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									TAIBA is one of Pakistan's most valued business groups. The Group has grown phenomenally
and has become a leading player in all the sectors in which it operates. The Group has set up
different companies whose activities spread upon various sectors like Printing, Trading, Web
Development, Design Lab, Inspiration and Departmental Store etc.

Our Vision: “Be the Guiding Star in the industry through creative innovation & heart capturing

Our Mission: “To represent our customers’ business and services adds lifelong value to them.”

Our Values: “Responsibility, Innovation, Inspiration and Passion.”

Our Quality Policy: Our Company’s Expert Staff is available 24/7 for Customer assistance &
Excellence of product quality and Satisfaction with continual improvement in our latest
technology materials.
TAIBA Success Story
TAIBA was established in 1998 with trading of commodities and gradually
entered into the Manufacturing of various products related to all industries.
The Group has a success story spread over the years, expanding its
horizon from trading to manufacturing. Today, the Group is engaged
in trading & manufacturing of all textiles packing and stitching
accessories, commodities, manufacturing of all kinds of printing
related to fertilizers, pesticides, textiles, pharmaceuticals, education etc.
Remaining true to its founding principle of striving for excellence, the Group combined the
Vision of an entrepreneur, the knowledge of experts, the commitment and business expertise of
three generations to develop its core strengths, vision and mission. With the commitment and
efforts of its employees, professional management and vision of its sponsors, the Group has
                achieved the standing among the most progressive and fast growing
                conglomerates in Pakistan.
                The Group has made exceptional progress in the last two decades and
                diversified into Manufacturing of all kinds of printing. The Group's future plans
                and growth matrix are strategically designed for further portfolio diversification
                in all sectors.

The commitment to corporate social responsibility as TAIBA
Group is evident in a wide variety of areas including the quality
and safety of products, environmental, health & Safety
initiatives, ethical manufacturing programs, philanthropy
initiatives, community Relations, Human resources, Corporate
governance and the code of conduct. TAIBA Group assures that all
its businesses are managed in compliance with business ethics as
defined through its policies. Realizing its responsibilities as a good
corporate citizen, the Group contributes substantially to the
economic development of Pakistan through taxation, exports
and by creating employment opportunities.

  The diversified operations are carried out from the following Group companies:
Visionary of TAIBA
As a Group, our driving goal is to grow, succeed
and become a guiding star in every business that
we engage in, while keeping our values intact.
We will continue to build partnerships with our
customers, through knowledge, ingenuity and
commitment of our people as well as through the
products and services we offer. We have always
adopted the best management practices and
used latest Technologies to improve our quality of
our services to meet the requirement of our
customers. We will keep moving with our vision
to fulfill our mission.
                          Sajid Taiba Printing Press

Sajid Taiba Printing Press was established and incorporated in 1998. Sajid Taiba Printing
Press is one of the best managed industries in the country of Pakistan, which is ISO 9001-2000
certified. It is adequately serving the entire paper and printing needs of the several industries
including Multinational Companies, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides and other National
& Multinational Companies working in Pakistan. Our clients are fully satisfied with our quality
& services.

Technology & Machinery at

Sajid Taiba Printing Press has a complete setup of all Printing facilities where Paper is converted
into finished printing products as per customer requirement.

Heidelberg Machine                                   Solna Printing Machine
Rotta Printing Machines                              Screen Printing Machine
Label Printing Machine                               Cutting Machine
Dye Cutting Machine                                  Lamination Machine
UV Coating Machine                                   Gum Binding Machine
Plate Making Machine                                 Pasting Machine
                          Is serving in the following areas:

We have a wide range of offset printed products especially for textile, pharmaceutical, Cosmetics
food packages, Schools etc.

Polyester / Satin Care Labels               Hang Tags                     Header Cards
Insert Cards                                Belly Bands                   Barcode Stickers
Carton Stickers                             Poly Bag Stickers             Cloth Labels
UPC Tickets                                 Ribbon Labels                 Banners
Books Booklets                              Desktop                       Note Books
Brochures                                   Business Cards                Card Casings
Calendars                                   Catalogs                      Table Calendars
Medicine Boxes                              Food Boxes                    Flyers
Leaflets                                    Letterheads/Pads              Envelopes
Large Format Printing                       Cd’s Cover                    Magazines
Newspapers                                  Pamphlets                     Posters
Photos Post Cards                           Shirts Printing               Tickets
Panaflex                                    Greeting Cards                Ribbons
Stamps                                      Diaries                       Stickers
Packaging                                   Pesticide Labels              Wall Clocks
Office Stationery                           Certificates                  Vouchers
Wedding Cards                               Non-Woven Bags                Paper Bags
Sealing Bags                                Melamine stickers             Bumper Stickers
Labels                                      Registers                     File Covers


Our Certifications & Memberships:
                                 Taiba Traders

Taiba Traders is a part of Taiba Group and it was established and incorporated in
2001. The operation of the company started in 2001 and since then it has been continuously
progressing day by day and involved in all kinds of textiles & garments accessories.

Textile Closures and Textile Accessories along with Fashion Accessories are essentials for a fine
finishing of apparels and garments. There are so many varieties of trims and closures that a
Textile Accessories Directory becomes inevitable for Textile Accessories Manufacturers as well
as for Textile Accessories Suppliers. Apart from Manufacturers and Suppliers, there are
traders who deal in Textile Accessories wholesale of various packing accessories and textile
trim including lace trim and sewing trims. To bring all the Textile Accessories Manufacturers,
Suppliers and Textile Accessories Wholesalers on a single platform, Taiba Traders has
been designed having a wide range of Textile Accessories in different categories.

Salient Features
At Taiba Traders we not only have the ability to provide
you with an extensive inventory of textiles accessories, we
can also go to work for you in search of specific out-of-
inventory. Our dedication to you is to find exactly what
you are looking, in both quality and price. In today's
global market, Taiba Trader’s experience in buying
and selling all textiles accessories equipment worldwide
can provide its customers a broad spectrum of services. These services not only include sales, but
also dismantling & packing etc.
Products & Services by
Elastic Bands with Grids Eyelet Elastic Band Wider elastic
band Colorful elastic bands

Elastic band with silicone Jacquard elastic band Glitter elastic band Polyester Fiber

Polyfill Wadding Ball Fiber Fusing Bukram

Collar Boon Thread Velcro Button

Garment Knit Jeans Coats

Zip Nylon Vislon Bras

Silver Antique Gun Metal Collar Boon

Stand Stay Shirt Clip Tag Pins

Tag Guns Packing Tapes Dispensers Packing Plastic Patri

Takhti Card Poly Bag Twill Tape Webbing

Draw Cord Elastic

And All Kind of other Textile Accessories
                                                     Corporate Profile
 TAIBA Creations is a full-service web design firm. We provide e-commerce solutions, web
design & development, online marketing, print and identity services. If you need help with
branding or marketing, we can help. Our team is completely committed not only to provide
basic services, but also to do everything possible to get your business growing explosively.

We assist you to gain a competitive edge by continuously improving your web based
business CRM solutions. TAIBA Creations is a technology neutral solution provider. We can
develop and integrate solutions across a broad range of technologies. Our experts are competent
& veteran. Our developer’s team is comprised of expert Programmers & designers who can
undertake various web based development projects on the most popular web programming &
scripting languages like PHP, xHtml, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, Jquery, MYSQL and many more.

  “We are committed to achieve Excellence in our Products To Full Satisfaction of our Customer
                        through Continual Improvement in our Services”

Our solutions will bring you new revenue streams, greater operating efficiency, and aid in the
creation of long-term business value for your company.

Web Designing
TAIBA Creations is a premier company for web applications. We make
your website work for you. If you are a company that wishes to
explore more opportunities towards your online goals or wish to brand your presence that could
not only generate revenue but also your brand exploration, then contact us.

Web Development
We can develop complex website applications that can help your
business run more efficiently online and offline. Examples are
content management systems, lead tracking systems, ecommerce
stores, forums, blogs, chat rooms and much more. We offer a wide range of programming
languages and can develop almost anything you need from scratch or by using a pre-built
application and modifying it.
Word press, Joomla ,              Dreamweaver, Photoshop,            Website Banners, Face
Accrisof FreedomCMS,              Illustrator, Flash, PHP,           Book, Twitter
Drupal, Customized CMS ,          Mysql, Javascript, HTML
Ecommerce Zencart                 5, CSS 3, J Query Ajax

Logo Designing
Usage of typography, page layout techniques as well as visual arts to a particular degree is also
incorporated to achieve the final outcome. TAIBA Creations realizes the significance of graphic
designing in enhancing the presentation of your business objectives to reach out to the targeted
audiences. This is why we offer customized graphic designing for you.

Graphing Designing (Print Media)
Marketing and branding has become essential to all business, no matter their size or specialty.
Print advertising, marketing brochures and business cards, signage and website design are all
crucial elements in ensuring your business as successful as possible. Advertising agencies and
marketing firms may lack the personal approach and that's where TAIBA Creations comes in.

Hosting & Domain Registration
To meet the needs of different types of websites we offer a wide range of web hosting Services.
We also offer higher-end solutions like semi dedicated, dedicated and cloud hosting.

SEO & Internet Marketing
Professional search engine optimization services in Pakistan. TAIBA
Creations have search engine specialist offering SEO Services of web
site to build up your corporate identity, increasing your product
presence across the world and make to stay ahead of your competition. If you are looking for
leadership status or maintaining your leadership status your search for web Optimization
Company ends here. High search engine ranking or high search engine positioning can be
achieved by strategic website promotion. TAIBA Creations is an international SEO firm to share
the power of information and advantage of knowledge by offering the best website promotion
strategy to give you optimization ROI (return on investment) for internet marketing.
Taiba Solutions
Taiba Solutions has emerged as one of the leading management
consultancy firm in Pakistan. Imparting Quality Consultancy and
training services for WRAP, SA 8000, ISO 9001-2008, 1SO 14000, OHSAS , GOTS, OE,
Oeko Tex, WAL-MART, SEARS etc.

Taiba Solutions was established with a commitment to develop a Relationship with its clients
through Quality. Taiba Solutions is managed by a vibrant & dynamic team of professionals. It
has served different sectors of the economy. Particularly to the industrial sector and successfully
achieve a pool of satisfied clients of varied economic background in Textiles Weaving, Textiles
Processing, Garments, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar.

With a rich background in all the industrial sectors, TAIBA Solution has been able to establish
itself within a short span of time. It has provided its expertise to Spinning, Textile Weaving,
Textile Processing, Hosiery Garments, Leather Garments, Ready Made Garments,
Pharmaceutical and Petroleum Industries.

Our Strength
Our experienced consultants, comprising of lead
Auditors who are highly Qualified & Experienced
are our strength. With several years of experience in
their respective fields, they understand all the
intricacies involved in the implementation of
WRAP, SA 8000, ISO 9001-2008, 1SO 14000,
SEARS etc.

Our group of professionals is equipped with the most modern techniques of communication
having conducted highly intensive courses according to the needs and requirement of the
Pakistan's Industries. Our training system is research based and we provide research oriented
solutions to the problems, according to the need and requirement of our clients.

TS assure you the application of Project management Techniques for timely and effective
implementations of all above quality and social standards in a
shortest possible time. We are only consultants in Pakistan who, on the request of client, can
provide, cost analysis benefit of all quality and social standards in their organization, so that
client itself can evaluate effectiveness of these systems.

Scope of Services
Developing, Implementing & maintaining of all quality and social standards we aim at
providing the most comprehensive Consulting & Training Services for the implementation of
WRAP, GOTS, SA 8000, ISO 9000, OE etc, Certification Programmed, which covers
Documentation, Implementation & Maintenance of Quality Management System and Social
Management System.

                  Undertake Pre-Audit Assessment for the readiness of Certifications. Audit
       undertakes Pre- Surveillance Assessment.

                  The specialty of Professional System Expert Provides service to our clients for
       the appropriate selection of Certification Body as per needs and requirements of the

               We offer various Training Courses during the implementation of Quality
       Management System & Social Management System in your organization.

       Training & One-Day Training Seminars On-Site:
       This training Programmed, offers all training seminars/workshops at the site
       of the client to provide a better understanding among the employees of the
       organization & also offers one day training
       seminars on various topics.

Working Strategy
Visit Schedule & Activity Plan
       After having the attached agreement signed, TS will send you a complete visiting
       schedule containing the details of deputed consultant, day, date and visits of your project
       from very first till the last. This document accompanied with the visit schedule gives you
       vital idea about the respective standard going to be applied on your facility. Read it by
       yourself and have it copied and distributed among your personnel's. The activity plan
       submitted to you by our deputed consultant highlights each and every activity required
       and the implement for successful certification of your project.

Weekly & Monthly Operational Report
       Our consultant at the end of his visit presents Weekly & Monthly activity report to MR or
       CEO to acknowledge the fulfillment or delays, if any. With this, you can get a clear
       overview regarding the progress of your project. You have to sign and put your remarks
       on this report.

       If you have the vision to make your business concern the best or make it profitable,
       then you should be ready for some change

       Implementing of QMS and SMS, means change. A drastic change, change for good
       which means the opening of new horizons for your business. However, this cannot be
       achieved without the appropriate education, training preparation & practices. The
       services of expert consultants, hence, become imperative. It has been observed that those
       companies, who tried to process the implementation of QMS & SMS without the
       assistance of an expert, end up making costly and time consuming errors. While the
       companies who had the expert hands on their sides were able to implement the new
       system more quickly with less problems. Therefore, it is advisable to have the expert help
       at your side before taking up a formidable task as the implementation of Quality
       Management System & Social Management System.

Quality & Social Management System
THE CONCEPT:               Quality is the watchword of today's world. It is the key to the
international market and to a prosperous future. As the world is changing rapidly, so are its rules.
What was irrelevant or unimportant, has acquired now a new dimension. Satisfying the customer
beyond his/her expectation is now the rule of the game. To achieve success it is necessary to
reach the customer at the right time and at the right place with the right product.
With the shrinking of the world into a global village and the
market overloaded with wide-ranging products, the customer
has a large variety before himself for choosing the right
product. He wants the best possible product at the most
competitive rates. He demands quality assurance from the

Introduced in 1987, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the new system
of quality management. It is to promote the development of common standards, testing &
certification. The new management system entails professionalism at all levels i.e organizational
structure, procedures, documentation & records, process control, proper resource allocation for
the production and other related departments that would directly affect product quality. The ISO
is now considered a symbol of Quality. It's the certification that ensures your entry into the
international market and the wining of international contracts. Those companies who are now
ISO certified are earning twice as much as compared to that of the average industry.

      The survival of future organizations is only possible by managing
       their systems efficiently and reducing the cost of their operations to
       be competitive locally and internationally.
      Provides international recognition to your products and confidence to
       international and local customers.
      The new system will improve the overall control of the management and will bring
       efficiency in the operations
      Improvement of quality, according to product specifications would be a value addition
       for your product.
      Development of a management system according to ISO ensures the involvement of all
      employees to get better understanding of one's, job descriptions and the fulfillment of
       their responsibilities according to the desired level
      Efficiency of all employees at all level will improve significantly.

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