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									iContact Review

iContact is a social media marketing and email software developer that helps businesses in engaging,
educating and retaining customers. In plain English, it means they deliver marketing solutions for you in
a variety of extremely effective ways.


Message builder - With this comprehensive toolbar, you will be able to add images, change margins and
save your brand’s colors in just a few clicks. The message builder also contains drag and drop blocks, so
you never have to worry about coding again. What you see is what you get. With the hundreds of
professional templates, you can customize your emails to fit your industry, niche, or target market.

MessageCoder - HTML and design views so that you will be able to see how your HTML becomes a
message to truly impress your clients. Message previews to make sure that you can see the messages
you design as you code them. Tables are so simple to create as well, unlike many other systems that
always have issues with this feature.

Easy to use - Literally HUNDREDS of templates that are fully customizable. It’s very easy to modify a
template that you really like to fit with your business identity and branding and add your own images
and colors, as well as your text.

Emails delivered every time - The company employs a dedicated email team that makes sure that the
servers are monitored around the clock to make sure that your hard work reaches its target. SpamCheck
feature will rate your message and advise you if it is likely to be marked up as spam. iContact also works
in the background to stay whitelisted with all the major ISPs around the world so you do not end up on
their blacklists.


There are three tiers of pricing available and it depends on the amount of subscribers you have. If you
have up to 500 subscribers, you pay $14/month. 2,500 subscribers costs $29/month and 5,000
subscribers, $47/month. The more subscribers you have, the more you pay – simple.

There are also services for much larger senders, such as dedicated account services, agency accounts
and strategic services. You will need to contact the company separately for pricing on this.


iContact is one of the most affordable services among the list of hosted auto responder services.
Additionally, it’s extremely easy to use and works great as an email marketing service. It is mainly
designed for those people that just want to get their message out there fast and have hundreds of
templates to choose from that need minimal modification for their branding.
Email tracking and analytics feature as well, which will give you a good way of analyzing how your
readers are using your material so that you can make modifications in your marketing strategy.

You can integrate iContact with blogs, RSS feeds and other websites. You also have a 5MB image library
that you can store and use anywhere in your emails so if you are writing your newsletter on the road
then it will still look as great as you designed it.


iContact, compared to some other solutions such as AWeber which comes at a higher cost, has several
fewer options and features. Not many, though! It still offers more than enough for beginner and
intermediate email marketers. For advanced users, however, or those seeking the highest-end email
tracking, this may not be the best option for you.

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