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Celebrate the Holidays - Fairmount Southside Historic District


									 a P u b l i c at i o N   oF tHe   F a i r m o u N t N e i g H b o r H o o D a s s o c i at i o N
                                                                                D e c e m b e r / J a N u a r y 2 0 1 0 - 11
                                                                                           V o l u m e 2 9 , i s s u e 11

           • N at i o N a l H i s t o r i c D i s t r i c t •


                                                     the Holidays
                                                     Fairmount Holiday Party, Dec. 18

                                                                            House Styles
                                                                            Exploring Architecture

                                                                                  Home Tour
                                                                                  Preparations Begin


              Staff Box                    President’s Letter

                                                               ell, we did it; sort of. By the time the newsletter is delivered we
 Fairmount Neighborhood Association
            P.O. Box 12348                                     will have closed a contract to purchase 1405 Fairmount. Thanks
      Fort Worth, TX 76110-8348                                to numerous hours put in by Susan Harper and a great Fairmount
                                                 Restoration Committee, the Fairmount Neighborhood Association (FNA) saved
              Robert Wedding                     one of its most endangered houses. I hope everyone realizes what a huge accom-
               817.975.8040                      plishment this is and its impact. Please see Susan’s article for more information.
                                                     I cannot express how proud and impressed I am by the people in Fair-
                                                 mount that make things like saving a house possible. We have some true mov-
              Brenda Howell
              817.991.2834                       ers and shakers among our membership and the results of their influence is be-
                                                 ing felt, seen and admired throughout Fairmount. I am wonderfully optimistic
             Membership                          about the things to come in the next few years due to the confidence I have in
              Ricky Pike
             817.727.4577                        them and all the other residents in Fairmount and their abilities. The spirit in             our neighborhood and the willingness to overcome differences, work together
                 Finance                         and work toward a common goal is, in my opinion, very similar to the first set-
              Jane Wedding
                                                 tlers in the Plymouth colony who did the same and sparked the beginning of a
               817.913.9814             new nation. Our legacy will never be that of theirs, but the impact people have

               Administration                    when they care about their environment, both built and natural, and work to
                 Greg Taylor                     improve that environment, is just amazing. Although it’s corny, every time I
                817.734.3824         participate, witness, or hear about another improvement in Fairmount, I can’t
                                                 help singing the theme song to “The Jeffersons,” “Movin’ on Up.” Change the
            Stacy Luecker                        lyrics from East Side to South Side and it fits perfectly!
                                                     The members and residents of Fairmount have much to be proud of, much
                                                 to laud themselves over and much to thank their neighbors for. 2010 has been
                  Sean Lynch                     an eventful year. We’ve lost some treasured residents and friends, seen some
                 817.879.0089                    come back after short and long absences, and seen a wonderful influx of new
                                                 blood into our neighborhood and membership. I’m especially impressed with
                Public Safety
                                                 the new board and all the positive impact they have already had on our neigh-
                 Geri Cotten
                817.926.6507                     borhood association. Please be sure to thank them for their time and effort.
                                                                    I’d like to encourage our residents who aren’t yet members
          Historic Preservation                                 of the neighborhood association to join this coming year. We are
               Sue McLean
               817.924.6100                                     only as strong as our diversity, and the more members we have                          the more diverse and the stronger we will be. Please contribute
                 ***                                            your talents and time to help Fairmount continue to be the BEST
        Article submissions
                                                                neighborhood in Fort Worth.

           Newsletter advertising                    On the Cover
                                            Kelly (left) and Jason Bowden, Fair-
                                            mount residents, prepare for the holi-
 Fairmount is on Facebook.                  days. The Bowdens will host the Fair-
        JOIN US!                            mount Holiday Party. See more page 6.
                                                                                         Robert Wedding, President
                                                         Photo by Eric Luecker 

USA National Register of Historic Places

The Fairmount Beat                                                by Joel Stary, neighborhood patrol officer

Is parking a vehicle across the sidewalk                                                       I just want to make sure that everyone is
and blocking that sidewalk illegal?                           Joel Stary                       on the same page. 
                                                          Cell: 817.944.1316                        In the last newsletter it stated that
Sec. 22-178.                                             Office: 817.392.3610                  you will be fined for doing this and that
Stopping, standing and parking prohib-                    Code Enforcement is going to be enforc-
ited in certain places.                                                                        ing this policy.
                                                   a different length is indicated by signs
(a) Except when necessary to avoid con-                                                             Code Enforcement does have the
                                                   or markings;
flict with other traffic, or in compliance                                                     right to issue citations for this, but typi-
                                                   g. Alongside or opposite any street
with law or the directions of a police of-                                                     cally the police will respond and make the
                                                   excavation or obstruction when stop-
ficer or official traffic-control device, no                                                   decision to issue citations when parking
                                                   ping, standing or parking would ob-
person shall:                                                                                  violations are called in.  We do have dis-
                                                   struct traffic;
(1) Stop, stand or park a vehicle:                                                             cretion with regard to issuing parking
                                                   h. Upon a bridge or other elevated          citations, just as we do with traffic cita-
    a. At any place where official signs
                                                   structure upon a highway or within a        tions.
    prohibit stopping;
                                                   highway tunnel; or
    b. On the roadway side of any vehicle                                                           However, if you have been ap-
                                                   i. On any railroad track                    proached by a police officer or code
    stopped or parked at the edge or curb
                                                                                               enforcement officer and been warned
    of a street;
                                                     As you can see from the excerpt tak-      not to park on the sidewalk, then a cita-
    c. On a sidewalk;
                                               en from the Fort Worth city ordinances,         tion will be issued if the problem persists. 
    d. Within an intersection;
                                               the answer to the question is yes it is il-          I hope that this clears up any ques-
    e. On a crosswalk;
                                               legal to park a vehicle on a sidewalk or to     tions regarding this matter and/or any
    f. Between a safety zone and the ad-
                                               block a sidewalk with a parked vehicle.  I      frustrations related to this issue. If you
    jacent curb or within thirty (30) feet
                                               know that this issue has been discussed         have further questions or concerns, please
    of points on the curb immediately op-
                                               in the neighborhood for several years and       do not hesitate to contact me.
    posite the ends of a safety zone, unless

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program                                                    by Joel Stary, neighborhood patrol officer

    Program aims to keep                              Phases include: An eight hour
                                                class for owners/staff taught by at-
                                                                                              ing criminal activity to take place on
                                                                                              the property.
    illegal activity                            torneys, police and fire personnel,                The program has a built in Crime
    off rental property                         inspection of the rental property to          Free Lease Addendum that is recog-
                                                assess physical security and gener-           nized by the  local courts  and legal
                                                al  appearance and crime prevention           once the property has completed the
         The Crime Free Multi-Housing           social.                                       three phases of the program. 
    Program (CFMH) began in Mesa, Ar-                 A large part of the success of               The lease addendum holds all ten-
    izona in July, 1992. The specific goal      this program is that property owners,         ants responsible for their actions and
    of the program was to combat crime          managers and staff are taught how to          the actions of others that they allow
    infested apartment properties.              combat crime through securing the             on the property.
         The program was so success-            property properly and being able to                  We are seeing crime reduction
    ful that it spread across the United        recognize what could be illegal activ-        on all properties within the city of
    States and Canada very quickly.  It is      ity.                                          Fort Worth that have been certified
    now an international program run in               Another major component is              through this program. 
    many different countries.                   that these individuals are able to                 If you or someone one you know
         The  CFMH program is a three-          take control of their properties by           is interested in having a property
    phase certification program for rent-       understanding the civil statutes that         certified please contact NPO Officer
    al properties of all sizes, including       are needed to evict a  tenant that is         Mark Russell at 817.991.8472. His
    single family rental homes.                 involved in criminal activity or allow-       office is located at 1289 Hemphill St.

                                                                                          Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

                              Citizen Theater coming to Fairmount
                                                                                   by Sue McLean, Director of Historic Preservation

     James Johnson and Amy McNutt                                                         and Spiral Diner desserts.
of Spiral Diner fame have announced                  For more information                      Ticket prices will be comparable to
groundbreaking in the spring on Magno-        visit the Citizen Theater website           those at first-run movie theaters.
lia between 7th and Fairmount Avenues                    Opening is expected in late 2011,
for The Citizen Theater.                                                                  and since this will be an independent
     The Citizen will be a two-screen art    Fairmount has some control over what         theater, not a chain with deep pockets,
house theater with the same genre of         the building will look like. After a meet-   investors are still needed.
movies that the Angelica in Dallas shows.    ing with Amy, we were very pleased with           See the Citizen Theater website for
They will also have midnight cult films      their ideas for an art deco style building   more information at http://thecitizenthe-
and retrospective series which would fea-    at the street with parking in back. They As soon as the design plans are
ture an afternoon of back-to-back movies     will also be getting access to more nearby   finalized they will be available for view-
of one certain theme, director or actor.     parking.                                     ing online.
Jack Panzeca will be the Citizen’s cinema         Architect Joe Self of Firm 817 is the        Show your support now by signing
consultant.                                  building designer, with interiors by Kara    up as a Facebook Fan. The Citizen also
     Because the location is a part of the   Keith (interior designer of The Usual).      has an online blog at http://thecitizenthe-
Fairmount Southside Historic District,            The theater will serve beer and wine

USA National Register of Historic Places

                                                                      by Jane Wedding, Director of Finance

                                               cake that adorned the dessert table pro-                      Halloween
                                               vided anyone who chose to partake with a            Mother Nature cooperated marvel-
                                               little slice of chocolate heaven. Live music   ously and provided an excellent Halloween
                                               wafted through the home courtesy of vo-        this year. The weather was perfect — cool
                                               calists who played an acoustic guitar and      with just enough wind to blow the leaves
                                               stand-up bass. There were small tables         around. Highlights of the evening includ-
                                               throughout the home which provided in-         ed the costumes of the Gulde family who
             Fabulous party                    timacy for small groups and also made it       dressed as characters from Alice in Won-
     The social season in Fairmount kicked     easy for guests to drift around and mingle.    derland. Dad was the Mad Hatter, mom
off with a splendid party that was held on           The Fairmount Neighborhood Asso-         was the Queen of Hearts, their daughter
Oct. 23 at the home of Kelly and Jason         ciation Holiday Party will be held at the      was Alice, their son was the White Rabbit
Bowden. Many a guest was impressed             Bowden home Saturday, Dec. 18. And al-         and the baby was the Cheshire Cat. The
with the beautiful decorating of the home,     though there will be many excellent par-       White Rabbit even recited some lines from
especially when considering the fact that      ties thrown in neighborhood this holiday       the story, “I’m late! I’m late....”
the Bowden’s had just moved into their         season, the neighborhood holiday party              Lynda and Martin Dahl thrilled trick-
new home in September. Guests were             is “the” social event of the season. The       or-treaters passing by their home on Hen-
asked to bring wine and appetizers to          Bowden’s home is destined to become            derson with flaming pumpkins. Martin
share, and what a bounty it was. Some of       one of the crown jewels of the neighbor-       meticulously carved lots of pumpkins.
the more delectable culinary delights were     hood, so don’t miss your chance to see         And during the evening he periodically
a pizza topped with tomatoes, basil and        this beautiful home — one that is such a       placed one on a pedestal and then set it
goat cheese and bowl full of perfectly deli-   fine example of a historic tribute.            aflame. A truly spooktacatular sight to
cious homemade guacamole. A chocolate                            DDD                          behold!

                                                                                          Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict
                              Party TIME

                        JOIN JASON AND KELLY BOWDEN
                               Saturday, Dec. 18, 6-9 p.m. — 1714 S. Henderson St.
                                                      BYOB and Potluck
by Tabitha Tow Burns

          airmount is gearing up for the annual neigh-
          borhood holiday party, and this is especially
          true for the 2010 party hosts, Jason and Kelly
          Bowden. The Bowdens are known for their
fabulous parties and their hosting savoir-faire and the
neighborhood will surely benefit from this year’s prepa-
rations. When asked about what inspires them during
the holidays, Kelly said, “[We] love décor at Christmas
time. We appreciate Christmas trees in all of our rooms
and wreaths on every window. We really enjoy decorat-
ing and entertaining at the holidays.” With five bed-
rooms upstairs and just as many rooms downstairs, the
Bowden house is sure to be a treat for the senses during
the holidays.
     Be sure to attend the Fairmount Holiday Party. The
party will be held at 1714 S. Henderson St., Saturday,
Dec. 18 from 6-9 p.m. All Fairmount Neighborhood As-
sociation (FNA) members are welcome. Admission is a
$10 donation at the door which will be donated to char-
     Please bring a potluck dish to share and a beverage
of your choice. Also, remember to bring money to renew
your membership dues which end in December, or sign
up if you are not a member. Membership is $15 per indi-
vidual and $20 per family. Cash or checks are welcome.
     For more membership information or to download                                                             Photo by Eric Luecker
the membership application, click the Join Us link on      Kelly (left) and Jason Bowden, Fairmount residents, decorate for the holidays.
the FNA website at              The Bowdens will host the Fairmount holiday party Dec. 18.

Holiday Decorating Contest
      Let Fairmount shine this holiday season by decorating the outside of
                                                                                    Santa in the Park
                                                                                    Santa will arrive in Fairmount Park,
 your home in your own unique style.
                                                                                 (north of Allen Avenue between 5th and Henderson)
      Judging will be the night of Sunday, Dec. 19.
      The winner will receive Yard of the Month for January and a $35                Saturday, Dec. 11, 3-4:30 p.m.
 gift certificate from CC’s Touch of Nature. Photos of the winner will be          The event is free for all neighborhood children.
 available online following judging at                     Children may visit with Santa and light
                                                                                     refreshments will be provided. JOIN US!
USA National Register of Historic Places

                                    FNA General Meeting Minutes
                                                Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010
Call to Order 7:05                           in new friendships and activities for resi-           possible. The next neighborhood so-
                                             dents.                                                cial is Wednesday November 17th at
New members: new members repre-                                                                    Park Place Pharmacy.
senting Henderson, Sixth, College and         Reports from Directors
Washington streets were introduced.          1. Ricky (Membership) — working on               Other: Susan (Restoration Committee)
Welcome!                                         the Christmas party details (Dec.            — the Committee offered a contract on
                                                 18, location TBA). Thanks to Paul            the Hurley property (2Br, 1B). The city
Safety and Cleanup: Joel Stary                   Allen for the coffee, and thanks to          cannot legally rescind their decision to
Joel asked members to let him know               all who brought food last month.             demolish the property, but they have
what topics should be included for his       2. Jane (Finance) — discussion oc-               indicated that they will work to give us
newsletter columns next year                     curred regarding budget changes as           time to stabilize the property and save
(                   identified on the distributed budget.        it from demolition. We have received a
                                                 Motion to approve budget by Susan            quote to stabilize “watertight” the build-
Crime stats are up, as seen in the e-mail        Harper, second by Patti Randle. Ap-          ing and prevent further water damage.
Joel sent out earlier in the month. Vehi-        proved.                                      The HCI grant is not yet fully developed,
cle burglary continues to be a problem,      3. Greg (Administration) — request-              but is actively in process. A possible clos-
with restaurant parking lots a favorite          ed help identifying neighbors who            ing date is Nov. 12.
target.                                          might provide a short presentation
                                                 during meetings about interesting            Presentations
Joel wants to get business owners to-            hobbies, experiences, activities, tal-       •	 Donna Latta, representing Safe-
gether (as Paul Paine is doing) to address       ents, etc.                                       haven, conducted a presentation
crime and crime prevention concerns.         4. Geri (Public Safety) — HEAT pro-                  about her work against bullying.
Joel anticipates more walk-through ac-           gram is available to put stickers on             Safehaven offers shelter to victims
tivity in the neighborhood resulting from        cars that give police permission to              of abuse; and Donna speaks to edu-
services offered to the homeless (food           stop the car during specified hours              cators, counselors and children in
distribution, etc.) via organizations on         to verify that the individual driving            local schools about bullying.
Hemphill. Joel reminded attendees that           it has permission to do so.                  •	 Nikki Cheek from St. Paul Lutheran
if a person appears suspicious, call it      5. Sean (Infrastructure) — look at the               Church provided a short presenta-
in to 911 to ensure a faster response.           website for information about up-                tion asking how Fairmount would
Robert added that the FNA has been               coming projects. Allen Ave cleanup               like to see the church get involved
approached by a church organization to           will be performed in November be-                in the community. What kind of
speak with the board concerning their            fore Thanksgiving. Daffodils will be             outreach would we like to see with
NEZ application for a building to house          planted along Allen in the next few              respect to the church and the com-
a food/clothing center, dental clinic and        weeks (what a sight that will be in              munity?
other services.                                  the spring!).
                                             6. Stacy (Communications) — the next             A baked goods sale, coordinated by Patti
Announcements                                    newsletter is the combined Novem-            Randle and benefitting the Tarrant Area
Halloween decorating contest — 25                ber/December issue. Please submit            Food Bank, netted $144 for the Food
houses were worthy of note! Winner               articles and pictures — make the             Bank. Add the $25 raised last month,
was 2216 Hurley. 2nd place was 2231              newsletter a real reflection of the          plus an anonymous donation of $50, and
5th, and 3rd place was 2212 Lipscomb.            neighborhood! Since this issue will          that brings the total to $219. Add to that
Our Director of Marketing and his wife,          be delivered to every home in the            180 pounds of donated food, and Fair-
Ricky and Ann Pike, won an Honorable             neighborhood, please contact Rob-            mount has provided about 1300 meals
Mention (as board member, Ricky could            ert if you would like to assist in the       to hungry people in our area. Thanks
not be considered for an award). Con-            delivery.                                    to Patti for her work coordinating the
gratulations to all, and sincere thanks to   7. Sue (Historic Preservation) - Citizen         event, thanks to Jerry for acting as auc-
everyone who participated in making our          Theater is planning construction of          tioneer, thanks to all who donated the
neighborhood a little more fun!                  an art house theatre on Fairmount            wonderful baked goods, and thanks to
                                                 and Magnolia, and will show films            those who generously bid on the bake
A reminder to everyone to leave their            similar to the Angelica Theater genre        sale items.
porch lights on, and to report streetlight       in Dallas (www.thecitizenstheater.
outages.                                         com). The Landmarks Commission               Jerry gave out restaurant gift card door
                                                 has granted approval for new com-            prizes from National Night Out, and
Sally announced a Fairmount family ac-           posite porch flooring material to be         plants and eggs from this month’s regu-
tivity (see for more infor-           used on historical houses. Quarles           lar door prizes.
mation) that currently consists of meet-         Lumber can provide treated lumber
ing on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. to            for porches as an alternative.               Meeting adjourned 8:15
enjoy a walk around Fairmount. This          8. Brenda (Promotions) — please pro-
type of networking can grow and result           mote the neighborhood whenever

                                                                                           Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

                                      FNA Board Meeting Minutes
                                                      Tuesday, Nov. 2

    Present: Geri C, Brenda H, Sean L,           January, but will have to verify.        1516 Hemphill — 1st Presbyterian has
    Sue M, Ricky P, Greg T, Jane W, Rob-         Dates for 2011 Code Blue classes         received authorization to operate a

                                             •	 Discussion of contacting Joel
    ert W Unavailable: Stacy L                   will have to be placed in the next       food/clothing donation/handout cen-
                                                 newsletter.                              ter that will also offer dental care and
    Advisory Committee: Mickey B, Fred
                                                                                          legal advice. It will not be a shelter. 1st
    H, Patti R
                                                 Stary to discuss how to recognize        Presbyterian representatives will meet
    Call to Order 7:00                           or characterize increase in petty        with Robert and other board members
    Approve minutes of last meeting              crime due to food handout activ-         to discuss their plans. The Board’s
    Motion to approve: Sue M                     ity by organizations on Hemp-            discussion centered around impact
    Second: Ricky P                              hill. Are crime stats available as       of traffic and people in the neighbor-
    Approved                                     a benchmark? Can we correlate            hood, and how the church is prepared
                                                 criminal activity with days on           to address issues with the operation.

    •	 $19,629 in checking, $9,677 in        •	 No report
    Director’s Reports                           which handouts occur?                    Fred H. has volunteered to draft a let-
    Finance (Jane W)                         Communications (Stacy L)                     ter notifying the Presbyterian Synod of

                                             •	 no report
                                                                                          the Board’s concerns with the center.
        savings, $15,253 in CD. No out-      Membership (Ricky P)                         Need to ensure that we have visibility

                                             •	 Allen St. clean up this Saturday
        standing bills. Income 9/1 to                                                     when other future organizations have

    •	 Consider for future activity to re-
        10/31= $1,949.59, expenses =         Infrastructure (Sean L)                      plans to develop similar operations.

                                             •	 Park adoption plans progressing
                                                 (Nov. 6)                                 New Business

    •	 Will establish a separate account
        quest from IRS change in fiscal                                                   Newsletter delivery — need volunteers
        reporting year.                          — working with city to address           to help with the neighborhood-wide

                                             •	 Getting bids from local residents
                                                 issues. Still need to address irriga-    distribution. Robert has volunteered
        for use by Restoration Commit-           tion issues.                             to coordinate activity.
        tee to account for all co-mingled

    •	 Discussion of FNA member who
        funds (BCI, etc).                        for park upkeep                          Signs — will need to order enough
    Administration (Greg T)                                                               signs (Meeting and Trash Collection
                                             Old Business                                 signs) — two per board member.
        requested opportunity to speak at    1405 Fairmount — earnest money               Patti Randle, Dana Burgdoff (Ass’t Di-
        a general membership meeting,        deposited, closing set for Nov. 19.          rector Planning/Dev. for Fort Worth)
        and was decided that request was     Approval to receive funding from             and Mistletoe Heights representatives

    •	 Additional Interesting Fairmount
        for an issue not germane to the      HCI verified, but details are still to       will meet to discuss why it appears
        mission of the FNA.                  be worked out. Suggested profit split,       that the city has made decisions that
                                             should there be any profit, is 50/50.        appear to prefer demolition of proper-
        Familiars speakers identified.       Working on getting volunteers to help        ties rather than attempts to preserve
    Historic Preservation (Sue M)            clean house perimeter and garage area.       them.
    •	 1407 Lipscomb: 2-story 3-car ga-
        rage                                 Christmas Party — Kelly and Jason            House Colors — discussion of pos-
    •	 1409 Henderson: removing origi-       Bowden (1714 Henderson) have vol-            sible need to address regulating house
        nal front door                       unteered to host party. Date set for         paint colors in neighborhood, similar
    •	 1908 Fairmount: new 2-story           Dec. 18, 6 to 9 p.m. Board will sup-         to regulating construction. Could be

    •	 Identification of magazines for
        house and 2-story 3-car garage       ply meat. BYOB and pot luck for all          accomplished by simple approval of
    Promotion (Brenda H)                     other. Admission price of $10, mem-          color, or by dissemination of approved
                                             bers only — proceeds will be given to        color palette. At minimum, need to
        Home Tour advertising is under-      College Ave. Baptist Church. Decided         ensure that Fairmount Historic Preser-

    •	 Suggestions needed for Yard Of
        way, but finding how to advertise    against a silent auction. Will need to       vation Committee is available to assist
        in them is difficult.                verify if blackjack (tables and dealers)     owners with identifying historically

    •	 Discussion of replacing Yard of
                                             is a possibility. Door prizes will require   appropriate colors. Need to specifical-
        The Month.                           donations. Suggestion to have a piano        ly address houses with unpainted brick
                                             player, and perhaps an individual to         — perhaps sending a letter to owners
        the Month in December with rec-      act as DJ. Discussion of need to arrive      of such houses about not painting
        ognition of seasonal decorations.    early to setup.                              brick.
        Will advertise that we will have a

    •	 Possible Code Blue class before
        decorating contest.                  Home Tour — Chelsea Thorton and              Motion to adjourn — Sean L.
    Public Safety (Geri)                     Ashley Paz have agreed to act as direc-      Second — Brenda H.

USA National Register of Historic Places

Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

                                            Fairmount Plumbing
                                                Remodel, Renovation
                                                & Repair Specialists
                                                   Backflow Certified
                                                     Gene Forman M6144
                                                     Office: 817.268.2323
                                                    Mobile: 817.975.8366
                                                No extra charge for Saturday.

USA National Register of Historic Places

Neighborhood food drive deemed success
by Patti Randle                                                                         170 pounds of food donated to the Tar-
                                                                                        rant Area Food Bank. These generous
Community project                                                                       gifts will provide about 1,300 meals for
provides approximately                                                                  hungry folks in our area during the holi-
1,300 meals to families                                                                 day season.
                                                                                             As always, Fairmount residents
     During October and November, the                                                   showed their generosity and dedication
Fairmount Neighborhood Association                                                      to the community. Thank you to every-
sponsored a food drive to benefit the                                                   one who participated.
Tarrant Area Food Bank.                  home-baked goods for the cake auction.
     At the October membership meet-     Susan Harper brought home-made fudge
ing, neighbors attending donated 85      sauce, complete with ice cream and Ca-            Food Drive Approx.
pounds of food and $25 cash. Drop-off    ryl Catalde provided a clever wine cake,
locations were available at Old Home     a great bottle of merlot on a cake plate.           Results
Supply, Old Neighborhood Grill, Finn          Jerry Hawkins, our auctioneer, did a                                 Meals
McCool’s and 1208 W. Magnolia Build-     fabulous job of getting the bids up, and
ing. Our sincere thanks to these good    $165 was raised for the Food Bank from                          $240
neighbors for assisting in this worthy   the auction.                                                    Cash
cause.                                        An anonymous gift of $50, addition-           170 lbs
     At the November meeting, Jane       al food brought to the meeting and food
Wedding, Jerry Hawkins, Shirley Gober,   collected from the drop-off locations re-
Ashley Paz and Patti Randle brought      sulted in a grand total of $240 cash and

                                                                       Special Individualized
                                                                               Academic Language Therapy
                                                                                 (Dyslexia Reading Intervention)
                                                                                     Reading Comprehension
                                                                                       Multi-Sensory Math
                                                                               Study Skills and Organization

                                                                                          Tutoring with Sarah
                                                                                          always focuses on
                                                                                          the learning needs
                                                                                          of the individual

                                                                          Sarah Longsworth Moore, CALT

                                                                                     Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

  Twelve days                                                          of holiday cheer

by Tabitha Tow Burns
     Welcome Fairmountians to my new          seasonal diversion, let Tab’s favorites set   On the third day of Christmas my
column featuring things to eat, see and       to the “12 Days of Christmas” be your         true love sent to me…Jolly Saint
do in Fort Worth. I love to get out and       guide.                                        Nick on Main Street.
about, so I’ll highlight new restaurants,                                                   Come downtown for a special visit with
upcoming events and items of interest for     On the first day of Christmas my              jolly old Saint Nick on Main Street in Sun-
the greater downtown area, including the      true love sent to me…a red-nosed              dance Square. Bring your Christmas list
Near Southside and the Upper West Side.       reindeer who sings!                           and Santa will have a surprise waiting.
And how lucky we are, since December is       Experience the tale of Rudolph and                    Santa in Sundance Square
a great time to begin.                        friends as the beloved stop-motion clas-             Nov. 27-Dec. 19 (Weekends)
     For me, the holidays bring the beau-     sic soars from the TV screen to the Casa                     817.255.5700
ty of Advent, sparkling decor and lots        Mañana stage in this live-action world      
— and lots of family. Now, in the inter-      premier.
est of the one who brought me into this                 Casa Manana Presents                On the fourth day of Christmas my
world — I’d like to issue a disclaimer           “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”           true love sent to me…western trees
before I dive into my usual tongue-in-                       Dec. 12-19                     with cowgirls plenty!
cheek humor. Family is great. I love my                3101 W. Lancaster Ave.               The trees are thematic and reflect the
family, and I’m lucky to be surrounded                          five categories of honorees in the Hall of
with wonderful loved ones. But even hap-                                                    Fame. Additionally — local schools are
py families have their, shall we say, light   On the second day of Christmas                also decorating trees with patriotic, holi-
drama — and some folks have full soap         my true love sent to me...log cab-            day and western themes.
operas. Anyone who’s been told that your      ins, dreidels, and pioneer wreaths!              The National Cowgirl Museum and
bourbon-soaked uncle is “resting” (even       Enjoy holiday music, string popcorn and       Hall of Fame — Christmas Tree Exhibit
though his Navy tattoo reads ‘Born to         cranberries, spin the dreidel and more!                       Dec. 10-31
Party’) knows that conversation can turn      We even expect St. Nicholas to make an                       1720 Gendy
ugly without a few diversions. This arti-     appearance. No reservations required.           
cle is for you, diversion seekers, in hopes   Cost is regular Village admission plus a $2
that your holidays be joyous and drama-       craft fee to make a punched tin ornament.     On the fifth day of Christmas my
free. With Handel’s Messiah at Bass Hall                Holidays at the Hearth              true love sent to me…lots of spar-
and A Candlelight Christmas in Ryan                       at Log Cabin Village              kling lights to see!
Place, occurring early in December, what                        Dec. 18                     Ride the T to see spectacular light dis-
do you do for the next 24 days? Whether              2100 Log Cabin Village Ln.             plays in Fort Worth neighborhoods. Ad-
you’re looking for seasonal cheer or a                     mission includes tour, photos with Santa,
                                                                                            refreshments and family fun!

USA National Register of Historic Places
      The T’s Annual Light Tour              This holiday musical returns to the Ju-             Texas Ballet Theater presents
              Dec. 11-12                     bilee stage for the first time in several                 “The Nutcracker”
 Tours depart from Stockyards Station        years with the original music audiences                      Dec. 10-24
            817.215.8645                     have grown to love. “God’s Trombones”            (matinee and evening performances)
                                             is a musical celebration that will lift your                817.763.0207
On the sixth day of Christmas my             spirits and rock your soul.                
true love sent to me…a polka band                     Jubilee Theatre presents
with jingling beats.                                    “God’s Trombones”                   On the 11th day of Christmas my
Denton’s Grammy-winning nuclear pol-                          Dec. 2-26                     true love sent to me…Sinatra done
ka band brings its famed holiday show                     506 Main Street                   “Vegas style” on New Year’s Eve.
back to McDavid Studio, where the band                     Jubilee Theater                  “Come Fly With Me,” “My Kind of
will jingle your bells with unique takes                    Town,” “Strangers In The Night” — all
on classic yuletide anthems, as well as a                                                   these hits and more will be a part of the
sleigh full of original Christmas tunes.     On the ninth day of Christmas                  classiest New Year’s Eve in town. This
  Brave Combo Holiday Extravaganza           my true love sent to me…season’s               concert is the perfect way to ring in the
   Performance to be held in McDavid         greetings from UNT.                            New Year.
         Studio, 301 East 5th St.            Get into the seasonal spirit with Holidays             A New Year’s Eve Tribute
          Friday, Dec. 10, 8 p.m.            with the One O’Clock, the annual holiday-                   to Ol’ Blue Eyes
                   music bash hosted by the One O’Clock           
                                             Lab Band, the University of North Texas’                 Friday, Dec. 31, 8 p.m.
On the seventh day of Christmas              acclaimed jazz ensemble.
my true love sent to me…Scrooge,                 Holidays with the One O’Clock              On the 12th day of Christmas my
Tim, and ghosts of three!                      Performance to be held in McDavid            true love sent to me…a celebration
This is a musical version of Charles Dick-            Studio, 301 East 5th St.              of the epiphany!
ens’ classic tale. Scrooge discovers the              Friday, Dec. 17, 8 p.m.               Come see a grand musical celebration
true meaning of Christmas as he interacts                         with origins dating back to the 16th cen-
with ghostly messengers of the past, pres-                                                  tury. The festival celebrates the visit of the
ent, and what is yet to come!                On the 10th day of Christmas my                Wise Men to the infant Jesus, the power
   A Christmas Carol at Scott Theater        true love sent to me…toys, ballet              of goodness triumphing over evil, and the
  Fort Worth Community Arts Center           and Tchaikovsky.                               blessings of the New Year. Reserved seat-
               Dec. 17-22                    Bring in the holiday season with Clara         ing $12, general admission seating is free.
             817.737.KIDS                    and her magical nutcracker prince as                              Jan. 8-9
                      they embark on a thrilling adventure.                (performances at 3 and 5 p.m.)
                                             Stunning costumes, dazzling sets and re-              University Christian Church
On the eighth day of Christmas               markable dancing to holiday music make                  2720 S. University Drive
my true love sent to me…a holiday            the nutcracker a favorite family tradi-                       817.926.6631
musical from the Jubilee!                    tion.                                   

                                                                                        Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

Operation Porch Light
                     The Fairmount Neighborhood Association is             makes it safer for our residents to walk and exercise in
                launching Operation Porch Light once again during the      the evenings despite the early sunsets.
                winter months.                                                   Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light
                     We would like to encourage all residents to install   bulbs use 75 percent less energy than a regular incan-
                energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs in your porch        descent bulb and can last 10 times longer.
                lights and leave them on all night long.                         So, please turn on your porch lights at dusk and
                     According to crime prevention statistics, increased   leave them on until the next morning.
                lighting reduces both petty and serious crimes by as             Let’s all make Fairmount a brighter, safer place to
                much as 60 percent. Furthermore, increased lighting        live.

  Interior and Exterior Painting
        Looking for a professional painter
         for that small or large project?
       I spend more time prepping than painting.
       Excellent references in the neighborhood.
                    Jose Solis
      A painter you can communicate with.                              See your potential. Create your results. SM

USA National Register of Historic Places

                                                                                 Outside Your
                                                                                  Old House
                                                                          by Susan Harper
                                                                               With any luck it’s beginning to look a lot like
                                                                          Christmas. The kind we like — lots of Christmas lights
                                                                          and short sleeves!
                                                                               By now all your leaves should be raked and
                                                                          mulched or bagged and gone. Your perennials are all
                                                                          snug in their mulched beds for the winter. If you plant-
                                                                          ed fall crops, you should still be harvesting spinach
                                                                          and lettuce, carrots and parsnips. For gardeners, this
                                                 Photo by Nan Miller
                                                                          is the season to browse the seed catalogs and choose
Left to right: Yoshie Ichihara, Gloria Moraes and Clemilde Castro dur-
ing a recent visit to Fort Worth as part of a Friendship Force Interna-   next years annuals. I’m especially partial to Burpee’s
tional cultural exchange with Belem, Brazil.                              and Park’s Seeds for all the extra information they give
                                                                          you. Bluestone Perennials is a wonderful source for
Program provides international exchange                                   plants you might not find in local nurseries that thrive
     Nan Miller recently hosted three guests from Belem and Rio de        well with minimal water. And White Flower Farms and
Jainero, Brazil in her home at 2221 6th Ave.                              Wayside are catalogs to aspire to.
     Gloria, Clemilde and Yoshie visited downtown, the Stockyards              If you didn’t get larkspur seedlings last year and
and Cultural District and took day trips to Dallas and Granbury.          want some for spring, let me know in January or Feb-
Texas cowboys impressed the ladies, but they also enjoyed Nan’s spa-      ruary. That’s the best time to transplant. Throw an old
cious historic home. All are members of local chapters of Friendship      sheet or light-weight blanket over your semitropicals
Force International (FFI).                                                — the Plumbago and Hibiscus when it freezes and you
     The organization’s mission is to promote world peace by better       can often pull them thru the winter. If it’s a dry winter,
understanding other cultures, and thousands of week-long exchanges        water your beds on the warmer sunny days to keep the
have occurred during FFI’s 35 year history.                               roots happy.
     Nan has hosted numerous international guests since the Fort               And don’t forget the birds. Once the flush of fall
Worth club began in 1986. You may have noticed the club’s Inter-          harvest is over, they’ll be grateful for the seed and suet
national Garden recently installed in Bluebonnet Circle which com-        you put out. They also need fresh water.
memorates each of the exchanges to Fort Worth.                                 Enjoy the season! See you in the garden next
     For more information on the program, visit             spring.

     The Old Home Supply House
                         SPECIALIZING IN
 Old Doors • Period Door Hardware • Clawfoot Bathtubs • Pedestal Sinks
           Faucets • Mantels • Light Fixtures • Old Moldings
                                     SERVICES INCLUDE
          Custom Polishing • Rewiring Lights • Glass Cutting • Friendly Advice
                      1801 College Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76110                                           Ralph W. Watterson
                       Ph: 817.927.8004 •

           “Fort Worth’s Renovation Headquarters”
                                                                                   Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

December Yard of the Month                                                                 by Tabitha Tow Burns

1921 S. Henderson                                                                                        Photo by Edward Mayfield

     Congratulations to December Yard        two lovely white crepe myrtles that flow-     been replaced with rosemary, cyclamen
of the Month winners, Bill and Sallie        er throughout the summer and frame            and pansies. Accenting the front yard is
Gerhart, at 1921 S. Henderson. The Ger-      the house year-round. Along the porch,        a delightful old wheelbarrow filled with
harts, former residents of Fort Worth’s      mounding dwarf Indian Hawthorns yield         more vinca and a spreading ground cover.
West Side, purchased their new construc-     beautiful pink flowers in the spring. In      A row of showy yellow rose bushes bloom
tion home in 2009 after many years of        celebration of fall color, vibrant mums       on the south side of the house all summer
admiring the neighborhood.                   line the front steps and the sidewalk in      and offer waves of pastel petunias flowing
     The Gerharts’ four children all live    containers. These replaced the summer-        over the retaining wall.
nearby or in the neighborhood, but the       friendly petunias that previously flowered         With beautiful seasonal color the
true home owner is Baby Kitty. He is         in the same place.                            Gerharts (and Baby Kitty) offer a fine ex-
master of all he surveys and wanders ran-         The front porch is covered on the        ample of year-round gardening, and the
domly all around his domain. He regu-        right side by a wild vine (of indeterminate   sumptuous colors of nature’s bounty.
larly brings mice, birds, or geckos for      origin) that has lovely small purple flow-         Thank you to CC’s Touch of Nature
dinner, and while he may wonder where        ers all summer.                               for the $35 gift certificate awarded to our
his gifts are deposited, the Gerharts will        Annual sweet potato vine and vinca       homeowners, and thank you to Bill and
never tell.                                  previously welcomed visitors on either        Sallie for sharing their beautiful yard of
     The Gerharts’ yard is anchored by       side of the front porch, but have now         the month with us.

USA National Register of Historic Places

Home tour preparations underway
     We’re pleased to announce that          neighborhood party of the year? In ex-      Silent Auction and Crafts
Chelsie Thornton and Ashley Paz, both        change for a few hours of your time,             Do you provide a product or service
seasoned professional event planners,        you’ll be rewarded with food and fun        for the community? Consider making a
will co-direct the 2011 29th Annual Fair-    aplenty at Wine Down.                       donation to the silent auction to be held
mount Tour of Homes. Chelsie and Ash-             Every year, the Fairmount home         in conjunction with Wine Down. Dona-
ley have lived in Fairmount since 2004       tour requires over 150 volunteers to act    tions may be tax deductible.
and 2006 respectively, and are proud to      as docents and ticket takers, as well as         Are you or someone you know inter-
be taking an active role in such a presti-   individuals to help set up tents and help   ested in showcasing artisan creations at
gious neighborhood event.                    clean up the neighborhood.                  the crafts fair? If so, please contact us to-
                                                  Volunteering for the home tour is a    day. Space is limited and will be assigned
Home Tour Nominations                        great way to support the neighborhood.      on a first-come, first-served basis.
     The committee will soon be making       Proceeds from the tour are the primary
decisions regarding which homes will be      source of funding for all neighborhood      Share Your Thoughts
featured. The more homes there are to        improvement projects, promoting pres-            All are welcome to attend Home
consider, the better the tour will be, so    ervation of Fort Worth’s architectural      Tour Committee meetings to lend sup-
please let them know today if you’d like     history and introducing new people to       port and share ideas. Meetings will begin
to nominate a property.                      the area.                                   in January, exact dates to be determined.
     E-mail the address and any pertinent         Volunteering for the Fairmount Tour         If you’re unable to attend or would
details to       of Homes also provides a fun way to get     like to share information before then,
                                             involved in your neighborhood and get       feel free to e-mail HistoricHomeTour@
Get Involved                                 to know your neighbors.           
    Want to be invited to the biggest

                                                                                     Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

What style is
                                     YOUR HOUSE?
                           Author Mike McDermott explores house styles
                    and discusses architectural details found in Fairmount homes
 by Mike McDermott
     There is no simple answer. Everyone who asks me wants a          ture left over from the latter
tidy one-word answer, but I see their eyes glaze over as they lis-    half or revived from the early
ten to a more complex answer than expected. If you don’t really       half the previous century, such
want to know, don’t ask! This is Mike McDermott. You should           as the Queen Anne or Colonial
know better.                                                          styles, that were incorporated
     So, maybe you’d prefer to read about the subject at your         into the new architecture or
leisure. When you feel overwhelmed, put down the newsletter           still being built were part of the
or turn the page. You can come back to it later.                      mix. Thus, there are only a few
     At the turn of the 20th Century, something began in parts        textbook examples of any early
of the U.S. — “organic” architecture, and much of it can be           20th century type of architec-
attributed to the American Arts and Crafts movement. This par-        ture. Rather, most are a com-
ticular use of the phrase is not to be confused with what we          posite of the many new and old ideas melding at an important
think of today — making holiday decorations or macramé or             time in American history — the beginnings of the first original
scrapbooking. Instead, the term was part of an overall move-          domestic architecture. Here are the important styles of the day
ment, first in Great Britain, then in the U.S. and abroad. It was a   from which the homes in our district are derived:
protest against the industrial revolution and extolled the virtues
of both reconnecting with the natural world and encouraging           Queen Anne
John Ruskin and William Morris in England, and Gus-
tav Stickley, Frank Lloyd Wright and others here, felt
all things in the home must be both beautiful in their
simplicity and useful.

handmade things. The movement also set forth the idea of sim-
plifying daily life with less bric-a-brac, less furniture and fewer
objects meant simply for show. The result was a turn from the
more lacy feminine cluttered styles of the late Victorian era to
a more hunkered down masculine look, including rich darker
colors and lots of exposed rich dark wood inside. The leaders
of the movement, John Ruskin and William Morris in England
and Gustav Stickley, Frank Lloyd Wright and others here, felt all           This style so associated with all of late 19th century Amer-
things in the home must be both beautiful in their simplicity and     ica is named for an English ancestor of the British monarch for
useful. They felt their movement was one of “sincerity and hon-       which the era in which it evolved is named—the Victorian Era.
esty” and would make us all, as a nation, a better people. The        Victorian is not a style but a time period in which many styles
1917 ad above from my recent book, Fort Worth’s Fairmount             of architecture occurred. The Queen Anne style was initially
District, is a good example, explaining how the bungalow will         characterized by multiple gables and half-timbering of English
change your very destiny!                                             derivation, but evolved somewhat into the form we recognize at
      At the same time, styles and forms of domestic architec-        left. Usually one or two gables, often multiple surface materials

USA National Register of Historic Places
such as shingles and siding, a square or round turret and a high-   The finishes on this style were siding or shingles cut in straight
pitched hipped roof or roofs. In the south, the first story was     lines or undulating. The eaves usually were not boxed in but had
usually surrounded by an elaborately decorated porch, punctu-       the ends of the rafters (rafter tails) exposed on the outside as
ated with machine cut scrolls and beaded spandrels known as         well as tapered or intersecting support posts on the wide expan-
“gingerbread.”                                                      sive porch, which could be topped with one or many low gables.

Prairie Style                                                       Colonial and Classical Revival

     Characterized by its low profile and more horizontal lines,
flat or low-hipped, pyramidal roof lines with wide overhanging           The two most revived styles — they hardly ever went away
eaves, it is clean and simple. Windows were in bands of two         — were Colonial and Classical Revival. These styles include ele-
or more, casement or one over one and the wood dividers in          ments that evoke the temples of Greece and Rome and the sym-
each sash — known as mullions or muntins — were executed in         metry of our first colonial homes. Round columns — simple Tus-
geometric designs. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Prairie move-      can, Ionic scrolled or leafy Corinthian — are hallmarks of this
ment founder, most often executed these designs in leaded glass     category as are dentil molding and the classic closed triangular
enclosed in casement style windows. He strongly believed the        gable over the entry. This style also includes gambrel, or barn
overall house should be OF its surrounding landscape, there-        shape, gables and roofs. All these elements are found within our
fore, a low elongated house for the long flat prairie landscapes    district.
of the Midwest, hence the name “Prairie style.”
                                                                         I call the next two categories house “forms.’’ Both have
Arts and Crafts                                                     been called forms, shapes and even styles. They start, at least in
                                                                    Fairmount and many similar neighborhoods, with bungalow and
                                                                    foursquare. The L-plan form, also found in the oldest parts of
                                                                    the neighborhood, is a derivative of the Queen Anne. The bun-
                                                                    galow is generally a one or one and ½ story house, low-pitched
                                                                    roof with at least one gable, overhanging eaves, and a wide often
                                                                    asymmetrical front porch. The foursquare starts as a basic two-
                                                                    story box with a pyramidal or hipped roof, often with a central
                                                                    dormer, and deep front porch. The one-story versions, some-
                                                                    times called a “builder’s bungalow” are also prevalent. To these
                                                                    are added elements of the styles above, sometimes on theme,
                                                                    sometimes a mix of several, and you have the architecture of
                                                                         If you want help to figure out the style and put a name to the
    Most often one-story but sometimes two. Like it’s cousin        elements, send photos of your home to msmcdermott@sbcglob-
the Prairie style, the Arts and Crafts version of the bungalow A good clear frontal shot taken at a slight angle as to see
was relatively low in profile, had bands of windows grouped to-     partly down one side is best. In coming issues, we may use your
gether and was meant to be of its landscape as well instead of in   photo as we discuss these styles. If your home has non-original
competition with it like the Queen Anne. The greater difference     elements, we can figure that out and maybe help you pick the
was that the A&C bungalow, though simple, was not as “clean.”       right look for restoration. Be sure to include the address.

                                                                                      Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

 Fairmount residents featured in national magazines
  by Patti Randle

  Old House Journal                            ugly shingled box it had become.               designer; Eric assists in the production
       Mike McDermott’s book, Fort                  The photos and information about          and advertising sales for the newsletter
  Worth’s Fairmount District, is featured      one of the most amazing restoration            and is a member of the Fairmount His-
  in the January 2011 issue of Old House       projects in our neighborhood are the           toric Preservation Committee.
  Journal. The article shines a national       feature of the January 2011 Old House               Before and after photos of the res-
  light on our wonderful historic district.    Journal “remuddling” article which was         toration of the living area of their now
       Earlier this year, Mike, Fairmount      renamed “unmuddling” for this partic-          beautiful home are featured in the ar-
  resident and one of our most dedicated       ular house. Be sure to get a copy of this      ticle “Mission Accomplished” which
  keepers of architectural history, pub-       magazine on newstands now.                     shines light on a truly well-done resto-
  lished his long-awaited book, part of                                                       ration project in each issue. Be sure to
  the Images of America series. It features    Style 1900                                     get a copy of this magazine too.
  photos and stories from Fairmount’s             The home of Fairmount residents                  Congratulations to Eric and Stacy
  glorious, and not so glorious, past.        Stacy and Eric Luecker appears in the           on a beautiful restoration and to Mike
       Mike also submitted before and af-     Winter 2010-11 issue of Style 1900              for his dedication to correct restora-
  ter photos to the same magazine of the      magazine.                                       tion. These neighbors have been instru-
  house at 2234 Hurley Ave. which was             Stacy is our Director of Commu-             mental in providing great publicity for
  recently brought back to glory from the     nications and Fairmount newsletter              our historic district.

Code violations — reminder list                                                                        Submitted by Frances Look

    Below is a list of items that are con-         terials                                    •	   Trash or recycling cart, not being
sidered code violations in Fort Worth.        •	   Garage sale, request a permit, con-             stored properly, bulky waste that has
•	 Air pollution                                   tinuous or without permit, illegal              not been picked up from the curb,
•	 Animals, barking dogs, bites, dead,             signs                                           missed pick-up, out too early
    dog tied up in yard, rabid, relieving     •	   Graffiti                                   •	   Trash, stored on porch or yard (NOT
    themselves in yards, stray/loose, too     •	   Harborage for vectors (rats, mice,              at curb or in cart), harborage for vec-
    many dogs or cats, unregulated fowl            snakes, insects)                                tors
    (chickens, turkeys, etc.), unregulated    •	   High weeds and grass over 12 inches        •	   Trees, hanging down over the side-
    livestock (cows, horses, etc.), unsani-        average height on yard or vacant lot,           walk or other public property
    tary                                           in a city park, drainage ditch, side of    •	   Vehicle, broken down/junk in the
•	 Apartments in disrepair                         road, on the median                             street, broken down/junk on pri-
•	 Building, without a permit                 •	   Illegal dumping on city property (in-           vate property (NOT in street), in the
    Building, need code information be-            cludes at the curb and on rights-of-            street blocking the view of traffic,
    fore building                                  way), private property (includes on             oversize parked in the street, over-
•	 Buildings, dangerous/dilapidated                vacant lots but not at curb)                    sized commercial in neighborhood
    Buildings, inspection of a new build-     •	   Illegal home business                           (NOT RV and not in street), parked
    ing                                       •	   Junk and debris accumulation issue              on front or side yard (NOT in street
•	 Buildings, vacant and open                      (NOT trash collection issue), har-              or back yard), stored in the street for
•	 Carports, new and existing                      borage for vectors                              more than five days
•	 Drug house                                 •	   Mosquitoes                                 •	   Water pollution
•	 Dumpster, being dumped overnight,          •	   Noise, excessive                           •	   Water service, none to an occupied
    people dumping into or around one         •	   Outdoor storage of discarded, used              property
    that isn’t theirs                              or broken items                            •	   Water, stagnant or unwholesome
•	 Fence, falling down (NOT just slats        •	   Pools, stagnant, pools, unsecured               on private property, stagnant or un-
    missing), fence too tall, in the right-   •	   Signs, illegally posted in the right-of-        wholesome in a storm drain
    of-way, or made of unregulated ma-             way
USA National Register of Historic Places

                                                                                                              Photos by Tabitha Tow Burns
Leah (left) and Ethan Suasnovar help plant daffodils along Allen Avenue. 5th Avenue Greenhouse donated 1000 bulbs for the occasion.

Flower Power
                                                                                                 The Fairmount Garden Club invites you
                                                                                                 to a daffodil debut on Allen Avenue next
                                                                                                 spring. With a donation of 1000 bulbs
                                                                                                 from 5th Avenue Greenhouse, volunteers
                                                                                                 planted daffodils along three blocks. In
                                                                                                 addition to the Flags over Fairmount pro-
                                                                                                 gram that takes place each summer, the
                                                                                                 garden club hopes to make the planting an
                                                                                                 annual event until Allen, from Hemphill
                                                                                                 Street to 8th Avenue, is lined with golden

Above: Neighborhood volunteers, including Elders Martinez and Favonella from the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 8th Avenue, plant bulbs.
Right: Brenda Howell, director of promotions, clowns around with a bucket of daffodil bulbs.
                                                                                           Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

          Fairmount Southside National Historic District

     Guidelines RemindeRs
     by Sue McLean, Director of Historic Preservation
          Historic guidelines are in place to help protect our struc-         wood or new wood windows but they must be of the
     tures from inappropriate alteration.                                     same size and configuration as originals such as 1 over
          Any alteration to the exterior of any structure in the Fair-        1, 3 over 1, etc.
     mount Historic District requires approval from the Planning         •	   Metal windows may be replaced with metal windows or
     Department or the Historic Landmarks Commission. This                    upgraded to wood windows
     includes:                                                           •	   Vinyl windows are not allowed (except on commercial
     •	 Alterations to all structures, whether historic (built before         non-contributing non-historic structures as an upgrade
          1940) or newer (built since 1940)                                   from metal)
     •	 In-kind replacement of features and replacement with
          other materials which are not in-kind                          Front Doors
     •	 Replacement windows, doors, porch flooring, siding and                Original wood front doors should be repaired, not re-
          columns                                                        placed.
     •	 Demolition of current and building of new: garages, sheds,            Original wood front doors found to be un-restorable
          or additions to the structure                                  may be replaced in-kind with a similar style door or one that
     •	 City approval is not required for paint or repair                is appropriate to the style of the structure. Members of the
                                                                         Historic Preservation Committee are available to give advice
     Paint                                                               on restoration of your wood doors, or to help you select an
     •	   Paint colors may not be bright fluorescent and should be       appropriate replacement front door.
          appropriate to the style of the structure
     •	   Unpainted brick and other masonry like concrete caps,          Columns
          hadite blocks, and stone may NOT be painted!                        Original columns must be restored or replaced in-kind
     •	   Repainting previously painted brick should try to mimic        with columns having the same visual appearance including
          natural brick colors. (Natural brick does not come in yel-     dimensions and matching brick (if they were brick).
          low, pink, turquoise, black or green)                               Replacing wrought iron or inappropriate 2x4 or 4x4
     •	   Members of the Historic Preservation Committee are             lumber columns is encouraged. Members of the Historic
          available to give advice on paint colors and suggests          Preservation Committee are available to give advice on se-
          starting with historic paint color brochures available         lecting appropriate replacement columns.
          from most of the leading brands.                                    The current guidelines are available online at: www.
                                                                Select Fairmount Design Guidelines
     Windows                                                             from the main menu.
     Wood windows should be restored rather than replaced.
     Members of the Historic Preservation Committee are avail-                      Contacts for the Planning Department:
     able to give advice on restoration of your wood windows,                           Jamie Zwolak 817.392.8037
     and to give referrals to known window restorationists. Res-            
     toration of wood windows is actually cheaper than buying
     new wood windows, and they can be made energy-efficient.
                                                                         Any questions, further explanation, or printed copies of the
     •	 Windows found to be un-restorable must be replaced in-
                                                                                  Fairmount Design Guidelines, contact:
                                                                         Sue McLean 817.313.6618 or e-mail
     •	 Any type of windows may be replaced with restored
USA National Register of Historic Places

                      Resources at your fingertips
Fairmount on the Web                                 discussion board                            for previous owners as well as
     The Fairmount Neighborhood As-              •   Photos of homes in Fairmount                current tax information. Infor-
sociation website provides a wealth of               organized by street                         mation dates back to 1984.
information for residents as well as those       •   Links to code compliance and            •	 Tarrant County website (www.
exploring moving into the neighborhood.              other city contact information     Click
     If you have not visited online in           •   Newsletter archive                          on the link for real property re-
awhile, be sure to explore the resources         •   Membership information                      cords under County Clerk for
available at          •   Fairmount history and general               information on sales and deeds
     Some of the things you can find on              information                                 on a property. Records date
the Fairmount website are:                                                                       back to 1970.
     • Recent neighborhood announce-         Research Your Home                              •	 Deed Card Search (http://
         ments and news                          When beginning to research your       
     • A calendar of upcoming events         property there are many ways to find in-            TaxDeed.htm) Research owner-
     • Fairmount design guidelines           formation about previous owners and the             ship and property history prior
     • Neighbor recommendations for          property itself. A few options are:                 to 1984 including original build-
         contractors and businesses              •	 Tarrant County Appraisal Dis-                ing materials and any additional
     • Links to research historic prop-              trict (www, The proper-             structures on the property.
         erty                                        ty data search allows you to per-           Find more research links online
     • Community Garden updates and                  form searches on your property          at

                                                                                     Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

1405 Fairmount                                                                                       Photo by Eric Luecker

  Fairmount Endangered Properties
by Sue McLean, Director of Historic Preservation
    A year ago we produced a list of     2114 Hurley — demolished, new
what we considered to be Fairmount’s     house being constructed.
most endangered structures. This past    2256 College — plan/materials in
year has brought both good news and      place to restore front porch.
bad news for them, and more have
been added.                              More Fairmount Endangered Struc-
1507 Alston — has been sold and is       1316 S. Adams
undergoing major restoration includ-     1700 Alston
ing removing and replacing the brick     1507 Fairmount — for sale
                                                                                                     Photos by Sue McLean
façade and continuing the interior       1509 Fairmount                       1425 Alston
work that several previous owners        1420 Washington
had started. Thank you Alyssa Banta!     1612 Lipscomb — for sale
1425 Alston — sales contract pend-       1518 Lipscomb — for sale
ing, to be restored.                     804 Morphy
1405 Fairmount — Fairmount Neigh-        1900 Henderson — for sale
borhood Association and Fort Worth       1906 Henderson — for sale
South saved from city demolition. To     2008 Fairmount
be stabilized and resold for restora-    1728 Washington — for sale
tion.                                    1950 Lipscomb
1723 Adams — sold and undergoing         1724 Alston — for sale
renovation.                                                                   1507 Alston
                                         1966 Alston — for sale
1908 College — actively undergoing       2004 Alston — for sale                    If you know anyone who would like to
restoration again. Go Scott!             2019 Lipscomb — restored, sold and   restore a house, there are some good deals in
1939 Hurley — for sale, deemed re-       occupied. Thank you Surinder Gill    Fairmount right now and several are at fore-
storable by the Fairmount Historic       and welcome new neighbors!           closure prices. In addition, sale prices for a
Preservation Committee.                                                       restored Fairmount house are better than ever.
USA National Register of Historic Places

Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

                                                               Suggestions and recipes
                                                         If you have lost any teeth that will account for the lines, oth-

             Gallery Night                               erwise you should not have wrinkles before sixty. There is no
                                                         other treatment that will take the place of massage for obliterat-
       Friday, Dec. 10, 6-9 p.m.                         ing the wrinkles.
                                                                                                                  — H.C.
   There will be Christmas ornaments for sale and
   various forms of art glass.                           To Arrest Falling Hair
                                                         Scalp massage will arrest falling hair almost immediately. Be
   Creative glass demonstrations will be presented       sure to get the treatment from someone who understands her
   throughout the evening by SiNaCa Studios artists      profession. Improper massage is worse than none.
   as well as special guests.
                                                                                                              — L. B.

   All are invited to stop by to view and enjoy snacks
   and wine (byob) and search for the perfect holiday
                                                         To Induce Sleep
                                                         When one is overtired or worried and cannot sleep, being gently
                                                         rubbed all over with a towel wrung out of hot salt water gener-
              1013 W. Magnolia                           ally has the desired effect. Deep breathing fresh air through the
           Visit online at            nostrils is also excellent.
                                                                                                                — T. O. C.

USA National Register of Historic Places

Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict
Lockheed employees gain points for volunteering
by David Thrapp
     If you are an employee of Lockheed      the year to your group for your time.
Martin or have a friend that is, Lockheed          This is a great attaboy for you as an
has a great way to log your volunteer        employee and you can help the Fairmount
hours.                                       Neighborhood Association, Citizens on
     If you help with neighborhood trash     Patrol or South Side Preservation with a
pickup, Citizens on Patrol or the Fair-      little donation from Lockheed Martin. 
mount home tour, Lockheed is interested            To log your volunteer hours go to
in your volunteer hours.            and
     A donation will be made at the end of   enter your NT ID and password.
                                                                                                      Bourbon Balls
                                                                                                               (c. 1975)

                                                                                           1 c vanilla wafer crumbs                                       
                                                                                           1 c chopped pecans
                                                                                           1 c confectioner’s sugar                                         
                                                                                           2 t cocoa
                                                                                           1/4 c bourbon                                                  
                                                                                           1 1/2 c white corn syrup (Karo)
                                                                                           Mix all ingredients well. Roll into balls.
                                                                                           Dust with additional confectioner’s sugar
                                                                                           if desired. Refrigerate.

                                                                                                   Great Aunt Etta’s
                                                                                                   (Lived in the 1300 block
                                                                                                  of Fairmount in the 1970s)

                                                                                           1/2 to 1 c chopped pecans
                                                                                           1/2 c white Karo syrup
                                                                                           2 c sugar plus 3 t
                                                                                           1 cap full of vanilla
                                                                                           2 egg whites

                                                                                           Put Karo syrup and 2 c sugar in sauce
                                                                                           pan. Heat and stir until sugar melts.
                                                                                           Bring to a boil and cook until sugar
                                                                                           threads. In large bowl, beat egg whites.
                                                                                           Add 3 t sugar and beat until foamy. Pour
                                                                                           sugar mixture into egg whites while beat-
                                                                                           ing on high. Shake in some salt, a cap-
                                                                                           ful of vanilla and pecans. Stir until stiff.
                                                                                           Turn out onto greased cookie sheet.
                                                                                           Lesson learned: Divinity will not set up
                                                                                           when there is high humidity or rain.

                                                                                                            Submitted by Nan Miller
                                                                                                     From the Foust Family Favorites
                                                                                                         Cookbook compiled in 1989
USA National Register of Historic Places

                                         Neighborhood Notes
Thank You                                                          COP Classes in 2011
The Smith family at 2230 College Ave. would like to thank          Citizens on Patrol (COP) classes will be held on the following
their relatively new neighbors, Jesse and Jeanette Guadian and     dates: Jan. 8, April 9, July 16 and Oct. 8 from 8 a.m. until ap-
their family, for the great improvements they have done to         proximately 3 p.m. If you are interested in attending, please
their house at 2227 College Ave. All of your hard work has         contact Geri Cotten at COP
definitely lifted the look and the property values of the block.   meets every third Monday at 6 p.m. at the police station at 1289
It’s nice to have good neighbors. Thanks!                          Hemphill.

Liaison Needed
Someone is needed to liaison with the economically disad-
vantaged homeowners to help them avail themselves of city
programs such as Cowtown Brush Up, Emergency Repair and
others. A working knowledge of Spanish would be most help-
ful.  Would require perhaps 10 hours a week of time to meet
with home owners and the Fort Worth Housing Department.   

Free Magazines Available
I have back copies of Old House Journal, Old House Interiors,
Victorian Homes, American Bungalow, and others. Some of
these go back 9 or 10 years. The magazines are free to anyone
that can use them. Contact Harry Hoyt Lacey at 817-781-0002.

                                                                      Join us!
                                                                      If you are obtaining the
                                                                      Fairmount newsletter from
                                                                      outside distribution points
                                                                      and are not presently a
                                                                      member of the Fairmount
                                                                      Neighborhood Association, sign-
                                                                      up today.

                                                                      As a member you will receive the monthly
                                                                      Fairmount newsletter which includes
                                                                      neighborhood news, contact numbers for the
                                                                      association board, city, police, fire and code
                                                                      enforcement. Stay informed and ensure you
                                                                      receive a copy of the newsletter every month.

                                                                      Sign-up NOW and your membership is good
                                                                      through 2011.

                                                                      Membership applications are available on the FNA
                                                                      website at

                                                                                    Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

                       Calendar of Events
Dec. 6 ........................................Fairmount Neighborhood Association board meeting
Dec. 9 .......................................................... Historic Preservation Committee meeting
Dec. 13 .......................................................................................... Landmarks hearing
Dec. 18 ..............................................................Fairmount Holiday Party (See page 6)
Dec. 19 .......................................................Fairmount Holiday Lights Contest judging                     Historic Plaques
Dec. 20 ......................................... Bulk trash collection (Third Monday of the month)
Dec. 20 .................................................................. Landmarks filing deadline (5 p.m.)
                                                                                                                          Is your home a contributing struc-
Dec. 25 ..................................................................................................Christmas Day
                                                                                                                          ture in Fairmount? If so, then why
Jan. 1 ................................................................................................. Happy New Year
                                                                                                                          not show it off proudly with a
Jan. 10 ........................................................................ Newsletter submission deadline
                                                                                                                          bronze plaque?

                      Automobile Window Etching                                                                           These lovely plaques are available
                                                                                                                          for $100.
The Fort Worth Police Department offers free window etching on automobiles. Etched
window glass sends a message to car thieves that they don’t want to steal the car.                                            Contact Sue McLean
Please pick up the phone and dial 911 if you see anyone walking the streets or alleys                                                  or e-mail
that look suspicious. No one should be in an alley unless it is the homeowner cleaning                          
up, the utility company, fire department or police department personnel.

USA National Register of Historic Places

      Patti Randle, CPA, P.C.
         1208 W. Magnolia Ave., Suite 228
              Fort Worth, TX 76107

       817.569.9881        •   fax: 817.569.9885

 Citizens on Patrol
Citizens on Patrol is a cooperative effort between citi-
zens and the Fort Worth police to reduce crime. For
information, call the Fairmount coordinators:
        Sue McLean ............. 817.924.6100
        Geri Cotten ............... 817.926.6507
        David Thrapp ........... 817.923.4807
      COP meets every third Monday at 6 p.m.
             at the police station at
                 1289 Hemphill.

Daggett Paper-Recycling Program
Daggett Middle School invites Fairmount to participate in
its paper recycling program. You will find a green recycling
bin on the east side of the campus, accessible from Lilac
St. Daggett uses the money from the recycling program to
purchase plants for the school flower bed and trees for the

               Historic and Cultural Landmark Subdistrict

                Get Your
         Fairmount Curb Numbers
Show your neighborhood pride and help the pizza delivery
guy find your house by having the Fairmount logo and your
house number painted on your curb.
                                                                                            Fort Worth City Contacts
For only $15, neighborhood resident Ray Feyen will paint                     Animal Services ...............................................817.392.7297
your house number in two locations. The cost per address is                  City Council .....................................................817.392.6193
$15. Although the association has selected a new design for pole-            City Councilperson Joel Burns ........................817.392.8890
mounted signage, we will keep using the traditional “F” design          
for curb numbers.                                                            Code Officer Oscar Reyes ................................817.979.4230
Contact Ray Feyen at 817.924.6729                                            Fort Worth Police Department
  or e-mail                                                  Non-emergency .........................................817.335.4222
                                                                                  NPO Joel Stary .........................................817.944.1316
Be aware there is another curb painter also offering a smaller F stencil.
Choose as you like but please never let anyone use a color other than the
historic brown or new burgundy.                                              Garbage info/illegal dumping ....................... 817.392.EASY
                                                                             Graffiti ..............................................................817.212.2700
                                                                             Historic Preservation (Planning)
                    We’re Online!                                                 Jamie Zwolak ............................................817.392.8037
       Visit                                       Potholes ............................................................817.392.8100
             or join us on Facebook                                          Streetlight Outages ...........................................817.392.7595
Visit the Fairmount website for a calendar of events, news an-
nouncements, resources for your historic home, a gallery of Fair-            Fort Worth Public Library .............................817.871.READ
mount homes and more!

                  JOIN the Fairmount                                         Advertise in the Fairmount Newsletter
              Neighborhood Association                                       Contact the Fairmount Director of Communications
                                                                             at Items must be
   Why join?
                                                                             received by the tenth day of the month.
   • Get the newsletter delivered to your doorstep 11
     times a year.                                                                                       Monthly Rates
   • Know what’s going on in Fairmount and the city
                                                                             Classified Ad Give-a-Ways .................................... Free
     that will affect you and your property.
                                                                             Classified Ad For Sale Items ......................................$5
   • Meet old and new friends at members-only parties.
                                                                             Business Card Ad .....................................................$10
     Annual dues are $15 per individual. $20 per family or                   1/4 Page Ad ..............................................................$25
     $20 per business.
                                                                             1/2 Page Ad ..............................................................$50
     Fill out this form and (1) send it with your dues to Fairmount Neigh-   Full Page Ad...........................................................$100
     borhood Association, P.O. Box 12348, Fort Worth, TX 76110-8348
     or (2) bring it to the next Association meeting (see meeting notice              Yearly (11 months) Advertiser Rates
     on front page). Questions? Call Ricky Pike at 817.727.4577
     or e-mail                                        Pay for your ad a year in advance
                                                                                            and get one month FREE.
  Name: ______________________________________
  Address: ____________________________________                              Business Card Ad ...................................................$100
                                                                             1/4 Page Ad ............................................................$250
  Phone: ________________ e-mail:________________
                                                                             1/2 Page Ad ............................................................$500
  Occupation: __________________________________                             Full Page Ad.........................................................$1000
  I am a __ new __ renewing member (check one)
  I have lived in Fairmount __ years.                                        The Fairmount newsletter is published 11 times a year
  __ Individual ($15) __ Family ($20)                                        (Dec./Jan. issues are combined) and distributed the
  __ Business ($20) __ Friend of Fairmount ($15)                             weekend prior to the fourth Tuesday of each month.

USA National Register of Historic Places

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