Agro-vet questionnaire by theganeshkarki


									Agro-vet survey form

Name:                                                               Date:

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1. Since how long have you been working in a Veterinary Practice?

a) 1 - 5 years                b) 5 -10 years              c) More than 10 years

2. Which animal species you work with?

a) Livestock                  b) Pets                     c) Both

3. What NSAID (painkiller) do you use commonly in your practice?

a) Diclofenac Sodium          b) Meloxicam                c) Other (Specify)

4. In which form do you prefer these drugs?

a) Injection                  b) Bolus                    c) Both

5. How long you have been using Diclofenac Sodium in your practice?

a) 5 years                    b) More than                c) Don't know

6. Which animal do you use Diclofenac Sodium for?

a) Domestic livestock         b) Pets                     c) Both

7. Have you noticed the decline in vulture population?

a) Yes                        b) No                       c) Don't know

8. Does it relate to introduction of Diclofenac Sodium?

a) Yes                        b) No                       c) Don't know

9. Have you heard about the new drug Meloxicam?

a) Yes                        b) No

10. If yes, have you used this drug?

a) Yes                        b) No

11. If yes, did you like the performance of this drug?

a) Yes                        b) No

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