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English teaching materials - bahasa inggris 3


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          Keterangan Tentang Obat

               Secretolytic agent
    5 ml elixir bromhexine HCL 4 mg
    For productive cough i.e. cough to
  influenza (flu), cough in acute/chronic
          bronchitis and asthma
Adults & Children > 10 years : 3 x 2 tsps
    Children 5-10 years : 3 x 1 tsps
    Children 2-5 years : 3 x ½ tsps
     Children, 2 years : 3 x ¼ tsps
 Or according to doctor’s prescription.
The elixir suitable for diabetic patients,
    Since it does not contain sugar.
                Side Effect
Occasionally gastro intestinal side effects
may occur but these are almost in
variable   mild.   Headache,       Vertigo,
sweating, skin rash and an increase in
transminase have been reported rarely.
   Store in a safe place out of reach of
• 1. 5 ml elixir bromhexine HCL 4 mg is the
     … of the medicine
      a. dosage
      b. Composition
      c. side effects
      d. indicator
2. What is the medicine for ?

   a. Headache
   b. Skin rash
   c. Vertigo
   d. Cough
3. A three years old child who suffers
   from cough should take …tsps.

   a. ¼
   b. ½
   c. 1
   d. 1 ½
4. “ ...transaminase have been
    reported rarely.
    The underlined word means

  a.   often
  b.   not often
  c.   Commonly
  d.   Usual
5. These are the side effects of consuming
   this medicine, except …
    a. vertigo
    b. sweating
    c. skin rash
    d. stomachache
6. We should put this kind of medicine in a
   place which cannot be …easily by
    a. taken
    b. rejected
    c. thrown
    d. refused
    Perbandingan (Comparison)
Perbandingan keadaan suatu benda
(Comparative adjective)

a. Tingkat sama (positive) :
   as adjective as
b. Tingkat lebih (comparative) :
   adjective + er than/more adjective than
c. Tingkat Lebih (superlative) :
   The adjective + est/ The most adjective
        Satu Suku Kata
Tall      taller    tallest

Big       Bigger    Biggest

Young     younger   youngest
           Dua Suku Kata
Happy     Happier       Happiest

Easy      Easier        Easiset

Cleaver   Cleverer      cleverest

Simple    Simplest      Simplest

Modern    More Modern   Most Modern

Stupid    More Stupid   Most Stupid
            Tiga Suku Kata

Expensive    more        most
             expensive   expensive

Beautiful    more        most
             beautiful   beautiful

Dangerous more           most
          dangerous      dangerous
good      better    best

bad       worse     worst
old       older     oldest
          elder     eldest
far       Farther   farthest
          further   furthest
            Contoh Kalimat
 My house is as beautiful as yours.
 This book is thicker than that one.
 Dian is more popular than Andin.
 Himalaya is the highest mountain
  in the world.
 I think snake is the most dangerous
1. Via : I think TV is …than a radio.
   Tia : of course, It has audio and visual

 a. Interesting
 b. More interesting
 c. As interesting as
 d. The most interesting
2. Budi : We are in hurry. I think we’d
         better use motorcycle.
   Rudy : Yes, I agree with you. It’s …

  a. Fast
  b. As fast as
  c. Faster
  d. The fastest
3. Dody : Do you like living in this
          country side?
   Edo : Of course I think living is
          the countryside is …than
          in the big cities.

 a. Peace
 b. Peaceful
 c. more peaceful
 d. the most peaceful
4. Amy : How tall are you?
   Nanda : I am 160cm.
           What about you?
   Amy : 150cm so you are…me.

 a. taller than
 b. shorter than
 c. the tallest
 d. the shortest
5. Rini  : Reggie is always so polite.
   Hasan : You are right. Not many
           people are polite as he is.
   Rini  : What about Royani?
           I think Royani behaves
  Hasan : That’s true.

 a. more politely
 b. the most politely
 c. politely
 d. politer
    Ungkapan Permintaan Ijin
•   Can I …, please?
•   Excuse me, do you think I could … ?
•   Would it be possible …?
•   Could I ….
•   May I …?
•   Do you mind if I ….?
•   I was wondering if I could …
         Memberi Ijin
•   Sure
•   Yes, of course
•   Certainly
•   Go ahead
•   By all means
•   Not at all
Ungkapan Menolak Memberi Ijin

•   Sorry But I …
•   I’d rather you didn’t
•   Well actually I’d rather you didn’t …
•   I am afraid not
1. In a fashion shop
   Young lady      : Excuse me, …
   Shop assistant : Sure, Madam, The fitting
                   room is over there.

  a.   Do you think I could try this dress on?
  b.   Do you agree to try this on
  c.   What are you going to try this on?
  d.   Could you try this dress on, please?
2. Daughter : Dad …?
   Father : With whom will you go?
   Daughter : with aunt Anita.
   Father : All right. Be careful then

  a.   Can you tell me?
  b.   May I go the cinema?
  c.   Shall I do it for you?
  d.   Could you tell me the truth?
3. Riani : What is the meaning of this
   Sita : Sorry I don’t know. Why don’t
            you look it up in the dictionary?
   Riani : I don’t bring it. …?
   Sita : Sure. Here you are.
a. Where is your dictionary?
b. Do you have a dictionary?
c. Your dictionary is very important
   this moment.
d. Can I borrow your dictionary?
4. Student : Would you mind if I turn on
             the lamp sir? It is getting
             dark here.
   Teacher : …

   a. certainly
   b. not at all
   c. of course
   d. sure
5. Man : Can I submit the identity card
   Clerk : … It should be now.

   a. of course
   b. go ahead
   c. I am afraid you can’t
   d. You can’t do that

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