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Communication Items - Olympic College


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									November 27, 2007
                                                                  Community College District 3
                                                                    Kitsap & Mason Counties

                              Board of Trustee Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                   November 27, 2007
    5:00pm     Regular Board of Trustees Meeting, Olympic College, College Service Center,
               5th Floor Board Room, 1600 Chester Avenue, Bremerton, WA

    Chair Doug Sayan called the Board of Trustees Regular Meeting to order at 5:06 p.m.

    Board Members in Attendance:
    Pete Crane       Doug Sayan               Darlene Peters        Alice Tawresey
    Jim Robinson

    Others in Attendance:
    Cheryl Bateman, AAG
    David Mitchell, President
    Rick MacLennan, Vice President of Student Services
    Barbara Martin, Vice President of Administrative Services
    Randy Lawrence, Vice President of Instruction
    Allison Smith, Executive Assistant to the President
    Nat Hong, AHE President
    John Miller, Associate Editor of the Olympian
    Boni Dailey, WPEA President
    Leslie Miller, ASOC President
    Linda Hagan
    Rhodes Lockwood
    Mike Connolly
    John Mitchell
    Greg Rivers
    Eileen Arsenio
    Lorielle Hope
    Selena Ayers
    Kiki Ayers
    Michelle Cruver

    A. Communication Items
           1. Communication from the Public
              Linda Hagan, adjunct faculty addressed the Board regarding difficult issues
              facing adjunct faculty such as lack of office space, low salaries and
              unemployment compensation.
November 27, 2007
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               2. Report of ASOC
                    Leslie Miller reported:
                     Dialogue for Democracy
                     Student Organizers
                     Student Leadership Summit
                     Student Leadership Events – Halloween Town and Autumn Fest
A letter of gratitude was presented to ASOC from the Board of Trustees for 100% student
representation on the tenure committees.
               3. Report of the Chair of the Board
                    Chair Sayan expressed his pleasure on beginning his second term as Chair
                    of the Board.
               4. Report of the Board Members
                    Trustee Peters is happy with the work being accomplished between the
                    Shelton campus and the two Mason County Tribes. Trustee Crane attended
                    the OC Jazz Festival last Saturday and commended Teresa Frazier and Rick
                    White on coordinating a wonderful event. He also commented that the OC
                    Food Service coordinated the culinary service for the Smith Barney Grand
                    Opening and it was an impressive. Trustee Tawresey commented on her
                    ongoing work on the Baccalaureate opportunities for Kitsap County.
               5. Report of the President of the College
                    David Mitchell reported that he recently attended student forums on the
                    Shelton and Poulsbo campuses. He enjoyed spending the time with the
                    students and thought these were worthwhile events. In addition to spending
                    time with the students he learned about the concerns in Shelton around
                    information technology difficulties and Poulsbo’s transportation hardships.
               6. Olympic College Washington Public Employees Association
                    Boni Dailey reported:
                     Benefits Fair was successful
                     Labor Management meetings resolved the uniform policy for security
                     Labor Management now focusing on snow closure issues
                     One grievance settled
                     One disciplinary issue resolved
                     Mandatory contract training provided by Human Resources
                     Resolved supervisor’s overtime eligibility, however the settlement did not
                       include retroactive pay. OC, however, did agree to pay these back wages.
                     Chapter meeting scheduled at noon for December 4th
               7. College Association of Higher Education – Nat Hong reported:
                    November 1st Legislative Forum
                    Faculty are volunteering a great deal of time and effort to accreditation
                    Union passed new officer position for VP for Adjunct Affairs
                    Tuition waivers for college employees
                    United Faculty of Washington issues
                    WPEA hiring committee meeting
Trustee Tawresey will draft a letter of appreciation to students participating on tenure
committees and to the staff and faculty participating on the accreditation committees.
November 27, 2007
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           8. Report of the Olympic College Foundation
              Joan Hanten reported:
               Endowment accounts
               Foundation is partnering with UW Alumni Association & UW Tacoma to
                host the 5th annual KJC Winter Lecture “Cities and the Sound: Population
                Growth and the Impact on Urban Waters” at 1:00p.m. on February 24th in
                the Bremer Student Center
               The Communications Department’s accomplishments

           9. Presentation: Bremer Trustee John Mitchell presented the BOT with a
              $400,000 check. Bremer Trustee Mike Connolly made a public commitment
              for an additional $1million toward a Child Development Center. (Pete & Alice
              will meet w/ Bremer Trustee for short term task force to see how to best
              communicate with Bremer Trust and communicate it with the BOT)

     B. Consent Items
     Approval of the October 23, 2007, Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
     Chair Sayan asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Trustee Tawresey motioned
     for approval, and Trustee Robinson seconded the motion. The majority voted in favor of
     approval of the minutes.

     C. Study Session

     D. Action/Information Items

     1. Action Item: Olympic College Foundation Report of Tender of a Gift
     Alice Tawresey motioned for approval. Jim Robinson seconded the motion. The vote
     was unanimously in favor of the acceptance of the report of tender of a gift.

     2. Action Item: Sophia Bremer Child Development Center Matching Fund Report
     Alice Tawresey motioned for approval. Pete Crane seconded the motion. The vote
     was unanimously in favor of approving and naming of the Sophia Bremer Child
     Development Center Matching Fund Report. The Board of Trustees expressed sincere

     3. Action Item: Approval for Receipt of Bremer Trust Distributions
     Pete Crane motioned for approval. Darlene Peters seconded the motion. The vote
     was unanimously in favor of approving the Receipt of Bremer Trust Distributions.

     4. Information Item: Bremer Trust Distribution Financial Report
     Barbara Martin explained the Bremer Trust Distribution Financial Report to the Board of
     Trustees. This was accepted with gratitude by the Board as an information item.

     5. Action Item: Barner Property Acquisition
     Jim Robinson motioned for approval. Pete Crane seconded the motion. The majority
     voted in favor of the Barner Property Acquisition – four trustees in favor, one opposed.
November 27, 2007
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     6. Action Item: Tuition Waiver for Dependents of Qualified Veterans
     Alice Tawresey motioned for approval. Pete Crane seconded the motion. The vote
     was unanimously in favor of the Tuition waiver for dependents of qualified veterans.

     7. Action Item: Admission Fee for BSN
     Jim Robinson motioned for approval. Pete Crane seconded the motion. The vote was
     unanimously in favor of the Admission Fee for BSN to support the admission activities
     for nursing.

     8. Information item 8
     Pete Crane explained that the Vision Statement is still a work in progress and not ready
     to be brought to the Board at this time.

     9. Information item 9
     Doug Sayan explained the adjunct faculty study.

     9. Action Item: Bremer Trust Appreciation Resolution
     Jim Robinson motioned for approval. Darlene Peters seconded the motion. The vote
     was unanimously in favor of the Bremer Trust Appreciation Resolution.

E.   Executive Session
     There was an Executive Session to review the performance of a public employee. The
     board adjourned at 7:33 pm for 15 minutes. The meeting was reconvened at 7:50 p.m.
     executive session.

     E. Adjournment
     Chair Sayan adjourned the meeting at 7:53 p.m.

     This regular board meeting site is barrier free. Information for people with hearing or
     visual impairments may be provided by calling Access Services at 360-475-7540.

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