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					FALL 2009                                                                                                                                EDUCATION
 EDUCATION                                               Professional Development                                     High Achievers                        . . .38
   Degree Program                                        Courses via Distance Learning                                Infant & Toddler Mental Health        . . .40
   Physical Education, Administration                    Abused & Neglected Children . . . . . . . .38                Learning Disabilities                 . . .38
     Option (MA) Education . . . . . . . . . . . .32     Aggressive Behavior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38          Reading Fundamentals                  . . .39
   Credential Programs                                   Attention Deficit Disorder . . . . . . . . . . . .37         Special Needs Students                . . .39
   Teaching Credential in Designated                     Autism & Asperger’s Disorders . . . . . . . .38              Teaching Diversity                    . . .39
     Subjects–Adult Education . . . . . . . . .33        (Advanced) Classroom Management . . .38                      Traumatized Children                  . . .38
   Certificate Programs                                  Disruptive Behavior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37        Violence in Schools                   . . .37
   Assistive Technology Specialist (online) 34           Drugs & Alcohol in School . . . . . . . . . . .37            Education Online Courses              . . .41
   Community College Teaching . . . . . . . . .35        Early Childhood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40
   Grant Writing Certificate of Completion 22            Educational Assessment . . . . . . . . . . . . .39
                                                         Family-centered Services                          . . .40

                                                       extent of the program, but will pay the                       Science or Human Performance must
 Physical Education,                                   current Special Sessions fees for the 12                      complete all of the following courses before
                                                       physical education units.                                     enrolling in 500 level physical education
 Administration Option                                                                                               courses.
                                                       Degree Requirements                                           Human Anatomy Physiology           BIO 250
 Master of Arts in                                     The following courses (A-C) constitute the                    Human Anatomy Physiology Lab BIO 251
                                                       program of study for the Master of Arts in                    Tests and Measurements             KIN 300
 Education                                             Education: Physical Education Administration
                                                       Option. Students enrolling in these courses
                                                                                                                     Exercise Physiology
                                                                                                                                                        KIN 301
                                                                                                                                                        KIN 303
The Program                                            must have a degree in Physical Education,                     P. E. in the Elementary School     KIN 425
This is a graduate program for physical                Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Human                       Teaching Effectiveness in Secondary
education teachers who are interested in               Performance or have completed the                                Physical Education              KIN 448 r
furthering their education and professional            prerequisite courses (outlined in part II
development.                                           below). All students receiving this degree
                                                       must successfully complete these courses.                      For more information
What You Will Learn                                                                                         
Graduates of this program will receive a               Courses
Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis    A. Graduate Education Common Core
in Physical Education Administration. The          Requirements. Classes taken under                                        Sport & Fitness
Physical Education Administration option is        state support.
designed to provide advanced studies in         Research Methods in Education GED 500
physical education, as well as knowledge and
understanding of the basic foundations and
                                                Seminar in Learning & Dev.
                                                Socio-Cultural Issues in Ed.
                                                                                    GED 501
                                                                                    GED 503
theories of educational administration. The     B. Graduate Education Required
curriculum objectives promote a blending of        Courses. Classes taken under state
theory and practice to assist students who         support.
seek advancement within their chosen field in
                                                Law & Ethics in Public Education EAD 506
education, public service, or the private
                                                Supervision of Instruction          EAD 570
sector. Graduates from this program will meet
                                                School Management & Finance EAD 571
requirements necessary for teaching physical
education at the community college level, as    C. Physical Education Required
well as meeting requirements for various           Courses. Classes taken through
school administrative positions.                   Special Sessions.                                                     Discover what it takes to
                                                Seminar in Contemporary Issues, Topics, and
The Master of Arts in Education, Physical
                                                   Trends in Physical Education KIN 500
                                                                                                                             improve athletic
Education Administration Option is structured                                                                                  performance.
                                                Seminar in Curriculum Dev. in P.E.KIN 514
as a differential tuition program, with
                                                Public Relations & Development in Physical                                    For more information:
graduates completing a total of 30 units.
                                                   Education & Athletics            KIN 516                          
Students will complete 18 units (graduate
                                                 Field Work in P. E. Administration KIN 593S                                      310-243-3727
education curriculum) under state support
                                                Program Prerequisites                                           
and 12 units (physical education courses)
through Special Sessions. Students will be      Students who have not completed a degree in                                  in
                                                                                                                     dential See page 96
enrolled as regular university students for the Physical Education, Kinesiology, Exercise

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FALL 2009                                                                                                              EDUCATION
                                                   Note: If you never held a California          experience as an adult educator and mentor
Adult Education                                    Credential before, fingerprinting will be     teacher
                                                   required. The credential is issued by the     Ron Ross, Ph.D. History; California lifetime
Teaching Credential                                State of California.                          credentials in teaching, counseling and
                                                                                                 school administration; 30 years experience as
Employment Outlook                                                                               an adult educator
Graduates find employment in public and          Level I
private schools, community agencies, private                                                                     Register for a
                                                    CLEAR CREDENTIAL CANDIDATES MUST
industry, health services, government               COMPLETE LEVEL I COURSES BEFORE THE                    free orientation session
agencies, military settings, correctional and       END OF THE SECOND YEAR OF THEIR                       to find out more about our
religious institutions, volunteer agencies and      PRELIMINARY CREDENTIAL.                           Adult Ed Credential Program.
centers for older or exceptional adults.         Principles of Adult Education (2) TED 421                  See page 1 for dates.
Who Should Attend                                Methods & Materials I (2)         TED 418
                                                                                                     Phone for reservation 310-243-3741
                                                 Methods & Materials II (2)        TED 419
The Ryan Designated Subjects Teaching
Credential Program is designed for students      Level II
who meet the preliminary credential                LEVEL II CLEAR CREDENTIAL CANDIDATES
requirements and would like to fulfill the                                                       Fall 2009 Scheduled Classes
                                                   MUST COMPLETE LEVEL II COURSES
requirements for a clear Adult Education           BEFORE THE END OF THE 6th YEAR OF             Seminar In Adult Education
Credential as outlined by the California           THEIR PRELIMINARY CREDENTIAL                  1 Unit
Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
                                                 Seminar in Adult Education: Credential          Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in TED
Program Requirements for a                         Interns (1)                      TED 417      423 is required; TED 418, TED 419 & TED 421
Five-Year Preliminary Credential                 Supervised Field Experience/Adult               Addresses beginning adult education intern
• Academic subjects: Adult Basic Education         Education (2)                    TED 423      needs for working in ethnically, culturally,
                                                 Counseling & Guidance for Teachers              and language diverse adult school settings.
   English, Humanities, Foreign Language,
                                                                                                 Emphasis is on problem solving, discussion
   Mathematics, Science, Social Science             of Adult Education (2)          TED 424      of competency checklists used in fieldwork.
• Non Academic Subjects: Arts & Crafts,          Health in Public Education (3) HEA 300
                                                                                                 Date:           Sep 19 & 26
   Business Education, Foreign Language             or
                                                                                                 Time:           Sat 9am–5:30pm
   (conversational), Gerontology,                Health for Educators (1)           HEA 395
                                                                                                 Meetings:       2
   Handicapped, Health & Safety, Health          Computer Literacy for Teachers (1) TED 420
                                                                                                 Location:       EE 1205
   Occupations, Home Economics, Parent
                                                                                                 Fee:            $199
   Education, Public Administration.             Note: Level I & II courses in this program do
                                                   not suport Ryan designated vocational         Instructor:     Ted Johnson
• Bachelor's degree with 20 semester units
                                                   education credential requirements.            Course No.: TED 417 Sec 71
   or 10 upper division semester units in the
                                                                                                 Reg. No.:       42784
   subject to be taught or 5 years related       Costs
   work experience.* High school diploma         Each unit is $199. A two-unit course is $398.   Fieldwork Experience: Adult Education
   also required.                                                                                2 Units
• Successful passing scores on the               The Location
   California Basic Educational Skills Test                                                      Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in TED
                                                 All classes (except field experience) are
   (CBEST)                                                                                       417 is required; TED 418, TED 419 & TED 421
                                                 taught on-campus at California State            Practical experience in teaching adults,
• Completion of the US Constitution              University, Dominguez HIlls.                    including classroom, school, community, and
   requirement (POL SCI 101 or equivalent) or                                                    individualized assignments to fulfill the
   exam.                                         About the Instructors                           particular needs of each intern.
* Full-time work experience must be verified     Ted Johnson, M.Ed., Program Coordinator,        Date:           Sep 18 & Dec 12
by employer on company letterhead stationery     Career Administrator and Educator;              Time:           Fri 6–9pm, Sat 9am–12pm
and a brief statement of job responsibilities    Academic Coordinator District Adult             Meetings:       2
with the beginning and ending employment         Education and Academic Intervention             Location:       EE 1210
dates provided.                                  Program, Los Angeles Unified School District    Fee:            $398
                                                 Roberto Ceja, M.A. Education; 26 years of       Instructor:     Ted Johnson
Program Requirements and Courses for             experience as an educator and administrator     Course No.: TED 423S Sec 71
a Clear Credential                               in vocational and community adult education     Reg. No.:       42780
• Possession of a valid preliminary Adult        Gina Hayes, M.A. Anthropology; M.A.
  Credential, plus courses                       Educational Administration; Assistant           Materials & Methods Part I
• Level I and Level II Courses completed         Principal Gardena-Carson Adult School           2 Units
                                                 Julie Meuret-Kalousek, M.Ed.; 17 years          Course covers instructional techniques,

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FALL 2009                                                                                                               EDUCATION
                                                 Principles of Adult Education
 Adult Education                                  2 Units                                             Assistive
                                                  Course is designed to meet the requirements
 Teaching Credential                              for the Designated Subject Credential Topics
                                                  include scope and function of adult
evaluation of student achievement and the
                                                  education, knowledge of cultural differences
                                                  in students and communities, curriculum,
learning process in adult education.              media and community relationships.
Date:           Oct 16, 17, 23, 24
                                                                                                      Certificate Program
                                                  Date:          Sep 11, 12, 18, 19
Time:           (2) Fri 4:30–9pm, (2) Sat 9am–6pm Time:          Fri 4:30–9pm, Sat 9am–6pm
Meetings:       4                                 Meetings:      4                                     Online!
Location:       EE 1210 on 10/16 & 10/23          Location:      EE 1206
                SAC 1102 on 10/17 & 10/24         Fee:           $398                             This Online certificate program is designed to
Fee:            $398                              Instructor:    Ron Ross                         meet the needs of educators, administrators,
Instructor:     Roberto Ceja                      Course No.: TED 421 Sec 71                      professionals and others who want to learn
Course No.: TED 418 Sec 71                        Reg. No.:      42779                            federal and state requirements for serving
Reg. No.:       42783                                                                             the disabled.
                                                 Counseling & Guidance/ Adult Education
Materials & Methods Part II                      2 Units                                          The Program
2 Units                                          Counseling techniques to meet the special        California State University Dominguez Hills
Prerequisite: TED 418                            needs of adult students, career counseling,      and the Orange County Department of
Covers instructional techniques, instructional   interpersonal and communication skills.          Education offer an online Certificate Program
technology, strategies to address the needs of   Date:          Oct 2, 3, 9 & 10                  in the area of Assistive Technology. Federal
diverse learners and resources in the Adult                                                       and state laws require that school personnel
                                                 Time:          (2) Fri 4:30–9pm,
Education community. Emphasis will be                                                             be prepared to offer a full range of services to
                                                                (2) Sat 9am–6pm                   disabled persons in the area of assistive
placed on three specific groups: ESL
students, older adults and exceptional adults.   Meetings:      4                                 technology. This program prepares
                                                 Location:      EE1217                            individuals to fully understand and
Date:           Dec 4, 5, 11, 12
                                                 Fee:           $398                              implement these state and federal mandates.
Time:           (2) Fri 4:30–9:30pm,
                                                 Instructor:    Ron Ross                          The courses meet professional development
                (2) Sat 9am–6pm
                                                 Course No.: TED 424 Sec 71                       hours for licensure renewal as required by the
Meetings:       4
                                                 Reg. No.:      42781                             California Speech-Language Pathology and
Location:       EE 1209                                                                           Audiology Board.
Fee:            $398                             Health for Educators
Instructor:     Gina Hayes &                                                                      Who Should Attend
                                                 1 Unit
                Julie Meuret Kalousek                                                             Anyone who has the desire or professional
                                                 This class fulfills the coursework portion of    need to learn the federal and state
Course No.: TED 419 Sec 71                       the California Health Education
Reg. No.:       42790                            requirement for the Designated Subjects          requirements for serving the disabled within
                                                 Adult & Vocational Credentials. It is designed   their organizations, including:
Computer Literacy for Teachers                   for the adult education instructor.              •   Special Education Teachers
1 Unit                                                                                            •   Occupational & Physical Therapists
                                                 Date:            Nov 20 & 21                     •   Speech and Language Specialists
Prerequisite: TED 417                            Time:            Fri 4:30–9:30pm                 •   Rehabilitation Specialists
Identifies issues in the use of computer                          Sat 9am–6pm                     •   Program Specialists
technology; provides online microcomputer        Meetings:        2                               •   Resource Specialists
experience in using and evaluating               Location:        EE 1210                         •   Psychologists
coursework and incorporating instructional                                                        •   Administrators
                                                 Fee:             $199
computer use into a specific lesson; gives
                                                 Instructor:      Gina Hayes                       SPE 530 Introduction to Assistive
practice in the use of teacher utilities and
application programs. CR/NC grading.             Course No.: HEA 395 Sec 71                        Technology provides an overview for a
                                                 Reg. No.:        42789                            broad audience including parents of
Date:           Nov 7 & 8                                                                          disabled students and other interested
Time:           Sat 9am–5:30pm                   Advising for this Adult Education                 members of the community.
                Sun 9am–5:30pm                   Teaching credential is recommended.
Meetings:       2                                                                                 COURSES
Location:       WH C155 - Nov 7                  To make an appointment with Mr. Ted              All courses carry 3 semester units of graduate -
                EE 1202 - Nov 8                                                                   level education credit.
                                                 Johnson or for more information call the
Fee:            $199                                                                              Introduction to Assistive Technology SPE 530
                                                 Adult Education office at 310-243-2887.
Instructor:     Ted Johnson                                                                       Basic Assistive Technology            SPE 531
                                                 For further informtion:
Course No.: TED 420 Sec 71                                                                        Advanced Assistive Technology SPE 532
Reg. No.:       42777                                                                             Admin. of Assistive Tech. Svcs SPE 533
                                                                                                  Capstone Course in Assistive Technology SPE 537
                                   Register by Phone (310) 243-3741 • •
FALL 2009                                                                                                         EDUCATION
                                                    Fee:           $597
Assistive                                           Instructor:    Larry Belkin & Paul Richard         Certificate in
                                                    Course No.:    SPE 532 Sec 41
Technology                                          Reg. No.:      42124                               Community College
Specialist                                          Administration of Assistive Technology
 Certificate Program                                3 Units                                           The Program
(Continued)                                         Provides students with information on a           A three-course Certificate in Community
                                                    variety of administrative issues, including the   College Teaching is designed for those who
About the Instructors                               role of the Transdisciplinary Team,
Larry Belkin, M.A. School Psychology; Chief,        identification of funding and other resources,    are ready to explore the option of a career in
Special Education Services, Orange County           specialized computer adaptations, legal and       community college teaching. Courses are
Department of Education                             ethical issues, and effective solutions.          designed to enhance the skills and
                                                    Date:           Oct 5 - Dec 14                    knowledge, and thereby employability, of
Paul Richard, M.B.A.; Assistive Technology
                                                    Location:       online                            potential community college instructors.
Coordinator, Orange County Department of
Education                                           Fee:            $597
                                                    Instructor:     Larry Belkin & Paul Richard       Who Should Attend
Fall 2009 Scheduled Classes                         Course No.: SPE 533 Sec 41                        Participants should hold a master’s degree in
                                                    Reg. No.:       42123                             a subject area taught at the community
Introduction to Assistive Technology                                                                  college level, or be in the final phase of a
3 Units                                             Capstone Course in Assistive                      graduate degree program, or be currently
Reviews the use of Assistive Technology as it       Technology                                        employed as an instructor in a community
relates to education, communication,                3 Units                                           college.
vocation, recreation, and mobility for              Students will apply assistive technology skills
individuals with disabilities. Explores types of    by performing functional assessments,             Location
assistive technologies, functional                  developing technology goals/objectives, and       GED 548 and GED 549 are taught on campus
assessments, resources, and district                selecting appropriate assistive technology        at CSUDH in Carson in the Fall semester.
responsibilities.                                   services for the disabled. Additionally,          These courses are taught online in the Spring
Date:            Oct 5 - Dec 14                     students will develop skills to facilitate the
                                                                                                      semester. Registrants for GED 594S will
Location:       online                              development of a system to deliver assistive
                                                    technology devices and services.                  perform their internship at a local community
Fee:            $597
                                                    Date:           Oct 5 - Dec 14                    college.
Instructor:     Larry Belkin & Paul Richard
Course No.: SPE 530 Sec 42                          Location:       online                            Courses
Reg. No.:       42121                               Fee:            $597
                                                                                                      Graduate-level Education credit
                                                    Instructor:     Larry Belkin & Paul Richard
                                                                                                      Effective College Teaching      GED 548
Basic Assistive Technology                          Course No.: SPE 537 Sec 42
                                                                                                      The Community College           GED 549
3 Units                                             Reg. No.:       42122
                                                                                                      College Teaching Internship     GED 594S
Provides information regarding design and
devlopment of basic assistive technologies,
compares human and system performance,               For more information: contact Joanne Zitelli,     Course outlines for GED 548 & 549 are
and details the development of system interfaces.    Email: 310-243-3727            available at
Date:            Jul 13 - Sep 21                     or
Location:        online                              Paul Richard                                     About the Instructors
Fee:             $597                                email                Rodger McGinness, Ed.D. Educational
Instructor:      Larry Belkin & Paul Richard         Orange County Deptartment of Education
                                                     PO Box 9050,Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050            Leadership, Dean of Academic Afairs, Copper
Course No.: SPE 531 Sec 41                                                                            Mountain College, educator for 30 years with
Reg. No.:        42120                                                                                extensive experience as a community college
Advanced Assistive Technology
3 Units                                                                                               Martha Sklar, Ph.D. Mathematics Education,
Teaches students to use and adapt a variety          visit the website                                educator for 20 years and extensive
                                                                                                      experience as a community college dean
of assistive technology devices and software
and apply these technologies in a wide range
                                                                    Ramon Baltazar, MBA, Instructor Los Angeles
of integrated educational settings.                                                                   Harbor College, graduate CSUDH Community
Date:           Oct 5 - Dec 14                                                                        College Teaching Certificate program
Location:       online

                           Register by Phone (310) 243-3741 • •
FALL 2009                                                                                                EDUCATION
                                                community college faculty and CSUDH
 Certificate in                                 Internship Coordinator.                         Professional
                                                The coordinator will assist the student with
 Community College                              materials and advice in obtaining the
                                                                                                Development Courses
 Teaching                                       Date:          Aug 29 - Dec 18                  Distance Learning
                                                Time:          tba
(Continued)                                     Fee:           $567                                                        self-paced
Fall 2009 Scheduled Classes                                                                    The Program
                                                Instructor:    Martha Sklar                    These distance learning courses are
GED 548 & GED 549 taught Online only in         Course No.: GED 594S Sec 71                    computer-based, and designed by experts
Spring term                                     Reg. No.:      42215                           who carefully and thoughtfully craft the
                                                 For more information:                         courseware which allows you to complete
                                                 call (310) 243-2781,                          them at your own pace. The instructors
The Community College                                                                          establish regular office hours and provide
2 Units                                          email or
                                                 visit the website                             access by a toll-free number and/or by email
An overview of the history, mission and                                                        for questions.
function of the community college. Topics
include the history of higher education, the                                                   Who Should Participate
role of the community college, student                                                         Educators who need the flexibility of
characteristics, curriculum, finance,                                                          e-learning to advance their careers to the
governance and the California Master Plan.           Free orientation session
                                                                                               next step or compensation level. Learn at
Date:           Sep 12, 19, 26, Oct 3                      Find out more about our
                                                                                               home or work, on your own computer, on your
Time:           Sat 9:00am-4:30pm                 Community College Teaching                   own time, at your own pace.
Location:       EE 1221                              Certificate Program
Fee:            $378                                                                           Special Features
Instructor:     Ramon Baltazar                        Phone 310-243-3741 to register           All program instructors are experienced
Course No.: GED 549 Sec 71                                                                     practitioners in their field of expertise.
Reg. No.:       42104                                      Saturday, August 8                  Courses are available either online or by CD.
                                                               10-11:30am                      For CD option, student must have Mac OSX
Effective College Teaching                                    Room EE-1222                     10.x OR Windows XP Home, Professional or
3 Units                                                                                        newer. Requires 512MB of RAM, 5MB of free
Prerequisite: Must have completed, or be                                                       hard disk space, 15” or larger color monitor
completing MA/MS or be teaching at a                                                           with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600, CD
Community College.                                                                             drive 4x minimum speed and a printer
Study of research, theory, and practices                                                       connected to your computer.
associated with teaching and learning
processes within the community college           Join those who have successfully              Credit Information
system. Topics include course planning and       completed the Certificate in                  Credit varies depending on course.
organization, student diversity, teaching and    Community College Teaching
student retention, and instructional             "The course work provided me with a           Courses
technology.                                      basic understanding of the goals and          Behavior is Language: Strategies for
Date:           Oct 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 21    objectives of the California Community           Managing Disruptive Behavior
Time:           Sat 9:00am-4:30pm                College system, and how the system                                          TEX 495 Sec 41
Location:       EE 1217                          operates. In addition, I was given the        Attention Deficit Disorder: Information &
Fee:            $567                             opportunity to intern at Harbor College          Interventions for Effective Teaching
Instructor:     Rodger McGinness                 which lead directly to my obtaining a                                       TEX 495 Sec 43
                                                 teaching position there.                      Violence in Schools: Identification, Prevention
Course No.: GED 548 Sec 71
Reg. No.:       42110                            I highly recommend the Community                 & Intervention Strategies
                                                 College Teaching Certificate Program at                                     TEX 495 Sec 44
                                                 California State University Dominguez         Drugs & Alcohol in Schools: Understanding
Independent Study - Community College            Hills to anyone who is interested in             Substance Use & Abuse
Teaching Internship                              pursuing a career in teaching at the                                        TEX 495 Sec 45
                                                 community college level.”                     Learning Disabilities: Practical Information
3 units
Completion of GED 548 & 549 with “B” or          Ron Maricich                                     for Classroom Teachers
better. Student must apply and be approved                                                                                   TEX 495 Sec 46
for internship to receive permission to enroll.                                                Autism & Asperger’s Disorder: Information &
Each eligible student will arrange discipline-                                                    Effective Intervention Strategies
specific internship through the Internship                                                                                   TEX 495 Sec 49
Coordinator and will be jointly supervised by
                                    Register by Phone (310) 243-3741 • •
FALL 2009                                                                                                             EDUCATION
                                                Aumony Dahl, MA. Instructor and curriculum       treatments and practical intervention
  Professional                                  developer, Vesi.                                 strategies designed to increase on-task
                                                                                                 behavior while decreasing disruptive,
                                                Darcie Donegan, MA. Instructor and
  Development Courses                           coordinator, Early Childhood Education Dept.     inappropriate and off-task classroom
                                                Joan Halverstadt, MS Ed. School counselor,
  Distance Learning                             Rochester (WA) Primary School.                   Date:          Aug 24 - Dec 15
 (Continued)                                    Mick Jackson, MS Ed. President and CEO           Meetings:      n/a
                                                for Virtual Education Software, Spokane, WA      Location:      Distance Learning
 Talented & Gifted: Working with High           Florah Luseno, Ph.D. Assistant Professor,        Fee:           $318
    Achievers                 TEX 495 Sec 52    Chicago State University, Special Education      Instructor:    Mick Jackson
 Understanding Aggression: Coping with          Karen Lea, Ph.D. Director of Teacher             Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 43
    Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom        education, Olivet Nazarene University            Reg. No.:      42718
                              TEX 495 Sec 53    Joe Kaplan, Ed.D. Professor of Education,
 Child Abuse: Working with Abused &                                                              Violence in Schools: Identification,
                                                Portland State University.
    Neglected Children        TEX 495 Sec 56                                                     Prevention & Intervention Strategies
                                                A.N. (Bob) Pillay, Ed.D., senior lecturer,       2 Ext Units
 Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress,      executive officer, special education and
    Trauma & Violence on Student Learning       director, Learning Improvement Center, The       This course provides a foundational
                              TEX 495 Sec 57                                                     understanding of violence and the
                                                University of Melbourne (Australia).             motivation behind aggression and specific
 Advanced Classroom Management: Children        Peggy Rapp, MSW., Social Work Program            strategies to minimize the occurrence of
    as Change Agents          TEX 495 Sec 59    director, Concordia College, New York.           violence in a school and community.
 Educational Assessment: Assessing Student      Instructor, Mercy College.                       Students will learn how to identify and
    Learning in the Classroom                   Michael Sedler, Ph.D., MSW, teaches              intervene with “out of control” behaviors.
                              TEX 495 Sec 61    distance learning courses throughout the         The correlation and impact of the media,
 Inclusion: Working with Special Needs          northwest.                                       community and family upon violence will be
    Students in Mainstream Classrooms                                                            explored. Students will also be provided
                                                Marrea Winnega, Ph.D., in private practice       with information on national resources
                              TEX 495 Sec 62    and a consultant on autism and related           available for both parents and teachers.
 Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues in     disorders in Chicago.
    the Classroom             TEX 495 Sec 63                                                     Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15
 Reading Fundamentals 1: An Introduction to     SCHEDULED CLASSES                                Meetings:       n/a
    Scientifically-based Research                                                                Location:       Distance Learning
                              TEX 495 Sec 64    Behavior is Language: Strategies for             Fee:            $318
 Reading Fundamentals 2: Laying the             Managing Disruptive Behavior                     Instructor:     Michael Sedler
    Foundation for Effective Reading            3 Ext Units                                      Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 44
    Instruction               TEX 495 Sec 65    Learn behavioral techniques and                  Reg. No.:       42721
 Reading Fundamentals 3: The Elements of        intervention strategies that remediate
                                                disruptive behavior, reduce power struggles,     Drugs & Alcohol in Schools:
    Effective Reading Instruction &
                                                increase classroom control, reduce burn-out      Understanding Substance Use & Abuse
    Assessment                TEX 495 Sec 66    and the feeling of ineffectiveness, without      2 Ext Units
 Infant and Toddler Mental Health: Issues and   increasing your work load. Gain a new
    Information for Educators                                                                    Drugs and Alcohol in Schools provides a
                                                perspective on students’ behavior and learn      contextual framework for understanding
                              TEX 495 Sec 67    effective tools to facilitate positive student   what your students may be experiencing
 Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services      change. Practice your new skills with            through their own substance use or
                              TEX 495 Sec 68    simulated classroom scenarios.                   substance use around them and how it may
 Early Childhood: Program Planning              Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15                 impact your classroom. The course provides
                              TEX 495 Sec 69    Meetings:        n/a                             a basic historical perspective of substance
                                                Location:        Distance Learning               use along with biological, psychological and
 Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment                                                       social factors that comprise the disease of
                              TEX 495 Sec 70    Fee:             $477
                                                Instructor:      Mick Jackson                    addiction. Students will gain a better
 Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical                                                             understanding of the complex dynamics that
    Development               TEX 495 Sec 71    Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 41                       contribute to this biological and social
                                                Reg. No.:        42717                           phenomenon.
 Costs                                                                                           Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15
                                                Attention Deficit Disorder: Information
 Each class is priced individually.                                                              Meetings:       n/a
                                                & Interventions for Effective Teaching
 There are no refunds.                          2 Ext Units                                      Location:       Distance Learning
                                                                                                 Fee:            $318
                                                This course is designed to provide students      Instructor:     Peggy Rapp
 Instructors                                    with a complete history of ADD along with
 Melissa Bandy, MA. Faculty Boise State                                                          Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 45
                                                accepted and experimental treatment
 University Early Childhood Studies             methods. The course reviews current              Reg. No.:       42722

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FALL 2009                                                                                                              EDUCATION
                                                 This course provides history, current law and    Meetings:      n/a
Professional                                     accepted methods for referral, assessment
                                                 and identification of talents and gifted
                                                                                                  Location:      Distance Learning
                                                                                                  Fee:           $318
Development Courses                              students. It also covers major program
                                                 models and methods of differentiating
                                                                                                  Instructor:    Joan Halverstadt
                                                 instruction to meet the rate and level of        Course No.:    TEX 495 Sec 56
 Distance Learning                               learning for students identified as well as      Reg. No.:      42735
(Continued)                                      ways to meet the affective needs of these
                                                 students in a regular classroom. A list of       Traumatized Children: The Effects of
Learning Disabilities: Practical                 resources is also provided for teachers and      Stress, Trauma & Violence on Student
Information for Classroom Teachers               parents who would like more information.         Learning
3 Ext Units                                      Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15                  2 Ext Units
This course will lay the foundation for          Meetings:       n/a                              This course is designed to help you identify
sensitive and appropriate assessment and         Location:       Distance Learning                and effectively teach students affected by
evaluation of students; provide directions for   Fee:            $318                             stress, trauma and/or violence. Learn to
program planning and implementation;             Instructor:     Karen Lea                        recognize the signs of stress, trauma and
illustrate the importance and the need for a     Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 52                       violence in students. It also covers the
close and positive partnership with parents                                                       factors which exist in families and
(or alternative caregivers); and consider ways   Reg. No.:       42732
                                                                                                  communities where stress and violence are
for ensuring that the home-school axis is                                                         common. Emphasis is on helping the
effective and meaningful. Major trends and       Understanding Aggression: Coping with            participant understand the special learning
unresolved issues in the field of learning       Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom             needs of the student who is experiencing
disabilities will also be covered.               3 Ext Units                                      stress, trauma or violence in his/her life and
Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15                 This class includes classroom aggressive         how to meet their needs. Working with
Meetings:        n/a                             behavior topics such as violence; youth          parents and community agencies is covered.
Location:        Distance Learning               gangs; aggression in sports and on               Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15
Fee:             $477                            television; drugs and alcohol; and “hot          Meetings:       n/a
                                                 spots.” This course is designed to assist        Location:       Distance Learning
Instructor:      A.N. (Bob) Pillay               school personnel become more aware of the
Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 46                       causes of aggression and the various ways to     Fee:            $318
Reg. No.:        42723                           evaluate aggression and how to intervene. It     Instructor:     Joan Halverstadt
                                                 also addresses aggression which is a result      Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 57
Autism & Asperger’s Disorder:                    of driving, dating, sports, television, music    Reg. No.:       42736
Information & Effective Intervention             and how these issues affect our communities.
Strategies                                       Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15                  Advanced Classroom Management:
2 Ext Units                                      Meetings:       n/a                              Children as Change Agents
An introduction to Autism and Asperger’s         Location:       Distance Learning                2 Ext Units
Disorder provides information on the             Fee:            $477                             Prerequisite: any introductory behavior
characteristics of the disorder; learning styles Instructor:     Michael Sedler                   management course
associated with the disorder; communication Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 53                            This course is geared primarily for
weakness; and the various intervention           Reg. No.:       42734                            educational professionals who serve children
strategies to enhance communication and                                                           and youths presenting behavior problems in
learning and to teach more conventional          Child Abuse: Working with Abused &               the school or community. It focuses on
behaviors that have proven to be successful                                                       cognitive and cognitive-behavioral
when working with students with autism           Neglected Children
                                                                                                  interventions (often lumped together under
spectral disorders. Also provided are            2 Ext Units                                      the rubric ”social skills”) with an emphasis
resources for educators, related service         This course is designed to help you identify     on teaching students how to change and
personnel and parents who would like more        and effectively teach students affected by       manage their own behavior. Since previous
information on Autism and Asperger’s             child abuse and/or neglect. The course           knowledge and understanding of traditional
Disorder.                                        teaches you to recognize the signs of physical   behavioral (operant) concepts and strategies
Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15                  abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse,            is required, it is strongly recommended that
                                                 physical neglect and emotional neglect in        students take an introductory behavior
Meetings:       n/a
                                                 students. It also discusses the specific         management course to learn the basic terms
Location:       Distance Learning                factors that exist in families who abuse or      and concepts of behavior management prior
Fee:            $318                             neglect their children. A major emphasis in      to taking this “advanced” course.
Instructor:     Marrea Winnega                   this course is on helping the participant        Date:             Aug 24 - Dec 15
Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 49                       understand the special learning needs of the
                                                 abused or neglected child and how to meet        Meetings:         n/a
Reg. No.:       42724
                                                 those needs in the regular classroom.            Location:         Distance Learning
Talented & Gifted: Working with High             Working with parents and community               Fee:              $318
                                                 agencies is also covered.                        Instructor:       Joe Kaplan
                                                 Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15                  Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 59
2 Ext Units
                                                                                                  Reg. No.:         42737
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FALL 2009                                                                                                             EDUCATION
                                                 Instructor:    Florah Luseno                    Reading Fundamentals 2: Laying the
 Professional                                    Course No.:    TEX 495 Sec 62                   Foundation for Effective Reading
                                                 Reg. No:       42739                            Instruction
 Development Courses                             Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues
                                                                                                  2 Ext Units
 Distance Learning                                                                                The purpose of this second course in this
                                                 in the Classroom                                 three-course series is to lay the foundation
(Continued)                                      2 Ext Units                                      for effective reading instruction. As part of
                                                 This course is an interactive computer-based this course, you will learn about the elements
Educational Assessment: Assessing                instruction (CBI) course, designed to give you of effective instruction. It is important that
Student Learning in the Classroom                the knowledge, tools and dispositions to         all teachers have a firm understanding of
2 Ext Units                                      effectively facilitate a diverse classroom. This effective instructional procedures. Teachers
This course is designed to further develop the   course will help you understand and identify     benefit, and more importantly, students
conceptual and technical skills required by      differences in approaches to learning            benefit, both in terms of their behavior and
teachers to help them identify their             andperformance, including different learning their academic performance. Further, you will
educational goals, and implement                 styles and ways in which students                learn about the importance of reading
meaningful instructional strategies for          demonstrate learning. An emphasis in this        instruction and read some sobering statistics
effective learning by students with special      course will be on understanding how              on reading performance in this country and
needs. The focus of this course will therefore   students’ learning is influenced by individual what happens when individuals are not
be on assessment for instructional               experiences, talents, disabilities, gender,      proficient in reading.
programming. The course will outline             language, culture, family and community          Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15
procedures for designing or selecting,           values. You will be challenged to apply          Meetings:        n/a
administering and interpreting, a variety of     knowledge of the richness of contributions
                                                                                                  Location:        Distance Learning
informal assessment measures typically used      from our diverse society to your teaching
                                                 field.                                           Fee:             $318
in schools. The use of a range of informal
                                                                                                  Instructor:      Mick Jackson
assessment measures in the academic and          Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15
social skills areas will form the core of the                                                     Course No.: TEX 495 sec 65
                                                 Meetings:        n/a
content to be covered. The presentation of                                                        Reg. No:         42742
                                                 Location:        Distance Learning
assessment information in an acceptable          Fee:             $318
format to parents and teachers will also be                                                       Reading Fundamentals 3: The Elements
addressed.                                       Instructor:      Karen Lea
                                                                                                  of Effective Reading Instruction &
                                                 Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 63
Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15                                                                  Assessment
                                                 Reg. No.         42740
Meetings:        n/a                                                                              3 Ext Units
Location:        Distance Learning               Reading Fundamentals 1: An                       This course will focus on learning to read,
Fee:             $318                            Introduction to Scientifically-based             reading to learn, and an introduction to
Instructor:      A.N. (Bob) Pillary                                                               reading assessment. As part of these two key
                                                 Research                                         areas of reading instruction, the five
Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 61
                                                 2 Ext Units                                      elements of effective reading instruction will
Reg. No.:        42738
                                                 The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001             be highlighted, including definitions,
Inclusion: Working with Special Needs            mandates the use of scientifically-based         implications for instruction, and future
                                                 research in programs receiving federal           directions. These five elements include
Students in Mainstream Classrooms                funding that deal with remedial readers          instruction in: phonemic awareness, phonics,
2 Ext Units                                      (Fleishman, Kohlmoos, & Rotherham, 2003).        fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension.
This course was written to help teachers         The concept of scientifically-validated          Further, we discuss information on teacher
understand concepts and terms related to         methods is so prevalent in the legislation       preparation in learning about comprehension
educating students in inclusive classrooms.      that it appears 110 times when referring to      strategy instruction and reading instruction,
the continuum of placements school systems       Reading First (Slavin, 2003) (i.e., to date, the as well as how to integrate computer
can use in providing special education           largest, most focused early reading initiative technology into the classroom.
services to students with disabilities. The      in the U.S.). The purpose of this course is to   Additionally,the course will provide
course helps you understand the federal          help improve your knowledge of science and       information on important assessment terms
definition of students entitled to special       the scientific process. This knowledge will      and definitions and will explore how reading
education services, as well as procedures you    make you a more informed consumer and an assessment fits within the Reading First
can use in determining whether these             even better advocate for students. This is the Program. This analysis includes specific
students can be educated in the regular          first course in a three-course series.           recommendations on 29 reading
classroom. The course also identifies and        Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15                 assessments. Finally, the course describes
describes the roles and responsibilities of                                                       how teachers can conduct pivotal curriculum-
special and general educators in providing       Meetings:        n/a
                                                                                                  based measurement procedures in their
special education services to students           Location:        Distance Learning               classrooms.
educated in inclusive classrooms.                Fee:             $318
                                                                                                  Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15
Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15                 Instructor:      Mick Jackson
                                                                                                  Meetings:        n/a
Meetings:        n/a                             Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 64
                                                                                                  Location:        Distance Learning
Location:        Distance Learning               Reg. No:         42741
                                                                                                  Fee:             $477
Fee:             $318
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FALL 2009                                                                                                               EDUCATION
                                                  Fee:           $318                              years. Emphasis is on individual differences,
 Professional                                     Instructor:    Aumony Dahl                       cultural influences, and the impact of
                                                                                                   developmental delay and disability during
                                                  Course No.:    TEX 495 Sec 68
 Development Courses                              Reg. No.:      42745                             infancy, toddlerhood, and the preschool years.
                                                                                                   Discussion will also include instructional
 Distance Learning                                                                                 technology (IT) and assistive technology (AT)
                                                  Early Childhood: Program Planning                applications for this population.
(Continued)                                       3 Ext Units
Instructor:    Mick Jackson                       This course is an interactive distance           Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15
Course No.:    TEX 495 Sec 66                     learning course designed to give you a new       Meetings:       n/a
Reg. No:       42743                              perspective on planning and implementing         Location:       Distance Learning
                                                  developmentally appropriate programs for         Fee:            $477
Infant and Toddler Mental Health Issues           young children from birth through age eight.     Instructor:     Darcie Donegan
                                                  In this course you will learn what is meant by   Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 71
and Information for Educators                     curriculum, assessment, evaluation, and
2 Ext Units                                                                                        Reg. No.:       42748
                                                  program planning as these terms apply to
Infant and Toddler Mental Health: Issues &        early childhood education. Historical
Information for Educators is an interactive       perspectives and theories of child
computer-based instruction (CBI) course           development, and best practices for early         For more information:
designed to help you achieve a better             childhood education will be covered. Key          Email
understanding of infant and toddler mental        concepts and specific activities for teaching     or call 310-243-3741
health, child development, and strategies you     various curricular content areas including        Visit the website
can use to promote positive relationships         language and literacy, mathematics and  
with children and their families. This course     science, and the expressive arts will also be     educatoronline.htm
provides information that will help you           discussed.
understand and identify your role as a child      Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15
care provider, educator, and early childhood      Meetings:       n/a
professional as well as provide you with
research-based information on child               Location:       Distance Learning
development, attachment, temperament, and         Fee:            $477
curriculum. Resources for both teachers and       Instructor:     Aumony Dahl
parents who would like more help or               Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 69
information about infant and toddler mental       Reg. No.:       42746
health will be provided.
Date:           Aug 24 - Dec 15                   Early Childhood: Observation &
Meetings:       n/a                               Assessment
Location:       Distance Learning                 3 Ext Units
Fee:            $318                              This is an interactive distance learning
Instructor:     Melissa Bandy                     course which explores observation and
Course No.: TEX 495 sec 67                        assessment instruments, as well as
                                                  recommended practices and available
Reg. No:        42744
                                                  resources for infants, toddlers, and
                                                  preschoolers. Content includes an emphasis
Early Childhood: Family-Centered                  on observing young children and assessing
Services                                          their early childhood learning environments.
2 Ext Units                                       Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15
In this course you will learn what is meant by    Meetings:        n/a
family-centered services as it applies to
diverse systems of care, gain an                  Location:        Distance Learning
understanding of family diversity, and explore    Fee:             $477
the major stress factors facing families          Instructor:      Darcie Donegan
today. Theoretical basis for family-centered      Course No.: TEX 495 Sec 70
services, as well as reflect on current           Reg. No.:        42747
research and best practice will be discussed.
Family-Centered Services will also examine        Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical
the role of early childhood educators and         Development
explore ways to build partnerships with
parents and create communities of care—for        3 Ext Units
the benefit of children, and ultimately society   This course is an interactive distance
as a whole.                                       learning course which explores contemporary
                                                  best practice and perspectives on early
Date:            Aug 24 - Dec 15                  childhood development. Content includes
Meetings:        n/a                              patterns and sequences of typical
Location:        Distance Learning                development for children from birth to six
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FALL 2009                                                                                                        EDUCATION
 Online Education
                                                • A new section of the courses will begin on
                                                   Aug 19, Sep 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16         Winter
ONLINE, INSTRUCTOR-LED                           To enroll:                                          Session
                                                 Log onto, make your
Education Courses Only $99!                      course selection, and click on “Enroll Now”.
                                                 Students must enroll online. For questions
COURSES                                          regarding enrollment please call 310-243-3741
                                                 or email:
• Caring for Children
• Creating a Classroom Web Site
• Creating the Inclusive Classroom:
  Strategies for Success
• Creating K-12 Learning Materials
• Easy Classroom Podcasting
• Enhancing Language Development in
• Guiding Kids on the Internet                                                                   Registration Begins in November
• Guided Reading and Writing: Strategies for                                                                Catch up or
  Maximum Student Achievement                                                                        get ahead on your classes
• Leadership                                                                                         For further information:
• Microsoft Excel 2007 in the Classroom                                                     
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 in the                                                            
  Classroom                                                                                               310-243-3741
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 in the
  Classroom                                                 Achieve
• Microsoft Word 2007 in the Classroom
• Practical Ideas for the Adult ESL/EFL
  Classroom                                             Masters Degree
• Ready, Set, Read!                                            via
• Response to Intervention: Reading
  Strategies That Work                                 Distance Learning
• Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing                                                               You can take
                                                        M.A. Humanities
  for Grades 1-6
• Solving Classroom Discipline Problems
• Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II                                                             classes
• Teaching ESL/EFL Reading                          For over 30 years a leader in
• Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies
                                                                                                     RIGHT NOW!

  for Success                                                                                               through
• Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6                           independent study
• The Classroom Computer

• The Creative Classroom
• Understanding Adolescents
• Using the Internet in the Classroom
• Working Successfully With Learning                         for information
  Disabled Students                                            See Page 6
• Writing for Children                                 or email:
                                                             310-243-3190                           For further information:
Courses are instructor-facilitated and target
essential core competencies and provide
viable options for working professionals. For
more information go to:

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