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The City of Copperas Cove                                                                                        Job Analysis Form
Analyst:           HR Dir./Fire Chief                                                           Date: March 2009

Job Title:        Firefighter                                                                   Address: 415 s Main St.

Schedule:         24 hrs. On/48 hrs. off                                                        Phone:         (254)547-2514

Department: Fire – 44                                                                           FLSA: Non-Exempt

Protect lives and property by extinguishing fires, attempting and assisting in rescues of all types, providing
emergency medical services and responding to all other emergency and non-emergency situations as needed,
conducting prevention activities and inspections. By virtue of position, establishes and maintains a
harmonious fire station environment with a diverse group of coworkers including reporting to duty as
expected in a punctual manner to ensure a constant state of readiness.

  1. Reports to: Battalion Chief / Captain /Lieutenant
  2. Directs:    May provide direction to other department employees.
  3. Other:      Has frequent contact with other city employees; other fire agencies; state agencies; and the general public.

                                                                                                      Percentag                     Physical
  ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                     e       Strength       Demand Code
                                                                                                       of Time

  1. Performs routine housekeeping duties on a daily basis in order to                                  20          L         ABCDE
     maintain a clean, safe, and orderly operational environment for the                                                      GHIJM
     health, safety and well-being of the personnel. Normal rest and sleep                                                    OQRS
     periods may be frequently interrupted.
  2. Cleans, operates and maintains/tests apparatus equipment and hand                                  15          VH        ACDEF
     held power tools. Ensures response readiness to meet the needs of                                                        GHIJKL
     the community by responding to alarms, mitigating emergencies,                                                           MOPQR
     saving lives, and protecting property.                                                                                   S

                Strength Column:        S - Sedentary       L - Light       M - Medium    H - Heavy    VH - Very Heavy
Physical Demand Code:
A. Standing        D. Lifting           G. Reaching          J. Kneeling         M. Bending       P. Balancing       S. Talking
B. Sitting         E. Carrying          H. Handling          K. Crouching        N. Twisting      Q. Vision          T. Foot controls
C. Walking         F. Pushing/Pulling   I. Fine Dexterity    L. Crawling         O. Climbing      R. Hearing         U. Other

                                                                             Percentag                 Physical
 ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                             e      Strength    Demand Code
                                                                              of Time
 3. Provides emergency medical care to individuals who are in need of          15         H         ACDEF
    medical treatment due to illness or injury.                                                     GHIJM
 4. Participates in training for personal development of mental and            15         H         ABCDE
    physical skills. To develop and maintain certifications, skills, and                            FGHIJK
    knowledge as it relates to fire prevention, suppression, rescue and                             LMNOP
    EMS care and skills.                                                                            QRST
 5. Interacts with a variety of people functioning under various               15         L         ACQRS
    emotional states (irrational, upset, or hostile) to disseminate and
    obtain information regarding their situation. Develop community
    relations and communicating fire safety awareness.

 6. Extinguishes fires in wildland, high-rise, commercial and residential       5        VH         ACDEF
    buildings, and automobiles and other locations using appropriate                                GHIJKL
    apparatus, tools, and techniques to protect lives, property and                                 MNOPQ
    environment. Performs salvage and overhaul operations using                                     RST
    appropriate tools to search for fire extension for the purpose of
    saving/protecting life and property and to prevent rekindle.
    Preserves and identifies cause and origin of fires by using visual,
    olfactory, and auditory senses.

 7. Inspects residential/commercial structures for fire hazards to ensure       5         L         ACFGI
    fire safety, and inspects hydrants for damage and proper operation                              ORS
    for the purposes of ensuring readiness in fire suppression situations.

  8. Performs rescues of trapped, injured, or incapacitated individuals         5        VH         ACDEF
     using tools, personal physical strength, and techniques to extricate                           GHIJKL
     victims from vehicles, structures, and dangerous situations.                                   MNOPQ
     Conducts searches of residential and commercial buildings,                                     RST
     vehicles, outdoor area, and other objects using vision, touch,
     hearing, and smell to find or detect potential victims, evidence, and
     hazards for the purpose of rescue, mitigation, and the protection of

 9. Provides protection for people, their rights, personal/business             5         L         ACQRS
    property and valuable at emergency sites in an honest and
    trustworthy manner without abusing the authority of the integrity of
    the position. Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information.

The City of Copperas Cove                     Job Analysis Form                                     Page 2

                                                                                           Percentag                    Physical
 ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                           e         Strength    Demand Code
                                                                                            of Time

Overall Strength Demands:
_____ Sedentary             _____ Light      _____ Medium               _____ Heavy        __X__ Very Heavy
For each physical demand code listed:
       C = Continuously            F = Frequently              O = Occasionally          R = Rarely

 A. Standing                F       G. Reaching                F      L. Crawling            O         Q. Vision               C

 B. Sitting                 O       H. Handling                F      M. Bending             F         R. Hearing              C
 C. Walking                 F       I. Fine Dexterity          O      N. Twisting            F         S. Talking              C
 D. Lifting                 F       J. Kneeling                F      O. Climbing            F         T. Foot Controls        O
 E. Carrying                F       K. Crouching               F      P. Balancing           F         U. Other: Stamina      O
 F. Pushing/Pulling         F                                                                               O

  This is a description of the way this job is currently performed; it does not address the potential for accommodation.


The City of Copperas Cove                               Job Analysis Form                                            Page 3

Lifting/Carrying              Lifts SCBA (Self-contained breathing apparatus) from ground to full extension of arms
                              Lift and drag for a distance of 100 feet a roll of 5" diameter hose.
                              Lift to waist level a roll of 5" diameter hose.
                              Drag a charged 2.5@ diameter hose 100 feel
                              Must lift to waist level: water manifold for 10 seconds; extension ladder for 30 seconds;
                                 power saw for 2 minutes
                              Carry a ladder - up to 150 feet (24' extension ladder with helper)
                              Carry a smoke ejector/blower 100 feet without stopping
                              Lift and maintains lift under control for 1 minute a rescue tool at waist height
                              Drag a 175 lb victim 100 feet while wearing full fire protection gear
                              Lift and walk down 2 flights of stairs with a helper an ambulance stretcher with a 175 lb
                              Lift and walk up/down (navigate) a 35 degree steep incline with a helper an ambulance
                                 stretcher with a 175 patient
                              Remove with a helper a 116 lb 36' extension ladder from the side of a fire truck at a height
                                 of 6 feet
                              Move 6 feet across a floor a standard household couch while wearing protective
                                 firefighting gear
                              Manipulate with a helper a king size top mattress from a bedroom to the outside of a
                                 structure while wearing protective firefighting gear
                              Hold a 1.75 inch fire hose while discharging 100 gallons per minute at 100 lbs per square
                                 inch for 5 minutes.

                              Pulling a 5" hose from ground onto fire truck while on knees
                              Pull nailed 3/4 inch wallboard off the ceiling of a structure with a pike pole or closet hook
                              Open/close fire hydrant using appropriate tools
                              Use pike pole and closet hook overhead in continual motion for 1 minute
                              Pierce a 3/4 inch wallboard overhead with a closet hook tool while standing
                              Stoop over for periods up to 15 minutes while using a shovel or broom to clean burned
Bending/Crouching/C              materials in a structure while wearing fire protection
                              Stoop and use ax with a chopping motion for 1 minute without stooping
                              Able to crawl on hands and knees a distance of 100 feet in full gear
                              Climb aboard a 15 foot high apparatus
                              Work at heights up to 150 feet without uncontrollable feelings of agoraphobia in areas
                                 such as the open roof of high rise building, a tower, power poles, a 65 foot ladder and
                                 other high areas
                              Work on a stepladder while using a power screwdriver to install an overhead smoke
                              Able to work in confined spaces without uncontrollable feelings of claustrophobia in areas
                                 such as caves, tunnels, manholes, basements, ditches, collapsed buildings, culverts,
                                 attics, smoke-filled rooms and other confined spaces in full gear
                              Able to scale/repel
                              Able to hear Personal Alert Device and SCBA low warning device at 90 decibels
 The City of Copperas Cove                             Job Analysis Form                                       Page 4

Hearing/Talking               Able to communicate verbally to patients or victims to gain information pertinent to the
                              Able to communicate verbally using a hand held radio
                              Able to speak before a large group of people to give instructional classes or testimony in
                              Able to speak clearly and concisely under duress and remain calm in stressful situations
                              Able to converse with and instruct citizens in fire safety education
                              Able to read 12 point type on air gauge at 3 feet distance
                              Able to visually assess a structure and identify hazards and victims
                              Able to distinguish colors to access hazards and hazard warning labels
                              Able to visually survey situations near and far
                              Able to identify for hazardous materials by reading chemical labels
                              Able to use a computer and write using English with good grammar to fill out reports
                              Able to walk 1.5 miles in 30 minutes on various types of terrain
                              Able to manually tie and untie 1/4 inch diameter rope into knots
Fine Dexterity
                              Able to deploy salvage covers by fully - extending arms overhead in a standing position
                                while holding on to salvage tarp with both hands (not sure what this is)
                              Able to tread water for 3 minutes without going under water
                              Able to swim 300 meters without stopping
                              Able treat each person equally in terms of race, ages, gender, social and cultural
                              Able to remain calm when confronted with an angry or emotional citizen

 Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:
 Chainsaws, smoke ejectors, generators, SCBA, axes, pike poles, ladders, ropes, hoses, deluge guns, halogen
 tools, oxygen bottle, electrical cords, spanner wrenches, hydrant wrench, programmable radio, computer, and
 other tools.

 Environmental Factors:
 Works outside in all weather conditions. Exposed to extreme heat during structure fires, vibrations from riding
 in the truck and operating tools. Exposed to chemicals, exhaust, noise, power lines, smoke, flames, heat, unsafe
 buildings, infectious diseases, unstable cars, distracted drivers and swift flowing water. All conditions may be
 experienced without adequate rest.

 Protective Equipment Required:
 Steel toed boots, helmet, special gloves, coat, pants, helmet, visor, Nomex hood, SCBA, and personal flotation

 Non-physical Demands:

 Frequency Codes:              F = Frequently         O = Occasionally           R - Rarely

 The City of Copperas Cove                             Job Analysis Form                                       Page 5

Time Pressures                                F         Emergency Situations                             F
Noisy/Distracting Environment                 F         Tedious Exacting Work                            O
Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously      F         Working Closely with Others As Part of a Team    F
Danger/Physical Abuse                         O         Irregular Schedule/Overtime                      O
Frequent Change of Tasks                      F         Stress                                           F

Formal Education:
High school diploma or equivalent is required.

Certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as a Basic Structural Firefighter. Certified by the Texas
Department of State Health Services as either an Emergency Medical Technician – Basic, Intermediate or

Other Certificates and Licenses Required
     Maintain a Texas driver's license Class B and acceptable driving record.
These certifications will be required within 12 months of hire date:
     NIMS – ICS 100, 200, 700, 800

Public Safety Sensitive

Must read English language for training manuals, and other materials to maintain certification.

Must write English language. Composes incident reports and completes training examinations.

Standard calculations necessary for safety, training, and various rescue situations.

Ability to assess emergency situations calmly and to act safely, quickly, and appropriately in a variety of
rescue/emergency encounters.

Supervisory: N/A

Managerial: N/A

Ability to communicate effectively with coworkers, officials, and citizens in a variety of situations. Works for
extended periods of time in both emergency and routine assignments as part of an assigned crew of diverse
employees. Ability to cooperate as part of a team and to receive direction from crew leaders during stressful as
well as routine situations. Maintains calm, mature composure, emotional self-control and rational
cognitive/decision-making ability in dangerous situations or hazardous environments that are personally
offensive (cases of child abuse, child molestation, sexual assault, extreme trauma, or death, etc.) Or which
involve considerable stress, danger, personal risk, violence and hostility.
The City of Copperas Cove                     Job Analysis Form                                         Page 6

                                            Signatures - Review and Comment

I have reviewed this job analysis and its attachments and find it to be a fair description of the demands of this job.

1. Kelli Sames                                                     _________________________                    ______________
   Human Resources Director                                        Signature                                    Date

2.                                                                 _________________________                    ______________
     Fire Chief                                                    Signature                                    Date

3. Employee                                                        _________________________                    ______________
                                                                   Signature                                    Date

Comments: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

                           Copperas Cove Fire Department Employment Process
Firefighter Pre-requisites - Potential candidates need to meet certain Firefighter Prerequisites to be considered

The City of Copperas Cove                               Job Analysis Form                                                Page 7

for employment with the City of Copperas Cove Fire Department.
                    Be a United States citizen;
                    Be at least 21 years of age;
                    Be a high school graduate or possess a high school equivalence diploma;
                    Possess a current driver’s license;
                    Honorable discharge if ever in the military;
                    Certified or Certifiable Firefighter in the State of Texas.
                    Texas EMT Basic mandatory, Texas Paramedic/National Registry preferred.
Qualities of a Desirable Firefighter/Paramedic
                           motivation to serve                       effective communication skills
                           physical, mental, emotional health        ability to exercise sound judgment
                           strong sense of responsibility            compassion (even when stressed)
                           ability to work as team member                     strong worth ethic / tolerance
                           honesty and integrity                     problem-solving skills

• Step 1: Application Materials

Candidates complete and turn in all required application materials to the City of Copperas Cove Human
Resources Department.

• Step 2: Physical Ability Test

The Physical Ability Test consists of a series of events that simulate firefighting activities.
Although the evaluation utilizes activities that may be performed on the fire ground, the tasks are not specifically
skill oriented. No special knowledge is required to be able to successfully complete all tasks. The time limit for
the completion of tasks 1 – 10 is 13.00 minutes. The following are in no particular order.

    Aerial Ladder Climb Task – Separate task/ pass or fail
    Large Diameter Hose (LDH) Deployment                   Equipment Carry
    Ventilation/Forcible Entry                             Stair climb
    Victim Search                                          Extension Ladder/Equipment Raise
    Ladder deployment                                      Rescue Manikin Drag/ Carry
    2.5 inch Supply/Attack Hose Assembly and Deployment
    1.75 inch Charged Attack Line Deployment and Fire Stream Manipulation

    Candidates exceeding time limit will be dismissed from further consideration.

• Step 3: Written Test

The written test generally consists of multiple-choice questions designed to test abilities important to the
performance of the firefighter's job, such as memory, visualization, and reasoning.

• Step 4: Oral Board Examination
The City of Copperas Cove                         Job Analysis Form                                        Page 8

The Oral Board Examination is designed to measure a candidate's ability in several different areas: verbal
comprehension and verbal expression, reasoning, fluency of ideas, and originality.

Candidates that successfully complete the first four steps are placed on a Firefighter Eligibility List, which
remains in effect for approximately 12 months or until such time as the list is dissolved by the Fire Chief.

• Step 5: Thorough and Extensive Background Investigation

The background packet will be filled out and returned to the Human Recourses Department. Packets will be
given to investigators for extensive reference/background checks.

• Step 6: Conditional Offer of Employment

The Department makes a conditional offer of employment contingent on completion of a satisfactory pre-
employment medical examination(s) at the City's occupational health provider.

• Step 7: Polygraph Test

Candidate will be given a time to meet with an independent agency to perform this test. The Polygraph test
consists of a series of questions designed to assess a candidate's integrity and character.

• Step 8: Psychological Test

Candidate will be given a time to meet with an independent agency to perform this test. The Psychological test
consists of a series of questions designed to assess a candidate's motivational, value-related, and attitudinal

• Step 9: Physical Exam and Drug Test

Candidate will be give times to meet with an independent agency to perform these tests.

• Step 10: Final Job Offer

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Copperas Cove will make every reasonable
effort to accommodate your needs. For any special requests, please call the Human resources Department at 254-

The City of Copperas Cove is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis
of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, veteran status, age, or disability in hiring, conditions, or termination
of employment.
DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND ACCURACY OF DATA. The information contained herein is merely
an informal summary of the process. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding the accuracy,
adequacy, completeness, reliability or usefulness of the information. Should you have any questions regarding

The City of Copperas Cove                         Job Analysis Form                                      Page 9

the recruitment and hiring process for the City of Copperas Cove Fire Department, please direct your inquiry to
Fire Recruitment.

The City of Copperas Cove                     Job Analysis Form                                 Page 10

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