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									Capture Sunlight for a night Lamp
 It needs an initial investment; So What?
       Find a way to meet that too.

                  SPV Lighting Systems
• SPV lighting systems are becoming popular in both the
  rural and urban areas of the country.
• In rural areas, SPV lighting systems are being used in
  the form of portable lanterns, home-lighting systems
  with one or more fixed lamps, and street-lighting
Applications in urban areas include
• glow-sign display systems on the streets,
• traffic signaling, message display systems
   based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and
• systems to illuminate advertisement hoardings.
In many rural parts of India there is either no
access to grid electricity or the supply is
unreliable with frequent power cuts. Alternatives
such as candles, kerosene and oil lamps
provide lighting, whilst small dry cells and
automotive batteries provide power for radios,
televisions, but these are low quality,
cumbersome, expensive and often dangerous.
Now Solar PV system serves this purpose.          4
In India a solar energy company has developed
•   a wide range of solar-powered equipment,
    installations and after-care support for lighting,
    water pumping and purification, TV and radio.
• In 2005 the success of this business was
    recognised internationally when it won the
    Ashden Award for Enterprise.

A typical kit consists of a 35-watt panel, four 7W
compact fluorescent lights and a lead-acid battery that
can store sufficient energy for the system to work both
day and night throughout the year. The batteries are
designed to withstand significant discharge each day
without rapid deterioration. (Cheaper car batteries
cannot withstand this, and would become unusable
within about six months.) An electronic charge controller
protects the battery from charging or discharging too
much, and enables the battery to be used for at least 6
five years.
Emphasis is placed on designing Solar Home/
Business System to meet consumers' needs and
budgets whether it be for home or business.
Depending on their requirements the system can
be used for inexpensive lighting, water pumping,
water heating, communications, computing, and
The installation of the system is carried out by the
company’s technicians.
One innovative idea to make systems affordable is
to place a light in the corner of one room and
remove bricks into other rooms, so that a single
light provides background illumination in three
rooms. Another feature that allows flexibility at low
cost is having lights that can be moved from one
place to another. These solar systems reduce
dependence on other forms of energy and are
more reliable, affordable, and safer to use.       8
Support Services
The solar system company understands that it
needs to provide not only reliable solar systems
to customers, but also to back this up with
• information, installation,
• training and
• finance
• to develop a sustainable sales and service
• Systems with fixed inclination - (fixed supporting

• Systems with active tracking - single/double axis
  tracking systems (characterized by step by step
  motors and control electronics)

• Self contained systems or “stand alone”

• Network connected systems or “grid connected”

The photovoltaic system structures
• A PV module is usually mounted on the roof of the house
 so that it is exposed to direct solar radiation throughout
 the day, avoiding any shadow. The module converts
 incident radiation into electricity, which, in turn, charges
 the battery, which is placed inside the house.

• The battery provides power to the CFLs, and to the
 television and/or fan as required. A charge controller
 prevents overcharging and deep discharge of the
The technicians not only carry out servicing and
maintenance, but are encouraged to supplement their
income on a commission basis by promoting SPVS.
Servicing the area on motorcycles, they not only provide a
quick after-sale service but also act as collection agents for
loan repayments. This close relationship with customers
allows their company to better understand, efficiently serve,
and develop long-term relationships with them. They are
able to provide at-home design consultation, installation,
and after-sales service on all products sold.             15

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