Congregational Church        Seavest Realty                      Sarah Banks                       Rojean Garnica                       Carol Loforte                      Melissa Redding
    of Bellevue                                                        Lele & Ian Barnett
                                   Skacel Collection Inc                                                 Michael Geiger                       Sharleen Loveland                  Gayle Reed
Green Bean                                                             Bernadette Barredo
                                   St. Dunstan’s Church                                                  Jean Goto Mar                        Bill Lynch & Cindy Osborn          Kristin Relyea
Hawkeye Cohesion                                                       Sue Bates-Pintar
                                   Tennessee Alabama Chapter                                             Nancy Gregerson                      Amy Lynn                           Kelly Robbins
Helsell Feterman LLP                   of ASPSN                        Marjorie Batey                    Barbara & Ned Gulbran                Elizabeth Madonick                 Rebecca & Jim Robertson
Merck Partnership for Giving       The Martha Club                     Stephanie & Michael Beers         Karen & William Gustafson            Priscilla Madsen                   Katie & Joshua Rosen
North Seattle Community College    The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP    Courtney Beers & John Kiley
    Women’s Programs                                                                                     Mary & Maurice Harding               Sue Maghy                          Karen & David Rosenzweig
                                   The Perrell Charitable Foundation   Deborah & Richard Berger          Pennie Hardwick                      Joyce Major                        Anita Ross
Northwest Face
                                   The Polyclinic                      Rachel Bhagat                     Janine Harrison                      Peggy Mann                         Autumn & Adam Roth
Pacific Groundwater Group
                                   United Way of Snohomish County      Betsy & Andrew Boileau            Marcie Headen & Kathi White          Kristen Manning                    Bill Russel
Qwest Women
                                   University Friends Meeting Inc.     April Bolding                     Judy & Lyle Hebert                   Marie Maramba                      Geri Russell
Satori Software
                                   Varney Bay Studio                   Carolyn & Jeff Brandsema          Bonnie Hedman                        Eileen & Ira Marks                 Kim Ryseff
Shah Safari, Inc.
                                                                       Diana Brement                     Christina Hemmen                     Jane Martin & Alice Goodman        Angela Sanders
SpecialCare Hospital               U P TO $99
    Management Corporation                                             Sally Bresnan                     Elizabeth Henry                      David & Bobbie Martin              Cindy Sannes
                                   Alpha Delta Chapter, Delta Kappa    Rose Cabellon
Super Supplements, Inc                 Gamma                                                             Dan & Merisa Heu Weller              John & Linda Mason                 Carla & Dave Scheafer
The Triple Door                                                        Amy Cadwell                       Marilyn & Gary Hicks                 Kara & Ken Masters                 Connie Schnell
                                   Attorney General of Washington
WaMu Employee Giving                                                   Rebecca & Steve Camden            Karen Hill                           Det. Pam McCammon                  Liz Schumacher
                                   Bullitt Foundation
    Campaign                                                           Emily Camm
                                   CFC of North Puget Sound                                              Robbin Honbo                         Karen McCoy                        Anna Schumacher
Washington Women’s Foundation                                          Susan S. Carter
                                   Christine Kipp Realty Inc.                                            Helen Howard                         Connie McCullough                  Alexandra Sciumbato
Windermere NW                                                          Deanna Carter
                                   Curves for Women                                                      Kathie Hunt                          Kate McDonald                      Bonnie Scott
                                       - University Village            Cheryl Casey                      Mary Huse                            Shelley McIntyre                   Connie Sharp
$ 2 5 0 TO $499
                                   Honeywell Hometown Solutions        Stacey Castleberry &              Sheryl Payne Huston &                Tomilynn & Dean McManus            Rita Shaw
Bridge Park Retirement                                                      Craig McAllister
    Community                      James Alan Salon                                                           Scott Huston                    Tom & Margaret McPhee              Michelle Sherman
                                                                       First Student Bus                 John Jennings
Construction Unlimited, Inc.       JustGive                                                                                                   Mona McPhee & Ty Brender           Raina Shields
                                                                       Pamela Champagne                  Lois Jerden
Craft Cooperative                  Kuleana Forest Hills                                                                                       Ryan Mefford                       Goldie & Don Silverman
    of the Northwest                                                   Tiffany & Ken Clark               Peggy Johnson
                                   Lynnwood Cycle Barn                                                                                        Melissa Memory                     Heather Simchuk
Enterprise Rent-A-Car                                                  Deborah Clise-Kerr                Donna Johnson
                                   Macy’s West GIFT Campaign                                                                                  Cabrina Miles                      Cathy Simon
Intuit Foundation Matching Gifts                                       Barbara Coffin                    Donna Johnston
                                   Network for Good                                                                                           Bryan Miller                       Janis Simpson
McKinstry Construction                                                 Elaine Cohn                       Marianne & Patrick Jones
                                   Newcomers Club of Greater                                                                                  and Ceci                           Dena Singleton
    Employees                          Seattle                         Susan Cook                        Jennifer Jones                       Lisa Miller                        Berit Sjong
Resource Group International,      Nordstrom                           Norma Cooper                      Cristina & Mike Jorgenson
    Inc.                                                                                                                                      Becky Mitchell                     Barbara Skibeniss
                                   Physicians Insurance                Greg Cosgrove                     Shannon & Peter Kahn
Sunset Tavern                          A Mutual Company                                                                                       Roberta Montana                    Annette Skinner
                                                                       Evelyn Crichton                   Martha Kanna
The Dorsey & Whitney               Shoemaker Living Trust of 1993                                                                             JC Moss                            Nancy Slater
                                                                       Manuela & Terry Crowley           Sarah Karr
    Foundation                                                                                                                                Theresa Mottet                     Cindy & Doug Slye
                                   United Airlines                     Lana Dahl
The Wild Rose Press                                                                                      Sherry Kelley                        Natalie Muench                     Jason Slye
                                   United Way of New York City         Tracy Dashefsky
Triangle Community Foundation                                                                            Ann Kelley                           Zoë Myers                          Jan Smith
                                   United Way of                       David De La Brena
WaMu Matching Gifts Program            Southeastern Pennsylvania                                         Karen King                           Rick Nelson                        Jennifer Smith Ph.D
                                                                       Nancy Denham                      Diane Kinman & Franca Martin
Wedgwood Presbyterian Church       USCSC Polar Sea                                                                                            Sara Nelson                        Bernadine Smith
                                                                       DeAnn & Cliff DeRosier            Madeline Kresge
Wells Fargo Community Support /    Women Who Do Things                                                                                        Sara Neppl                         Shelley Smith
    United Way Campaign                                                Margot Dick & William Ross

                                       with Their Hands                                                  Marie Kvilaas                        Kim Newcomer                       Arlene Smith & Tim Winsor
West Seattle Unitarian                                                 Bill Dixon                        Mary & George Lacey
    Universalists                                                                                                                             Ellen Norris                       Martha & Robert Taylor
                                                                       Marie Doman                       Jenifer Lambert                      Matria O’Hora                      Susan Snover
                                                                       Jack Elias                        Isabel Landsberg
$ 10 0 TO $249                     I N K I N D D O N O R S:                                                                                   Rothelle Page                      Winnie & Sam Sperry
                                                                       Emily Emerson & Andy Darring      Katherine Langer
Bank of America Foundation         I N D IVI D UALS                                                                                           Ralph & Marlys Palumbo             Sandy Stainer
                                                                       Jennie & Stefan Erickson          Dianne & Sven Larsen
Bank of America Matching Gifts                                                                                                                Colleen Paul                       Lisa Staley
                                   Joy Abbey-Adams                     April & Bruce Ericson             Inge & Les Larsen
BURA Bioenergy Research Group                                                                                                                 Karen Pauler                       Joanie & Doug Steiner
                                   Niki Albright                       Sherry Fadely                     Bonnie Larson
Control Contractors, Inc.                                                                                                                     Jim & Patti Peterson               Erica Stevens
                                   Marilyn Alterman                    Tammie Fehn                       Shelby & Andrew Lemmel
Employees of the Port of Seattle                                                                                                              Laurie Phelan                      Erin Stewart & Curtis Martin
                                   Karen Ames                          Cameron Fithian                   Carol & Geo Levin
Hensley Chiropractic Clinic                                                                                                                   Priscilla Pierce & James Rymszia   Liz Stockton
                                   Margaret Anderson                   Elizabeth Foley-McGinn            Barbara Libbey
Kwanchai                                                                                                                                      Marleen Price                      Annette Stofer
                                   Jennifer Anderson                   Lynea Forgg                       Jenny Lin
Lafferty & Associates                                                                                                                         Pat Pruss                          Lorna Jean Stokes
                                   Maria Anderson                      Sharon Foster

                                                                                                                                                            2009 ANNUAL REPORT                              |      7
Sorting out Survivors’
Legal Problems
Survivors of domestic violence are often faced with                                Line or through the weekly Family Law Legal Clinic
serious and complex legal issues. For some, even                                   New Beginnings co-sponsors with the King County
after leaving a violent relationship, the abuse can                                Bar Association.
continue through the legal system. Few can afford
                                                                                   New Beginnings also partners with the Northwest
legal representation.
                                                                                   Immigrants Rights Project and four other domestic
Pam Mentz, New Beginnings’ Legal Advocate,                                         violence agencies in Western Washington through
provides assistance and access to legal resources                                  a federal grant to the state Office of Crime Victims
for survivors in the community as well as those                                    Advocacy. Through this partnership, Pam works with
participating in New Beginnings’ programs. In 2009                                 eligible undocumented survivors to assist them in
she provided individual advocacy to 1 7 women in                                   applying for special immigration relief under the
our Emergency Shelter, Community Advocacy and                                      federal Violence Against Women Act. If approved,
Transitional Housing programs. In addition over 500                                this application can lead toward permanent
members of our community were able to receive                                      resident status and employment authorization.
assistance on legal issues through our 24 hour Help                                                            Pam Smith Mentz, Legal Advocate

Dick Storey                         Blaine Memorial UMC                Ida Culver House Ravenna          Red Mountain Resort and Spa        Victoria’s Secret
Elizabeth & Aidan Stretch           Boys & Girls Club Ballard Branch   Il Fornaio                        Reininger Winery                       - Pacific Place
Linda Strike                        Brian Carter Cellars               Jones Soda                        Report Footwear                    Victoria’s Secret
                                                                                                                                                - University Village
Doug Sundberg                       Bridge Park Retirement             Julep Nail Parlor Company         Rick Steves’ Europe Through
                                         Community                                                           the Back Door, Inc.            Vulcan
Brenda Sutphin                                                         Junior League of Seattle, Inc.
                                    Carney Badley Spellman, P.S.                                         Ride the Ducks                     William Church Winery
Stuart & Alison Swanberg                                               Kensho International
                                    Catherine’s Plus Sizes                                               Ristorante Machiavelli             Women Who Do Things
Dawn Sydney                                                            King County Assessors                                                    with Their Hands
Erica Mirner Tiliacos               Cece’s Playhouse                   King County Coalition Against     Robert Leonard Salon
                                                                                                                                            Woodland Park Zoo
Connie Wagner                       Century Ballroom                        Domestic Violence            Sailing Heritage Society
                                                                                                                                            World Technology Services
Bruce & Donna Wallen                Chateau St. Michelle               King County Prosecutor’s Office   Salon Bellisima
                                                                                                                                            XSV Wines
Terry Walsh                         Chronicle Books                    King County Sherrif’s Office      Salon Joseph
Bruce & Peggy Wanta                 Circa Neighborhood Grill &         KUOW                              Sazerac
                                         Ale House                     Kwanchai                          Sea Otter Adventures, LLC
Ginny Ware & Russ Moulton
                                    Clos du Bois Winery                Lafferty & Associates             Seattle Airport Marriott
Mike Wearne
                                    Coast Guard Family Association     Lake City Baptist Church          Seattle Aquarium                   G OVE R N M E NT AN D
Penelope Webster
                                    Cornish College of the Arts        Lake Union Crew                   Seattle Mariners Baseball Club     OTH E R F U N D E R S
Maggie Webster
                                    Countryside Floral and Garden      Lexus of Bellevue                 Seattle School District
Gail Wenaweser
                                    Crow Restaurant                    Lisa Power Salon                  Seattle Storm                      CITI ES
Heather Werckle
                                    Crown Hill Automotive              Lonesome Cove Resort              Seattle Theatre Group              City of Seattle Human Services Department,
Melet Whinston
                                    Cupcake Royale                     Lynnwood Bowl & Skate             Seattle Underground Tour               Office of Domestic Violence and Sexual
Lois White                                                                                                                                      Assault Prevention
                                    Curves for Women - Northgate       Lynnwood Ice Center               Seattle’s Greatest Homes
Jennifer Wieneke                                                                                                                            City of Shoreline Department
                                    Curves for Women -                 Madison Park Greetings            Shine in the Market
Kuhrt Wieneke                            University Village                                                                                     of Human Services
Kay Williams                                                           Magnolia Skin Care                Shoreline Community College
                                    Cutters Bayhouse
                                                                       Maple Leaf Lutheran Church        Silver Lake Winery                 COU NTY
Kirsten Wolff & Peter McGonagle     Darby Winery
                                                                       Martin Roberts Design             Small Changes (Community           King County Community Services
Carolyn Wootton                     David Owen Hastings Design
                                                                       Matthews Estate                       Magazine Recycling Program)    King County Housing and
Jean Yandell                        DeLille Cellars                                                                                            Community Development
                                                                       Menashe & Sons Jewelers           Snoose Junction Pizzeria
Margina Young & Ann Rinehart        Des Voigne Cellars
                                                                       Mercer Island High School         Snoqualmie Casino
Edward Young & C.E. Litsey          Discovery Wellness                                                                                      STAT E
                                                                            Varsity Cheerleaders         Solstice Designs
Grady Zech                          Dorsey & Whitney LLP                                                                                    Emergency Shelter and Homeless
                                                                       Metro Transit                     Spectrum Control
Jeff Ziegler                        Ducati Seattle, LLC                                                                                        Prevention Program
                                                                       Michael Rosenberg Photography     Speedy Electric
Lenore Zissermann                   Eckstein Middle School                                                                                  Washington State Department of
                                                                       Montlake Community Center         Sperry Marine                         Social and Health Services
And ten donors who wish             Elite Fitness Training                                                                                     Children’s Administration
    to remain anonymous                                                Mount Rainier Guest Services      St. Dunstan’s Church
                                    Elizabeth Bixby Chapter DAR        Moving Comfort                    Starbucks Coffee                   Department of Commerce/Office of
                                    Emerald Downs                                                                                              Crime Victims, Advocacy, Domestic
                                                                       Museum of Flight                  Swedish Physicians                    Violence and Legal Advocacy
                                    Evergreen Academy                  Museum of Glass                       Children’s Clinic
I N-KI N D DONORS:                  Evergreen Healthcare               New Haven Apartments              Talyst                             FEDER AL
O G A N I Z AT I O N S              Express - Pacific Place            Nordstrom                         Teamsters Life with Dues           U.S. Department of Health
                                    Fairwood Church                                                          Trust Fund                         and Human Services
AEG Worldwide                                                          North Seattle Rotary
                                    First Free Methodist Church                                          The 5th Avenue Theatre                 Family Violence Prevention
AIG Health Direct                                                      Northwest Film Forum                                                     and Services Act
                                         of Seattle                                                      The Bellevue Club
Air Combat USA                                                         Northwest Outdoor Center
                                    First Lutheran Church                                                The Children’s Museum, Seattle     U.S. Department of
Alaska Airlines                          of West Seattle               Number Nine Furniture Company                                            Homeland Security
                                                                                                         The Fiber Gallery
Alteon Training, LLC                Flora Nova Design                  Ohana’s Restaurant                                                       Federal Emergency
                                                                                                         The Garage                             Management Agency
American Society of                 Flying Colors Quilters             Olympus Spa
                                                                                                         The Vine Christian Ministries
    Plastic Surgery Nurses          Four Seasons Resort                OPI Products, Inc                                                    U.S. Department of Housing

                                                                                                         Trident Seafoods Company               and Urban Development

Anderson Zurmuehlen & CO., P.C.     Frontier Room                      Our Lady of the Lake Parish
                                                                                                         Tulalip Resort Casino                  Community Development Block Grant,
Annie’s Art and Frame               Gala-Rie                           Pacific Continental Bank                                                 Emergency Shelter Grants Program,
                                                                                                         United States Army Reserve
Anthony’s Restaurants               Green Fees Investment Club         Pacific Science Center                                                   McKinney Homeless Assistance Act
                                                                            Membership Office            University Congregational United       Supportive Housing Program
Archery Summit                      Green Lake Jewelry Works                                                 Church of Christ
Arthur Murray Dance School                                             Parsons                                                              U.S. Department of Justice
                                    Greenwood Academy of Hair                                            USCSC Polar Sea
Asset Management Strategies, Inc.                                      Peterson Sullivan LLP                                                    Grants to Encourage Arrest, Victims
                                    Haley Family Law Group, PLLC                                         UWMC Women’s Health Care               of Crime Act Crime Victims Assistance,
ASUW CORE                                                              Puget Sound Susan G. Komen            Center                             Bridges to Housing, Domestic Violence/
                                    Hanna Andersson                         for the Cure
Attorney General of Washington                                                                           V.A.S.T.                               Mental Health Collaboration Project
                                    Hawkeye Cohesion                   Quality Sewing and Vacuum
Barrage Cellars                     Holland America Line, Inc.                                           Verizon Business
                                                                       Queen Anne Books                                                     OT H E R
                                                                                                                                                                                           D E S I G N:

Beehive Salon                       Holloran Vineyards                                                   Verizon Wireless
                                                                       Queen Anne Chiropractic Center        - Lynnwood                     United Way of King County
Bergstrom Winery                    Holo Holo Charters                 Qwest Women
Big Picture                         Hotel 1000                         Ray’s Boathouse Restaurant

                                                                      tribute gifts
                                                                      I N H O N O R O F:            Margie Aoki                   I N M E M O RY O F:                Colleen Hagen-Aldrich
                                                                                                      Ben & Kelly Broili                                             Cortney Forsberg
                                                                      Adrienne McCoy                                              Al Narberg
                                                                                                    Maria Zahajko                                                    Diana & Timothy Coletta
                                                                         Sibyl Thomas                                                 K.L. & Lynn Evans
                                                                                                      Anonymous                                                      Dianne & Sven Larsen
                                                                      All Survivors of Domestic        Ginny Ware &               Alice Satterfield
                                                                          Violence                                                    Alyson Luff                    Dorothy Malinski
                                                                                                       Russ Moulton
                                                                          Olivia Carey                                                                               Earl & Cecilia Boyer
                                                                                                       Lynn Engel                    Bruce Galton
        Sharing Society —                                             Anne Gittinger
                                                                         Lewis Horowitz
                                                                                                       Melissa Musburger             Catherine & William
                                                                                                                                                                     Edward & Maryanne

        From Your House to Ours                                       Betty Turner
                                                                                                       Nancy Lemieux
                                                                                                       Paula & Lew Estabrook
                                                                                                                                     Catrin Pittack &
                                                                                                                                     Troy Frever
                                                                                                                                                                     Eileen & David Reddish
                                                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth & Robert
                                                                         Deborah Hoffman
                                                                                                    Melinda Simon                    Cynthia & Dave Satterfield      Bauerle
        Launched in 2009 the Sharing Society provides                 Billie Miller                    Angela Mansfield                                              Ginny Ware &
                                                                           Goldie & Don Silverman                                    Mary Wilson
                                                                                                                                                                     Russ Moulton
        an opportunity for members of the community to                                                 Cathy Gaw                     Patricia Orvidas
                                                                      Celeste DaVault                                                                                Holly Hearn & Eric Lenard
                                                                                                       Lisa Turner
        provide in-kind gifts that directly benefit the people           Eleni Carras                                                Paul Baudin
                                                                                                                                                                     Jaclyn Brandt
                                                                                                       Suzanne & John Terrible       Randy & Denise Rankin
        we serve. Members sign up to receive regular                  D. Cespedes                                                                                    John Kamda
                                                                          Leesa Albert              Michael Fleenor                  Richard Wertz
        email alerts of specific and sometimes urgent                                                  Jennie Simsick
                                                                                                                                     Robert & Rebecca Miller
                                                                                                                                                                     Jonathan & Catherine
                                                                      Danielle Wilson
        needs for the women and children we serve. Gifts                 Timothy Clark              My mother & my daughter          Sally & Eugene Demick           Jorgen & Karen Junker
        through the Sharing Society have included school              David D. Martin                                                Steven & Rose Beppu             Julie Castaldi
                                                                         Julie Elliott              Nancy Cannon                                                     Kalie Karin Aldrich
        supplies, warm coats, and new underwear. To join                                               Kathleen Cannon            Amy Hamlin
                                                                      Elaine Williams                                               Ginny Ware &                     Karen McCoy
        the Sharing Society email:                  Courtney Rutkowski        Nancy Slater                    Russ Moulton
                                                                                                                                                                     Kari Norris &
                                                                                                       Dianne & Sven Larsen                                          Leonardo Aguilar
                                                                      Frances Posel                                               Aunt Helen
                                                                         Cindylynn Fenbert          Peggy Jarrett                    Kaaren Mathiesen                Katie & Joshua Rosen
                                                                                                       Mary Whisner                                                  Kim Mahoney
                                                                      Gail Cottle                                                 Barbara Porthen
                                                                         Bob Hord                   Phyllis Gunn                     Cecilia Matta &                 Larry Loo
                                                                                                       Anonymous                     Casey Riske
                                                                      Gay Lloy Pinder                                                                                Laura Gese
                                                                                                    Roslyn Ellison                Betty Cross
                                                                         Mechthild Rast                                                                              Lee Marchisio
                                                                                                       Maria Geokezas                Beth Cooper
                                                                      George Stephens                                                                                Linda Creed
                                                                                                    Ruth Masters                  Bigi Michael
                                                                        His Staff                                                                                    Margaret Kim &
                                                                                                       Kara & Ken Masters             Nancy Griffin
                                                                                                                                                                     Roger Murff
                                                                      Ginny Ware
                                                                                                    S.D. Fenno                    Bruce Larson                       Mark Vellon
                                                                         Patricia Ware
                                                                                                       Anonymous                     Robin Fox-Quayle &
                                                                      Goldie Silverman                                               Bruce Quayle                    Mary Filipovic
                                                                         Dr. Natalie Gendler        Sandra Kane                                                      Melissa Jennings &
                                                                                                       Kathy Golio                Charles Hovander                   Ryan Dunleavy
                                                                         Jonathan & Ellyn Ostrow                                     Peggy Elder
                                                                                                    Sara Peha                                                        Michele & Richard Todd
                                                                      Hanna Keranen                                               Charlet Tomizek
                                                                                                       Julie & David Peha                                            Michele Lyon

Mental Health
                                                                         Anonymous                                                   Anonymous
                                                                                                    Shelby Lemmel                                                    Molly Pencke
                                                                      James O. Eyeka                                              Cheryl Ann Pitre
                                                                                                       Cheryl Dickerhoof                                             Pam Smith Mentz
                                                                         Tomilynn & Dean                                             Yvonne Benson

Services                                                                 McManus
                                                                      Janny Becker
                                                                         Joan Sandler
                                                                                                       Shelly Winsby &
                                                                                                       Dave Cruz
                                                                                                    Staff & volunteers of
                                                                                                                                  Christine Wise
                                                                                                                                     Jane Bissonnette
                                                                                                                                                                     Sam Lee
                                                                                                                                                                     Shannon Rae
                                                                                                                                                                     Sheila & James Lyon
                                                                                                       New Beginnings             Donna Almquist
                                                                      Jean Lewis                       Gail Cottle & Ren Brown       Diane McNulty                   Sheila Martin
Although 2009 was a difficult year financially we were                   Tom Schram
                                                                                                    Tamitha Carpenter                The Martha Club                 Sheryl Payne Huston &
                                                                      Jennifer Maronek                                                                               Scott Huston
able to maintain our services with some judicious                                                      Barrie Wall &
                                                                                                                                  Estelle Shippy                     Stephanie Swanstrom
                                                                         Lois Freeman                  Raymond Miller
                                                                                                                                     Mary Beth Spencer-Davis
budget cutting. But thanks to funding from the King                   Jenny A. Loertscher           Teri Sund                                                        Steven Cohn
                                                                                                                                  Hilde Braun
County Mental Illness and Drug Dependency (MIDD)                         Rebecca Campbell               Becky Weir
                                                                                                                                                                     Susan Lee
                                                                      Jill Gallagher                The Clients of Lawrence                                          Suzanne Gillette
Action Plan, we were able provide increased on-site                        Colleen Lincoln             Investment Group           Jean Messer
                                                                                                                                                                     Theresa Mottet
                                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Garcia
mental health services to New Beginnings’ program                        Diane & Robert
                                                                                                       Susan & Paul Lawrence
                                                                                                                                                                     Tonetta Espinoza
                                                                         Rosenberg                  The Siegrists                 Lola Salonka
participants. Services were provided by our Mental                                                     Karyn Kubo &                  Hensley                         Women Who Do Things
                                                                         Margot Saharic                                                                              with Their Hands
                                                                                                                                     Chiropractic Clinic
Health Therapist, Shannon Rae assisted by three                          Shawn & Tracy Anderson
                                                                                                       Bruce Fleming
                                                                                                                                     Lucile Totten                Mary Frances Blue
                                                                                                    The Utah Families Golf
mental health interns from Antioch University. The                    Jo Ljungstrom                    Tournament Committee       Madeline K. Scott
                                                                                                                                                                    Theresa Hickox
                                                                         Helen Howard
trauma of domestic violence can cause a broad range                                                    Martha & Robert Taylor       Susan & Brian Lampe           Norm Maleng
                                                                      Joyce Clark                                                                                    David Martin &
                                                                                                    Their Daughter
of mental health issues including depression and                         Karen & David                 Shirley & John Cannell
                                                                                                                                  Marisa Peach                       Aurora Almeda-Martin
                                                                         Rosenzweig                                                 Katherine J. Hall
post-traumatic stress. Having access to mental health                                               Thriver’s Action Group           Alberto Ortiz
                                                                                                                                                                  Patricia Sellers
                                                                      Kara Masters                                                                                   Sharron Sellers &
services can open the way to emotional recovery.                         Cheryl Dickerhoof
                                                                                                        Nancy Slater                 Angela Giboney                  Marlin Appelwick
                                                                         Shelly Winsby &            Tim Miller                       Anne & Clifford              Penelope Patterson
               Mental Health Interns Emily Owen and Richard Berger,
LE F T TO R I G HT:                                                      Dave Cruz                     Katherine Simpson             Timmermans                      Kari & Dave Cates
and Shannon Rae, Mental Health Therapist. N OT P I CTU R E D:                                       Virginia Zimmerman               Anonymous                       Kuleana Forest Hills
                                                                      Kevin Murphey
Alexandra Sciumbato, Mental Health Intern.                               Megan Murphey                  Gail Cottle & Ren Brown      Anonymous                       Leslie Wittman
                                                                      Lucille Metcalfe              Zoë Myers                        Anthony & Nicolette             Lynn Miller & Mark Kratz
                                                                                                       Mollie Hechtman               Chavez
                                                                         Celeste DaVault                                                                             M. Ota
                                                                                                                                     April Glass
                                                                      Lydia Boehl                                                                                 Rebecca Kerr
                                                                                                                                     Audrey Allred
                                                                         Kara & Ken Masters                                                                          Anonymous
                                                                                                                                     Avenicio Bach
                                                                                                                                                                  Ruth Aronica
                                                                                                                                     Brandon Maust
                                                                                                                                                                     Sheila Ng
                                                                                                                                     Bryn & Michael Black
                                                                                                                                                                  Shirlie Kaplan
                                                                                                                                     Chauncie Allred
                                                                                                                                                                      Jessica Vanderzanden
                                                                                                                                     Chelsea Sternagel
                                                                                                                                                                  The Harrison Children
                                                                                                                                     Christian & Donna Eggen         Karen Pauler
                                                                                                                                     Christopher Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                  Two aunts & uncles
                                                                                                                                                                     Kaaren Mathiesen

                                                                                                                                   2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                 |    9
                                                                                                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                       SEATTLE, WA
                                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 2729

          P.O. Box 75125, Seattle, WA 98175
          PHONE      206.783.4520
          FA X       206.706.0291
          H E LP
          LI N E     206.522.9472                                                                              CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

          E MAI L
          WE B

                        2009 Revenue
                                  2% Investments
                        6%           %
                                    1 Other
                 United Way


                                                                    2009 F I NAN C IALS
                                                                    Statement of Financial Position*
                                                                     December 31, 2009

  Governmental                                                      Current Assets                                                      $    1,219,320

                                                                     Property & Equipment                                               $     1,719,772

                                                                    Total Assets                                                        $    2,939,092
                        2009 Expenses
                              $2,453,251                             Liabilities:
                                                                    Current Liabilities                                                 $      564,631
                    Fundraising                                      Long-term Liabilities                                              $    1,276,835
                                                   26%              Total Liabilities                                                   $     1,841,466 **
         9%                                        Emergency
  Management                                       Shelter
                                                                     Net Assets:
                                                                     Unrestricted Undesignated                                          $       371,582

                                                                     Unrestricted Designated                                            $      323,366

                                                                     Property & Equipment                                               $       380,671

                                                                    Temporarily Restricted                                              $        22,007
Transitional                                                        Total Net Assets                                                    $     1,097,626
                                                   Community        Total Liabilities & Net Assets                                      $    2,939,092
                             10%                                    *Independent Audit by Peterson Sullivan L.L.P., Certified Public Accountants
                    Social Change
                                                                    **$1,339,719 of Total Liabilities are forgivable loans from the City of Seattle,
 The above expenses do not include $125,650 of depreciation.         the Washington State Housing Trust Fund, and the Federal Home Loan Bank.

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