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Mob: +97150-9706856
E-mail: ahmed_suleman786@yahoo.com
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Seeking a position in Business Development / Finance & Accounts / Financial
Analyst with a reputed organization where my education & experience will have positive
contribution for mutual growth and benefit.

      5+ years of experience in Business Development, Finance & Accounts &
       Financial Analyst in Pakistan & UAE.
      Have the reputation for working for internationally reputed organizations like
       Fauji Kabirwala Power Company.
      Professionally qualified with an MBA in Finance & Bachelor degree in
      Excellent people management skills.
      Well versed in product knowledge & understanding business operations.
      Excellent presentation skills & strong language skills (IELTS test score of 7.5).
      Ability to confidently interface with senior management regarding performance
       analytics and reporting requirements.
      Excellent relationship management experience.
      Ability to structure complex deals tailored to customer needs.
      Ability to quickly identify risk issues & problem areas & respond to safeguard
       company interests.
      High level judgment & ability to read the market in as far as new business
       opportunities are concerned.

Professional Experience 1
Designation: Financial analyst
Company:      Al-Madi Electrical and Mechanical Co., Sharjah, UAE
Duration:     Feb 2012- Till Date


      Collection and analysis of data, market assessments – secondary and primary
       research (industry, political, corporate), peer group comparisons &
      Conduct comprehensive due diligence, investment appraisal & financial modeling.
      Preparation of ongoing portfolio performance and updates as per KPIs.
      Providing financial input, making investment recommendations & presentations.
      Business planning, project evaluation and strategy development.
      Analysis of historical investments, portfolios & financial statements.
      Negotiation of commercial terms and conditions and liaising with legal advisors.

Professional Experience 2

Designation: Deputy Manager (Finance) & Manager Administration
Company:     Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Ltd
Duration:    Sep 2008-Feb 2012
   A 157 MW Combined Cycle Gas-Fired (2GTs & 1 ST of OEM Siemens) venture of
Asian Development Bank (Philippines), Fauji Foundation (Pakistan) & Pendikar Global

      Contracts management – Evaluation and negotiations of T & Cs (financial,
       commercial and technical perspective) of M/s Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy
       Industries (MHI).Proposals include:-
                  o Long term Program Parts and Shop Repair (LTSA).
                  o Comprehensive Rotor Supply, Inspection and overhaul (LTE).
                  o Inspection Services (MI, CI and HGPI).
      Developed the financial projections for all proposals from year 2012 to 2029.
      Incorporated the financial projections into the overall financial model.
      Prepared the case-write up along with the presentation for the 6 Board meetings.

       Other Responsibilities:

      Preparation of yearly budgets for various Departments. Conduct monthly variance
       analysis and prepare reports for end-users.
      To analyze the purchase requisitions / orders, tender and bid management,
       vendor selection and on-going supplier management.
      To carryout regular inventory reconciliation and facilitate Audits.
      Conduct financial markets research for maximizing Return on Investment
       Portfolio of Provident fund, Gratuity fund and Pension Fund.
      Provide complete Administrative support by supervising a staff of 30 people for
       transportation, logistics, and maintenance of Office & Residential colony.
      Oversight and maintain the complete security of the $ 170 Million Power
       Plant by regular monitoring of KPIs of outsourced security contracts.
      Identify business opportunities, conduct due diligence and company evaluation.
      Analyze contractor’s quality of work and invoices, preparation of cheques and
       dispatching them to suppliers.
      Conduct cost-benefit analysis of technical initiatives.
      Assist in presenting financial reviews to the Management.
      Study organizational processes & policies and implement change management in
       strategic, managerial, operational and functional functions.
      Preparation of cash forecast and reconciliation with Ledger Activity.
      To maintain books of Accounts as per IFRS.
      Payment of salaries, overtime and allowances.
      Preparation, filing and payment of sales and income tax.
      Any other tasks assigned by G.M (Finance) and Station Manager (O&M).

Designation: Business Analyst & Coordinator
Company:     Habibullah Energy Ltd
Duration:    2007- 2008

      Creation, maintenance, analysis of company’s basic accounts and financial
       statements including provision of strategic over-sight.

     Gathering Business Intelligence (BI) relating to power ventures of interest to
      the company in Pakistan.
    Protecting the company’s interest in 150 MW gas-fired Combined Cycle Power
      Plant on an event-to-event basis.
    Directly assisted the Company’s Director (Operations & Development) in
      managing all business communications relating to various power projects.
    Provided liaison services to various foreign business delegations.
       Accounts Payable, M/s. Mobilink (An ORASCOM Telecom Company) June–July,
       SDLC, M/s. National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Aug-Sep,

Event Management
Fashion-wear Exhibition (Marriott-Islamabad)…………………..30th Dec 2005-1 Jan 2006
       Devised the risk-management strategy.
       Managed the brand promotion through media, magazines and newspapers.
       Supervised the marketing & sales strategy and arranged sponsors.
       Established social contacts for future business.
       Assigned the job responsibilities of Manager Administration -2009.
       Silver medal for standing 2nd in MBA -2009.
       “Best student of the year” title by (Secretary of Indian National Congress) - 1997.
       Achieved a national record by finishing 100 M race in 10.4 seconds-1999.
       Elected as House prefect in high school-2001.

Professional Qualification:
Master in Business Administration (MBA) 2006-2009
National University-Foundation for Advances in Science & Technology, Pakistan.

Bachelor Degree Engineering (B.E)……. 2002-2006
National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), C & ME, Pakistan.

Curriculum Projects:
Investor tool kit-The A-Z of Pakistani Power Sector (Jan-July, 2008)
       Future supply & demand; value chain analysis; legal power-policy frame-work
and tariff issues; modes of investments; power generation technologies for Coal (PC,
FBC, IGCC), Natural Gas (CCGT), repowering technologies (NGCC),wind turbines,
biomass (gasification, CHP), geothermal, PV, nuclear, solar and hydro; financial (project
costs i.e. COE, LCOE, modeling etc), technical (design, procurement and EPC related
aspects), economic, geographical and political feasibilities; T & Cs of financing with
Banks; sensitivity/scenario analysis.

Intelligent Networks (IN) October 2005-May 2006
       Protocol stacks in C++ in SS7 Signaling Networks; created a set of APIs for
value-added Service Creation using the ETSI; IN model for 2.5G/3-G Networks in
Visual Studio environment for Win 32 bit platform.

Personal Information

Date of Birth     : 22nd October, 1982
Nationality       : Pakistani
Languages known   : English, Urdu
Marital Status    : Single
Visa Status       : Transferable – NOC in hand


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