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									                                  edition 24 / december 2011

The voice of your federaTion

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The voice of your federaTion                                                                       Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 1
                                      Chairman's Foreword
                                      By Simon Roberts, Chairman of Cheshire Police Federation

     Simon Roberts examines the upcoming arbitration and
     takes a look at the Federation's move into social media.

     I   wrote in the August edition of Cheshire
         Beat that I was optimistic that the
      negotiations with the Home Office
                                                           communities expect from us; the reality is
                                                           that sometimes these agendas don’t match.
                                                                                                           us if you have any questions or require our
                                                                                                           help and support.

      regarding our pay and conditions would be            We have seen over the last few months the       Since I last wrote for the magazine we
      conducted in a fair and open way. We have            value of the warranted police constable;        at the Federation have ventured into the
      been told many times by the government               16,000 police officers deployed to the          world of social media. The reality for me
      that we need to reform and deliver savings.          streets of London to tackle some of the         is that I am not bothered how you get the
      The Federation, at the conclusion of formal          worst riots in living memory. Cheshire          messages I send out, just that you do get
      negotiations, offered a package of reform            officers were also deployed to Manchester       them. It has never been more important
      that would deliver the savings requested             and London and faced some difficult             that every officer be informed. We now
      by the government; this was rejected to              and extremely dangerous confrontational         have a Facebook page, Cheshire Police
      the disbelief of many politicians from all           situations. Our colleagues in Unison are        Federation, and a Twitter account
      parties. If the proposal on the table had            currently being balloted to see if they want    @cheshirepolfed. Have a look, get involved.
      been accepted it is estimated that already           to strike and in that event police officers     We try and keep both up to date with
      £60million of savings would have been                will be required to fill the gaps left. These   current police issues. Many thanks to Carl
      realised. The question I ask then: is the            are difficult times, times in which I expect    Capewell and Jamie Thompson; between
      current situation an attempt to reform the           a government to recognise and value the         the three of us we are responsible for both
      police by a government who appear to be              role of the police service.                     accounts.
      listening to think tanks with no policing
      experience or cost savings?                          If a reminder were needed of the dangers        At the end of September we held our
                                                           police officers face each and every day         annual charity dinner and due to the hard
      The next stage of the process is for                 then the National Police Memorial Day in        work and efforts of Mark, Kath and Anne
      arbitration to consider the situation                September gave us that. Families of fallen      in the office over the last twelve months
      and make a ruling. Crucially, the Home               officers from Cheshire were escorted to the     it was a great success. In total we raised
      Secretary can veto any arbitration ruling.           event, which was an incredibly humbling         £10,800, which was split between our two
      This happened in 2008 when Jacqui Smith              service. Summed up in the words of              local nominated charities, Halton Speak
      overturned a decision by independent                 Paul McKeever: “Police officers across          Out and the Childrens’ Adventure Farm
      arbitration, which resulted in 25,000 police         the country walk the line every day to          Trust, Knutsford.
      officers marching through the streets of             protect the public. A day of reflection and
      London. Nobody wants to see that sort of             remembrance is our small way of paying          It would be remiss of me to not
      protest again. I urge the Home Secretary             that back”.                                     mention that Mark Faint, our Business
      to do what the Federation will do with the                                                           Development Manager, has now had
      findings of arbitration - accept the ruling          We see in our own force a great deal of         official notification that during December
      and move on.                                         restructuring being done. We also now           he will be attending the palace to receive
                                                           have some perspective on the Force              his MBE. This is a fabulous achievement,
      The most sensible question I hear the                commitments for the 2012 Olympic                a great honour, and one I know he and
      government being asked at the moment                 Games; reviews of shift patterns and part       his family are very proud of. As you would
      is: what don’t you want the police to do in          time working arrangements are being             expect Mrs Faint has had a field day with
      the future? This question recognises that            undertaken. Some unpopular decisions            the new outfit for the occasion!
      with a total of 16,000 less officers across          have been, and I have no doubt will be
      the country some of the things we now                made by the Chief Constable and his team.       Finally, I would like to take this opportunity
      do will cease. The balance needs to be               We at the Federation office are committed       to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and
      met with what the government and policy              to supporting officers through these            best wishes for 2012.
      makers want us to do against what our                processes and I would urge you to contact

2 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                                 The voice of your federaTion
                        Chief Constable’s Message
                         By David Whatton, Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary

David Whatton explains what action needs to be taken in
order to ensure that the service being offered by Cheshire
police officers is not affected by officer and staff cuts.

I t is surprising to think that Macclesfield
  Town FC has a capacity at the Moss Rose
ground of 6,395, of which 2,599 is seated.
                                                  a safe place to live, work and visit. It is
                                                  important that these changes are built on
                                                  understanding what makes a difference
Macclesfield has a small, loyal following         and this needs more involvement from
but is not the biggest club in the county.        the officers and staff who are delivering
Chester City can hold 6,012 with 3,284            our service directly to the public. For
seated at the Deva Stadium.                       this reason we are moving some of the
                                                  officers who have been involved in the
Why is the Chief Constable quoting football       central Transforming Policing Team back
ground capacities, I hear at least one of         to Areas, Force Operations and Criminal
you ask? The number of police officers            Justice to help managers and staff make
and police staff continues to be a hot            the changes needed from a position of
political topic but it is often quite difficult   understanding of what really matters from
to picture what a force establishment             the public's perspective, not just our own.
actually means; hopefully the figures for
the capacity of some local football grounds       These changes continue to be challenging
will help to put the number of men and            but they are working. Crime is going down
women serving as police officers in               in Cheshire faster than in most similar
Cheshire into perspective: if we all went to      forces, as is anti-social behaviour; it is the
either of these stadiums we would not be          good work being done by officers and staff
able to fill the seats!                           in our communities that is allowing this to
                                                  happen. However this would not happen
                                                  as successfully without the support from         As well as protecting and serving the
       without the                                specialist officers dealing with the most        public directly, I have been impressed

       support our                                serious crimes and risks that also threaten
                                                  the public. This wider team is making us
                                                                                                   by the amount of charitable work done
                                                                                                   by officers and staff. As Christmas

staff colleagues give                             more effective and we need to continue to
                                                  break down silos that we have created.
                                                                                                   approaches it is nice to reflect on the
                                                                                                   efforts that have been made throughout
us and the public                                                                                  the year, efforts ranging from sponsored
                                                  Whilst, as officers, we face challenges,         events to charity boxing matches. This
on a daily basis we                               the biggest changes and the ones                 really shows what great and caring people

could not be as                                   having the largest personal impact are
                                                  those on our police staff colleagues,
                                                                                                   we have in the Constabulary.

effective as we are.                              not only with regards to how they work
                                                  but as to whether they have a job in the
                                                                                                   It is also important not only to think about
                                                                                                   work but also about our friends and
                                                  Constabulary, and this is a real issue for       families at this time of year. I hope that
There are 2013 police officers serving a          many. It is important that we offer them         Father Christmas brings you everything
population of over a million people spread        our personal support and understanding           you hope for and that you are able to
over 900 square miles. As the number              whilst these changes take place because          spend time with those you love.
of officers and staff fall over the next few      without the support our staff colleagues
years we need to change how we work so            give us and the public on a daily basis we       Have a very happy Christmas and New
that we can continue to make Cheshire             could not be as effective as we are.             Year.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                      Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 3
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 4
Constables' Update
Jamie Thompson, new Chairman of the Constables Branch Board introduces
himself and looks ahead to the local and national policing requirements for
the coming year.

                                               the country, and thousands more made             that Mr Winsor and his team are having
                  By Jamie Thompson,
                                               sure the level of service to the public in       trouble quantifying where some of the
                  Chairman Constables'
                                               the areas not affected did not drop. That        evidence for his report came from. It is
                  Branch Board
                                               level of policing was not sustainable for        clear that this report was commissioned
                                               any length of time though. Officers who          with saving money in mind. This isn’t
                                               were out of force worked for long periods        about Police reform at all because if that

I ’d like to begin this article by thanking
  my predecessor, Gary Weaver, for his
hard work as chair of the Constables'
                                               of time without a break or anywhere to
                                               switch off and those who remained in
                                               force were on standard 12 hour shifts
                                                                                                was the case a Royal Commission would
                                                                                                be the way forward. Winsor, Hutton and
                                                                                                every other thing we have been put has
Branch Board, and congratulating him on        day after day, not knowing where they            been about shaving x-amount of millions
his promotion. Whilst only in the position     would end up. This took its toll on officers     from an already small budget. It is clear
of Chair for a short period of time he         who told me how tiring it was; yet to a          that policing as a whole is going through
worked hard to ensure that the voice of        person, each one recognised that this was        a massive makeover yet nobody seems to
the constables was heard within Cheshire,      a unique set of circumstances that most          know how it will look when we come out of
regionally and nationally. I have now been     had never experienced in their careers           the other side.
elected into the role of Chair and for those   and despite the long hours everyone just
who don’t know me I currently work on the      got on with the job in hand. It was policing     Last month I had the honour of attending
Northern Division as part of the Crime Unit.   at its very best and it shows what can be        the National Police Memorial Day, held
All of my service has been spent in the        done when we all pull together for the           in Glasgow, along with the families of
north of the county doing various roles. I     common cause.                                    some of our fallen officers. It was a
hope to continue the excellent work of Gary                                                     fantastic experience and one that was
and represent the constables of Cheshire.      We go into 2012, our minds fresh with            very humbling. We become blasé at times
                                               memories of the riots and are left to            about the job we do and how things can
There is a team of excellent Federation        wonder if the same will happen again.            change in the blink of an eye. Going to
reps out on the division, the details of       Nationally we have the Olympics, which           Glasgow was one of those reminders how
whom can be found in this magazine and         is a credible terrorist target, and the fear     precious life can be and how we all need
also on our website www.cheshirepolfed.        of further unrest on our nation’s streets.       to look after each other. Cheshire Police I also believe in keeping members      Locally we still have a job to do with big       Federation was also proud to support
informed of the latest developments; as        events such as Creamfields and every             a small memorial to some Warrington
such I update our Twitter feed                 other demand that is placed upon us and          officers we have tragically lost in the past
(@cheshirepolfed) and Facebook page.           all of this with less officers on the streets.   few years by funding the site in the refs
Both social media sites are an excellent       Is it achievable? I guess only time will tell,   room at Arpley Street Police Station. PCs
way of getting the latest news out and         but to steal a well used phrase – the only       Simon Dean, Kev Brinkman and John
people not having to wait for the email        thing you get for less is less.                  Speakman were all known personally to
from their local rep.                                                                           me and we lost all three in different but
                                               By the time this goes to press the results       very sad circumstances. Huge thanks go
So we are approaching the end of a year        of the Police Arbitration Tribunal (PAT)         out to PC Jo Baxendale who took time
of discontent in this country and heading      over the Winsor report (part one!) should        preparing the memorials.
into 2012, a year that will bring some fresh   be out. At this stage the government
challenges. The one theme that will carry      have given no indication whether they            Clearly we face some challenging times
on into next year is just how much this        will be bound by the PAT (which was the          ahead as a force, nationally and locally.
country needs police officers - especially     Conservative’s pledge when they were in          It is vital though that we stand together,
constables. Thousands of officers were         opposition), however the staff side have         work hard and show the public and the
mobilised within a matter of hours to assist   put forward a good argument against some         Government just why we are the best
with the civil disorder and rioting across     of these proposals and it appears now            police service in the world.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 5
     Sergeants' Update
     Dave Bamber looks at the changes on the horizon and weighs up whether
     they are such a bad thing for the force.
                                                        based upon local knowledge and needs, less        Surely it’s better to have fewer victims
                             By Dave Bamber,            ability to deploy omnicompetent staff - staff     of crime than a victim who was happy
                             Chairman Sergeants'        with less money, staff with uncertainty and       with the service they received around a
                             Branch Board               staff with less security. This could lead to      situation that they did not want.
                                                        staff with a lot less, who are less productive;
                                                        staff with less commitment; staff with less       Cheshire Constabulary has taken, and

     W     e are currently in the middle of major
           and, in some cases, potentially
     radical changes. Changes to the way we
                                                        motivation. Is this what the organisation will
                                                        have to deal with? I really hope not.
                                                                                                          is looking to take, some brave and bold
                                                                                                          steps. The obvious approach to less money
                                                                                                          is to purely scale down everything, make
     police locally are underway, changes to            Are we all in this together? Maybe; but some      cuts across the board, go to less, and
     the structure of policing nationally are in        of us appear to be in it deeper than others.      deliver less. The direction that the force is
     the pipeline and changes to our conditions         Is the pension gold plated? It's good but         taking could and should result in going to
     of service (including pay and pensions)            we pay highly – financially, physically and       more, delivering to more, delivering what
     loom ominously on the horizon. But why do          emotionally for what we get.                      is asked for not what we are told to do by
     people want us to change? Why should we                                                              others. The redesigning of policing teams,
     change? Can we change? The economic                But is all the change bad? Who knows?             the refocusing on calls for service and
     climate both nationally and internationally        Some change may be for the better.                the move away from silos and specialism
     has been widely reported so the motivation                                                           should result in smoother, quicker and
     for some of the change is clear: save money,                                                         more cost effective policing. But how can
     spend less.                                               Is the pension                             this be achieved? The honest answer is
                                                                                                          both carefully and with great difficulty.
     We have all heard the sayings deliver more                gold-plated?
     for less, we are all in this together and the                                                        It has always been the case that when we
     public sector gold plated pensions need            It's good, but                                    change we train our staff in new methods
     reforming.... but what do these sayings
     actually mean? One of the major issues
                                                        we pay highly -                                   and systems – we teach them what is new
                                                                                                          and for the organisation this is the easy bit.
     around this current round of changes is the
     uncertainty. What do we have to look forward
                                                        financially, physically                           The individual can be held to account and
                                                                                                          the organisation proves that it has invested
     to? We don't yet know, which is a worry, and       and emotionally for                               in development. What is harder to achieve
     it’s this uncertainty that is causing a whole                                                        is a real understanding and acceptance of
     host of problems itself. Reports by Neyroud,       what we get                                       new practices.
     Winsor and Hutton all propose changes
     that will alter the face of British policing, if                                                     We can teach people new things, but
     implemented. As they are currently written         Less top-down targets driven from central         what is hard is for people to forget the
     they will alter (adversely?) the way in which      government could mean more appropriate            old things they already knew. We have
     sworn and warranted officers are paid,             prioritising on a local level. Less               built into policing over the years many
     pensioned, recruited, retained and directed.       bureaucracy could result in more time             systems and strategies that have become
                                                        appropriately deploying to the public’s           part of the organisational culture. We have
     With less money in the pot what can we as          needs (but for how long have people been          managed, praised and disciplined staff
     individuals anticipate getting? Well obviously     promising us less bureaucracy?). Less             based around these long held ideals and
     less; less pension for our retirement, less        importance being placed on internal policy        practices; people have invested in them
     time to enjoy retirement and less money in         and procedure could mean that we can,             and now some of these practices are being
     our basic take-home pay. What could be in          at last, focus on what we should be doing:        called in to question. The hardest part of
     store for us as an organisation? Potentially,      helping and protecting the community;             change is not remembering what is new,
     less freedom to deliver what we as police          doing the right thing by the public. Less         but forgetting what is old.
     believe we should be doing, less flexibility to    focus on outcomes and more focus upon
     deliver appropriate training and recruitment       prevention could result in fewer victims.

6 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                                The voice of your federaTion
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 7
    Inspectors' Update
      This edition’s update has been made possible with the assistance of Pete
      Minghella, Neighbourhood Inspector for Warrington Town Centre, who provided
      PSU support to the Metropolitan Police during the riots.
                                                       Warrington Town Centre) has kindly provided      at Winsford, all the while listening to
                             By Steve Anderson,        the following diary of his experiences of the    developments on national radio. Once we
                             Chairman, Inspectors      week of violence, the images of which were       arrived at HQ there was a roll call followed
                             Branch Board              shown on news channels all over the world:       by a PSU kit and equipment check. The
                                                                                                        vehicles were being organised into 3 serials
                                                       “It had been a very long Monday; some            with two additional medics but at this point

     F    ollowing the fatal shooting of Mark
          Duggan on 4th August 2011 in the
      Tottenham area of London, no one could
                                                       miscellaneous issues throughout the day
                                                       combined with an ongoing responsibility for
                                                       Warrington Town Centre Neighbourhood
                                                                                                        we still didn't know where we were being
                                                                                                        deployed to; all we knew is that it was going
                                                                                                        to either Manchester or London.
      have predicted the escalation to the level       team meant that I didn’t finish work until
      of violence and criminality that would follow    6pm. I returned home to find that I had          “The atmosphere became very sombre very
      what was intended to be a peaceful protest       already missed dinner with my family and         quickly as we were all asked to fill in next
      march two days later.                            so sat down to watch the news. Almost            of kin details, should anything go horribly
                                                       immediately I was confronted with the            wrong; the reality of what might lie ahead
      The march culminated with around 200             breaking news that the disorder that had         was beginning to dawn on all of us and it
      people protesting outside Tottenham police       started in London at the weekend was             was visible on the face of each and every
      station when tensions began to rise. As the      spreading north and had taken hold in            member of the team. A free breakfast lifted
      crowd increased in size rioting and looting      Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. It         the mood though and whilst we were waiting
      quickly followed, with the mob moving to a       was at this point that I told my wife I would    to find out our destination, we ate.
      nearby retail park in Tottenham.                 be expecting a phone call from work at some
                                                       point during the evening; sure enough at         “It was just before midday when we were
      Through the use of social media sites            11.10pm the phone rang. I was told to be at      finally told we would be travelling down to
      rumours quickly spread throughout the            Widnes police station at 7am the following       Hendon, London, to assist the Metropolitan
      London area; what resulted was night after       morning for Police Support Unit (PSU)            Police in their efforts to quash the violence.
      night of widespread rioting, looting and         standby. Although not specifically advised       We set off immediately in a convoy of 3 PSU
      arson. Due to the seriousness and scale of       to, my experience combined with what I had       vans and a utility vehicle. We made only
      the situation mutual aid was requested by        seen on the TV earlier on told me to pack an     one stop on the way down, which gave me
      the Metropolitan Police Service to numerous      overnight bag – I had the feeling that I might   the chance to check the code of dress we
      forces up and down the country.                  be gone for some time.                           needed as well as to ensure that our route
                                                                                                        was not going to take us through any areas
      Cheshire Constabulary sent a full PSU down       “I got very little sleep that night after the    of disorder.
      to the Metropolitan Police Service for periods   late night call from work – the anticipation
      of up to 5 days to assist with the situation.    kept enough adrenaline in my system to           “It was late afternoon by the time we had
      We also assisted Greater Manchester Police       keep me from sleeping soundly and so I           arrived in Hendon and booked in. We were
      on a daily basis, particularly during night      easily made the 7am start at Widnes. Once        issued with a Metropolitan call sign and were
      time hours. Whilst this mutual aid was           there I checked my emails to see who had         told to change into code 2 kit (for petrol).
      being provided to other forces we still had to   been allocated to my PSU serial; I was one       Once kitted up we made our way to New
      ensure that our own force area maintained        team member short so, after a bit of frantic     Scotland Yard. Unfortunately there had been
      sufficient PSU trained officers available on     searching around the area, I managed to find     no arrangements made for any refreshments
      duty to respond to any disorder that may         a PSU-trained officer and, having absolutely     or even bottled water for our staff, however
      have occurred locally.                           no warning whatsoever, he agreed to join         there was no time to dwell on that; almost
                                                       us in spite of the fact that he had only the     immediately we were reassigned to Catford,
      To give an insight into what our officers        clothes on his back and his PSU kit!             very thankful that we had remembered to
      experienced whilst providing PSU mutual aid                                                       pack our Cheshire issue PDA/TomTom units
      to the Metropolitan Police Service, Inspector    “Once the whole team had been assembled          as they proved to be invaluable whilst we
      Pete Minghella (Neighbourhood Inspector,         we made our way over to headquarters             attempted to navigate our way through the

8 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                              The voice of your federaTion
unfamiliar streets of London.                     for us before heading off to a briefing at         return to Cheshire; fortunately the two
                                                  2.15pm. It was here we were told we would          additional Cheshire medics that had travelled
“After a short trip to Catford where the          be working together with our colleagues from       down with us allowed us to remain fully
local Superintendent reviewed our situation       Cumbria and Lancashire to patrol Oxford            operational as a PSU.
regarding tour of duty, numbers and code          Street, Regent Street (easy to remember from
of dress we were on the move yet again,           the many times I had owned them whilst             “Our patrol began at 3.30pm and lasted
this time to Lambeth police station to get        playing Monopoly!), and Marble Arch.               for the best part of 8 ½ hours. After a short
some food. Unfortunately when we arrived,                                                            break at Buck Gate we were back on general
Lambeth were not expecting the large group        “After a quick stop to get some trays of           patrol until we were finally stood down at
of hungry officers that had just walked into      bottled water and some wash-kit essentials         2am. After an incredibly long 16 hours
their canteen! After explaining to them that      (especially for those who had not taken            on duty and an hours’ drive back to our
we had been on duty for over 12 hours with        any down with them), we headed down to             accommodation we were finally able to turn
nothing to eat since breakfast they took pity     patrol Westminster and Victoria Street; we         in at 3am.
on us and let us eat there!                       were told that these two areas required foot
                                                  patrol as intelligence showed that they were       “In the morning we woke up, cleared our
“Fourteen hours into our shift and tired,         in real danger of being attacked by looters.       rooms and packed the van up ready to make
but at least with full stomachs, we were          At 8.50pm we were instructed to change             our way back home. After breakfast I booked
deployed to Croydon to patrol the area where      to dress code 1 (with NATO helmets),               off with the Met and we set off."
a furniture shop had been left to burn. As we     as an attack from looters was imminent.
walked around the retail parks in the area we     Fortunately though, after two hours without        Since returning from London, Pete has had
could see first-hand the utter devastation that   incident we were stood down. This coincided        chance to reflect on the experience and he
had already been caused.                          nicely with the tipping out of Wicked and          has added this to his account of his role in
                                                  Billy Elliott at the theatre right next to where   policing the riots:
“At just over 16 hours into our first shift we    we were – the crowds must have thought we
were stood down, all completely exhausted         were part of the after-show!                       “Every officer assisting in the London riots
and overheated from the PSU kit we were                                                              had to endure long and uncomfortable hours
still wearing. We had no idea where we            “After a short refreshment break, just             but not once did I hear anyone complain.
would be staying that night or what we would      after midnight we were redeployed to the           The officers that travelled down put aside all
be doing the next day so we made our way          Piccadilly Circus/Regent Street area on            of their personal commitments and gave no
to a 30 minute debriefing at Lambeth. Here        general patrol. We patrolled for around 2          thought to having (or not, as the case was)
we were told that we were being put up in         ½ hours when we were stood down but, as            washing essentials or a change of clothes
bedsits at Imperial College where, although       with the previous night, we were unaware           but instead stepped forward to assist our
there were no catering facilities on-site, we     as to where we would be staying and it was         colleagues in the Met to deal with some of
would be able to get a well-earned sleep.         another 45 minutes before we were told to          the worst disorder our country has ever seen.
                                                  return to the same place we had left that
“The next morning we were up in time to           morning. We eventually got back to our             “One memory that I will take away from this
grab some breakfast before the 10am shift         accommodation at 4am, some 18 hours                experience is of meeting an American tourist
call. Unfortunately we had to pack up our         after our shift began.                             who told me:
personal belongings and remove them
from the accommodation before we could            “After the experience of the previous              “Whatever happens fellas don't change the
leave the bedsit, which was, in the least,        morning I decided to get up a little earlier       way you are. I couldn't have a conversation
inconvenient.                                     and contact Met logistics to see if they           like this back home with a police officer. I'm
                                                  could arrange for us to keep the same              not saying that they're no good; I respect
“Once on the coach to Hendon I took the           rooms for a third night. Eventually they           them and what they do but you only talk to
decision that we would not don our PSU            agreed, which saved us all from having to          them when you need them. You're thankful
jackets until we disembarked; this was an         pack up our personal belongings yet again.         when they come but if they stop you, you let
attempt to stave off fatigue in the team as       This came as very welcome news to the              them get on with it – let them do what they
it looked like it was going to be a long day      staff, whom I briefed at 11am before we all        have to. You guys have it right over here.
and I didn’t want the guys to feel like they      went for a quick breakfast and set off for         Don't ever change that.””
were in patrol mode for any longer than           Hendon at 12pm.
was necessary. The coach trip was an                                                                 I would very much like to thank Pete
ideal opportunity to update Cheshire Vector       “Once in Hendon, following a quick briefing,       Minghella for his assistance with this article.
Planning and the Force Incident Manager to        we set off to our deployment at the Belgravia      I think that the spirit and resolve shown by
update them on our situation.                     and Churchill estates and North Westminster.       the officers in both the PSU teams and in
                                                  Two of my staff had prior engagements (one         the local forces (Met, GMP, Merseyside etc.)
“Once we arrived at Hendon, just after 1pm,       had planned 40th birthday celebrations and         is exemplary. It is this superb nature, present
we took on some refreshments and picked           one was due to be best man at a wedding)           in officers throughout the country that Tom
up the packed lunches that had been made          so the Met Commander agreed to let them            Winsor will never be able to quantify.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                        Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 9
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 10
Health & Safety Update
Colin Searle explains how to reduce the likelihood of developing asbestos
related diseases and advises how to detect and prevent bowel cancer.

                                               containing materials or breathing in             The best advice is that if asbestos is
                  By Colin Searle,             high levels of asbestos fibres, which            undamaged or not likely to be disturbed
                  Health & Safety Lead         may be many hundreds of times that of            then the risk is minimal; in any other case
                                               environmental levels, can increase your          you should remove yourself from the location
                                               chances of getting an asbestos-related           and raise your concerns with supervision.
                                               disease.                                         A risk assessment should be carried out

I  suspect there is not a person among
   us who is not aware of the dangers of
asbestos; it was used in the construction
                                               In the Autumn of 2011 a Hampshire
                                               Constabulary search team were conducting
                                                                                                to ascertain if officers need to enter the
                                                                                                location and what control measures need to
                                                                                                be put in place to minimise the risks.If you
and repair of numerous buildings across        a regular search of one of their custody         would like further information
the country from shortly after World War       suites when they entered a void above            uk is well worth a visit.
II until the 1970’s. The Health and Safety     one of the interview rooms. The area was
Executive however warn that it may still be    littered with damaged asbestos, which their      On another topic, a couple of months
found in any building constructed up to        estates department was aware of, but had         ago I attended an event where journalist
the year 2001.                                 failed to do anything about. I’m confident       and presenter Lynn Foulds-Wood gave an
                                               that in Cheshire substantial assessments         informative presentation on bowel cancer.
It was widely used for fire protection,        of our buildings have been completed, but
insulation and the production of low cost      what about the premises we visit every day       Great Britain is well behind the rest of
sheeting for weather proofing. It’s also       to carry out section 18 searches, missing        Europe, Australia and the USA when it
found in ceiling tiles, Artex ceilings and     person searches etc.? It appears it’s left to    comes to the detection and treatment
flooring. The benefits were the low cost       the individual officer’s knowledge.              of bowel cancer. It is very common, has
and ease to mass produce; the negatives,                                                        subtle symptoms and many people are
with hindsight, are all too clear – it is                                                       outwardly well right up to and beyond the
the single greatest cause of work-related                                                       point of diagnosis.
deaths in the UK – around 4000 people                 We need
per year.
                                                      to protect                                Of the 138,000 Police officers in England
                                                                                                and Wales, statistically, 8500 will be
There are four main diseases caused by
asbestos: mesothelioma (which is always
                                               ourselves now to                                 diagnosed at some point during their lives
                                                                                                and 4000 will die of the disease. It is the
fatal), lung cancer (almost always fatal),     prevent contracting                              2nd biggest cancer killer and yet little has
asbestosis (not always fatal, but it can                                                        been done to improve the detection and
be very debilitating) and diffuse pleural      an asbestos-related                              recovery rates. When you hit the age of 50
thickening (not fatal). Related diseases
won't affect the sufferer immediately but
                                               disease in future.                               you are most at risk, but it is preventable,
                                                                                                it is curable.
later on in life, therefore health screening
or monitoring is useless. There is a need                                                       The four main things that will help
for us to protect ourselves now to prevent     Commercial buildings should hold                 prevention are walking (regular exercise),
contracting an asbestos-related disease in     an asbestos register detailing the               taking an aspirin every day, taking a look
the future.                                    whereabouts and current condition; you           at your family history to identify if it’s
                                               have a right to be given this information        prevalent and to be screened for it.
Asbestos fibres are present in the             by the person who manages the building
environment in Great Britain so people         before you start work, as a supervisor you       For further information and advice, visit
are exposed to very low levels of fibres.      must pass this information on to anyone
A key factor in the risk of developing an      working for you on the job. Dwellings are
asbestos-related disease, however, is          another matter entirely; it’s quite likely the
the total number of fibres breathed in.        homeowner may not know the location or
Working on or near damaged asbestos-           condition of any asbestos.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                  Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 11
                                                      JOINT BRANCH BOARD OFFICIALS
                                    CHAIRMAN                                            SECRETARY                                                TREASURER/MISCONDUCT
                                    Simon Roberts                                       Alan Todd                                                Ken Davies
                                    Ext 5229                                            Ext 2350                                                 Ext 5226
                                    Mobile No. 07771 724616                             Mobile No. 07590 644235                                  Mobile No. 07896 679073

                                                   JOINT BRANCH BOARD OFFICE STAFF
      Kath Donnelly                  Ext. 2350                       Mark Faint               Ext 5212                              Anne Riddell                Ext 5228
      Office Manager                                                 Business Development Manager                                   Finance/Admin Assistant
                                                                     Mobile No 07970 173826

                                               HEADQUARTERS AND AREA REPRESENTATIVES
      CONSTABLES                                                    SERGEANTS                                                       INSPECTORS

      Will Francis                   Ext 2747                       Dave Bamber                 Ext 2241                            Gareth Woods
      HQ Ops Support                                                HQ Ops Support                                                  HQ Ops Support
      Mobile: 07724 580042                                          Mobile: 07920 154253                                            Mobile: 07717 201175
      Trustee – NWPBF                                               Chairman (JBB Vice Chair)                                       Assistant Secretary

      Andy Taylor                   Ext 4481                        Colin Searle                Ext 6470                            Ian Gallagher               Ext 5980
      HQ Ops Uniform                                                HQ Ops Uniform                                                  HQ Ops Uniform
                                                                    Mobile: 07917 605256                                            Mobile: 07795 334179
                                                                    Health & Safety Lead                                            Health & Safety

      Richard Kew                    Ext 5982                       Fiona Knight                Ext 2016                            Kevin Bennett
      HQ Ops Crime                                                  HQ Ops Crime                                                    HQ Ops Crime
      Mobile: 07717 761264                                          Professional Development                                        Mobile: 07768 887672

      Gareth Lawrence                Ext 6166                       Amanda Shaw                 Ext 2700                            Steve Beddows               Ext 6164
      Chester                                                       Chester                                                         Chester
      Mobile: 07850 423751                                          Mobile: 07811 411666                                            Mobile No. 07768 301478
                                                                    JBB Equality Lead                                               Misconduct

      Kevin Hillier           Ext 4270                              John Walker                 Ext 2950                            David Snasdell              Ext 2574
      Northwich                                                     Northwich                                                       Northwich
      Mobile No. 07736 083769                                       Mobile: 07960 430083                                            Mobile: 07860 906957
                                                                    Secretary                                                       Trustee

      Shayne Smith                   Ext 3396                       Carl Capewell               Ext 3585                            Iain Goodwin                Ext 3507
      Crewe & Congleton                                             Crewe & Congleton                                               Crewe & Congleton
      Mobile: 07701 031572                                          Mobile: 07701 031625                                            Mobile: 07919 628579
      Secretary                                                     Assistant Secretary                                             Equality & Diversity

      William Heaton                 Ext 3415                       Julie Jackson               Ext 5339                            Neil Baskerville            Ext 2721
      Macclesfield                                                  Macclesfield                                                    Macclesfield
      Mobile: 07701 018388                                          Mobile: 07717 108676                                            Mobile: 07919 048618
      Assistant Secretary Trustee                                   Vice Chairman Trustee                                           JBB Assistant Secretary

      Alison Howarth                 Ext 3950                       Christopher Byrne           Ext 4926                            Steve Anderson              Ext 3712
      Halton                                                        Halton                                                          Halton
      Health & Safety                                                                                                               Mobile: 07590 763823
                                                                                                                                    Chairman Professional Development Lead

      Jamie Thompson                 Ext 2633                       Ian Allen                   Ext 2633                            Peter Minghella             Ext 3712
      Warrington                                                    Warrington                                                      Warrington
      Chairman                                                      Mobile: 07789 753152                                            Vice Chairman

     Jenny Challinor                 Ext 3369                       Rachel Gallagher            Ext 2546                            Nadia Brew              Ext 3803
     Womens Reserve Seat                                            Womens Reserve Seat                                             Womens Reserve Seat
                                                                    Mobile: 07919 538852                                            Mobile No. 07515 573803
                                                                    Trustee - NWPBF

                                                        WORKPLACE REPRESENTATIVES
      SERGEANTS                                           CONSTABLES

      Mark Houghton                  Ext 2241             Tony Spelman               Ext 3850         Anita Short            Ext 3363          Raoul Charlett              Ext. 5091
      HQ Operations                                       Northern Area                               Eastern Area, Crewe                      HQ Ops. (ECU).
      Mobile: 07872 678592                                Warrington                                  Mobile: 07799 627996
                                                          Professional Development                    Equality
      Adam Ross                      Ext 3824
      Northern Area                                       Robert Stopford            Ext 4244         Martin Harding         Ext 3653          Martin Andrews              Ext 5031
      Warrington                                          Western Area                                Eastern Area                             HQ Ops. (Vector).
      Mobile: 07515 200210                                Northwich                                   Wilmslow                                 Mobile: 07798 10071
                                                                                                      Mobile: 0788 1932689
      Richard Tomlinson              Ext 5333
      Eastern Area                                        Christopher Leach          Ext 6166
      Crewe                                               Western Area
      Neil Silcock                   Ext. 6459
      Northern Area, Custody
      Mobile 07538 523894

12 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                                                          The voice of your federaTion
Misconduct Update
Ken Davies breaks down the Assessment Notice procedure and offers advice
on the best way to protect yourself if and when complaints from the public
are made against you.

                                                  notice issued for such an allegation that           The recording and investigation of public
                  By Ken Davies,                  goes beyond it being suitable for the Local         complaints is a lot more detailed than I have
                  Misconduct Lead                 Resolution process.                                 stated above; that was just a flavour of a
                                                                                                      specific area of complaints that officers are
                                                  The query raised by officers is that surely if      questioning, which is why I reiterate getting
                                                  the driver disputes the actual commission           into the very simple habit of using your PNB

S    ince the last issue of Cheshire Beat
     I have received several queries from
officers regarding not only their receipt
                                                  of the offence then the court process is the
                                                  correct manner in which to deal with that,
                                                  and not subject the officer to being entered
                                                                                                      to record everything including verbals and
                                                                                                      demeanour of who we’re dealing with.

of an assessment notice but the actual            into the complaints procedure.                      At the same time as the review of the
allegation they are facing. In particular, I                                                          complaints procedure there is also currently
am referring to those notices issued where        Well I too have struggled with this issue           a review of the 2008 Police Performance &
a complainant is questioning the issue            and have raised many questions with the             Conduct Regulations, the Police Complaints
of fixed penalty notices for various traffic      appropriate authority (PSD) who determined          and Misconduct Regulations, and the Police
offences; an example being: an officer            that the matter was a recordable complaint.         Appeals Tribunal Rules. The consultation
stops a vehicle as he believes he has just                                                            period for the proposed changes ended on
observed the driver using his mobile phone        What I have to come to understand and               28th October. I have only recently had sight
whilst driving. On pointing out the offence       accept is the complaints recording process.         of the proposed amendments and have
the driver denies the allegation but the          Although quite complicated I can simplify it;       some views although the changes appear at
officer issues a fixed penalty notice (FPN)       it is, quite simply, based on the perception        this time not to be too significant.
explaining to the driver that if they wish        of the complainant. If he/she thinks that they
to dispute the FPN they can elect for a           have been wronged at the hands of a police          By the time you read this edition of Cheshire
court hearing. Some time later the officer        officer they are entitled to complain and that      Beat, I will have attended the national DLO
receives an assessment notice with that           complaint must be recorded. That is the             seminar at Leatherhead, where I am hoping
driver as the complainant. Now it’s the           process the Police Service must adhere to.          we will use that opportunity to discus in
nature of the allegation made by that driver                                                          more detail the amendments and how they
which determines the specific breach in           Up until now, the direction a complaint can         may affect the way in which the Federation,
the Standards of Professional Behaviour the       go has meant that few officers have been            through each force's misconduct lead
officer faces.                                    subject to such allegations. That is because        represents you the member.
                                                  one of the ways to deal with a complaint
Several of you reading this may have              without formalising it into, hopefully, a limited   One change I have noted is the process of
been in receipt of such a notice where the        and proportionate investigation is to record        appeals by a complainant against a local
complainant is stating that the officer was       the complaint and determine that it can be          resolution process – the process for which
rude or overbearing during the stop check.        dealt with as a direction and control type          the majority of Cheshire complaints are
Well that is something that hopefully the         complaint. Simply put, if the complaint can         recorded. The appeal may no longer go to
officer can answer and as it often follows        be recorded and finalised that the officer          the IPCC but back to the investigating Force.
a PNB entry stating the demeanour of the          was merely doing his duty and given what he         Given that this may be agreed by those
accuser at the time of the stop check that        states observed he has followed Force policy        at PNB and the regulations may become
often suffices. But how do we deal with           and in many cases the law it is suitable to be      statute it flies in the face of the concerns
complaint when the driver is quite simply         recorded in this manner.                            raised in the recent Panorama documentary,
stating he didn’t commit the offence and the                                                          which in my opinion was a very biased view
officer was wrong or, even more seriously, he     That is about to change as the complaints           of how the Police and the IPCC investigate
alleges that the officer must be lying. Again,    recording process is again under review and         matters of misconduct. Contrary to the
it is a very serious allegation to suggest that   one of the proposed changes is the removal          suggestions made in the programmes
an officer is lying but rarely is an assessment   of direction and control type complaints.           these regulations just go to show that we >>

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                        Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 13
     can investigate our own and do so with            assessment notices suitable for local            assessed by Cheshire PSD. Whether the
     impartiality and fairness taking on board the     resolution (that I have been notified of by      recording and assessing of these complaints
     very ethos of Taylor, the main author of the      PSD) has again reduced over the same             in the future changes we will have to see.
     revised 2008 regulations.                         period for the previous year. The total
                                                       number of recorded allegations suitable for      I won’t be the first in this magazine to wish
     Remember, it is a very difficult and stressful    LR (up to 21st Oct) was 352. This number         you and your families a happy Christmas
     job that you do and occasionally you may          is slightly less than the same period the        and a prosperous New Year but as a
     make the wrong decision or say the wrong          previous year. In the next issue of Cheshire     personal message from myself and all of the
     thing. That is the proof that you are not         Beat, I will be able to provide the complete     Federation representatives who are trained
     infallible or a machine, but a human being.       figures for the 2011 period including those      to advise and represent you should you face
     Always record your actions, perceptions and       that were subject to the more serious            an allegation, stay safe this festive period;
     honestly held beliefs in your dealings with the   allegations of Misconduct and Gross              whatever duty you are performing look after
     public - that written record may just be the      Misconduct (Regulation 14A/15).                  yourselves and your colleagues and be
     only protective measure you have when the                                                          mindful of just who you may be dealing with.
     complaints come in.                               I think this is evidence of the pragmatic way
                                                       in which complaints by the great British
     I can state that the number of recorded           public are being correctly and proportionately

   Health Shield
     A health cash plan with 100% cashback. Now that’s a benefit.

     A      s a Health Shield member, everyday
            healthcare will cost you less.
                                                       Cashback for a wide variety of
                                                       benefits such as:
                                                                                                        Bowen/Alexander technique, chair
                                                                                                        massage, cognitive behavioural therapy,
                                                                                                        colonic hydrotherapy, counselling fees,
      A Healthcare Cash Plan from Health               • Dental including teeth whitening,              Hopi ear candles, hypnotherapy, Indian
      Shield offers an affordable way to help you        practice plan premiums and joining fees        head massage, kinesiology, naturopathy,
      and your family with everyday healthcare           (e.g. Denplan)                                 nutritional therapy, reflexology, Reiki,
      costs.                                           • Dental accident                                remedial massage, Shiatsu and sports
                                                       • Optical including laser eye treatment          massage.
      Health Shield will refund 100% of your           • Hospital inpatient
      healthcare costs up to your chosen annual        • Hospital day-case                              For more information on Health Shield,
      limit and subject to annual review. As           • Parental hospital stay                         and the levels of cover available for you
      a special concession any pre-existing            • Maternity – antenatal appointment              and your family, visit www.healthshield.
      conditions will be covered when you join           and adoption                          or call 01270 588555 to speak
      the scheme.                                      • Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy,       to an advisor. Please refer to your
                                                         Acupuncture and Homoeopathy                    membership plan for full details about the
      Your employer has already implemented            • Health & wellbeing                             scheme.
      a successful health cash plan through            • Specialist consultation
      Health Shield which is offered to all            • Chiropody                                      Health Shield Friendly Society Limited is
      employees and as an employee you                 • Health screening                               authorised and regulated by the Financial
      will receive favourable corporate rates.         • Personal accident protection                   Services Authority.
      Cover is available for you or you and your       • Prescription benefit
      partner; dependent children are covered          • Fitness benefit 24 hour helpline
      whichever option you choose. Cover               • Worldwide cover
      provides separate annual maximums for
      yourself, your partner (if covered) and all      The Health & Wellbeing benefit also covers
      dependent children up to the age of 18.          acupressure, allergy testing, aromatherapy,

14 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                            The voice of your federaTion
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 15
     Annual dinner
     raises £10,800
     for charities
     Two Cheshire charities will each receive a welcome boost to their fundraising
     efforts, thanks to the Cheshire Police Federation annual dinner dance.

     T     he event, which is held in conjunction
           with the Chief Constable, David
      Whatton, raised a total of £10,800, which
                                                     Their sister organisation, ELLA Together,
                                                     works to expand the work they do to a
                                                     wider community. The ELLA Performance
                                                                                                    but more importantly it will help change
                                                                                                    people lives for the better and that can't
                                                                                                    be bad can it.
      will be split between Halton Speak Out         Group brings together all members of the
      and The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust,       community and has put on a number of           “So thank you to everyone who gave so
      Knutsford.                                     performances at the Brindley theatre that      generously on the night, to Mark and Kath
                                                     has enabled people to showcase their           who helped organise the night, to Ged
      Representatives of both charities joined       ability.                                       Upham who nominated our group and finally
      Cheshire Police Federation representatives,                                                   a big, big thank you to the Police Federation
      the Chief Constable and other guests           Their aim is to keep building on the           for all their support over the last year."
      at the dinner dance, which was held at         work we do enabling more people with
      Carden Park Hotel near Chester on 30th         disabilities to be treated and respected as    The other charity to be helped by money
      September.                                     equal citizens within the community.           raised on the night was The Children’s
                                                                                                    Adventure Farm Trust. They provide holidays
      The first charity to benefit from the night,   Laura Green, who attended the event on         and activities for terminally ill, chronically
      Halton Speak Out, was established in 2001      behalf of Halton Speak Out, commented:         sick, disabled and disadvantaged children
      following the launch of the Governments        "The charity night was amazing, we met         from all over the north west.
      Valuing People White Paper.                    lots of lovely people. The money raised will
                                                     make such a difference to our performance      Based within ten acres of beautiful
      They are a Registered Charity with over 10     group. We will be buying our own sound         Cheshire countryside, the farm is a
      years’ experience in supporting and enabling   equipment so we will be able to put on         haven for hundreds of disabled and
      learning disabled people to speak up on        more shows and help change people's            disadvantaged children. Their aim is
      issues that affect them and their peers.       minds about what our members can do.           to provide special holidays for special
                                                                                                    children. Groups of children, average age
      Through supporting people in many              “We want people to see us for our ability      4 - 14, and their carers, visit The Farm for
      creative ways and always keeping the           not our disability. Singing and dancing has    a free week-long holiday.
      person as the focus of their work, they        really helped our members become more
      have been able to influence both at a local    confident, helped them make new friends        The centrally heated accommodation
      and national level the work being done to      and try things they never thought possible;    comprises of 4 bedrooms, each with 4 single
      support the learning disabled community.       so yes this money will help our group          beds and one staff room (to accommodate

16 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                         The voice of your federaTion
Left to right – Simon Roberts, Chairman of Cheshire Police Federation, Carol & Alistair Laing (Children’s Adventure Farm Trust), Laura Green, Mal Hampson (Halton Speak Out) and
Cheshire Chief Constable David Whatton

carers) with 2 beds, fridge, medical cabinet,                 for your support. The money raised will go                    Cheshire Police Federation, “Given the
TV and phone. All rooms are homely,                           towards our holiday programme to ensure                       current economic climate, it is testimony to
comfortable and in-keeping with the                           that even more children can enjoy our                         the generosity of everyone who supported
character of a 17th century farmhouse.                        wonderful facilities.”                                        the event that we managed to exceed the
                                                                                                                            £10,000 we contributed to charities last
The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust boasts                    “We were delighted to have raised so                          year. I would like to thank everyone who
facilities including an adventure playground,                 much money for our two chosen charities,”                     helped organise the evening and to the
art, games and music rooms, BBQ area,                         explained Simon Roberts, Chairman of                          companies and individuals who supported
nature activity trail, and sports hall. All                                                                                 us by buying tickets, donating raffle prizes
facilities are available for hire when the farm                                                                             and also lots for the auction.”
is not in use.
                                                                     The charity                                            The MC for the evening was Martin
Alistair Laing said, “It was an absolute                             night was                                              Cleworth. He introduced Mr Whatton who
honour for the Children’s Adventure                                                                                         welcomed guests before the Chairman of
Farm Trust to be chosen as one of the                         amazing, we met                                               Cheshire Police Federation said grace.
beneficiaries for this fabulous event. All the
proceeds that we receive will help to fund                    lots of lovely people.                                        Entertainment was provided by the Siren
our holiday programme which provides
breaks for disadvantaged and disabled
                                                              The money raised                                              string quartet and guests danced the night
                                                                                                                            away to Natty & The Fam (featuring KayJay).
children from all over the North West of                      will make such a                                              Emily Faint, Vinny Seddon, Jack Faint,
England. Everything about the evening was
amazing, the room decorations, auction                        difference to our                                             Marco Granata, Grace Faint and Kate Atkins
prizes, entertainment and the hospitality of                                                                                assisted with the raffle and auction during
our hosts. Once again, thank you so much                      performance group.                                            the evening.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                                                 Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 17
     Cheshire Federations’
     Charitable Deeds
     Below is a roundup of the charitable donations that the Federation have
     given throughout the year as well as the chance for you to appear alongside
     a representative from your chosen charity in a forthcoming Cheshire Beat.

     Y    ou may not know this but Cheshire
          Police Federation has a charity account
     for the purpose of making donations
                                                      To help publicise the recipient charity
                                                      we offer the nominating officer a photo
                                                      opportunity with a representative of their
                                                                                                   forthcoming Cheshire Beat magazine (see
                                                                                                   article page 24 and 25 for an example).

     and awards to local charities and worthy         charity and a small written piece in any     Charitable Donations to date:
     causes. As well as this, Cheshire Federation
     supports the 5 separate Cheshire branches
     of NARPO. Each branch can apply for up
                                                       Charity/Cause                               Amount    Sponsor/Event
     to £400 annually towards events supporting
     our retired colleagues.                                                                                 Charity Golf event in memory of
                                                       COPS (Care Of Police Survivors)             £200
                                                                                                             Bob Graham
     2011 has seen a significant increase
                                                       B.I.R.D. (Brain Injury Rehabilitation &               Sgt Andy Miller sponsored bike
     in applications for support for charity                                                       £250
                                                       Development)                                          ride in New Zealand
     donations due to your local Federation
     representatives spreading the word.                                                                     Ongoing refurbishment / new
                                                       Cheshire Police Museum                      £246:56
     Requests to support your local charity                                                                  display cases
     or worthwhile cause can be made via an
                                                                                                             Jonathan Shorter
     application form that can be found on the
                                                       Prostate Cancer Charity                     £200      “UpUnder2001” sponsored
     Cheshire Police Federation website (or
                                                                                                             bike ride in Australia
     via the Federation office). The Executive
     Committee that meets every month will                                                                   Supporting Cheshire Officers at
                                                       Police With Pride                           £200
     consider that application and, if successful,                                                           Manchester Pride march
     will offer a donation.
                                                       H.A.N.F.A. (Local Sth.Cheshire charity
                                                       supporting summer scheme for children/
     In these financially difficult times, even                                                    £250      DC Julie Rowlands
                                                       young adults with disabilities & special
     a small donation can make a world
     of difference to these charities that
     desperately need financial assistance to          Cheshire Police Training Centre Padgate               Fridge for the Police students
     continue their amazing work.                      Campus                                                area

                                                                                                             DC Andy Bowen Macclesfield
     The main criteria is that the causes and          The Eve Appeal                              £200
                                                                                                             Division annual sporting event.
     charities we support are local, as they are
     the ones that find it very difficult to obtain                                                          DS Andy Marshall – Providing
     much financial support. Applications for          Nightingale House Hospice (Wrexham)         £100      Palliative care for Cheshire
     national charities will only be considered if                                                           residents
     the recipients of any donation are from the
                                                                                                             Ret. Insp Tom Shaw –
     Cheshire area, something which national           Camsley Grange Riding for the Disabled      £250
                                                                                                             sponsored walk up Kilimanjaro
     charities can rarely offer.

18 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                      The voice of your federaTion
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 19
    Win a family
    portrait session
      Enter our competition and you could win a two-hour lifestyle family portrait
      session from Andrew Collier Photography, worth £245*.

     A    ndrew has a relaxed and informal
          style that guarantees a fun portrait
      photography session as he creates stunning
      images that reflect your lifestyle and that
      make fabulous works of art in your home.

      Andrew chooses to shoot in natural
      light as he believes it is ultimately more
      flattering than unnatural studio lights. He
      also believes in shooting an environment
      local to each client in order to give a much
      more interesting and personal feel to his
      photographs than would be achieved in a
                                                     session! You can view a selection of images                           portrait session, please call Andrew Collier
                                                     from the day on my blog at                                            Photography on 01925 471091 or visit
      Every aspect of Andrew’s work is bespoke;
      from the shoot itself to his framed
      photographs, canvases, acrylics and his
                                                                                                                           *The session must be taken between
      albums. The quality of all the products
                                                     For more information or to discuss your                               February 1st and April 30th 2012.
      Andrew produces is second to none,
      meaning that you will be able to treasure
      your brand new photographs for many
      years to come.
                                                          To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply answer the following
      In 2009, Andrew donated a winter portrait           question: What day is Christmas Eve in 2011?
      session to the Police Federation Autumn
      Ball, which was purchased by Rob and                a) Friday                     b) Saturday                    c) Sunday
      Maria Earl.
                                                          Name ...............................................................................
      “Coats, hats and scarves were the order
      of the day and we had to work quickly so            Address .............................................................................................................
      that Rob and Maria didn’t get too cold –
      red noses and ears had to be avoided at             ...........................................................................................................................
      all costs", Andrew said.
                                                          Tel. ...................................................................................

      “On the day of the shoot it was a cold,
                                                          Please send your answer to Federation Office, Cheshire Constabulary, HQ,
      misty January morning and although
                                                          Clemonds Hey, Oakmere Road,Winsford, Cheshire CW7 2UA by the closing
      not ideal conditions for shooting natural
                                                          date 31st January 2011 for your chance to win.
      light portraits, the bottomless teapot and
      abundance of cakes made for a great

20 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                                                          The voice of your federaTion
The National Police
Memorial Service
The 2011 National Police Memorial Service took place in the Glasgow Royal
Concert Hall in September. Here Janet Graham from Care of Police Survivors
looks back at what happened during the service and why it takes place.

T   he first National Police Memorial service
    took place at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2004
and since then the event has been held in
                                                understanding and acceptance. So thank
                                                you to everyone who organises such a big
                                                event to make it happen.”
Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and Liverpool.
The service is always held on the nearest       Due to personal circumstances I have not
Sunday to St Michael’s Day (the patron saint    been able to attend all of the services and I
of police). This years’ service was held at     find that attending, for me, is a bittersweet
The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow,        experience. Bitter, because it brings
and was attended by over 2000 people,           back memories of how and when Bob
including The Duke of Rothesay (Prince          died; and sweet because I have another
of Wales), Scotland’s first minister, Alex      chance to celebrate his life and meet up
Salmond and Home Secretary, Theresa May.        and socialise with others who have had
Also in attendance was Sue Brace, President     the same experience. It is also great to
of Care of Police Survivors (COPS) and many     be able to spend time with the Federation
survivors and relatives of fallen officers.     representatives who, together with the Force,
                                                kindly fund our visit, and other officers from
A group of survivors from Cheshire travelled    the Cheshire Force, many of whom have
up to Glasgow for the service with members      become good friends over the years.
of the Police Federation and officers                                                            Above: The scene at the memorial service in Glasgow.

from Cheshire Police Force. Although            I also managed to speak to Survivor, Don
the occasion is a solemn one, we always         Speakman, who attended his first Police
manage to have a laugh and it is fun to         National Memorial Service in September           Reverend Canon David Wilbraham, the
catch up with people who you may only           2005 after his son Jon's death. Don              National Police Chaplain. As always,
see a couple of times a year. This year I       commented, “I agree with Jan that it is a        the service itself was extremely moving,
managed to ask a few people what they           bittersweet experience. It evokes memories       especially when a survivor from each
actually got out of the service; survivor,      good and bad and gives you immense               country in the UK stepped up to light a
Debbie Leach, said: “I have attended 3          pride in the fact that your loved one is         candle of remembrance. Your heart goes
police memorials with my family and I have      remembered nationally. The support given         out to these newly bereaved relatives
found each one of them to be incredibly         by Cheshire Police Federation, and in            because you know that they have just
moving and handled with such dignity that       particular Mark Faint, is enormous and           experienced the same as you did.....
everyone there, whatever their story, is able   having spoken to survivors throughout            the knock on the door, the disbelief that
to relate to it.                                the country the support we receive in            this is actually happening, and the final
                                                Cheshire is second to none and is hugely         realisation that all your hopes and dreams
“The weekend not only allows a time             appreciated. In some ways the memories it        have been shattered.
for remembrance and reflection about            evokes are heart-wrenching but gratifying
the loved ones we have lost, but also it        in a weird way. Long may it continue.”           During the service a minutes’ silence was
also puts into perspective that we are                                                           observed as petals were dropped from the
not alone - it offers a hand of friendship,     This year the service was led by the             gallery in honour of the fallen officers.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                      Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 21
     New physiotherapy
     service opens for business
     at Mather Avenue
      The North West Police Benevolent Fund (NWPBF) have opened up a
      new physiotherapy service at Mather Avenue meaning that those in the
      Merseyside area are able to receive treatment in their local area.

     Y    ou may remember that in December
          2010 the North West Police Benevolent
     Fund (NWPBF) opened a brand new
                                                   We would like to thank Merseyside Police
                                                   for allowing us to use the facilities at
                                                   Mather Avenue O.H.U.
                                                                                                       before tax is applied. Therefore there is
                                                                                                       tax relief on the £9.32, at the rate the
                                                                                                       member pays tax so the net result with
     facility at St. Michaels Lodge, Langho (nr                                                        regard to donations for a 20% tax payer, is
     Clitheroe) for members of the NWPBF to        We have had several queries as to what              actually £7.46 per month, and for a 40%
     access day patient Physiotherapy as part of   you get for your monthly donation to the            tax payer, £5.59 per month.
     their treatment.                              NWPBF. In the last edition of Cheshire Beat,
                                                   as well as on the Cheshire Police Federation        If you decide to stop your donation you will
     Unfortunately for Cheshire officers, along    website, you will find all the details of exactly   actually only save the £7.46/£5.59 as you
     with those in Merseyside and South            where your donation goes and what you               will pay tax on the £9.32!! So as you can
     Manchester, Langho was just a bit too far     have available for that amount.                     see, you are effectively paying less than it
     away. As a result the NWPBF committee                                                             appears on your pay slip.
     members have strived to obtain another
     facility nearer to home.                                                                          In relation to retired officers, many offer a
                                                          We would                                     voluntary donation that is deducted from
     In October, the NWPBF opened up its
     new physiotherapy service, based at
                                                          like to thank                                their pensions. That donation is £4 per
                                                                                                       month and is deducted from the member's
     Merseyside Police Headquarters, Mather
     Avenue O.H.U. We have employed our
                                                   Merseyside Police                                   gross pension total before tax is applied
                                                                                                       meaning that there is tax relief on the £4
     own physiotherapist who will be providing     for allowing us to                                  at the rate the member pays tax. Therefore
     treatment on Wednesdays and Fridays,                                                              the actual cost of the donation for a 20%
     initially.                                    use the facilities                                  tax payer, is £3.20 per month, and for a

     The booking system for this treatment
                                                   at Mather Avenue                                    40% tax payer, £2.40 per month.

     is the same as for those attending St.
     Michaels. Please check out the website
                                                   O.H.U.                                              * Before we went to press a decision had
                                                                                                       been made by the NWPBF Executive
     at to obtain your booking                                                           committee to finalise a long standing
     form. Remember, you must have the form                                                            financial issue with St. Georges Trust
     signed by either force medical officer/       For serving officers, you will obviously note       donations; as a result, from January 2012
     occupational health/GP or a recognised        on your pay slips a monthly deduction of            the monthly donation will rise from £9:32
     physiotherapist to be eligible, as well as    £9.32; this is deducted from the members            to £9:52. The extra 20p will go directly to
     being a member of the NWPBF.                  of the NWPBF from the gross pay total               St. Georges Trust.

22 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                           The voice of your federaTion
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 23
    Climbing to the
    Roof of Africa
     Retired Northern Tactical Patrol Team Inspector Tom Shaw’s efforts to
     combine his love of climbing with raising funds for a charity very close to his
     heart came to fruition in September when he reached the Roof of Africa.

     A    fter retiring from the force in January
          2009 I decided that I wanted to up the
      ante on my charity commitments. I have
                                                       sessions are held throughout the year. In my
                                                       experience those with disabilities absolutely
                                                       love interacting and riding with horses. In
                                                                                                           freestanding mountain on the planet. Many
                                                                                                           people attempt to climb it every year but a lot
                                                                                                           don’t manage to reach the summit due to a
      always been involved with charities that         many cases, my daughters’ included, riding          lack of appropriate acclimatisation.
      have helped my two daughters, Heather            not only promotes motor development,
      and Lilliane, both of whom have severe           posture and coordination but also encourages        As far as the actual climbing goes, the
      disabilities, as well as other local children/   the development of personal confidence and          challenge is not necessarily a technical
      disabled people with similarly complex           self-esteem – all whilst having fun. In short,      one needing ropes and the like, but it does
      needs.                                           horse riding is just what the doctor ordered!       require a great deal of mountain fitness,
                                                                                                           good equipment and the ability to acclimatise
      The other decision I made when I retired was     Running a charity such as Camsley Grange            properly to the altitude; basically we needed
      that I was going to increase the frequency       RDA costs money and takes up a lot of               to be able to take it slowly, going high,
      and difficulty of my climbing trips, something   volunteers’ time and dedication and the             camping low and drinking a minimum of 4
      which I have always been interested in. I        charity can only be sustained and developed         litres of water a day. The most important thing
      didn’t want to enter my retirement years         further with regular funding. Sponsorship           we had to take with us on the climb was a
      without a plan, as that would have been bad      from a Kilimanjaro expedition would go a long       positive mental attitude.
      for both my mental and physical health and       way to helping the charity achieve its goals,
      wellbeing. This decision took me back to the     which will ultimately benefit all the riders with   We planned the ascent via the Lemosho
      Alps and Scotland, as well as climbing and       disabilities who use the facility.                  route, which gave us a total of 8 days on
      walking locally.                                                                                     the mountain. The fact that the ascent has
                                                       So… back to the climb!                              to be guided is something that the visitors
      In early 2011, after 2 years of retirement, I                                                        to Kilimanjaro must accept but in my
      began to think about how I could combine         The expedition team that would be                   opinion it actually makes the organisation
      my climbing with my charity aspirations. All I   joining me on the mountain were: fellow             and logistics of the trip a lot simpler than
      knew was that I wanted to complete a great       Police Federation member, Sergeant                  most other climbs, as you can just get on
      climb in aid of a charity that means so much     Paul Whitehead, who had been on Kili                with the task at hand.
      to me. The answer was Kilimanjaro.               before and immediately signed up. My
                                                       old police surgeon mate Dr Phil Burling             The first six days approaching the mountain
      I immediately set out gathering a climbing       joined us (always handy having a doctor             from the west were extremely interesting as
      team together and began raising funds. I         on a climbing expedition!), as did fellow           we were basically moving through multiple
      made the decision that the expedition would      mountaineering friend, Mark Robinson,               climatic zones. Our first day comprised of
      be paid for out of our own pockets, meaning      who also has a son with severe disabilities.        thick jungle, or rainforest – and boy did it
      that all of the money raised would go to the     Suddenly we were a team. The only                   rain! For three hours it was nonstop and
      designated charity.                              celebrities on this trip would be us.               torrential. The only saving grace was that it
                                                                                                           seemed to calm down the flying ants and
      The charity I chose was Camsley Grange           The Uhuru Peak (Uhuru meaning freedom)              mosquitos. The ants on the ground were
      Riding for the Disabled, which is a local        of Kilimanjaro is 5895 metres (or for those         desperate to get out of the rain as well – we
      riding group run by volunteers in Rixton,        nearer to my age, 19,345ft) high. Put another       would be walking along the trail and all of
      near Warrington. Rides are run on a Monday       way that’s 3 miles. It’s one of the Seven           a sudden the ground would come to life. It
      and Wednesday evening and pony care              Summits of the World and is the highest             turned out that the floor was a carpet of ants

24 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                                The voice of your federaTion
and there was nothing for it but to just run
through them!

As we gained height the rainforest began
to peter out and gave way to a kind of
moorland with very large heather-type
bushes. This terrain made for a much more
amenable campsite than the rainforest (no
mosquitos!). As we pushed higher still we
entered an alpine environment, where we
were subjected to searing heat by day and
temperatures as low as -15°C as soon as the
sun went down. Each day we would slowly
gain height before dropping down a little to
camp in order to aid acclimatisation. Now
in a high desert environment, nothing more
than lichen would grow.
                                                    Above: The expedition team pose for the "customary photos" at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

On the sixth day of the climb we had a short,
relatively easy day of only about 4 hours of        a 20 minute breather we marvelled at the                      after 5 hours of traversing the terrain and
walking; this took us to our final camp at          summit ice fields, glaciers and the hollowed                  accompanied by a tropical rainstorm in the
Barafu campsite at 4600m, which was our             out crater. The scene was truly majestic and                  jungle, we arrived at Mweka Gate, a village
jumping off point for the summit attempt            is one that I will never forget.                              at 1650m, where we deregistered ourselves
that we commenced just after midnight on                                                                          from the National Park and formally classed
day 7. The midnight ascent was steep and            Then it was time for the descent. At this                     the exhibition as successfully completed.
unrelenting, with a lot of people (not from our     point we had been on the go for some 7 ½
group) being forced to descend due to illness       hours but we had to come down from the                        We still had a major task to complete back
– AMS, acute mountain sickness is very real         freezing summit. We backtracked across                        at our accommodation, near the town of
at these altitudes.                                 the rim to Stella Point before descending                     Arusha – to celebrate with a few beers; very
                                                    just slightly to the left of our original ascent              appropriately, we opted for the Kilimanjaro
After 6 hours we found ourselves                    line, down the longest scree slope I have                     beer on offer, and let me tell you, it went
approaching Stella Point, at 5735m, on the          ever seen. We made a fairly rapid descent                     down an absolute treat!
crater rim (Kili is an extinct volcano – one        in increasingly raised temperatures – the hot
of three in the area). It was at this point that    sun now beating down on us.                                   Our Kilimanjaro trek was a fantastic
we were treated to a glorious sunrise and                                                                         expedition; it is a mountain Himalayan in
from our incredible vantage point we could          All tired but all beaming with success, we                    scale and is not to be underestimated at any
very clearly see the curvature of Earth. This       reached the Baranco campsite from where                       cost. The most important thing that we have
magnificent scene lifted all our spirits; at this   we had begun our summit attempt. We                           all taken away from this experience though
altitude upward movement is very difficult          stopped there for about half an hour and                      is that we managed to raise a substantial
and so we all benefitted from the boost that        took on a brew. We all desperately wanted                     amount of money for an incredibly worthy
the scenery gave us. The temperature also           to sleep but, alas, we had to carry on to                     charity that helps people with disabilities to
nudged up a little here making it slightly          our next stop, which was the Millennium                       have lots of fun and improve their health,
more comfortable than the temperature I             campsite at 3800m. After 13 hours of                          and with that, their quality of life.
recorded earlier on in the ascent, which was        descent from the summit we reached the
-20°C without the wind-chill, which I had           camp and that night, for the first time in                    To date, the sponsorship raised amounts to
no way of measuring. Incidentally, a strong         8 days, we all slept soundly (for about 12                    £2100, with more still being pledged and
southerly wind had accompanied us all the           hours!).                                                      collected. My Just Giving page,
way up the crater rim – the coldest wind                                                                 will remain
there is in the southern hemisphere; this           We experienced mixed feelings as we were                      open for a few more months. Alternatively,
made it incredibly cold.                            leaving the Millennium camp; on the one                       people can donate via the Camsley Grange
                                                    hand we were absolutely elated that we had                    RDA website
Up on the rim at 7:10am and after an hour           made it all the way to the summit but on
of us moving slowly but steadily, we reached        the other hand we were slightly sad that we                   Paul, Phil, Mark and I, on behalf of
the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. We were            were leaving Kili. The campsite was the last                  Camsley Grange RDA and all the riders with
all exhausted but more overwhelmingly               good view we had of it.                                       disabilities would like to thank all those who
elated and euphoric that all four of our team                                                                     have donated to the climb fund, including
members had made it to the Roof of Africa.          Upon leaving the camp we walked out                           the very substantial support from the Police
After the usual summit photographs and              from the Mountain towards the south and                       Federation charity fund.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                                        Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 25
World Police Indoor
Soccer Tournament
DC Chris McLellan writes for Cheshire Beat about Cheshire’s visit to Groenlo,
Holland, for the annual World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament.

T   his year, for the fourth time, Cheshire
    Police entered a team to take part in
the prestigious World Police Indoor Soccer
Tournament (WPIST) in Groenlo, Holland.
The 7 strong, extremely enthusiastic and
motivated thirty-, forty- and even fifty-
something team members packed up and
set off to take part in the 29th meeting of the
annual event. Competing in the 35+ section
were Sgts Chris McLellan and Stuart Clay,
DC’s Robert Houghton, John Callender and
Simon Maher, PC Ian Hampson and retired
DC Jon Snee.
                                                  Above: Cheshire 35+ team wearing shirts provided by Police Insure.

To give you an idea of the size of the
tournament, this year 180 teams from over         whole tournament this year was in the 35+                    After a mostly lazy day off on the Wednesday
40 countries took part in three separate          category with teams split into two pools: A &                we arrived full of optimism for our 11am
leagues: Open Age, Over 35 and the                B. We were in pool B with 8 other teams: St.                 game against Turkey on Thursday. Our
Women’s League. Cheshire was one of 15            Petersburg (reining champions), Budapest,                    joints and muscles were still weary from the
UK teams that entered this year.                  Romani, Turkey, Katowice (Poland), Croatia,                  exertions of Tuesday and this meant that we
                                                  Hungary and Russia.                                          were never fully able to get into the game.
Although the word “soccer” is in the title                                                                     We crashed to a 3-0 defeat but we all felt
the sport is actually futsal, which is slightly   We began our campaign at 2pm on Tuesday                      that this result flattered Turkey and that if we
different – much to the dismay of some of         against Russia but unfortunately lost 1-0.                   had played them on the Tuesday we would
the UK-based teams who only found this            After this we played a further 6 games; with                 have beaten them.The fact that we were so
out once they had entered! Futsal is similar      each game lasting 13 minutes we were very                    weary definitely worked against us.
to our normal 5-a-side football game but          tired when the day ended at around 9pm.
it’s played with a size 4 weighted ball; it’s a   Unfortunately we were only able to win one                   We came home with some great souvenirs
very popular game in Europe, however there        game during the first day – a well-fought                    from the teams we played against as well
is only a small representation in the UK so       3-2 victory against the Romanian team.                       as a lovely participating trophy. A big thank
most of the UK-based teams were playing           The rest of our games were close affairs                     you must go to Jon Snee’s uncle who very
it for the first time. Unfortunately, Cheshire    and although beaten, considering we had                      kindly mounted Cheshire Police helmet
didn’t have this excuse to fall back on,          the reigning champions, St Petersburg,                       badges onto wooden shields he had made
having played in the tournament three times       and the Croatian national police futsal                      himself; we presented one to each team
before, in 2006, 2007 and 2008!                   team in our group, we fared pretty well.                     we played and received many compliments
                                                  Unfortunately, we found out too late that                    about them. Thanks also go to Mark Faint
The tournament lasted for 5 days from             our squad was too small. Most teams took                     and Police Insure for providing us with team
Monday 10th October to Fri 14th October.          a squad of 12+, which allowed them to                        polo shirts, which we wore at the opening
All teams taking part were put up in              rotate their players every two minutes. As                   ceremony.
accommodation at a Dutch Holiday park             we only had a squad of seven we were
called Marveld.                                   unable to rotate as frequently and this                      Despite the disappointing results, we all
                                                  meant there were a lot of stiff Cheshire                     agreed that we thoroughly enjoyed the
Cheshire’s only representation for the            legs by the end of the first day.                            experience.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                                  Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 26
Discover the secret of
affordable healthcare
Help in solving your health problems is now available to all Cheshire Police
Federation Members through one of Britain’s leading not-for-profit healthcare
organisations – and for only £1.50 a week.

T    he Benenden Healthcare Society
     is a mutually owned not-for-profit
organisation (not a medical insurer)
offering discretionary healthcare services
to its membership of over 900,000
people. By joining you can access a range
of quality services with no restrictions or
extra charges because of your age, or if
you have a pre-existing medical condition.

The Society offers a range of services
including unlimited 24 hour access to
a GP anywhere in the world through
a confidential, UK-based GP advice
line, long term care advisory services
- providing advice on helping to find          services are provided on a discretionary     You can share the benefit of membership
suitable long term care arrangements           basis – which means the Society tailors      with family members and friends, for the
for you or your family - and discounts on      the help given to be there when members      same low rate of just £1.50 per person,
health screening. All of these are available   need it the most. Where there is a need      that’s just £78 a year.
as soon as you become a member.                to refer a member to a consultant the
                                               aim is for them to be seen within three      To find out more about the services offered
Other services are available after six         weeks and, if treatment is required, and     by the Benenden Healthcare Society, call
months membership including local              where we’re able to help, for that to take   0845 052 5731* or visit www.benenden.
diagnostic services, access to a wide range    place within eight weeks. For details of Please quote reference TM
of treatment and surgery and up to £300        exclusions to this service see our website
towards physiotherapy costs.                                  *Calls cost a maximum of 4p per minute for BT customers.
                                                                                            The price of calls from non-BT lines will vary. Calls may be
                                                                                            recorded. Lines open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Benenden Healthcare backs up the               Benenden Healthcare’s Member Services
services available through the NHS and         Team can authorise up to £1,500 through      Benenden Healthcare membership is initially only available
                                                                                            for current or former employees of the Post Office, Civil
helps you get quick answers and access to      the Society’s local diagnostics and minor
                                                                                            Service, BT, registered charities and other public sector
treatments – and just having access to a       outpatient treatment service (available      bodies. Some services have a six month qualifying period.
                                                                                            The Benenden Healthcare Society Limited is an incorporated
doctor’s advice 24 hours a day can really      to members after six months) to help         friendly society, registered under the Friendly Societies Act
put your mind at rest.                         a member achieve a diagnosis for any         1992, registered number 480F. The Society’s contractual
                                                                                            business (the provision of tuberculosis benefit) is authorised
                                               condition. Members can be seen at The        by the FSA. The remainder of the Society’s business is
The Society was originally founded in          Fairfield Hospital St Helens or at one of    undertaken on a discretionary basis. The Society is subject
                                                                                            to FSA requirement for prudential management. Registered
1905 to look after postal workers with TB.     a number of carefully selected hospitals     Office: The Benenden Healthcare Society Limited, Holgate
To keep the cost of membership low our         across the country.                          Park Drive, York, YO26 4GG.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 27
   London to Paris:
   489km in stitches
     In July, six friends, five of whom are Cheshire police officers, embarked on a
     489km bike ride from London to Paris. Over the four days the team endured
     12 punctures, ate countless Jelly Babies and suffered stitch-inducing laughter,
     in aid of Action Medical Research. Simon Roberts recounts the journey here.

     O   ne of Action Medical Research's
         (AMR) mottos, we suffer so they don’t,
     became the mantra that was repeated over
     and over again – more often than not when
     we were halfway up one of the seemingly
     never-ending hills on our journey.

     Our team, The Willaston Wheelers, was 6
     men strong and consisted of myself, Alan
     Todd, Ian Smith, Ryan Willis, Neil Caitens
     and our only non-police member, Martin
     Pilgrim. (I’ve been coerced into plugging
     Martin’s Cheshire- and Merseyside-based
     building supply company. He’s asked me
     to include his phone number, 0151 356
     8995, so you can call him up for all your
     building supply needs!)                         Above: The cycling team stand at the foot of the Eiffel Tower following their incredible 489km challenge.

     Our journey began in Willaston on
     19th July; we packed our bikes into             alarming reason, came when Ryan                                 Downs before arriving in Portsmouth in the
     cars and drove down to the Federation           disclosed that he had shaved his legs for                       late afternoon. Unfortunately the weather
     headquarters at Leatherhead. The staff          the occasion – we had to stop the car as it                     was a typical British summer’s day –
     down there at Federation HQ were                was deemed too dangerous to drive whilst                        overcast with light drizzle.
     incredibly kind and hospitable, and out         hysterical!
     huge thanks go out to them for putting                                                                          At the end of the first day we boarded an
     us up both the night before and the night       The night before we set off we held our                         overnight ferry to St Malo. Our cabin was,
     after the ride, free of charge. Unfortunately   own pasta and grape pre-trip party at a                         well, comical. It would have been small for
     we had a slight delay in actually reaching      local Italian restaurant; this was promptly                     two people, but for four it was absolutely
     Leatherhead as Neil had forgotten his           followed by a good nights’ sleep before                         ridiculous! That said, we all slept well and
     sports gels and had to turn back to             we made our way to the starting line at                         the following morning we disembarked at
     collect them (we all still have a sneaking      Chessington by 8am.                                             8am; unfortunately though we had taken
     suspicion that sports gel is actually code                                                                      the weather with us.
     for teddy bear!).                               On the first day we covered 120km, which
                                                     took us through the Surrey countryside                          Throughout the day we headed up through
     Another delay, this time for a more             and up and over the North and South                             Brittany over increasingly hilly terrain

28 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                                               The voice of your federaTion
before arriving in the riverside town of
Mayenne at the end of the day. We had
covered another 132km.

The third day started early; it was 6.30am
when we left Mayenne and it was to be the
longest day we would have in the saddle,
with 183km to cover.

We rode east through the beautiful villages
of Mamers and Belleme before arriving
at our destination, Chartres, on the back
of the River Eure. Chartres is defined by
the distinctive spires on the cathedral – a
welcome sight after a long day in the

                                              finishing point of the Eiffel Tower. For the
       Since returning                        final few miles we were given a police

       from our                               escort – a very special moment indeed.

trip we have had                              We had done it! 87km on the final day
                                              took us to a total of 489km covered; but
time for reflection                           it was not without incident. Ryan actually
                                              had to have his bike completely rebuilt
and we can now                                by the mechanics escorting the party and

appreciate the                                Alan endured countless punctures, which
                                              delayed us several times. We confirmed

enormity of what we                           with riders from other teams on the same
                                              journey that Alan’s bike was, in fact,
did. Between us we                            an antique – something he remained
                                              extremely defensive about for the duration
raised over £10,000                           of the trip. Upon our return, however,
                                              within a few months, he decided to swap
for Action Medical                            his steel bike for a brand new, shiny,

Research whilst                               carbon fibre one!

doing something we                            We had some incredibly good laughs on
                                              this journey and one hilarious memory
                                                                                             Top: The team pose for photos before setting off on their
                                                                                             challenge. Above: One of many puncture repairs that

absolutely loved.                             that sticks out (apart from Ryan’s             took place over the four days.

                                              announcement that he had shaved his
                                              legs, which have now, fortunately, grown
Our final day took us northeast through       back!), is of Neil crouched at the side, Philip Pearson from
Rambouillet and its beautiful forest,         of the road to rest and suddenly falling       St James’ Place Wealth Management,
towards Paris. We stopped for lunch near      backwards into a ditch! We were all            Police Insure, Roto roof windows, Northern
to the Palace of Versailles before entering   hysterical!                                    Ferrari Experience, Blade Enterprises,
the outskirts of Paris. From here we could                                                   Phillip Williams and Co, Roland Smith,
see the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur,     Since returning from our trip we have had      Chester and Ellesmere Port Golf Society
which dominated the distant skyline. As       time for reflection and we can now all         and numerous individuals all dug deep to
if Nature had decided to challenge our        appreciate the enormity of what we did.        make this happen and raise this money for
resolve more than the gruelling four day      Between us we raised over £10,000 for          a worthy cause.
bike ride had, the heavens opened and         Action Medical Research doing something
we rode towards the finish line through       that we absolutely loved.                      The London to Paris bike ride is annual
a torrential downpour. Nothing could                                                         so if you would like to take part in 2012
dampen our spirits at this point though.      I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks     please contact Action Medical Research.
                                              to the individuals and companies who           The trip is well organised and an immense
As we reached the suburb of Boulogne-         sponsored us and made the whole trip           amount of fun but most of all it’s for a very
Billancourt we could now clearly see the      possible. Barrons Financial Solutions,         worthwhile cause.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 29
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 30
IPA: what’s in for me?
David Moore, a retired officer from Chester, explains the many benefits
he has experienced after getting involved with the International Police

W     hen I ask police officers whether they
      are members of International Police
Association (IPA), the majority of the time I
                                                   1989 saw us travel around the world visiting
                                                   family and in Adelaide, South Australia. The
                                                   first overseas contact was a visit to the local
                                                                                                      Since then, I have been welcomed at
                                                                                                      International meetings in Luxemburg,
                                                                                                      Bournemouth, South Africa, Australia,
receive one of two replies: 1: when I finish       branch barbeque to meet new friends. On            Ireland, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic,
my shift I don’t want to know about the            our way home through Los Angeles, Bill             Hungary, Russia and Turkey. I have also
police, and 2: what’s in it for me?. I have        Meredith contacted us and took us out for a        attended friendship weeks in Holland,
no response to the first reply, but to the         meal with other local representatives; he had      Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sicily, Denmark,
second my answer will always be: I can’t           only travelled about 500 miles to take us out!     Poland, Belgium, America, Hong Kong,
tell what’s in it for you but I can tell you       Such is IPA friendship.                            Macau, Cyprus and Germany. In all these
what’s in it for me.                                                                                  places local officers have been kind enough
                                                   In 1990 we travelled around Europe,                to introduce me to their local culture and
What’s in it for me is membership of an            staying in IPA houses in Holland and               places of interest.
organisation that promotes friendship among        Germany. These houses are really well
police officers throughout the world as well       worth staying at - they are incredibly well        Well that’s what’s in it for me; a chance to
as the chance to make and meet friends             cared for and offer a fantastic opportunity        visit other countries, to be guided around
from New Zealand to Alaska, South Africa to        to meet other travellers from around the           them, but above all to meet other people
Russia, and all other countries.                   world. Most countries now have IPA houses          of a like persuasion and to make friends
                                                   that enable members to have holidays at            around the world.
My first knowledge of IPA came on a visit in       reasonable cost.
1986 to the Headquarters in Chester when                                                              So what’s in it for you? In a word:
I saw a notice outside the bar informing that      In 1991 we were back to the southern               opportunity. The opportunity to be a member
the Cheshire branch was organising a trip to       hemisphere with a visit to Christchurch, New       of an organisation that promotes friendship
Holland. This seemed like a good idea, so I        Zealand. Here we stayed with a host family         throughout the world; the opportunity to
contacted the local Secretary, Mike Ashcroft,      but could not pass up the opportunity to visit     be accommodated wherever you travel;
and was very pleased to have been invited          a world congress meeting that was taking           the opportunity to study at an IPA college
to join the group.                                 place in Wellington. It was my first ever visit    in Germany in order to enhance your
                                                   to an international meeting and I am very          professional career; the opportunity to join
My wife Joyce and I went to Holland and            glad I went as I met friends there that I am       like-minded people in a spirit of friendship
upon our return joined Cheshire branch. I          still in contact with 20 years later.              and enjoyment; the opportunity to attend a
began to attend the monthly meetings and                                                              study tour in another country. The list goes
join in the various social activities before       In 1992, Joyce and I joined the Merseyside         on and on.
a second trip took place, this time to Leck        branch in a visit to Hong Kong and Bali.
in Germany. On both trips we were guided           Joyce was working with one of their                If you would like some more information or
by local IPA officers and were made most           members some two years beforehand who              advice on how to join the IPA, the British
welcome. It was after this that we decided         told her of the trip and the saving scheme         section administration office in Nottingham
to become ‘involved’ the IPA – firstly in the      to finance it. The trip itself was fantastic and   will be more than happy to help. Contact
local meetings and then in the bi-annual           is one I will remember forever; unfortunately      them by telephone (0115 981 3638) or
regional meetings. As a result, we hosted          though, it was the last trip that Joyce was        by email ( You can also
our first international visitors, Bill and Doris   able to make.                                      contact me on 01244 375 311.
Meredith, from Tucson in1988. Since then
visitors from afar afield as New Zealand,          Two years later, in 1994, I went once more
Australia, Canada, America, Spain and              with Merseyside branch to Alaska, cruising
Holland have stayed at our home.                   the Inland Passage and Vancouver.

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                        Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 31
     Total fitness
     with Glyn Evans
     Cheshire Police Federation is delighted to introduce to you Glyn Evans, a
     physical training instructor (PTI) and motivational coach working in the mid-
     Cheshire area, whose fitness background is essentially boxing based. Here
     we travel through the years with Glyn, looking at his progression from a
     warehouseman to a globetrotting, top class PTI.

     I  had been working in a warehouse for 18
        years but when rumours of redundancy
                                                     is the floor movements where short, sharp
                                                     bursts of burpee jumps and Hindu squats
      started to circle I decided that in order
      to protect my future I would retrain in
                                                     are completed to the soundtrack of my
                                                     instructing – the style of which is very vocal!
                                                                                                              members of
      something I’d love getting up for every day.   I have learned over the years that some           the group had never
      Fitness is my passion, so I thought “why not   people need more of a nudge than others
      develop it?”                                   and people are paying me food, hard-              even put on a pair
      I decided to be proactive and took a gym
                                                     earned money; it is my duty to push these
                                                     people because I want them to achieve their
                                                                                                       of boxing gloves
      course at Loughborough College before
      going on to do a level 3 diploma in personal
                                                     desired goal.
                                                                                                       before but over the
      training. Whilst I was still working in the    18 months ago I started work as the regular       last year they have
      warehouse I trained a group of work            PTI at Cheshire Police HQ, where I brought
      colleagues once a week in my back garden,      my years of training to the police classes.       developed massively
      come rain or shine, so when redundancy
      was offered I was in a good position to move
                                                     Two classes are pure conditioning and last
                                                     for around 45 minutes. They include warm
                                                                                                       and are now able to
      careers and look for premises.                 up, circuit and warm down. The circuits
                                                     are compiled using methods such as a
                                                                                                       deliver crisp, finely
      As luck would have it I found a farmers        30-sided dice to a pack of playing cards and      executed punches
      barn in Stanhorne, Middlewich, which I         can bring the fittest and strongest athletes
      transformed into a Rocky-style gym with        down in an ocean of sweat! I always lead          and would not look
      heavy punch bags, a speed bag and a
      climbing rope. I took the garden club from
                                                     by example, getting involved where I can.
                                                     I run one session a week at Chester Police        out of place in any
      my back garden to the barn and through
      word of mouth the group grew. Before I
                                                     Station, at 12:30 on a Thursday afternoon,
                                                     which is general conditioning.
                                                                                                       boxing club in the
      knew it I was leading a women’s class and                                                        country.
      it wasn’t long until the men’s and women’s     Two years ago I started learning neuro-
      classed opened twice a week with an added      linguistic programming, hypnosis and
      mixed class on top of that!                    motivational coaching. I have found some          class with meditation to get the mind, body
                                                     great techniques to help groups to be more        and soul all working in harmony with each
      At all five nightly classes the groups go      positive, not only in class but out in their      other.
      through punishing kettle bell, sandbags and    daily lives. I also use a lot of mantras and
      sledgehammer routines, but the essence         metaphors and will sometimes finish the           I also do one boxing class at HQ. Here

32 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                           The voice of your federaTion
Above: Glyn with one of his classes, that he says have developed incredibly in the past year.

the aim is to get the group throwing well-                      whatever the weather, which can leave the      7-8pm – Men’s Boxing at the Farm
executed strikes, whether it be a jab, right                    class feeling exuberant - especially in the
cross or left hook. I like everyone in my                       brisk January weather.                         Wednesday
classes to put their whole bodies into the                                                                     12-1pm – Mixed Circuits at Police HQ
move by using their feet, hips and torsos.                      At 50 I feel I am at the fittest I have        6-7pm – Women’s Boxing at the Farm
This ensures that it is not only the hands                      ever been. On a weekly basis I travel to       7-8pm – Men’s Circuits at the Farm
striking the focus pads but the whole body,                     Wrexham for 2 hours of Jeet Kune Do with
ensuring a total-body workout.                                  the excellent Carl Lewis; I visit ex World     Thursday
                                                                Champion Thai Boxer, Pele Nathans, for a       12.30-1.30pm – Mixed Circuits at Chester
Although my classes do not spar, the way                        90 minute session and also train in Jujitsu.   Police Station.
they have progressed over the past 12                           I run 3 times a week and have completed        4-5pm – Mixed Boxing/Core at Police HQ
months has left us all with a wonderful                         3 full marathons as well as countless half     6.30-7.30pm - Mixed Circuits at the Farm
sense of satisfaction and pride; some                           marathons, 10-mile and cross-country
members of the groups had never even put                        events over the last 8 years. I feel that      I have two outdoor physical training classes
on a pair of boxing gloves before but over                      if you want someone to do 50, 100 or           a month and am available for personal
the last year they have developed massively                     200 burpees you have to be able to do it       training. I also offer sessions to help with
and are now able to deliver crisp, finely                       yourself, so there is not a day that goes by   confidence for forthcoming talks, job
executed punches and would not look out                         that I don’t crank out burpees!                interviews or written tests and exams and
of place in any boxing club the length and                                                                     also with getting rid of negative thoughts and
breadth of the country.                                         If you are interested in anything I have to    beliefs.
                                                                offer and would like to give one or more of
As well as the classes, I also teach one-to-                    my classes a go yourself, please pop into      For further details contact Glyn on
one personal training lessons both at my                        any one of the sessions.                       07949 588151 or visit his website www.
farm and at Police HQ. I run two outdoor                                                              You can also find him
physical training sessions twice a month;                       Times are :                                    on Facebook at Evans Training.
one in the lovely setting of Delamere
Forest and one on Winsford Common by                            Monday
the equally lovely River Weaver. These                          4-5pm – Mixed Circuits at Police HQ.
sessions involve bodyweight exercises, pad                      6-7pm – Women’s Circuits at Middlewich
work and torturous hill efforts. I run these                    Farm

The voice of your federaTion                                                                                                 Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 33
     The Hyundai i30 Estate
     is the vehicle of choice
     for the Cheshire Beat
     Over the course of the next few months 43 new Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi
     Comfort Estates will hit the streets on the Cheshire Police beat. Chosen for
     its practicality, usability, comfort, modern styling and value for money, the
     Hyundai i30 will help Cheshire’s finest support the local community.

     H     yundai has recently won a tender to
           supply vehicles across the North West
     region and its current line-up of products
                                                   value for money, customer choice in what
                                                   is a highly competitive sector. The Saloon
                                                   version and the highly innovative 1+2 door
                                                                                                  double the amount sold in 2008. The
                                                                                                  progress it has made is the result of great
                                                                                                  products that are relevant to customers,
     will be used not only by the Cheshire Force   Veloster coupe will be joining the line-up     a strong dealer network and outstanding
     but also Lancashire, Greater Manchester,      early next year. These new products define     customer service.
     Cumbria and Merseyside.                       the direction of the company and are clear
                                                   examples of its new brand slogan, ‘New         TWG Hyundai prides itself on its high level
     The Hyundai brand has real momentum           Thinking. New Possibilities’.                  of customer service. The Phillips family
     at present. Its product range has been                                                       have owned the dealership for 33 years
     completely revitalised over the last few      Hyundai is also investing heavily in the       and have been selling Hyundai vehicles
     years and there are some exciting new         future of transportation and is currently      for the past 30 years. The company is a
     products just around the corner.              a world leader in the development of           family business spanning two generations.
                                                   hydrogen-powered technology. The               Over the last 30 years a number of
     Hyundai has just launched the all-new i40     ultimate goal would be to see zero-            members of the Cheshire Police have
     Tourer – a vehicle that offers a unique,      emission vehicles on UK roads within           bought cars from TWG and they are repeat
                                                   the next few years; however, the market        offenders - buying cars for themselves
                                                   and local infrastructure will be the real      and their families! TWG Hyundai is now
             The UK is                             determinant of this. In the interim,           delighted to confirm that - through the
                                                   Hyundai is working hard to make internal       Affinity Scheme - Police Officers, retired
             a rapidly                             combustion engines as efficient as             Police Officers and their families, and

      growing market for                           possible. The i10, i20 and i30 all boast
                                                   CO2 emissions of below 100g/km and
                                                                                                  civilian members of staff and their families
                                                                                                  can buy Hyundai cars from TWG at

      Hyundai – the fifth                          corresponding fuel economy benefits.           discounted rates.

      biggest car maker                            The UK is a rapidly growing market for         To take advantage of the Affinity Scheme,
                                                   Hyundai – the fifth biggest car maker          please contact Gabrielle Williams on
      in the world.                                in the world. This year, it will sell almost   01606 44624.
                                                   65,000 vehicles in the UK – more than

34 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                      The voice of your federaTion
The voice of your federaTion   Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 35
    Leisure & health
    clubs offering deals
    and discounts
     Cheshire Police Federation have managed to secure some incredible deals
     from local health and leisure clubs for the exclusive use of Cheshire Police
     Federation members, retired officers, Police staff and their families.

                                                  Old Hall Country Club & Spa
                                                  Old Hall Country Club & Spa is the perfect place to wind down or shape up.
                                                  We always aim to make your visit a happy and rewarding one. Our outstanding
                                                  facilities and excellent friendly staff ensure that you will always be looked after to
                                                  the very highest of standards.
                                                  Call to arrange a visit and see for yourself just what makes Old Hall so very special!
                                                  (P.S. We don’t tie you into any contracts either!)

                                                  Only £35.00per person for a Full Peak Membership (normally £58.50)

                                                  If you would like to know more about this fantastic offer, please call Donna on
                                                  01244 311593.

                                                  Aldford Road, Huntington, Chester CH3 6EA

                                                  Crewe Hall Leisure Club
                                                  Take advantage of our fabulous offer for police joining from October:
                                                  Join now and get one month absolutely free.
                                                  With no admin or joining fee you could SAVE £125!

                                                  Take advantage of our exclusive police corporate rate of £52.50 a month or
                                                  annual rate of £577.50, which works out at an amazing £48.12 per month!

36 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                    The voice of your federaTion
                               Cranage Hall Leisure Club
                               • State-of-the-art Gymnasium with cardio-theatre, heart rate monitors and
                               • Sprung floor Aerobic Studio with a wide range of more than 30 classes
                                 per week.
                               • 18 meter heated indoor swimming pool, with Sauna, touch all senses
                                 Steam room and Jacuzzi poolside
                               • Games bar with Pool and Billiards tables Tea/Coffee facilities and
                               • Football pitch and a 7-a-side football league (free of charge)
                               • One outdoor floodlit Tennis court.
                               • Weigh and Watch scheme (available on a weekly basis, for weight
                                 management, nutritional advice).
                               • We also have a splash time for under 16s on Saturdays and Sundays
                                 between 3 pm- 5 pm.
                               • We have a strictly over 16s policy during the week

                               Opening hours are from 7am until 10pm everyday and there is always a
                               qualified instructor on hand to assist with any queries.

                               Joining Fee £50 (During October Only, Normally £185)
                               Single Membership 12 Months £575; Single Membership 6 Months £310;
                               Single Membership 3 Months £175
                               Joint Membership 12 Months £890; Joint Membership 6 Months £ 495;
                               Joint Membership 3 Months £ 275
                               Police Corporate Rate 12 Months £397.50

                               To answer any queries you may have or to book a show round please contact
                               the leisure club on 01477 536775.

                               Carden Park Hotel Golf
                               Resort & Spa
                               Fantastic spa day offer!

                               For only £65 you can spend the whole day in the spa taking in morning
                               refreshments and a light Spa lunch before receiving one of the following
                               Aroma body massage,
                               ESPA facial,
                               Bespoke body wrap,
                               Hopi ear candle.

                               To book call 01829 731534 and quote Cheshire Police.

                               This offer is valid Sunday to Friday only and is subject to availability.
                               Valid until 31.3.12.

The voice of your federaTion                                                               Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 37
                                                  Mere Leisure Club
                                                  Annual membership is £875 for 12 months or alternatively £77 a month via direct

                                                  Off peak membership is £625 for 12 months or alternatively £55 a month via
                                                  direct debit. (9am – 5pm weekdays, 1pm – 8pm weekends)

                                                  The Mere is a 5 star retreat which offers unrivalled luxury.

                                                  •   The health club boasts a fully equipped gym with the very latest technology
                                                  •   A wide variety of group exercise classes in our class studio
                                                  •   A terrace outside of the gym for open air training
                                                  •   Come and swim in our 20m pool or chill in a heated vitality pool with in built
                                                      seats and beds.
                                                  •   Lounge out in the thermal zone including a salt room, sauna, aroma steam, ice
                                                      fountain, caldarium and Hamamm room.
                                                  •   Poolside also offers heated loungers which are on a heated floor.
                                                  •   The changing rooms provide extreme comfort with our ultra-relaxing relax
                                                      rooms, also your own heat rooms.
                                                  •   If you’re hungry, wine and dine in the Spa Lounge & Bar with our beautiful
                                                      locally sourced food

                                                  Also offered:

                                                  • No joining fee on all Health Club & Spa Memberships, and five free guest
                                                    passes when joining (Total value £225)
                                                  • 20% discount on all of our Spa treatments Mon-Thu

                                                  Mere Leisure Club would also be delighted to offer a free guest pass if someone
                                                  would like to try the club out, normally chargeable at £35.00

                                                  Best Western Forest Hills Leisure Club
                                                  Discounted membership rates of 25%:

                                                                       Normally            Police rate
                                                  Full Individual      £57                 £42.75
                                                  Full Couple          £80                 £60
                                                  Family               £115                £86.25
                                                  Junior               20                  £15

                                                  Day Individual       £40                 £30
                                                  Day Couple           £60                 £45

                                                  Membership fees are collected through a monthly direct debit. No contract, just 2
                                                  months notice on cancellation.

                                                  Memberships come inclusive of all facilities and group exercise classes. For more
                                                  information or enquiries they can contact the club direct on 01928 735430 or

38 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                  The voice of your federaTion
                               Rookery Hall Health Club & Spa
                               Facilities include:

                               18 Metre Glass Roof Swimming Pool
                               Hydrotherapy Pool
                               Essence Infused Steam Room & Sauna
                               Fully Equipped Technogym
                               Air-Conditioned Class Studio
                               5 Bubble Spa with 7 Treatment Rooms
                               Relaxation Lounge with Cascading Water wall

                               Normally £75.50 a month - Police Exclusive £53.00 a month
                               £35 Joining Fee for Police only! (Normally £150)

                               Join this month and receive:
                               - A Hotel Stay for Two including, Breakfast and a Treatment
                               - A Luxury Spa Day for Two
                               - 12 Complimentary Guest Passes
                               - Meal Voucher for the 2 Rosette Restaurant
                               - Meal Voucher for the Health Club Café Bar
                               - 20% off an Elemis Skincare Product
                               - A Personal Training Taster Session

                               Valid until June 2012

                               Spa Offers;
                               For Cheshire Police employees and retired officers we can offer 20% off any
                               brochure treatment or package – valid Sunday to Friday
                               Spa Day Getaway
                               • Choice of one 55 minute treatment per person (choose between a full body
                               massage or 55 min facial)    • Glass of champagne
                               • Towels, robes & slippers   • Full use of facilities
                               £115 for two (£57.5 pp) valid 7 days a week (subject to availability)

                               Hoole Hall Club & Spa
                               Exclusive health club features:

                               • Enjoy our state of the art gym, FREE induction with 6 weekly programme
                                 reviews to help you achieve your goals
                               • Over 50 classes per week at times that suit all our members
                               • State of the art swimming pool with aqua audio
                               • Indoor & Outdoor hydrotherapy Jacuzzi pool
                               • 4 Thermal rooms including Aroma Room, Hamman Chamber, Steam
                                 Room & Sauna

                               Be part of it. Simply call 01244 40 88 40 to book your VIP tour of our fantastic

                               DON'T MISS OUT ON CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP & SAVE A MASSIVE 15%

The voice of your federaTion                                                            Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011 - 39
                                                  Total Fitness
                                                  A corporate deal set up for Cheshire Police at Total Fitness (Chester, Crewe,
                                                  Newcastle Under Lyme, Warrington and Wilmslow. Below are the key points for
                                                  the offer.

                                                  • No joining fee – normally £25
                                                  • £5 deduction off the monthly membership rate of £45 ie.£40 for all Cheshire
                                                    officers, retirees and police staff.
                                                  • Free one day pass to come and try the facilities
                                                  • This offer can be extended to your partner, so long as the payments come out of
                                                    your bank account
                                                  • Proof of employment must be attached to the agreement – ie. wage slip or
                                                    another form of Police identification.

                                                  Fur further information visit

                                                  Park Royal Leisure Club & Spa
                                                  Corporate membership on 12 month contract available at £44.00 a month
                                                  January will be one month free on 12 month contract.

                                                  •   2 Gyms Cardio and a weights gym
                                                  •   Over 40 Classes a week in Dance Studio (5 Classes of Zumba available)
                                                  •   3 Floodlit Tennis Courts
                                                  •   22 metre Swimming Pool
                                                  •   Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi
                                                  •   Half hour free Personal Training Session
                                                  •   Free Induction in Gym by highly qualified Gym Team
                                                  •   20% Discount off Hot Beverages and Food
                                                  •   20% Discount off Spa Treatments

                                                  Park Royal Leisure Club, Stretton, Warrington WA4 4NS
                                                  Tel. 01925 730000

40 - Cheshire Beat - Edition 24 / December 2011                                                                The voice of your federaTion

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