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Computer, don’t quit your day job.

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Select options sheet for help Will: 1 Computer: 0

Background Player 1 Player 2 Win Arrow Edge Name 1: Name 2: Players: Will Computer 1

Win Comment Lose Comment Player Prompt Wins! Congratulations! idiot. is an , it's your go , You won! is a loser , make your move punk is the winner! didn't win s turn didn't lose. , you suck man… , it's your move is the better of themade some crap moves. two is waiting for Christmas… got lucky - this time… quit your day job. , don’t has a dumb opponent a dismal future… has is knighted "Sir Connect 4" has the intelligence of a peanut needs a brain transplant. has the brains of a really dumb thing. is severely unintelligent is intuallectually challenged obviously doesn’t know the rules of connect 4. is clueless. is skilled at losing.

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Computer Prompt computer's go computer's go computer's go computer's go waiting for Christmas…

w the rules of connect 4.

yond This Point

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