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									Remote Client Solutions Review for TIE
What challenges IT customers face

HP Remote Client Solutions
                     Server-based                     HP VDI                          HP CCI
                     computing                        (Virtual PC)                    (Blade PC)
                     Best for task-oriented           Best for moderate users.        Optimal for moderate-to
                     workers, or those with                                           heavy users, or users
                     well-defined application                                         needing real-time-
                     set.                                                             performance.

                                                                                                         HP CCI Workstations
                                                                                                     (Blade PC)
  Fit by Segment

                   Light users                                                                                               Heavy users
Worse              Fewer applications                                                                                        Many applications

                   Ancillary        Task                  Basic               Knowledge          Desktop power        Engineers &
                   user             worker                productivity        worker             user                 traders
                   Computing is     Basic data            Basic               Significant % of   Requires full user   Workstation-
                   insignificant    entry/usage is        productivity        work is on         rights some          class
                   % of work        central to work       tools are central   computer           compute              performance. Full
                                                          to work                                intensive apps       user rights.
                                                                                                                      Unique apps or
 21 October 2012                                                                                                                     3
  How thin clients work in a Virtualization
                                                                               HP Remote
                                                                             Client Solutions
                                                                             Applications & data reside on
                                                                              • Server (server-based computing)
                                                                              • Virtual PC
                                                                              • Blade PC

                                updates                               1. The application runs
                                                                      remotely on a server, virtual
                                                                      PC, or a blade PC.
                                                                      2. On server, virtual PC, or
  Applications                                Keyboard &              blade PC, the graphic is
 are accessed                                                         captured, compressed,
                                              mouse events
   from client                                                        encrypted and sent to the thin
                                      Protocols – ICA, RDP, RGS*      client.
                                      Broker - SW control between     3. On thin client, the keyboard
                                      TC an Server, establishes and   and mouse events are captured
                                      maintains connection (HP        and transmitted to the server.
        Thin client                   Blades and VDI)                 Brokers are used to allocate an
                                      Works in conjunction with       available virtual PC or a blade
                                      Protocol                        PC to a thin client. Brokers
                                      Remote Multimedia – Address     are not needed in server-
                                      poor video performance of       based computing environment.
RDP = Remote Desktop Protocol
                                      SBC and Virtualization
ICA = Independent Computing
VDI Market
•   Market in initial stages of development. Consolidation still going on.
    Key M&A so far:
     − Citrix bought XenSource
     − VMware bought Propero, Thinstall
     − Microsoft bought Calista, Kidaro, Softricity
     − Redhat bought Qumranet (open source KVM hypervisor)
•   Nascent market difficult to quantify
     − Opinions on market size vary
     − Following are HP DSO estimates (130% CAGR)

WW Virtualized seats*            CY 2009               CY 2010               CY 2011
    VMware seats**                566Ku                 1,032Ku              1,885Ku
    XenDesktop seats              141Ku                  557Ku               1,885Ku

* 70% of these seats are connected to Thin Clients (HP DSO estimate)
** VMware has 80% of VDI market in 2009, decreasing to 50% in 2011 (HP DSO
What are the major components of
•   Thin Clients
•   Rack or BladeSystem
    −Compute, storage,
     interconnect, etc.
•   Storage
•   Virtualization software –
    Citrix XenDesktop
    VMWare View
Server building block
                                          HP ProLiant and
  What matters in a server for VDI?
Large memory subsystem                          √
Small server footprint
Small power usage footprint
Simplify addition of new infrastructure         √
                                          HP BladeSystem
Fast replacement                                √
                                          HP BladeSystem
Client Virtualization Protocol Positioning

2D/3D Accel                                                                RGS
                                                                     HDX 3D
                                    RDP+ Extensions
    # Displays
2D Graphics

                                                           Full Business     Performance Users
      Text       Data Entry        Office Productivity
                                                             Desktop             Compute Intensive
                 Applications         Applications
                                                         Many Applications       Big data, Multi-OS
                            Compute Performance / Work Complexity
                                                      Full Internet
HP RGS vs. HP RDP Multimedia & USB Enhancements
   HP provides a choice of protocol (HP RGS) and protocol extension (HP RDP
enhancements) to provide the rich user experience and broad USB device support
                           needed by your end users
                                                HP RGS                            HP RDP Multimedia & USB

                                                                        •   Maintaining RDP-based environment
                      •   Collaboration tools for end users critical        is important
                      •   Wide range of codecs that changes over time   •   Needs support for VDM broker
Key Customer          •   Multi-display support                         •   Uses limited set of common codecs,
Requirements          •   Multi-session requirements                        such as Mpeg, WMA, WMV, AC3,
                      •   VoIP                                              MP3
                      •   May have heterogeneous client environment     •   Does not expect to incorporate
                                                                            many new codecs over time

                                                                        •   VMware VDI
                      •   VMware VDI
                                                                        •   Terminal Services
Client Architecture   •   Blade PCs or Workstations
                                                                        •   Blade PCs or Workstations
                      •   Workstations, PCs and Notebooks
                                                                            (Timeline being developed)

                      •   Knowledge Workers                             •   Office Productivity
User Types
                      •   Office Productivity                           •   Task-Oriented

                      •   Financial Traders                             • Data Entry
Customer Scenarios    •   MCAD                                          • Call centers
                      •   Oil & Gas                                     • Healthcare
HP StorageWorks building block
Ideal storage platforms for HP VDI
    HP Modular Smart Array (MSA) and       HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) and
        All-in-One Storage (AiO)                    XP array families
•   Perfect upgrade from direct        •   Scalable capacity expansion
    attached storage (DAS)             •   Centralized consolidated
•   AiO can be unpacked,                   storage
    installed and running in under     •   Integrated snap-shot and
    15 minutes                             remote replication
•   Integrated snap-shot and
    clone replication
Best-in-class HP support
•   Two-hour response time
    on all calls, regardless of
•   One-stop support for
    Citrix, VMWare and HP
•   One year 9x5 support and
    services for HP VDI
•   24x7 support and “Follow
    the Sun” support model
Improve Total Cost of Ownership
Reduce cost, Improve performance

Cost                                 Improved Performance
Energy Savings
Thin Clients use an
average of 80% less
                                           No ‘Maverick’ software
energy (avg. 25watts vs. 170               Software is loaded and
                                           managed in the Datacenter.
IT Management
                                            Instant on
Typically management &
                                            Thin Clients offer ‘quick
support accounts for more
                                            booting to reduce wait
than 70% of your ownership

Thin Clients last longer
                                                 Offsite backup.
No moving parts (fan, hard
drive) mean less
maintenance issues – MTBF                   Reduced Noise
greater than 8 years
                                            No Fan or hard drive
Thin Clients are less                       means less noise
Reduction in acquisition costs for
computing devices
HP is committed to thin clients
Consistent and on-going investments help deliver
      innovation and technology leadership

                                                   − Highly-acclaimed product innovations
                                                   − Growing thin client patent portfolio
                                                   − Integrated, exclusive security and firewall
HP is the only company                             − A broad thin client solutions portfolio
that provides a complete                           − Increased capabilities to provide
portfolio of remote                                  customized images
computing solutions,                               − Extend HP leadership worldwide in
                                                     providing Windows XPe, Windows CE and
including server-based                               Linux thin client solutions
computing, VDI, blade                              − Industry-leading thin client management
PCs, and blade                                       solutions

13   10/21/2012   HP Confidential – NDA Required
OS Comparison Overview                                            Linux

                    ESSENTIAL            MAINSTREAM                 FLEXIBLE and MOBILE
                        HP          Windows
                                                  HP ThinPro   Windows XPe     Debian Linux
                    ThinConnect   Embedded CE

    Basic                                          ICA/RDP                       ICA/RDP
 connectivity        ICA/RDP       ICA/RDP                       ICA/RDP
                                                   X-Term                        X-Term

  Software                                                        High – chose from among
                                  Modest – some modules can
 Extensibility         None                                    thousands of software modules
                                   be downloaded from HP
                                                                 to download from the web

 Peripherals        Essential
  Support           peripheral      Wide peripheral support      Broad peripheral support

                       None        IE for CE       Firefox          IE7          Firefox

     Emulation         None        TeemTalk       TeemTalk      TeemTalk        TeemTalk

14     10/21/2012
                        2009 HP Thin Client Portfolio
                              Essential              Mainstream                        Flexible                                  Specialty
                              The Simplest                 Enhanced            Powerful, Flexible,             High performance                       Mobile
                             Solution at our             Features for             Innovative!                      Superb Remote                   More secure,
                               Best Price                 Mainstream                                                 Computing                     reliable, thin
                                                         Business Use                                                   Experience                     client
                                                                                               HP t5630                                                     HP 6720t
                                                                                               HP t5730                     HP gt7725                       HP 2533t
                                                                                               HP t5735                    HP ThinPro
                                                                                                                                                          Windows XPe
                                                               HP t5540                      Windows XPe                      GT
Price and Performance

                                                               HP t5545
                                                                                             Debian Linux
                                                                                                               •    Adds:                      •   Ability to run more
                                                             HP ThinPro
                                                                                                               •    Superior                       applications
                                    HP t5145
                                                            Windows CE 6.0         • Adds:                          Processing                 •   Supports richer
                                 HP ThinConnect                                    • Ability to run more                                           media experience
                                                                                                               •    Quad and Dual
                                                     •    Adds:                      applications                                              •   Adds: Mobility
                                                     •    Web browser              • Supports richer
                                                                                                               •    2D / 3D multi
                                                     •    Terminal                   media experience               media
                         • Access                         emulation
                           appliance                 •    Media player
                         • Simple,

                                                                             Flexibility & Functionality
                        15      10/21/2012        HP Confidential – NDA Required               * Broker availability may vary between models
    HP Thin Client Management
Because each thin client deployment is different, HP offers
 one of the broadest choices of management solutions on
                        the market
•        HP ThinState
         Practical cloning tool - exclusive solution

                                                       Scale of Deployment / Environmental Complexity
         HP – not matched on the market

•        HP Device Manager                                                                                                              Altiris      HP Client
         Our easy to use, highly secure and                                                                                             Deployment   Automation
         comprehensive                                                                                                                  Solution
         thin client management solution

•        Altiris Deployment Solution                                                                                         HP
         The industry's most robust enterprise class                                                                         Device
         management software providing centralized                                                                           Manager
         management through one console (license                                                                 HP

         included)                                                                                               ThinState

•        HP Client Automation
         End to end HP management solution for thin                                                        None               Level of Automation            High
         clients, desktop PCs and blade PCs.
           From SMB to Enterprise – the right management solution for your environment

    16      10/21/2012
HP TC Device Management portfolio –
Feature Matrix
Product                HP ThinState   HP Device            HP Client     Altiris
Features               Tools          Manager              Automation
Imaging                      Yes             Yes                 Yes               Yes

Setting Management           Yes             Yes               Limited         Limited

Asset Management             No              Yes                 Yes               Yes

Remote                       No              Yes                 Yes               Yes
Connections                  No              Yes               Limited         Limited
Patch Management             No              Yes                 Yes               Yes

Reporting                    No              Yes                 Yes               Yes

Device Compliance            No       Limited with Rules         Yes               No

Multiple Servers             No              No                  Yes               Yes

17   21 October 2012
Thin Client Proof Points
HP is Committed to the Environment
 Efficient                                              Responsible                                        Experience
     HP delivers energy efficient                      Whenever possible, HP is                            HP offers responsible and
     products, solutions, & services                   committed to using environmentally                  convenient reuse and recycling
                                                       sound materials in products and                     services globally

• Thin Clients offer up to 80 percent                  • Thin Clients meet ROHS                        • HP offers responsible recycling
  power savings* over traditional                        compliance                                      incentives to encourage customers
  desktop PCs with similar                             • No ozone-depleting substances                   to recycle products at end-of-life
  capabilities                                           are used in packaging material                • With HP’s Advanced Unit Exchange
 • Additionally, the power-efficient                   • Reduced size of packaging                       program, failed thin clients are
   thin clients also need less air-                      provides over 40% savings in                    shipped back to HP for refurbishing
   conditioning                                          corrugated board usage and over                 or recycling
• With no hard drives, Thin Clients                      75% savings in foam usage**                   • HP’s hardware return and recycling
  have lower failure rates compared                    • Thin Client packaging is one-third              program, Planet PartnersTM
  to equivalent PCs so they have                         the weight** of equivalent desktop              operates in more than 40 countries,
  much longer lifecycles                                 packaging, thus improving                       regions and territories worldwide.
                                                         transportation fuel efficiency
*Savings based on a deployment of 1,000 thin
clients, plus additional savings in air conditioning   • Specialized bulk packaging has
costs. Actual savings a customer could see will          24-packs of Thin Clients bundled
vary and is dependent on many factors, including
but not limited to thin client usage patterns,
                                                         together to further reduce the
electricity rates, desktops being replaced and           amount of cardboard and
manufacturing variability.                               packaging
                                                       ** HP t5530 Thin Client vs. HP dc7800 SFF desktop
18      10/21/2012
  HP Thin Client Leadership and
                         #1 Thin Client Vendor in the World
                          #1 Thin Client Vendor in the NA
                                                                          HP’s objective
             Become the preferred brand for thin clients and
             enabling software in the growing virtualization
                                  solutions space. Thin Client Market Share
              WW Thin Client Market Share       NA

                                                                                                                       35%                                                       35%
      30%                     26 %                                     31.1 %         3 0 .3 %                                                                                  29 %
              25%                                                                                               30%                                                                                  30%

              25%                                                                                                      23 %
                              23 %                                     2 2 .3 %        21.3 %

                                                                                                                                                                                       13 %
      10 %                                                                                                      10 %                                                                                 11 %
                                                                                                                                                                                       10 %          9%
                                                                                       5 .8 %                                              8%             7%           7%
                                                                                       4 .9 %                                 6%
                                                                                                                                           5%             5%                           4%            4%
                                                                                       3 .9 %                                                                          3%
       0%                                                                                                        0%
              2 CQ 0 7    3 CQ 0 7      4 CQ 0 7        1 CQ 0 8      2 CQ 0 8    3 CQ 0 8                             2 CQ 0 7     3 CQ 0 7       4 CQ 0 7       1 CQ 0 8     2 CQ 0 8         3 CQ 0 8

                         HP      Wyse     N computing       DevonIT     Sun                                                HP      W yse        DevonIT        N Com puting Co. Ltd.          Sun

10/21/2012                                                                                      19
                                                                                     HP Confidential – NDA Required
HP Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
(VDI) Services
HP VDI Planning, Quick Start and Implementation Services
Planning:                       Quick Start:                      Implementation:
•   VDI Discovery – Identify    •   VDI assessment:               •   Infrastructure Planning
    stakeholders, current            − Infrastructure and             and Design
    state, applications, data          devices                         − Solution and architecture
    and                                                                  design
    user impact                      − Application availability
                                                                       − Application compatibility
•   VDI Business                     − Data protection                   testing and remediation
    Assessment – Business            − Virtual machine                 − Virtual machine
    drivers, model VDI                 management                        management
    business process, and            − Continuity, failover,
    define financial baseline
                                                                  •   Migration and Co-
                                       disaster recovery and          existence Planning and
•   VDI Roadmap and                    high availability
    Design – Identify                − Network capacity
    virtualization strategy,                                      •   Proof on Concept
                                •   Limited VDI Discovery             (POC)/Pilot
    future state, business
    alignment, investments,     •   Proof of Concept (POC)             − Verify design and
    phases and measures             based on VDI discovery               integration,
                                                                         performance and user
                                                                       − Project management
                                                                       − Deployment
HP VDI Advantages

 1   End-to-end solution provider

     The most Thin Clients certified on VMware &
12   Citrix
     Market leader in Servers, Storage and Thin
 3   Clients

 4   Large services and reseller partner network
and answers

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